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Oceanic Humanoids

and other water humanoids

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Among alien humanoids, these water-beings are truly strange. They have been seen both underwater, and walking out of the ocean or going back into the ocean. Where do they come from?

From the stories I have read, there seems to be different kinds of these beings. I can only speculate that some are real water beings, with fish-like appearances that seems to be fully adapted to life in the oceans. Others might well be ethereal beings that reside in a dimension just 'behind' our physical world. At times, they can make themselves visible or temporarily make their ethereal bodies dense enough to move around in our physical world. I would mermaids and merman on this category, although I did not take up these stories in this article. Even stranger are those who look totally human. These humans have evolved to a degree that they are able to shift their frequency to such a degree that they are able to move through matter, and thus through water. In that case they might live indeed in the oceans, that is, in a domed city on the floor of the ocean. Some psychics and remote viewers have talked about the existence of those cities. All this is of course speculation, so you have to use your own intuition in figuring out who those beings are.

These stories again show that there is quite a variety of intelligent human or humanoid life on this planet.

Oceanic Humanoids

Rama Manoe

A Child from the Bottom of the Sea

Sacrifice to a water-being

Large scaly humanoid

Woman with large eyes

Siberian humanoids with helmets, and fish-like humanoids

Caspian Sea Humanoids

Pink Naked Child at Illinois Shipping Canal

Strange Diver at the Beach

Rama Manoe

I found the following story in a small Dutch paranormal magazine Paravisie from the 1970s. It appeared in the column of reactions from readers, letters that Andre Groote would comment on (translation from the Dutch, with his permission):
"In regard to the report in Paravisie, 4th year, number 5 about "The Spirit by the Book Shelf", I want to tell you about my own experience, a remarkable meeting with a strange bronze colored being at the coast of Costa Brava in the neighborhood of Blanes while on vacation in June 1987. [my own note: Costa Brava is a coastal region of northeastern Catalonia, Spain].
"I always went for a walk in the early morning hours. June 22nd, at approximately 7h30, I suddenly saw a man walking up straight out of the sea crossing the beach in my direction. He asked me where he was in impeccable and clear Dutch. I told him that we were on the beach in the neighborhood of Blanes. When he came out of the sea water, he was not wet, he didn't wear an oxygen cylinder or diver's glasses. His skin color was bronze, he was approximately 1,80 meters tall, and his eyes were of a chicory flower blue. Above his eyes he had thick very white eyebrows. His hair was short and cut towards his back. His clothing was silvery grey. It resembled a work suit. His legs were in very white boots up to his knees. I asked him where he so suddenly came from, what his name was, and what human race he belonged to. He said that his name was Rama Manoe and that he belonged to the sixth human root race that once had lived on earth about 7,000 years ago in the Middle east. The civilization where he and his people had once lived on earth is called Cordemia. [my note: root race is a term used in theosophy]
"They had a supertechnological and high cultural civilization. When their land was swept away by a big, local flood, they were able by means of their supertechnological knowledge, to reach the oceans of the earth, and they built themselves a new existence on the bottom of it. After their disappearance, beings of the fourth human root race came to earth from space, after they had expelled a couple of thousand other beings from the fifth human root race from earth because they were different in character and form.
"On my question of what they actually were doing at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, he said that they were engaged in a large land project, because the earth minerals are loosing their energy, what can be dangerous for planet earth. By the decreasing energy of the minerals the earth might turn slower around its axis. Therefore they are doing all they can to make the earth turn faster, and they work with all their knowledge and technology at large new pieces of land and new minerals. Thus they are busy to make new minerals, land, to bring it up at a later time. All this many of us will experience, when it will happen. In the meanwhile, I took a cigarette from my right pocket, and he reached out his left hand, and the big red brilliant stone on his ring opened and showed a mini fire red glowing rod. He said that I could light my cigarette with this light-rod in order to cease with smoking, because it was very bad for my health and for the atmosphere in which we are living. He also told me that many millions of his people live on earth among us humans and there they do many good things. He also told or foretold me personal, surprising things which all have come true.
"After we had conversed for about an hour, we departed in good spirits. As a souvenir he gave me a piece of mineral and a strange coin which I have kept as relics. After I went back home, I often had dreams of things that would happen, as the stranger in Spain foretold me."
Dhr. T.L.S. from Z.
In a later issue of the magazine, there was a follow up letter from the same person:
"I would like to react on my own story in the December issue of Paravisie.
"After our meeting, on the third day, in my hotel room, when I was in a deep sleep, I had an interesting visionary dream out-of-the-body experience. I saw my body lying in the hotel bed, quietly breathing, and as if attracted by a mysterious force, I floated out of the hotel window. I went over large pieces of land to an island which had the form of a flying saucer. Nearby this island, I plunged into the blue profound depths. This island was Eastern Island in the Pacific Ocean. I arrived in a large room, many kilometers long, and I was received by a radiant female being. She was dressed in fire-red clothing embroidered with gold flowers and jewels. Her skin was bronze of color, her eyes chestnut brown. She had long wavy hair that reached to just above her shoulders. Her legs had gold colored groin boots. She was approximately 1.65 meters tall. She also was of the sixth human root race. She told me that her name was Venosia Shea and that she had been sent by the lords of the supreme knowing scientific college from the former Barata country to tell me everything I desired to know. Many members of this college had very high functions on earth, and I had served them in my many of my previous lives.
"She told me interesting stories of that island above us that we know as Eastern Island. She told me its history, why all those stone statues were there. She also told me about the people of Atlantis who once had taught in large mystery schools, and she told me that they live again on earth now, and they are not older than forty-five years. Once they lived as magicians, astrologers, parapsychologists, clairvoyants and so on, in Atlantis. Now they have been given another opportunity to take up their lost occupation.
"After I had seen a lot, I wanted to go back to my body. And immediately after my departure, I woke up in my bed with a blunt feeling in my head and heavily sweating."

A Child from the Bottom of the Sea

Mr. Anibal Perez from Vieques, encountered a strange "child" when he was 14 years old. This was in 1982 while he was enjoying a trip to Media Luna Beach, east of Sun Bay beach, on Vieques. He was with his nephew, who was 13 years old, and his nephew's grandmother. The grandmother was the adult in charge of them. He still wonders about what happened that day. Perez and his nephew were swimming in the sea and playing on the beach. It was a clear, sunny day. Suddenly, something emerged from the sea, approaching them from a distance. It was a child who was about their own age, 12 to 14 years. They all were in the water and the “kid” approached them in a friendly demeanor, "trying to befriend them," and would not leave their side. Perez's nephew asked, "What is he doing following us all the time? Do you know him?" Perez answered that he did not know the "kid" and asked the boy who he was and what it was he wanted. "But he would not talk," he said, "...he kept emitting weird sounds similar to the ones dolphins make." That is when the boy swam away to deeper water and submerged, disappearing from sight. He emerged a few minutes later and came near the two boys again. The boys couldn't understand how the "kid" was able to stay under water as long as he did without drowning. "In the palm of his hand," Perez explained, "the boy had something that looked like sand granules, which he began picking at with his other hand and eating from it... and at the same time making gestures, offering some stuff to us. He wanted us to eat some of it." They refused to eat the material, but were amazed to see the strange boy eating the sand-like substance he had apparently brought up from the bottom. The two boys were growing tired of the intruder's presence, and kept playing in the water close to the shore. The "kid" kept following them everywhere they went. Annoyed, Perez's nephew threw water at him and the "kid" did the same to him, imitating everything they did. The "kid" swam back to the deep water and submerged once again. Moments later, he again emerged and approached them. This time he had seaweed in his hand, and was eating some of it. He made gestures for them to eat the seaweed, too, but once again was refused. "We were amazed," stated XXX. 'He was eating seaweed from the deep, and something that looked like sand. Who was he? He would not talk. He only made some weird screeching sounds. An hour had already gone by since the "kid" first appeared. There was no one else there. Only my nephew's grandmother, and she was at a distance, up on the beach. We later told her about the kid, or whatever he was." "Why do you say 'Whatever he was?'" we asked. "Well, my nephew kept asking him who he was and what he wanted, but he wouldn't answer. He kept making those weird noises. We came out of the water for a while, and returned later. He clapped his hands, joyful that we returned. "We kept asking him questions, and he would only stare at us, making gestures... it looked as if he was concentrating, trying to understand what we were saying. After a while, he began to repeat the things we were saying in Spanish, but his voice had a screechy tone. My nephew was angry because he thought that the "kid" was making fun of us. He spoke some foul words to him, and the "kid" kept on repeating them. "He looked normal, like any kid. He was white, Caucasian, and about 4 feet 3 inches tall. He was slender and had dark brown eyes and hair. His hair was curled, but not much, and fell down to his neck. He had normal hands with five fingers. "He had a normal nose and a mouth with fine lips and teeth which we could see whenever he would repeat what we said or laugh when we laughed. His ears looked normal, too. He was only wearing a pair of tight-fitting, short, white pants. The pants material seemed normal, like textile." The only two things that were odd about the "kid" were his ability to stay under water for long periods of time, and the way he talked, making screeching sounds at first, then speaking in broken Spanish with the same screechy voice. Anibal added, "My nephew pushed him, asking him who he was and what country he came from. He just stared at us for a moment as if thinking of what he was going to say, and then he said 'Sea...Bottom...Country.' He then pointed down to the deep with his finger. "He then moved away from us, looked at us and said, 'Goodbye...humans.' He made a gesture to us with his right hand and submerged again into the sea. We waited there for a while, expecting to see him come out again, but he did not resurface. That is when we were really shocked because, even though we were very young at the time, we were surprised by what he said. We understood what he meant by those words. "Even with his strange behavior, I believed that he was a normal kid, until he said those words, '' To me, he was telling us that he came from the sea. And when he said 'goodbye...humans,' we realized he was not normal at all. "Look, if there's life and intelligent beings on our planet, there could very well be life on other planets, too. Perhaps, everything we are seeing here around Vieques has to do with the fact that we are not alone in this universe... that other beings are visiting us. "There are also some legends about underwater cities. Was this child from one of them? To me, this incident remains a mystery."
Source: Vieques, Caribbean UFO Cover-Up of the Third Kind by Jorge Martin

Sacrifice to a Water-Being

In his recent book Solo Para Tus Ojos (For Your Eyes Only), published by Spain’s Editorial Planeta in 2016 veteran journalist and UFO researcher Juan José Benítez mentioned a 1969 case from the Caribbean island of Antigua that had been brought to his attention by a U.S. military man stationed there. According to the soldier’s testimony, he had taken some friends to Mamora Bay, a body of water located in the southwestern shores of the island, for some nocturnal fishing. The group found a choice location among the rocks and arranged their fishing poles. As the sun went down, the soldiers became aware of a group of locals on the beach some distance away, who had lit a bonfire on the sand and stood around it forming a circle. The Americans soon realized that what they took at first to be a friendly gathering was in fact a religious ceremony: the islanders sacrificed a chicken and poured its blood into a wooden bowl, held in the hands of the celebrant, who moved away from the circle to kneel on the sand, facing the water. “We suddenly saw someone come out of the water,” the soldier told Benítez, recalling the moment. “We were speechless. It wasn’t a skin diver. It was a person, but a lot taller. Standing over six feet tall, he walked slowly and surely toward the men in the circle.” According to the description given, the figure was lean but well-built, with a row of large, bony plates down its spinal column. It had a tapered head and webbed feet. The entity covered the distance between the water and the group of worshippers in absolute silence. The celebrant rose to his feet and walked to the creature with the bowl of blood. It took it, raised it to its mouth, and drank the vital fluid. After returning the wooden bowl to the human, the entity turned around and retraced its steps back into the water. The locals stood in reverent silence until it vanished under the waves. “We left our fishing gear behind and ran away,” the soldier told Benítez. “We went back the next day but there was no one there. There was no evidence of the previous evening’s events beyond the remnants of the bonfire.” No effort was made to make inquiries from the locals (“We didn’t want to get involved”). The Spanish author notes – ominously – that it was clearly not the first time that such a ritual had been performed. As a side note, we can add that the U.S. maintained a military presence on Antigua since the 1940s, when anti-submarine warfare was conducted against Nazi forces from the Naval air stations on the island. It is possible that Benítez's witnesses were attached to the Antigua Air Station, which closed down in 2015 after seventy years of service.

Source: Inexplicata excerpted from article written by Scott Corrales

Large Scaly Humanoid

In the late 1970s, two Japanese construction workers had a similar experience. While fishing off the breakwater in the city of Yokosuka, the two friends were terrified at the sight of a figure that emerged straight out of the water. They described it as being neither fish nor human, standing a whopping three meters tall (9.5 ft) and covered in scaly skin. The nightmarish creature trained its yellow eyes upon the fishermen. Was it expecting a ceremonial offering of blood? We’ll never know.

Source: Inexplicata excerpted from article written by Scott Corrales

Woman with Large Eyes

August of 1991, a diver was out in the water near Cape Aya, on the Crimean Peninsula, Ukraine, in the Black Sea. He was about 100 meters off of the coast in calm seas under a full moon when he suddenly felt something poking at his shoulder. Turning around to see what it was, there was only the splashing of water all around. Thinking that his friends were playing a practical joke on him, the witness began to swim towards shore thinking nothing of it. That was when he experienced a strong strike to his shoulder, and this time when he turned around he was met with the sight of the face of a woman there in the water, although her eyes were described as being much larger than normal, and even creepier still she seemed to exude a bioluminescence.

The scared witness immediately made his way towards shore with as much vigor as he could muster, and behind him he could hear thrashing in the water, which he forced himself not to look back at, afraid of what he might see. As he drew near to shore, perhaps thinking that he was away from the thing that he had encountered, he felt another powerful jab to his shoulder, and he saw once again the face of the mysterious swimming woman, her eyes black and expressing what he called “disappointment.” The swimmer rushed onto shore screaming, and looking back he could purportedly make out a silvery body splashing on the surface to disappear down into the black depths. Although the terrifying experience was over, he found himself obsessed by what he had seen, even seeing the strange woman in his dreams, and felt compelled to go back several times to the same location but never saw her again.


Siberian Humanoids with Helmets, and Fish-like Humanoids


Many years later a much more sinister incident took place in the Soviet Union. Russian paranormal phenomena magazine ANOMALIYA (issue #4, 1992) contained an article written by Mark Shteynberg, a Soviet veteran of the Afghan war. He is an author of several books; an expert on Russia's military, who now resides in the United States. In the summer of 1982, Mark Shteynberg, along with Lt. Colonel Gennady Zverev, actively conducted periodic training of the reconnaissance divers ("frogmen") of the Turkistan and Central Asian military regions. The training exercises had been taking place at the Issik Kul Lake. According to media reports, this is where powerful but not too accurate Soviet torpedoes, underwater missiles, were tested during the Soviet times. Today, in Kyrgyzstan, reportedly, there is still a Russian naval long-distance communications center at the Issik-Kul Lake. But in 1982 (a memorable year in the history of Soviet ufology) Major-General V. Demyanko, commander of the Military Diver Service of the Engineer Forces of the Ministry of Defense, USSR arrived unexpectedly and hastily to inform the local officers of an extraordinary event that had occurred during similar training exercises in the Trans-Baikal and West Siberian military regions. During their military training dives, Soviet frogmen had encountered mysterious underwater "swimmers", very humanoid beings of enormous size (almost three meters tall). The "swimmers” wore tight-fitting silvery suits, despite the icy-cold water temperatures. At the depth of fifty meters, these "swimmers" had neither scuba diving equipment (“aqualungs”), nor any other equipment; only sphere-like helmets concealing their heads. Shteynberg stated that the local military commanders in Siberia decided to capture one of the creatures. With that purpose in mind, a special group of seven divers, under the command of an officer, had been dispatched. As the frogmen tried to cover the creature with a net, the entire team was propelled out of the deep waters to the surface by a powerful force. Because autonomous equipment of the frogmen does not allow surfacing from such depths without strict adherence to the process of decompression stops, all of the members of the ill-fated expedition were stricken by aeroembolism, or the Caisson disease. The only remedial treatment available consisted of an immediate confinement under decompression conditions in a pressure chamber. They had several such pressure chambers in the military region, but only one in working condition. It could contain no more than two persons. Those local commanders had forced four frogmen into the chamber. As a result, three of them (including the CO of the group) perished, and the rest became invalids. The major general was dispatched, and flew to the Issik Kul to warn the local military against similar attempts to capture any "swimmers". Although the Issik Kul Lake is more shallow that the Baikal Lake, the depth of the former was sufficient to contain similar mysterious creatures. The Soviet high command was aware of "swimmers" lurking in the depths; an order was issued against the capture. Perhaps they knew much more about the Issik Kul underwater inhabitants than the independent researcher Grabovsky. A short time later, the staff headquarters of the Turkmenistan military region had received an order from the Commander-in-Chief of the Land Forces. The order consisted of a detailed analysis of the Baikal Lake events and ensuing reprimands. It was supplemented by an information bulletin from the headquarters of the Engineer Forces of the Ministry of Defense, USSR. The bulletin listed numerous deep-water lakes where there had been registered sightings of anomalous phenomena: appearances of underwater creatures analogous to the Baikal type, descent and ascent of gigantic discs and spheres, powerful luminescence emanating from the deep, etc.
Mikhail Demidenko, well-known Russian writer, read Shteynberg’s account in 1992, and recalled that while on an assignment from the Union of Writers in 1986 in Irkutsk (Siberia), he spent some time at the Baikal Lake. There he learned from local fishermen that some years before, they observed how Soviet frogmen were propelled out from the lake to ten-fifteen meters up over the water. The locals never found out why the military behaved in that manner. Demidenko thought it was the same episode, and contacted his sources in the highest echelons of the Russian Army to no avail But finally the writer did speak with a colonel from the Chief Logistics Directorate who tried to help; Demidenko found out from him later that such an order would be kept in special archives that require top clearance.
More “swimmers”
B. Borovikov hunted Black Sea sharks for many years. Then something happened that put an end to his hobby. Diving in the Anapa area, he descended to the depth of eight meters. He saw gigantic beings rising up from below. They were milky-white, but with humanoid faces, and something like fish tails. The creature in front of its companions noticed Borovikov, and stopped. It had giant bulging eyes, similar to some vague glasses. The other two joined it. The first one waved her hand (it was definitely a hand with membranes) towards the diver. All of them approached Borokivov, and stopped at a short distance. Then they turned around, and swam away. Borovikov's experience was published in XX vek: khronika neobjasnimogo or “XXth century: a chronicle of the unexplained (Moscow, 1996). D. Povaliyayev was hand gliding over Kavgolov (Leningrad area) in the early 1990's. There are lakes, and in one of them the skydiver noticed three gigantic "fish". He descended, and was able to discern "swimmers" in silvery costumes. He mentioned the episode in his book Letuchi Gollandets or “Flying Dutchman” (1995). There have been many UFO sightings in the area.
Source: excerpted from an article in Fate Magazine

Caspian Sea Humanoids

There has been recent interest in mermaids...and if there's a possibility, in some capacity, that these are actual living creatures.

For several years, residents of coastal areas around the southern and southwestern Caspian Sea have been reporting of an amphibious creature resembling a human being. In March 2005 an eyewitness account from the crew of the Baku, an Azeri trawler, was published by Iranian newspaper Zindagi: "That creature was swimming parallel course near the boat for a long time," said Gafar Gasanof, a captain of the ship.

"At the beginning we thought it was a big fish, but then we spotted hair on the head of the monster and his fins looked pretty strange... the front part of his body was equipped with arms!" said the captain. Back in Azerbaijan, nobody took his story seriously. It sounded ridiculous to those who thought that the guy must have been drinking while on board.

On the contrary, shortly after the publication of his interview, the offices of the Iranian paper got flooded with numerous letters of the readers who claimed that the story was yet another piece of evidence proving the existence of the so-called "man of the sea." The readers pointed out that many fishermen had repeatedly seen the strange creature at sea and on shore after the seabed volcanoes in the area of Babolsera had come to life in February and offshore oil production operations had intensified in the Caspian.

All the eyewitness accounts provide a similar description of the marine humanoid. His height is 165-168 cm, he has a strong build, a protruding ctenoid stomach, his feet are pinniped and he has four webbed fingers on either of his hands. His skin is of moonlight color. The hair on his head looks black and green. His arms and legs are shorter and heavier than those of a medium-built person. Apart from his fingernails, he has nails growing on the tip of his aquiline nose that look like a dolphin's beak. No information as to his ears. His eyes are large and orbicular. The mouth of the creature is fairly large, his upper jaw is prognathic and his lower lip flows smoothly into the neck, his chin is missing.

Iranians dubbed the creature Runan-shah or "the master of the sea and rivers." The name is partly based on stories about large shoals of fish accompanying the creature at sea. Other stories refer to the waters that would turn crystal clear and stay that way for two or three days after the creature was seen swimming in those areas. Fishermen claim that fishes that stay alive for a while in the net can feel the creature coming out of the deep blue sea. Fishes were reported producing barely heard gurgling sounds as the monster came near. He was said to answer the call of the catch by making similar throaty sounds.

Some researchers believe that there is no smoke without fire and the stories circulating in Iran can be true. Besides, Runan-shah was seen by Azeri fishermen living in the villages located between the cities of Astara and Lenkoran. According to a theory, the creature is not alone; there is a family of underwater humans who are on a mission... to tackle environmental problems of the Caspian.

The Caspian Runan-shah is not the only species of underwater humans on record. Both Herodotus and Plato believed that original human beings were amphibious and might have founded an underwater state.

A book of collected scientific articles titled "The Universe and Humankind" that was published in St. Petersburg in 1905 contains a story of "marine female" caught in the Caribbean. It also has stories about dead bodies of the amphibious humans washed ashore in the Azores in 1876. Their descriptions largely correspond with the reported description of Runan-shah.

An amphibious humanlike being was reported in Karelia in 1928. The creature was repeatedly seen in the lake of Vedlozero by local residents. A group of researchers from the Petrozavodsk University arrived to investigate the case on location. Unfortunately, the findings were classified and the members of the research party eventually perished in the Gulag.

According to the latest reports in the media, Iranians have already started their research of the Caspian phenomenon. The international scientific community might as well help unravel the mystery if politics do not get in the way of science this time around.

NOTE: I found 2 independent sighting reports filed by the Azerbaijani government and BBS News. Not a great difference in the reports which may indicate that the witnesses were consistent. Information is somewhat scarce in reference to other sightings of this creature which is not surprising. The Caspian Sea holds a great number of sturgeon (4 different species) that can become quite large and be mistaken for the creature....though, you would think a fisherman would know the difference. Lon

Location/Date: Caspian Sea, Astara

Location/Date: Caspian Sea territorial waters of Azerbaijan - end of March 2005

Azerbaijani fishermen from the trawler "Baky" (Baku) were stunned to see a weird entity in the water. The entity swam for a long period of time near the trawler, parallel to it, reported Gafar Gasanov Captain of the ship to the local newspaper "Zindagi" when he arrived at the Iranian port of Enzeli. At first the crew thought that the entity was some type of unknown large fish, but soon they noticed that the entity's head had distinct hairs on it and the front fins were not fins at all but webbed hands. They acknowledged that the entity looked more like a humanoid than any kind of known fish. They all concluded that they had never seen something like it in the waters. The amphibian entity then plunged deep into the waters and disappeared from sight. When Captain Gasanov returned to Azerbaijan people there refused to talk to him about the incident alleging that he and his crew had all been drunk. But the Iranians took the report seriously because of numerous rumors about "a man from the sea" were circulating in Iran long before this report. After publication in the local newspaper "Zindagi" local Iranian residents wrote numerous letters to the newspaper reporting their own encounters with a similar entity. The common opinion was that underwater volcanic activity in the area of Babolser and the intensification of oil extraction in the Caspian Sea has somehow caused unknown deep water dwellers to venture up to the surface. The entity is shorter than that of the average height, about 165-168cm, thickset, with a protruding belly, feet with flippers, and 4 fingered webbed hands. The skin is pale yellowish gray in color and it has stiff black-green hair. Arms and legs are slightly shorter and thicker than that of humans. Sharp nails grow on its hands and also at the tip of its hump-shaped nose, forming something like a dolphin's beak. The ears are not visible. The eyes are big and round and the mouth is quite big with a protruding upper jaw, smoothly connected to the neck, without chin, the smaller lip is similar to that of a shark's jaw. In Iran this amphibian humanoid is called "Runah-Shah" which means, "Sovereign of waters and rivers". Interestingly the fishermen have noticed that the fish seemed to react when the entity appears, like if there were some kind of distant, extra sensory communication between the entity and the fish. Other witnesses reported seeing the same or similar entity in May between the small fishing villages of Astara and Lenkoran.

Source: Phantoms & Monsters website

The following story is bot a being from the ocean, but I included it because it also seems to be a humanoid water being of some sort. It is equally strange than with the oceanic humanoids.

Pink Naked Child at Illinois Shipping Canal

I’ve retired, but never told this story to anyone but the two people in my 12’ rowboat with a 15hp outboard. Passenger 1 was my brother and my lifelong friend a year younger than me. My brother, two hears younger than I was passenger 2. I was facing the bow, they were facing aft and saw none of this occur, but were both scared by my 16.5 year old reaction.

We were in the Illinois I&M shipping canal. We had just launched and the river was 700’ across. I had just turned to head north towards Lake Michigan. On the East shore, about 4’ above the water I spotted a BRIGHT PINK person, totally naked. I have perfect vision and this creepy short (human?) is crouched over and dangling what I thought was a really overblown case of skinny sunburn hand pointing with an appropriately skinny index finger into the water in a swirling (whirlpool or flushing motion).

I locked eyes, I took inventory of it, missing its sex, although it was naked. It had no hair, and looked like it was starved with no fat on its body. It was bright, but not to the point that it gave off anything but a pink color. It was all pink and its eyes were dark, it was about 300’ away.

When we locked eyes I was already screaming at the other to look. They were slow to act. It calmly dove arms first into the river. I never surfaced.

I was in a state of terror. What was it, was it getting something, why was it so calm? I was trying to get the above details out of my mouth. My friend and my brother totally believed me to the point they said turn around let’s get out of here.

We hauled the boat out of the water. Into my grandpas pickup truck. I literally peeled out on the rocks scared to death of this 36”-ish (in dove from the squatting position like a calm bullfrog) thing.

I’ve got quite a Google history of searching for similar creatures. I’ve found the pink color on a katydid (locust like bug). It is a brighter pink than a flamingo and occurs in many species as a mutation.

No luck on child vanishing divers, skinny river people. Natives of the Plains have stories of people receiving great luck after spotting “lake people.”

It was never seen again. It doesn’t haunt my dreams, but I’d give a leg for my Brother to have seen it also. Thinking about those 15 seconds still gives me goose bumps.

Oh, this was in 1994, the summer before I left for college.

Source: Reddit

Strange Diver at The Beach 

In this story, the being was not seen as coming out of the water, but its appearance does suggest this. Below I will give you my interpretation of this really bizarre sighting.

This happened about 5 years ago and it massively creeped me out and I tried to forget about it. I never spoke about it to anyone who wasn’t there with me, and I have only ever relived it whilst speaking to my friends about it who were there. One evening me and about 5 of my friends went to the beach. It was dark and very cold so we lit a little bonfire where the sand meets the yellow, dead grass. We took safety measure to ensure the fire wouldn’t spread before I get pulled up on it. It’s about 11pm and we’re getting ready to disappear back into our cars and go home. In the distance, where the sea is (the tide was out a considerable amount) I noticed a flashing white light. At first I thought it was an oil rig, or a small ship of some sort so I let it slide. We were all talking around the fire when suddenly the white light was still there, flashing again, but seemed to appear that little bit brighter. For some reason I was filled with a feeling of dread and fear, and I felt very very uncomfortable. I was at the back of the circle, so I was the only one directly facing the sea hence why I was the first to notice. I told my friends that there seems to be a flashing light in the distance and that it’s getting closer, and they all turned around and agreed. We decided to stay and wait because it could perhaps be a ship passing by... 30 minutes later and this flashing light is moving in a way that’s relative to walking. As every footstep happens, the light would dip down. Then when the trailing leg is lifted up again, the light would move up. At this point I could just about make out a humanoid figure... we stood around the fire absolutely gob smacked and speechless, and also waiting to fight or flight. There were 6 of us, all males, so you can imagine the testosterone building up awaiting to defend ourselves. Now the weird thing is that this humanoid creature walked straight past us, probably 3 meters away, and didn’t even turn its head. It appeared to look like it was wearing an old deep sea diving suit holding a lantern in one hand. It walked straight past us and we heard the metal clinging and it disappeared over the sand dunes. We all looked at one another, confused and scared and decided to follow. We couldn’t see it again nor were there any cars parked in the car parking space or around the area. We were freaked out and could not possibly conclude who, what and why they were present

Source: Reddit

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My interpretation of this story: this sighting of dressed up humanoid (the term used by the witness, probably because it was so bizarre) is full of strangeness and contradictions, just like the sightings of ufonauts/aliens when they step out of their vehicles. Nothing makes sense. This is purposeful so.

It's night, it's dark, and the witnesses are on a deserted beach. They first see a light in the distance, and they first assume it was on the water and thus possibly from a ship. When the man shows up with his diving costume, the impression is given that he came out of the water. After all he has a diving suit on. It is all about giving a strong impression on their consciousness. The diving suit is an old version that was used for marine salvage, civil engineering, pearl shell diving and other commercial diving work, and similar naval diving applications. The helmet is made of metal, and it has a breathing hose to supply fresh air from the surface. There is also an umbilical cord for telephone communication and electric supply for lights. The hose and the cord are connected to the boat or ship at the surface. The entire suit is very heavy and bulky. Under water the diver could walk normally, but at the surface his movement are very limited. Because of all of this, a diver needs at least one assistant to help him dress, to go through several safety checks, and to monitor various functions during the dive.

In other words, you are not going to find a lone diver in such a specialized suit, coming out of the ocean, walking across the beach, at night(!). One holding a lantern? What does he need that for? And, nobody else is around. Not to mention that one does not need such a diving suit at the shallow waters of a beach.

The whole thing is just a mismatch of somebody that is out of touch with the technological development of our time, the misplaced setting of a specialized dive, and the ludicrous adding touch of an old lantern unusable underwater and insufficient lighting for any kind of work at night. It seems more the work of an entity that in some past decade came across some diving event, and used this image to create a holographic manifestation. In its mind it makes sense that a human being would come out of the water in a diving suit, not realizing that time has passed and so did the diving suits, also not realizing that this diving suit is never used at beaches. The lantern would make sense, to this being, because a man needs to see where he walks in the dark. It also does not realize that the diving suit is always connected with a surface ship through the air supply hose and cables.

Of course, then there is the question: why would such an entity manifest itself in such an image and walk so close to the witnesses to be clearly noticed? That is question we can ask in so many UFO/alien sightings, and other so-called cryptic beings.