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The Chupacabra: Intelligent Bipedal Predator

Compiled by Dirk Gillabel

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I have written before about the fact that we, humans, are not the only intelligent, bipedal species on this planet. I have written about several of those beings in my other articles.

What I want to highlight here is the so-called chupacabra, a word that has become misused for any strange attack or death on animals. Personally I believe that the chupacabra is an elemental being, from the lower astral dimensions of the Earth. These beings can enter our physical dimension and leave physical evidence, such as footprints. The attack on animals, and even humans, is not unusual for such creatures. The reason why I believe the chupacabra belongs to this class of beings is that it displays the typical characteristics of elemental beings. It suddenly appears in a region and then disappears. It has glowing eyes. It can jump straight up and disappear. It's 'flying' is also not normal.

Dimensional beings can occasionally appear in our physical world. This is always temporarily, and often they are only visible, but on sometimes the lowering of their energy is such that they can take on a physicality. When this is the case, they can interact with the world in a physical way, that is, leave footprints, attack wildlife and humans, even killing them, or leave scratches. We see this also with the chupacabra.

I do not think that the chupacabra is an escaped genetic experiment, these are just rumors.

What chupacabra stands for is a strange, alien humanoid, black in color, with long hair, and with claws. It has been seen with orange or red eyes, and sometimes bright glowing eyes. Most cases are from Puerto Rico and Florida, but the chupacabra has also been active in Chili and Nicaragua. I wonder if the appearances of chupacabras are far more widespread, as there are many reports of the so-called mothman, devil-looking creatures with wings, strange large 'birds' or winged humanoids whose description closely matches of that of the chupacabra.

As I am interested in strange alien creatures, I had come across the chupacabra before. I didn't think much of it, as the media usually blamed the strange animal deaths of diseased dogs. When I decided the look further into this phenomenon, I expected it to a short page article. However, I found so much information and stories and encounters from witnesses and researchers, that this article has turned out very long.

The media in the USA pays virtually no attention to it, or ridicules the phenomenon. It is very different in Puerto Rico and South America, where the occurrences were very well investigated. The chupacabra is not some vague alien creature that belongs to the wanna-believers. There are very detailed reports of how the creature looks like, how it operates.

I always like to go to the original sources, and thus I gone through the original accounts of eye-witnesses, and the reports of investigators who took the time and effort to go to locations where the chupacabras were sighted. So, the following text will give you a detailed and accurate overview of the chupacabra phenomenon with all its strangeness.

chupacabra based on descriptions by eye-witnesses 

Image by David Dell, Volcan, Chiriqui, Panama, January 2008.

based on descriptions by eye-witnesses


The First Account

Physical Description

The Strange Death of Animals

Attack on Humans

In Russia

Intelligent Animal or Intelligent Humanoid Alien?

Where Do They Come From? 

Military Involvement


Links to Reports and Research

The First Account

The first account of a chupacabra is from a woman named Madelyne Tolentino Maldonado from Barrio Campo Rico in Canóvanas. She said she saw it through a picture window outside her house in Canóvanas, Puerto Rico, during the second week of August 1995 at 4 pm. It contains some pretty interesting details usually not reported by people talk about this account. There is a link to the original interview at the end of this page. What follows here is a summary.

"I was helping my mother, since she was getting ready to move into that location. That's when I noticed that a vehicle was about to park right outside the house. I took a look to make sure it wouldn't block the access to the house. It was then that I noticed that the fellow driving the car was frightened -- his eyes opened wide, and he started backing out. His attitude led me to believe someone was going to hit him or mug him. It made me go up against the glass window, which you can see, is quite wide and faces the front of the house. I then became aware of that creature walking on two legs, apparently having come quite a distance, from the corner. It would seem that when the creature became aware of the car it didn't want to get too close to it, and stood in front of the window through which I was looking outward."

It had dark gray eyes with no whites, and it was constantly moving its eyes from side to side. They were damp and protruding, running up to its temples, spread to the sides. She estimated that the creature was some 4 feet tall. It was walking like a human, on both legs. Its arms were drawn back into an attack position. It had three long, skinny fingers. The arms were also very long. They were drawn back. Its hair was rather short and close to its body, and well-combed. She noticed that it had apparently been burned by something. It had some round things on its body and the region seemed ashen as if something had burned it right there. The burn mark revealed pinkish-purple skin, as if the top layer had fallen off. Its legs were really long and skinny, and I could see three separate toes. For a nose it had two little holes, and its mouth was a slash. It was closed. At no moment did it open its mouth, and she never saw fangs nor teeth.

Then she noticed something odd in its lower back. It looked like it had feathers, something that didn't match the rest of its bodily characteristics. They were like feathers, but flat on its back. At no point did they rise. They were joined by some sort of membrane that looked reddish, like a mixture of copper with brown and other colors.

Being intrigued by the strange creature she went even further: "It was such a weird creature that I even got down on the floor to see if it had genitals. It had nothing at all -- it was "plain" and sealed. I was laughing and saying to my mother: "What the heck is this? Does it defecate through its mouth after it eats?" It made robot-like movements, as if being controlled by someone."

Then she shouted "My God". Her mother decided to go out and get the creature, but it took off running, actually it was hopping away into the woods..

The boy that was outside was someone who was used dealing with animals and for that purpose kept a pair of gloves in his car. He went into the woods to catch the creature. He tried to grab the creature, but it whipped out what Tolentino thought were feathers. He said that they stood straight up and that they were very long spines. The spines changed colors. He pried its mouth open and saw that it had really large fangs and teeth.

It gets even stranger. "He kept on trying to grab it and the thing ran out of the woods. My mother was also in there trying to catch it. There was a kid on a bicycle who went crazy when he saw the creature, throwing broken bottles at it. My mother shouted to a neighbor: "Catch it! There it goes!" But when I looked, and I believe this today, that the creature has supernatural intelligence.  Well, because when the creature heard what my mother shouted at the neighbor, it started running much faster than it had. Its feet weren't touching the ground. It was as if it had been suspended in the air, floating. Then it disappeared down that other street facing the church.

I have noticed that when people talk about Tolentino's encounter that this part of floating is not mentioned. It is an important feature, because the chupacabra is sometimes accompanied by strange phenomena.

That same evening, two drivers who run the church buses saw the creature. They said that its eyes were lit in the darkness. This is also an important detail as glowing eyes has been reported with other strange creatures too. They are definitely not normal animals from this planet.

Tolentino said that the creature had a strong odor.

She ran into the creature again on January 4th, 1996 when she was driving back from the store. She started smelling the same but even stronger odor inside her van. She compared the odor to battery acid, or Malathion (an insecticide). It was suffocating her, and she couldn't feel her throat, it felt numb. Her two year old in the van was also gagging. Then she saw it on the road with orange lit eyes. When she was home she fell very sick. Her husband Migual and his uncle went out to look for the creature and found it at the same location. They saw it floating in the air.

Other people saw the same creature at other times. Tolentino mention a pastor's encounter. "He was coming from church when it crossed its path. He thought it was a plastic dummy. He even got out of his van to take a closer look. When he approached, he says, the creature produced a long thing like a fishgig from its mouth, pulling it in and out very fast. And it had fangs. He says it was incredible." He also noticed the smell. "He said: "This has got nothing to do with me. I'm getting back in the van." He told me the thing didn't even fly seems as if something jerked it straight up into the air.  He claims that it vanished as if a magnet had drawn it upward, without using wings. I would really like him to come forward with his story because his experience was truly terrifying, to tell you truth. He says it made a sound like: ssssssssss ."

The following sketch was made by Jorge Martin based on description by Tolentino.

the chupacabra witnessed by Madelyne Tolentino

The text reads:

Phosphorescent bright colored spine-like appendages that run over the body from head to the end of the back. Spine colors change constantly from red to blue, to yellow, to green, to orange, to violet.

Body covered by fine grey fur with darker spots.

Strong feet with claws.

4 to 5 feet tall.

Big slanted red eyes.

Small holes for nostrils, lipless mouth.

No ears, only auditive holes.

Thin arms with three-fingered hands - with claws.


This 1995 report from Puerto Rico is the first investigation into the chupacabra phenomenon. The animal attacks had already been going on for a while, but there are no historical records of that kind. Since 1995 chupacabras have been killing farm animals of all kinds, and have been seen by locals, all over Puerto Rico, but also in Mexico, Florida and other states of the USA. Since the year 2000, Chupacabras have been sighted in Chile. Victims are of all kinds, small and large: chickens, rabbits, lambs, cats and even some horses.

Here is another very detailed report from a woman who had a close encounter with a chupacabra, in Chili in 2005, when it was attacking one of her cows.

"The entity measured approximately half a meter tall, some 25 cm. around, covered all over with green and pale red spots. There was something strange resembling wings growing out of its sides, starting at its shoulders, but these were kept folded. It was covered by some kind of short brown fur; the head was dog-shaped with large, slanted and protruding eyes, almost surely black in color, as Mrs. S.T.C. was unable to get a closer look. Its muzzle was elongated and flat, measuring some 20 centimeters, which it could open very wide to display long teeth. The witness estimates that it had two rows of them, judging by their number and whiteness. She did not notice if the entity had nasal passages or a tongue, but its front teeth were longer than the rest. "The creature's head was elongated and a sort of wavy crest grew out of its forehead, reaching down to the bottom of its back. Short, thick and firm neck. Cream-colored spots appeared on its abdomen. "When it attacked the cow, it did so with a series of very small leaps, raining bites on the animal while it emitted whistling sounds. On its back, where the protruding crest came to an end, there were brown bristles and the body ended with a short, 10-cm. tail with a blunt tip. It lacked upper claws or legs. But it moved its shoulders upward as it attacked, without ever losing its upright position. At one point the witness saw it on the ground, felled by a kick from the cow, which fought off its assailant gamely. The claws were covered with dark brown hair as well as scales (sic). No ears were reported."

Source: Inexplicata translation of a report from Chilean researcher Raul Gajardo Lepold. The entire report can be found on

Physical Description

Generic image based on a combination of numerous physical features described by many eyewitnesses

Generic image based on a combination of numerous physical features described by many eyewitnesses made by Mr. Christian Aguirre ( and released by Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo from the Miami UFO Center and Jaime Ferrer R. Calama from UFO Center / Miami UFO Center. There are different species of the chupacabra.

Like so many cryptic animals or humanoid beings that are not physical but other-dimensional, the chupacabra is elusive. If it was an animal, or humanoid, it would have been captured by now. Nevertheless, as I said before, it can obtain a physicality, and thys attack animals and humans leaving physical traces.

The chupacabra is about three to five feet tall. It has three fingered hands and three toes, all with claws, however four digit extremities have been seen too. Toes are said to be six inches long. Sometimes it is accompanied by a strong unpleasant smell.

Its body is covered with black hair, but it seems to have the ability to change colors when needed, in order to blend in with its environment.

Occasionally the chupacabra has been seen with strange glowing eyes, orange to red in color. In these cases the witnesses felt somehow paralyzed.

Some of them seem to have a tail. The creature has a kind of horned back, or quill-like appendages running down its back, like in the image above.

The puncturing of the skin, and the fact  that the chupacabra suck all the blood out of its victim, suggest that it has a sucking tube like projection that comes from the mouth.

It walks, but also hops like a kangaroo. It seems to be very strong as it can jump quickly and cover a large distance (over twenty feet) in one jump. It has been seen jumping straight upon a rooftop in one jump. It also runs around on rooftops, sometimes scratching them. Footprints and claw marks have been found on the ground. Sometimes the tracks are interrupted and start again several meters further down. In Chili, Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo (President of the Miami UFO Center) found big tracks followed by smaller tracks, suggestive of adult creatures followed by juvenile ones. He also  retrieved hairs from the claws of dead cats attacked by the blood predator. Analysis showed that the hair doesn't belong to any local animal species, and it is not human either.

That the chupacabra is strong also shows in many secured fences and cages that have been pried open that no other predator would be able to do.

It only operates both at nigh as in the daytime.

There are Chupacabras with and without wings. Some witnesses have clearly seen large wings. This would explain that it leaves a vanishing line of footprints, suggesting that it took off as a bird. It has been seen flying overhead. The creature has been seen to hop, or fly, from the ground to a tree or from trees to the ground. Some witnesses say that the wings grow out from its sides, starting at the shoulders.

Witnesses have described that the chupacabra exudes a very strong smell that has a numbing and suffocating effect on the throat of animals and humans. It seems that this is intended to prevent the attacked animals from making any sounds, but also incapacitates them, as they try to cope with this extreme discomfort.

There is one case in the chupacabra made a strange growling sound which caused the window panes to rattle. It continued to growl when it jumped to escape from the location.


The Strange Death of Animals

The chupacabra leaves the tell-tale sign of one or more puncture marks on the neck or chest of its victims. It sucks out all the blood. It doesn't eat the flesh, although in some cases the internal organs were missing. Its victims are not just chickens, but also cattle, sheep, goats, rabbits, ducks, geese, cats and dogs. When the chupacabras are present, the amount of killed animals can be of a large number, even in one night. One night, in Chili, the chupacabra(s) took the lives of 50 hens and 9 geese through strange perforations on their necks, as well as the death of a large pig, who presented extensive and deep injuries on both sides and its head. The violence of the attack was made manifest by the numerous scratches on the stall doors, one of which was completely destroyed. In another case 14 sheep were drained of blood in one night.

It seems to like domestic animals, probably because they are more tame, and  cannot escape from their pen. Surprisingly, in more than one case, guard dogs slept through the attacks. In other cases dogs were afraid and went into hiding. Sometimes they go missing. Surprisingly, the attacked animals do not make any noise. Chickens, and especially geese, would normally make a lot of noise when a predator is nearby. The animal victims also do not show any sign of struggle, except in a few cases.

In his research, Jorge Martin, a journalist, UFO researcher and Editor OVNI Evidencia in Puerto Rico, found that chupacabras anesthetize their prey and then inject via a tube an enzyme which liquefies the organs of the animal. The animals have been found with many small, perfect circular holes about 1/4" to 1/2" in diameter arranged in pairs of triangular fashion. In other cases there are only two holes, or a single one.

Dr. Carlos Soto, a qualified veterinary, who worked together with Martin, states that the wounds have a regular pattern in many of the cases: a hole penetrating through the right jaw bone, muscle and tissue, and straight into the brain: more specifically directly to the cerebellum, puncturing it and causing instant death to the animal. This regular type of wound, and the path followed by whatever intrudes into the body, indicates premeditation, and intelligence. The attack reveals a type of euthanasia technique, for this method prevents the attacked animal from suffering. This too revealed intelligence.

Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo, in his investigation, found that the punctured holes were almost always on the side of the neck, without showing trauma on the other side, as would occur with a bite. The 2 cm holes always led to the main aorta, from where the blood had been sucked. Most of the time the chupacabra sucks all the victim’s blood and does not leave blood puddles near its victim. Jorge Martin also found that there was no trauma, abrasions, scratches, bites or pressure on the opposite side of the wound. This rules out a normal animal predator.

The amount of blood removed from animals in one night can be quite substantial. Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo said: "We calculated with Mr. Vega the amount of blood the two animals (a vicuña and a goat) had, some 17 liters of blood (1 liter equals 0.264 gallons, or 17 liters about 4.5 galloons). The problem is that we don’t know how the blood predator, loaded with 17 liters of blood, could leave the cage through an opening of only 30 centimeters in size." Well, it might be possible if there was more than one chupacabra.

Jorge Martin states that whatever penetrates the animal, is at least three or four inches long, and in a few cases, has been known to cauterize the wall of the wound, apparently to prevent excessive blood loss. Some wounds of this type appear on the sides and belly of the victim. This penetration usually cuts through the stomach, down to the liver, apparently removing sections of the organ and absorbing liquid from it. Such actions would require an incision of up to five inches, a fact verified during necropsies performed on the animals. The triangular wounds have been noted to enter the body and hit the liver.

He found that "Whilst 'something' obviously penetrates the animal, creating extensive trauma and injury, and leaving strange material inside the tissue, no natural inflammatory processes have been observed in the dead animals tissues. This is extremely unnatural. In most cases the victims lack rigor mortis and remain flexible - days after their death. Incredibly in some incidents, the blood which remained in the body would not clot or coagulate for days following death."

Then he reports on a few cases that "Several larger holes or cuts have been discovered on some animals. These consist of wounds which range from one inch in diameter, to twelve inches in length. These particular openings have been located in the neck, chest, belly, and anal areas, and appear to have been made with a surgeon's scalpel. Clean-cut openings through which certain organs are excised from the bodies. Reproductive, sexual organs, anus, eyes and other soft tissue have all been removed."

If you are familiar with the so-called 'cattle mutilations' (not only cattle but other animals too), well researched by Linda Moulton-Howe and others, then you will see that all the features aboven matches closely those of the animal mutilations. Animal mutilations (normally not associated with chupacabras) appear all over the world, and are still a mystery, that is, nobody has been able to find out who is committing these strange deaths and mutilations. It is possible that the chupacabra sightings connected with animal mutilations are only a part of a larger group of cryptic animals and humanoids.

Attack on Humans

Eventually, the question comes up if chupacabras would attack humans. Considering that we are dealing with a ferocious and well-equipped predator, I think we should pay attention to this question.

I found two stories from Chili where this was the case. In spite of the scant description of the attackers because the men were frightened, it is most likely that they were chupacabras, also because of the typical animal deaths that occurred at the same time in that region. I wonder if this might have happened to more people. It would most likely be brushed off as an attack by a wild animal.

These two cases can be found in Chupacabra Rapport d'Observation 1994-2007, page 105-115)  (see link at the end of this page).

In Chili, July 2004, Juan Roberto Acuña Pereira from Parral (Parral is a city in the Linares Province of Chile.) was attacked by two unknown animals. He was on his way to his house when two animals crossed his path, a large one and a small one. The only way he could describe them was that there were like with wings. One bit his leg while the other went for his face. He shielded himself with his arm to defend himself. Later he jumped into the Canal Fiscal in order to get away from them. He said that the creatures were tremendously strong, and that he was in fear for his life all the time, since he couldn’t figure out what they were. They were clawing at him, and going for his face. When he jumped into the canal, they stayed at the shore following him along the edge of the canal, and finally they flew away, as they had wings. He was taken to the hospital. Based on his injuries, all they could say was that he was attacked by animals.

People in Parral believe they were chupacabras because several had noticed commotion among their livestock at night, one woman had seen a predator flying away. The shepherds came forward with reports of their sheep being killed, blood drained but the flesh not eaten.

A week later Juan was shown a picture of a chupacabra, and recognized it as the same creatures that attacked him. A friend of Juan told him that he had found his dog dead, drained of blood.

There was another attack in Chili, this time at a Curicó fruit company, in the same month. Curicó is the capital city of the Curicó Province. A truck driver had to park a distance away from the entry point early in the morning, when his vehicle was attacked by a strange animal that stood on his hind legs and finally flew off with his wings. However, it was not a bird. He was so shocked that couldn't provide more detail. Foot prints were found that looked like they were from a feline type animal that stood on two legs, and had three toes with claws.

Picture of the footprints:

footprints of the chupacabra 

In Russia

Although most reports come from Puerto Rico and South-America, I think the chupacabras are in other continents too, but they go under different, often local names. Now that the term chupacabra has become well-known through the medium of the internet, we will see more reports from other countries.

In 2005 reports of chupacabra sightings and the associated animal deaths started to come from Russia. The Pravda news agency reported cases in Orenburg, a city on the Ural River near the border of Europe. Turkeys, sheep and small horned cattle were drained of blood through a hole in their throat. One of the farmers said: "One large creature was reddish, the other dark grey, and behind them a brood of puppies. In the middle of the enclosure the “red” one was turning its head, and was standing on its hind legs, as if it was thinking about something." "It’s definitely a chupacabra! It has small front and large hind paws. To begin with the animal was walking on four legs, stood on its hind legs at the water, lifting up its long tail, and then started jumping like a kangaroo."

The descriptions are the same as in Puerto Rico and South-America.

In 2010 chupacabras showed up in the Ukraine, killing rabbits, chickens and pigs, and nearby Voronezh region. 

At the end of this article are links to the Pravda news articles.

Intelligent Animal or Intelligent Humanoid Alien?

Is the chupacabra an animal or an intelligent being? Although it usually walks on two legs, it also has been seen to take off on all fours. It is very animal like, but it has other characteristics indicative of higher intelligence. Witnesses have described it as half animal half human.

In more than one case, guards dogs were sleeping through the night while animals were being killed on the same property. This is suggestive that the chupacabras seem to have a mental control over them. It is indicative of some form of higher intelligence. At the other side, it strongly looks and behave as an animal predator. It has fangs, claws, defense spikes on its back, and can exude a smell that incapacitates its victims.

If you are familiar with reports of encounters with aliens, which are other-dimensional, entities then you know that virtually all of them communicate telepathically, and can exert complete mental control of humans. The same abilities are reported in close encounters with chupacabras. A woman came face to face with a chupacabra and felt immediately paralyzed. The chupacabra sent her a telepathic order: "Do not scream for help". In another case, a couple faced a chupacabra while in their car. The Chupacabra ordered the girl to open the car door and to step out. She started unlocking the door but, in that moment, realized what she was doing and re-locked the door, asking her friend to drive away. Her friend, could not move his legs but was able to start the motor and when he turned the lights on, the entity disappeared in the dark of the night. So, it is clear that the chupacabra can not only telepathically communicate with humans, but also exert a mental control over us, at least to some extent. Maybe it is easier for them to keep dogs asleep.

The fact that the chupacabra is able to exert mental control over humans is of course disconcerting.

Where Do They Come From?

I have mentioned that since 1995 chupacabras have been active killing animals, and have been seen by locals, all over Puerto Rico, but also in Florida and other states of the USA. It has puzzled investigators why there were no sightings of this creature before that time, nor the strange animal deaths with these unique kinds of wounds.

Some people in the island of Puerto Rico believe that the chupacabras were a genetic bio-experiment from some United States' government agency, which escaped from a secret laboratory in El Yunque, a mountain in the east part of the island when the laboratory was damaged during a severe storm in the early 1990s. The US military have had a large presence across Puerto Rico since the 1930s. 13% of the land on the 35 by 100 mile island is occupied by U.S. military bases. El Yunque is the only Rain Forest of the U.S. Forest System. Access to this area is forbidden. Many people consider this base similar to the famous "Area 51". This is also an area of major U.F.O. activity and many people have seen reptilian aliens in the surroundings of the forest. It was in this area that the first Chupacabra was seen.

When you read through the eye-witnesses accounts, it is clear that the chupacabra is not a normal terrestrial animal. Terrestrial predators stalk their prey, quickly move in to grab it. They grab their prey by the neck with their mouth, thus leaving marks and puncture wounds of their teeth into the neck of the victim. We don't see that with the chupacabra victims. These animals have puncture wounds only on one side of the neck, although puncture wounds are also in other parts of the body. The wounds are also different, they are small round holes that penetrate deep inside the body. In the first recorded account of Madelyne Tolentino Maldonado, she mentions that a church pastor had also encountered the creature and that " the creature produced a long thing like a fishgig from its mouth, pulling it in and out very fast." A fishgig is a spear like implement with barbed prongs for spearing fish in the water. So it has some tube=like organ in its mouth with which it can make the puncture wound and insert it deep into the victim's body in order to suck out the blood and other fluids. No animal on Earth has this.

The chupacabra also exudes a very strong smell that has a numbing and suffocating effect on the throat of animals and humans. That would explain why the attacked animals don't make any sounds. This is also not known on Earth.

Most importantly, in several cases it has been seen floating around, moving straight up or down, or jump in one move upon the roof of a house. Although it walks and jumps, it can defy gravity unlike anything we know. Some creatures have large bat-like wings, but they were not used in these movements. According to eyewitness accounts, when the creature stops on top of a roof, the people in the house begin feeling strange sensations and fear, presumably caused by some kind of negative energy that these beings allegedly emit. This energy is later felt with more intensity when the creature begins to move again (generally jumping). It is possible that this same energy maybe used as a medium or source by these creatures in order to levitate or fly for several meters without the use of wings or any propulsion device.

The eyes too are other-worldly. In some cases it displayed glowing orange or red eyes, a phenomenon also known to other cryptic creatures. This is also something that is not known with terrestrial animals.

It only sucks the blood and other fluids out of its victims, not eating the flesh. Again terrestrial predators don't do this, they eat at least a portion of the flesh.

Did they come from another planet? Are they extraterrestrial? Considering that they are very much animal like, equipped with long claws and wings, and that they have an animal predatory behavior, I find it unlikely that they are a technological advanced species that can build and fly spacecraft.

Military Involvement

In 2003, the Miami UFO Center learned that there had been reports of several armed searches in various parts of Chile and Argentina in order to find a humanoid creature believed to be the chupacabra. Due to the severity of the financial losses of farmers, the search parties not only consisted of law enforcement personnel, but angry civilian farmers took part as well. There was a particular group of farmers that were found setting up traps for the alleged humanoid creature, and conducting night search operations. These farmers and hunters say that they were told by some individuals claiming to be "NASA personnel" in the area that they would receive a million dollars if they capture a chupacabras, dead or alive.

It is not unusual for the USA military to get involved. I have read several cases of strange creatures or aliens captured by locals or military of other countries. In every case, unmarked military personnel from the USA showed up soon afterwards, and drove or flew away with the captured creature.  It seems that the USA military has agreements with many countries to hand over any strange captured creature to them. NASA falls under the Department of Defense, but I doubt that they were really from NASA. Those specialized military groups do not identify themselves.

They would not show up if the chupacabra is only a diseased dog! 

Jorge Martin reports that "At this time, it has been brought to my attention that at least two of these creatures have been captured(!) by Government officers, both from the U.S. Federal Government, and the Puertorican Government. They were captured before the 6 and 7th of November (1194), one of them in the town of San Lorenzo, in the centre-east of Puerto Rico; the other in the National Carribean Rain Forest in El Yunque, to the east. Both were alive and allegedly taken to the United States by special personnel. Our government keeps denying the facts, yet our people perceive they are being lied to. The killings and encounters with these creatures continue. It is probably due to the fact that the incidents are associated with UFOs, that the government continues to cover-up the facts."


After all that you have read, does it surprise you to hear that the famous Men-In-Black also have an interest in the chupacabra. Government agents capturing a chupacabra?

I am giving the following case in its entirety because there is only one chupacabra case known that involves MIB. It is from a website that doesn't exist anymore.

Baby Chupacabra Caught By MIB

by Jaime Ferrer R. - Investigator, Director: Calama UFO Center

When a resident of Villa San Rafael in Calama reported an encounter with a mysterious creature, we felt compelled to proceed with an investigation. But much to our surprise, we never imagined that this could lead us to these amazing findings. All the evidence of this case almost came to us on its own, as if we were destined to find it. The village resident told us that on the Friday of May 4, 2001, at around 7 in the afternoon, after stepping outside to his patio and leaving his kitchen door half-way shut, never would have thought he would find his two small dogs barking at a strange looking creature. The animal was very small; it measured no more than 40 cm tall. This young resident was astounded before the presence of such strange little animal. Nevertheless, during the short amount of time he was able to watch it, he noticed several description details.

skecth of the baby chupacabra

He described the creature as very shy, their dogs tried to bite him, but it defended itself with loud screeches, also by opening its mouth, which showed two long teeth in the upper part of the mouth and two smaller ones on the lower jaw. Also, he assured that it stretched a long tongue of about 25 cm of length.

The tongue had two tips very similar to a tongue of a snake. The inside of its mouth had a dark green color. He was also able to notice that the creature had very little hair, as if it was a newborn. Although he wasn't able to determine whether it was a male or female, he saw a small scrotum that appeared to be filled with liquid. Lastly, the resident told us that the small animal had a strong scent, such found in sewers. 

As the resident found the creature fighting for its life and completely filled with panic, while watching it so desperate as one of his dogs was almost able to bite one of its legs off, he observed it was able to defend itself by raising its paws to avoid the fatal bite. Shortly afterwards, the small creature began to violently jump from side to side, almost hurting itself by hitting a metallic fruit container and the kitchen sink.

Suddenly, when seeing that the door of the kitchen was open, the little creature rushed to the patio, situation that the resident tried to avoid by closing the door quickly, but it was already too late because he was only able to grab its left leg. As he watched the creature get away, he lookrf at his hand and he noticed that he was able to pull some hair from the leg area. He then saw it running away towards the neighbor's house until he lost sight of it. 

Yet there's more to this story. The resident's mother tells us that only a couple of days earlier, this same being was spotted on the roof of the laundry room in the back, and that she saw it jump on a mesh that they use for shading, which collapsed notably when the creature landed on top of it. She thought to have seen the creature walking with a certain level of disorientation and clumsiness. After inspecting the mesh and the roof, we obtained another small quantity of hair, which was exactly similar to the previous ones.

chupacabra hair samples

The Men-In-Black Get Involved

The day following this event, an associate of CUFOC accidentally went to their home (08:30 PM), he saw a white Toyota Hilux van, with extra cab and license plates GT 9..., which was parked on the left side of a road, where it was kind of dark. But what caught his attention was seeing two well-dressed men in black (MIB), with dust all over their clothes, as if they recently had struggled on the ground. One of them was jealously holding something that screeched a lot. Our associate could see some small paws struggling to escape out of the man's arms. These men, according to our associate, were normal human beings, with average height and normal appearance. When they realized that they were being watched, their faces expressed certain fear and quickly got on their vehicle, leaving the place at a great speed.

Alerted immediately by our associate, we assembled in the area, carrying out a search operation, which gave positive results. We were able to find remains of the creature's organic matter, surely left behind during the violent struggle to avoid being caught.

chupacabra tissua samples

The samples include a piece of skin, a section of a ram similar to the ones roosters have on their feet, as well as a small quantity of hair. This allowed us to determine, without a doubt that it was a Chupacabra at a very young age, surely the same one that was inside the kitchen the day before, since the place where it was caught was less than 50 meters from the house.  

These samples will be available for analysis by professionals.

Jaime Ferrer


Director: Calama UFO Center ( CUFOC )


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