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Who is Dumping All that Stuff on Our Heads?

or The Mysterious Rains of Fish, Frogs, Worms, Snakes, ...

an article by Dirk Gillabel, July 2015

This article is also available as a PDF document.

The following is my own personal opinion about the origin of strange and bizarre rains and falls of animals and inanimate matter. I am not interested in proving anything. You have to judge for yourself if the following provides a valid explanation of this phenomenon. The extensive collection of news report you will find in this article (see chapter 6) is unique and is not available anywhere else.

Content of this page:

1. It is not what you are told

2. The unscientific explanation of scientists

 3. The typical characteristics


5. Dumping by spacecraft or by portals

6. Original news and magazine reports of anomalous rains

7. Anomalous rains of inorganic substances


Dumping fish

1. It is not what you are told

What they teach us in schools and universities is only a small part of reality. It is a limited knowledge that creates a nice, safe and predictable world. However Reality is different. Especially on planet Earth. Lots of things are happening, and have been for a long while, that are outside of the belief system of mainstream science, the science that is allowed for the general public. It is a system that keeps itself in check. A scientist has to keep himself strictly to the rules of his profession. If he dares to talk of a reality outside the self-established borders of science, his reputation is tarnished, and his career is over. It is that simple. It has happened to scientists who did have an interest in what is considered weird, strange, non-existent. The media is not much better. They have always ridiculed any strange phenomenon, or allowed only the word of the all-knowing scientists who offer their point of view to make any strange phenomenon fit their own scientific standards. They lie between their teeth. They have to, because they cannot admit that there are phenomena that defy any of their explanations or knowledge of the world. Ordinary people know what they have seen, what they have experienced, though they sometimes don't know how to interpret it by lack of knowledge. Scientist don't even try to investigate strange phenomenon, they even don't listen to what the witnesses have to say. Scientists have standard explanations that they repeat over and over again. This is especially the case with all the stuff that is falling out of the atmosphere, that is impossible in a natural world, but it is a Reality.

I grew up in Belgium, and I worked a number of years in the Royal Meteorological Institute. I am familiar with climatological phenomena, but also with how meteorologists or climatologists deal with phenomena that can't be explained by conventional science. They will come up with a complete unscientific explanation claiming it to be true and normal, without even examining the data. They even will believe their own fake explanations.

One time, in an area at the Belgian-German border, everything, houses, streets and cars were covered with a fine yellow dust. As usual the press turned to the meteorologists for an explanation. Official statement: sand from the Sahara that was lifted up from the desert, drifted hundreds of miles high up in the atmosphere, and then came down in the Belgian countryside, in a small area. A lot of people accepted this absurd statement, because they don't know better. Sand is quite heavy and does not float upwards, nor travel with the wind at any altitude for any distance. And if the meteorologists had taken the time to listen to the witnesses, or had gone at the location, they would have found that it was not sand but fine yellow dust. It had come down in large volumes and was limited to a small area.

People always know what they have seen, and they have been witness to peculiar details of the strange fall and rain phenomena. Although the explanation for these unnatural phenomena might remain elusive, a true scientist should first study it in depth before reaching a conclusion. However they have decided to stay into their predictable world.

 Thus it is up to us, ordinary people to do the research. When the reports are starting to pile up, one can come to some preliminary conclusions based on certain characteristics that show up again and again.

 Rain of frogs recorded in 1355 (1557) From Prodigiorum ac ostentorum chronicon by Conrad Lycosthenes. (Basel, 1557).

Rain of frogs in Scandinavia recorded in 1355.

 From Prodigiorum ac ostentorum chronicon by Conrad Lycosthenes. (Basel, 1557).

2. The unscientific explanation of scientists

It is a phenomenon that has bewildered people all around the planet for many, many centuries: things fall out of the sky that shouldn't do this. A lot of things:

  • fish

  • frogs

  • worms

  • seeds and grains

  • apples

  • dry flakes of apparent organic matter

  • gelatinous masses

  • colored dust

  • colored rain

  • colored ice

  • colored snow flakes

  • ice blocks

  • unusual shaped hail stones

  • all kinds of stones


Unable to find a rational explanation for this strange phenomenon, people just leave it a mystery, and form tales and legends around it, or they explain it away by what seems to be the most plausible solution, the water spout or tornado. However the phenomenon continues, and it remains unexplained by conventional science. It certainly is not a meteorological phenomenon.


It is important to understand that these anomalous rains have been going on for millenia. The oldest written account is that from Athenaeus, a Greek rhetorician and grammarian. He was a native of Naucratis, a Greek city in Egypt, and he wrote the Deipnosophists in the early part of the 3rd century A.D. (I have put text in bold that points to characteristics typical for the anomalous rains):

"I know also that it has very often rained fishes. At all events, Phoenias, in the second book of his Eresian Magistrates, says that in the Chersonesus it once rained fish uninterruptedly for three days; and Phylarchus, in his fourth book, says that people had often seen it raining fish, and often also raining wheat, and that the same thing has happened with respect to frogs. At all events, Heracleides Lembus, in the twenty-first book of his History, says: "In Paeonia and Dardania it has, they say, before now rained frogs; and so great has been the number of these frogs that the houses and the roads have been full of them; and at first, for some days, the inhabitants, endeavouring to kill them, and shutting up their houses, endured the pest; but when they did no good, but found that all their vessels were filled with them, and the frogs were found to be boiled up and roasted with everything they ate, and when besides all this, they could not make use of any water, nor put their feet on the ground for the heaps of frogs that were everywhere, and were annoyed also by the smell of those that died, they fled the country." ( )

Where do such a tremendous amount of frogs suddenly come from, before falling from the sky? Fish and frogs are the most common anomalous rains, and they can come down in huge amounts. This short report already has some interesting characteristics. They occur 'very often', and thus these rains were not rare or isolated events. In one place it was raining fish for three days solid. This shows that it was not a natural event. Three days is a very long period for these anomalous rains. He also remarked that the amount of frogs was immense. Fish and frogs rains can bring down thousands, if not ten thousands of these animals, sometimes in a small area, so that the ground is literally covered with them. Where do all these animals come from? We will see that the unusual characteristics that accompany these rains and falls clearly show that the 'scientific' explanation of the tornado or water spout sucking up these animals is a complete myth.


First I have to debunk the scientists, something I don't like to do, but they have been getting away with it for too long. That is, the 'unscientific' explanation by scientists of the water spout, tornado, or whirl wind as the cause of the anomalous rains. It is not new, it was already postulated many centuries ago, when people started to turn to 'learned men', or scientists, for an explanation. There is one thing that makes scientists absolutely horrified: they will never admit that they can't explain something. A scientist who admits he has no clue about a natural phenomenon, will lose his reputation. After all, he is supposed to known everything.

So, why is it not possible for a water spout, tornado, or whirl wind to cause the phenomenon of the anomalous rains? The winds cause a rotation of the air currents, and a funnel is formed. When the rotating air currents move upward, they move around in a circular, spiraling way, moving, or sweeping up loose debris on the ground. The debris will be swept up and move around the central funnel in a spiraling way, but not that far up, because the centrifugal force will throw the debris immediately outwards. That is why all the debris is all around the path of tornado. The funnel itself can contain dust and some very light debris moving upwards. Anything that is picked up and whirled around will not get that high up before it is throw outwards again. The clouds at the top of the funnel create a downdraft, which will pull any light debris that would have made it that high up by the spiraling winds, down towards the ground, around the tornado itself. The fall of fish and frogs, for example, usually are confined to a very small area. A tornado or water spout would throw anything around in an area around itself.

A strong tornado can develop high wind speeds that can destroy a lot of things on the ground , and even move heavy things around, but only in its immediate path of action.

Most tornado's last less than ten minutes. If anything got sucked up by the spiraling vortex, it goes down to earth again within this period. The debris is strewn around, and not sucked up to high altitudes, where it then is supposed to travel happily around for many, many miles, and for a long period, and then falling down somewhere else. This can only happen for very light items, such as paper, but not fish. If a tornado or water spout were able to lift fish or frogs out of water, they would immediately fall down again. These animals cannot be lifted to cloud level, hover around for a while, or be transported (by what?) at that high altitude for any distance, against the force of gravity, and then come down all in one spot, undamaged and alive. The raining of fish that are already dead on hitting the ground is actually rare. The sometimes huge amount of fish or frogs that come down out of the sky cannot have come from a local water pool or lake, simply because there are not thousands of fish or frogs in there to begin with.

This is the physics of tornado's, water spouts and whirl winds. Meteorologists know this very well, and they lie between their teeth when they explain that "it it normal" that a tornado or water spout "picks up fish out of a pond" (and fish only), lift them high up into the atmosphere, where the fish are then transported over long distances (staying together), and ultimately dropped in another location, many, many miles from where the fictitious tornado took place. They lie because they have to give an explanation to save their reputation, and they know that most people will believe them. They never go to the trouble to go investigate the matter, or even read the reports of people who witnessed the phenomenon. I have read media reports which had two lines about the rain of fishes, and a whole page about the tornado theory.


Based on what really happens with the anomalous rains:

  • In 99.9 % of the time no tornado or water spout was reported, or the weather did not allow for the formation of one.

  • Water spouts or tornado's do not lift fish or frogs out of the water.

  • Water spouts or tornado's do not lift fish or frogs out of the water by the thousands, even tens of thousands. In some cases the immense number of animals that came down just are not present in one body of water.

  • Water spouts or tornado's do not lift only one species out of the water, and leave the other species, and anything else present in the water behind.

  • Water spouts or tornado's do not lift them high up into the air.

  • Water spouts or tornado's do not transport them over many miles, even hundreds of miles.

  • Water spouts or tornado's do not keep the fish and frogs alive during their supposed transport high up in the air. (in most cases the animals are alive and well when they came down, and not bruised.)

  • Water spouts or tornado's do not drop a multitude of these animals neatly in one spot. (in most cases the fall is limited to a very small area)

  • Water spouts or tornado's do not create one single cloud in a clear sky out of which these animals fall (in several of these cases).

  • A tornado cannot scoop up thousands of earth worms (only) and deposit them elsewhere in a very small area, and even on top of the snow. 


But somebody did!

When you look at the details of the eyewitnesses' accounts, it clearly shows that these anomalous rains are not a natural phenomenon, but artificial. That is, somebody is dumping all that stuff right above our heads.


 3. The typical characteristics

When an anomalous rain happens, it doesn't tell you much by itself. One mysterious event doesn't give you a clear view of what the cause might have been. However, when many of these events are compiled and compared, a pattern starts to emerge, and interesting characteristics show up. Strange, unusual characteristics that point us into a direction we might not have considered. An origin that lies outside the well-established doctrines of the scientific world, and the superficial news media. These two establishments will never accept this explanation in spite of the evidence.

Here is a list of the typical characteristics of the numerous anomalous rains:

  • The phenomenon of the anomalous rains is world wide, and has been reported by all cultures and in all ages.

  • No tornado, water spout, or whirl wind, nearby at the time or before the phenomenon. Although scientists will claim that it was possible that there was one, sometimes even going as far as saying that it was related to a tornado or storm hundreds of miles away.

  • Most of the time people mention that the rain or fall of the items happened during an unusual violent thunderstorm, or very heavy rain. This is mentioned in almost every account.  The thunderstorm is described as unusual, violent, with dark clouds, sometimes suddenly appearing. Something was clearly very different from a normal thunderstorm. Nevertheless, sometimes these things fall down during a normal rain, or in clear weather, sometimes the unusual rain or fall happened from a blue sky.

  • When, for example, fish fall down, it is of only one kind of species. A water spout cannot selectively pick out one species of fish out of a pond, also neglecting to pick up any other life forms, or leaves, or other debris. Rarely more than one species fall together.

  • Most of the time, the fish and frogs (which are more easy to identify) are common to the local area, but there are plenty of cases the species is totally unknown in that area. Sometimes the species of animal is not known to the country, and being native to a distant place many hundreds and even thousands of miles away.

  • Most of the times it is small fish, small frogs, although sometimes large size fish have fallen too.

  • An anomalous rain can be over a very wide area, especially with the colored dust, probably because the wind carries the dust around before it reaches the ground. With live animals it is usually over a very small area. It is not uncommon that this area is as small as one's back yard. There are also reports that the fish or frogs came down in one straight line.

  • Some falls repeat themselves over the exact same area, even if this area is extremely small. A second fall can happen, for example, ten minutes later, or two hours. Sometimes people remember the same area had the same kind of fall several years or decades before. An example:

    • "Quotation from a letter from Prof. Campini to Prof. Matteucci:
      That, upon Dec. 28, 1860, at about 7 a. m., in the northwestern
      part of Siena, a reddish rain fell copiously for two hours.
      A second red shower fell at nine o'clock.
      Three days later, the red rain fell again.
      The next day another red rain fell.
      Still more extraordinarily:
      Each fall occurred in "exactly the same quarter of town.""

  • Sometimes people report other unusual phenomena that accompanied the anomalous rain. Loud sounds, explosions, a flash of light, point to characteristics of something else than just the thunderstorms or rain.

  • There are a small number of cases where a small reddish or dark cloud appeared in the otherwise clear sky, out of which the fall of fishes was seen to occur.

  • The fish and frogs are usually alive. People have picked them up, and put them in buckets and in ponds, and they survived. It is not unusual that the people have eaten them too. After all, it is free food. In rare cases, it does happen that they are all dead when they hit the ground.

  • The fish and frogs cannot have fallen from very high up, because then they would splatter around into pieces when hitting the ground.

  • When fish rain down, it can be that there are up to four or five species of fish in one fall. However, mostly it rains only one species of fish. Frogs, worms, snails, even mussels, are always of one species. This is the biggest obstacle for the tornado or water spout theory. If it is even possible for a tornado or water spout to lift out animals from a body of water, it cannot be selective to lift out one species and nothing else.

  • Sometimes the amount of live animals is so great that everything is literally covered by them: roof tops, gutters, streets... When  a fall of little frogs happen that is reported to cover the streets three inches thick, we are talking about a massive amount of animals. When you have thousands and thousands of one kind of fish or amphibian, you can easily rule out any water spout. In some cases people estimated the amount of frogs in the millions.

Not a typical characteristic, but rather rare occurrence is the falling down of two different things together. It is nevertheless significant because it makes the unnatural character of the anomalous rain more prominent. Here is an example: "Some of the hail-stones, says the Fredericksburg News, during the hail storm which passed over that section on the 1st instant, weighed six pounds. About 100 frogs were also rained down on the devoted city of Fredericksburg." Source: The Western Democrat (Charlotte, North Carolina), 21 July 1857, front page

We will go into some of the details when quoting reports, because it is the details that shed more light upon the unusual characteristics of these phenomena.

People have collected samples of these rains, be it rain with colored dust in it, or samples of fish, and sent them to scientists  for identification. Identification of fish and frogs is easy. But with the dust or colorants inside rain, or gelatinous masses, or dry sheets of apparent organic masses, it seems to be a whole lot more difficult. Charles Fort (1874-1932) mentioned many times, that chemists tried to identify the materials, and got conflicted results, were not able to come to any conclusions, or just plain lied because they had to come up with what was acceptable to the then prevailing science.

Our modern science now has extremely sophisticated technology to identify any material. However in cases where it is reported that samples were sent to a laboratory, we never hear of the results. It is very similar to all those metal samples that people have picked up from exploding UFOs. Every time they were send to a laboratory, they just 'disappeared'. Those who know the workings of the government, know very well that those in control of humanity have studied all these phenomena for a long time and know what is behind it. They want to keep this knowledge to themselves, and keep the general population ignorant. So all we can do is to look at the reports and draw our own conclusions.

 flying saucer 

4. The E.T. origin of anomalous rains

The purpose of this article is to show that most of the anomalous rains can be attributed to spaceships whose occupants want to get rid of their excess, or waste materials, and just dump it on our heads. It is actually the only logical explanation, based on the typical characteristics of all these anomalous rains. The reason why nobody wants to entertain this explanation is the stigmata that is still attached to the entire UFO phenomenon itself. Nevertheless those who have actually studied the UFO phenomenon know it is real, the ET's are here, and they are actively engaged with this planet.

What have human beings done when they discovered other continents? They set up camp, brain-washed the locals, and started to harvest the local riches: plants, animals, minerals, metals, and yes, even humans (slave trade). What are the powers of the present time talking about, now that mankind is making big advances in space technology? Plans to harvest the Moon, Mars and even asteroids for their minerals and metals.

Humans on this planet are latecomers in the universe. Many beings in the universe had already mastered space travel before our solar system came into existence. The beings, or extraterrestrials, are constantly looking  for new resources. Thus they found this solar system and Earth, with primitive beings on it, called humans. For a long time they have controlled this planet and harvested its minerals, but especially the biological resources. You can read more about this in my other articles. It is a fact, it doesn't matter if the scientists don't believe it, or if the media ridicules the topic. Many ordinary people have had and are still having contact with those beings. You heard about the alien abductions. That is just a part of the ET presence here on Earth. The aliens have technology that allows them and their vehicles to be invisible. Their ship can hover over your house and you can't see it, unless they want you to see it. They can pick up anything from the surface of the Earth, and they have been doing it for a long time: plants, animals and humans. Some get put back, then we speak of the classical abductions. Some get mutilated, the so-called animal mutilations, but mutilated humans have also been found. Sometimes humans are put back, in good health, but with their memory wiped. Much less known are the humans who are picked up and never return. Who knows what the aliens are doing with those people? There is plenty of information available if you look for it.

It has become obvious that these aliens are harvesting a lot of biological material, primarily for selling or trading with other races of beings in the universe. After all Earth is extremely rich in biological diversity. They must have large spaceships stationed in the solar system to store all that stuff, and maybe even to breed them. Sometimes they need to clean their holding tanks, or get rid of surplus, and what better way to come down, close to the surface of the planet, and dump what they don't need anymore.

 I think it is obvious that the alien races are here to control and use the resources of Earth for their own purposes, such as intergalactic trade, and that they have to be stationed in our solar system. The beings on board need water and food for themselves. Shipping water and food from their own planet to here is just a waste of time and energy. Therefore, they take it from Earth itself. What they harvest are all lower life forms that can be easily grown and multiplied in large numbers: fish, frogs, snails, worms... These are all good protein sources. There are no rains of rodents or small mammals. These are not easy to keep on a spaceship, and it takes too much maintenance. Once in a while their water tanks, or terrariums have to be cleaned out, or they have a surplus, and they just dump it on Earth. That is why most of the fish, frog, or worm rains are of just one variety. Why sometimes the species are not native to the place they were dumped. Why in most cases the animals are still alive when hitting the ground. In the few cases where the fish were dead and dry, when falling in a rain storm, one should consider that they were not sucked up by a water spout, but that they were already dried before they were released. Somebody had to dry them first.

In one case most of the fish that were falling were missing their heads. In the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal: "Some of the fish were fresh, but others were rotten and without heads."

Is it not that obvious that this is not a natural phenomenon, but that someone cut their heads off (for whatever purpose) and then dumped the remains. In a couple of cases the falling fish were already rotten. No, these fish were not hovering up in the air for a couple of days, rotting away, before they fell down.


The anomalous rains are not a phenomenon by itself, it is actually part of the many activities of the ET's. Although their presence may be invisible, most of the time,  it does create tell-tale characteristics. The devil is in the detail. When the tornado or water spout has been eliminated as a cause for the phenomenon, one has to look at the details of the anomalous rains. As there is not much interest in examining and researching the phenomenon, we are left with eye-witness accounts, and news reports. Often, they don't report all the details. However there are enough reports known containing repeating characteristics that can point us into a certain direction. That is why I have researched and collected a lot of original news reports of anomalous rains. You can find the links to these pages below.

The recurrent violent rain storms

There is a physical phenomenon that precedes most of the anomalous rains. Almost all reports mention that the anomalous rain happened during an unusually violent thunderstorm, heavy rains with very dark clouds. Sometimes loud explosive sounds are heard or there are strange light flashes, different from normal lightning. Clearly something appeared that strongly intensified an existing rain or thunderstorm, or even initiated it as it is sometimes reported that the thunderstorm suddenly emerged.

When a drop of animals or substances is initiated in the lower atmosphere, the ET technological presence creates a sudden drop in temperature. In the fish-rain section (see below) you can find a report where there was a sudden drop of 17ºF in just a few minutes (at ground level) at which a violent thunderstorm broke out. This drop in temperature is not intentional, but is the result of one of the characteristics of the technology used. This sudden and large cooling of the surrounding air will increase the condensation of humidity in the atmosphere and intensify the already present rains. It will also increase the electrical potential between Earth's surface and the clouds, and thus initiate or intensify lightning discharges. Additionally there might be other physical effects happening that would account for bright light flashes (totally different from the lightning) or strange sounds.

Creatures of habit

Another fact to consider in regards to an intelligence behind the phenomenon is that some areas, even very small as one's own backyard, have known more than one rain or fall. Sometimes there are a couple of minutes or hours in between, sometimes a couple of years of decades. That is indicative to a habit. It is a characteristic of living beings , to visit a place more than once, especially when it was safe to do whatever they did. Creatures of habit.

Furthermore, when the fallen animals are found in a narrow strip of several yards wide and , for example, 80 yards long, it looks more that they were dropped from a very low height, and while the craft was slowly moving along. A tornado, water spout or another natural phenomenon would spread out its debris all around itself. The rain of animals in a narrow strip or very small area is actually common. The ETs tend to come down low and dump the animals in one spot.

There are a couple of cases in which the small animals were found inside very large hailstones. In this case they must have been released from very high up where the temperature as cold enough to condense the water vapor into ice around them. They are also more scattered in larger areas. In one case the hailstones contained pebbles. What were these pebbles doing high up in the atmosphere, if not released from an ET water tank?


5. Dumping by spacecraft or by portals

I see two possible technologies: a spacecraft or a portal.

  • Their spacecraft always generate external electromagnetic fields, sometimes creating plasma fields around their ship. It is not a new concept in the UFO-field that these ships can create a cloud around their ship in order to hide their ship from our view. Creating a cloud means that their surrounding energy field can cool the air around their ship, and then the water vapor condenses into a cloud. In a rare case witnesses have seen a dark cloud form in an otherwise clear sky, followed by a shower of fish from that cloud. Really, one has to include these reports for they show that the 'scientific' tornado or water spout theory is a ridiculous explanation. Bright light flashes, sometimes reported just before these unusual falls or rains, are also well known to occur with sightings or flying saucers or spaceships. The light flashes usually appear when such a ship enters our physical dimension, from a higher  dimension or a higher energy state.

  • I also consider the possibility of a portal opened up into the lower atmosphere from a spacecraft that is situated somewhere else. These portals use non-local technology. This means that on the spacecraft a portal, or gate is opened and non-locally linked to a portal in the atmosphere of Earth, at a desired location. There is no physical distance between the two ends of the portal. Anything that goes through the portal on the spacecraft exits immediately out of the other end of the portal on Earth. The creation of such a portal most likely would also be of an electromagnetic nature, creating the same characteristics discussed in the above. The creation of such portals are also well-known in the abduction stories. Abductees report that some aliens first created a portal in their bedroom, through which the aliens then emerged and later disappeared. I think a portal might also create condensation of water vapor resulting in a single cloud.

The fall of fishes out of a single cloud, in an otherwise blue sky, is really interesting, although there are only a few cases like this. All of the following examples, taken from original reports mentioned in this article, happened in an otherwise clear sky:

  • A yellowish cloud attracted the attention of several people, both from its colour and the rapidity of its motion

  • Towards nine o’clock a small cloud appeared on the horizon and a quarter of an hour afterwards rain began to fall when to the horror of everybody, it was found to consist of black worms...

  • ...a black cloud appeared hiding the sun, and several bright flashes of lightning came from the cloud, after which the fish were seen glistening and lively, evidently much disconcerted by their surroundings.

  • Tremendous number of little toads, one or two months old, that were seen to fall from a great thick cloud that appeared suddenly in a sky that had been cloudless,

  • It was a stifling hot night am suddenly a blue-black cloud appeared on the nor'-west horizon. With amazing rapidity the sky became black and over cast, followed by a fierce electrical storm.

  • Suddenly a dense, black cloud made its appearance, and it soon began to discharge a copious rain upon our unsheltered heads.

It is also remarkable that most rains of animals happen during a heavy rain storm. I think the aliens use the cover of a rain storm to mask their dumping operations. In other words, they don't want us to know that they are doing this.

6. Original news and magazine reports of anomalous rains

Older accounts of past centuries often contain many details of other phenomena that accompanied the anomalous rains. Especially in the countryside, people were more keen observers of what happened around them, especially the weather. Even the media in those times were more open to something unusual, strange or weird. Nowadays, the media ridicules everything out of the normal, and will only pay attention to what meteorologists have to say. Nevertheless sometimes there are still some good present-day reports with many details, especially in the more localized press.

Wherever possible I have looked for the original accounts and included them in this article. Many newspapers and scientific and governmental magazines and publications have been digitized and made accessible online. It takes a little effort to find these original reports, but it is worth it, as they often show details that are not present in books or magazines about mysterious rains. Most of these reports are from English spoken countries. As it is a world wide phenomenon, we are looking at just the tip of an iceberg. Considering that I have limited myself primarily to public domain American and Australian newspapers from before the passing of copyright law (before 1923 in the USA and before 1955 in Australia), the number of anomalous showers over the past two centuries must be far greater than what I have collected.

I have grouped the reports or accounts of the anomalous rains into several pages. In regards to animals, fish are the most common of these anomalous rains. I have collected number of accounts of fish rains on a separate page. Fish rains are the most known of the anomalous rains, but certainly not the only ones.

As you can see from the following links, and as I have mentioned in the above, the animals are all lower life forms, and a good source of protein.

Links to sub-chapters with original news reports:

Rain of Fish 

Rain of Frogs

Rain of Lizards

Rain of Snakes

Rain of Worms

Rain of Other  Animals

Rain of Meat

Rain of Processed Organic Substances

Rain of Fruit and Seeds


7. Anomalous rains of inorganic substances

It is easy to see when it rains animals, that this must have an artificial origin. It is more difficult when inorganic substances come down in dry form or in water (rain, hail or ice), as it could be possible that this is of cosmic origin. However these kinds of anomalous rains are very strange too. In the old times (19th century and beginning 20th century) these rains were often analyzed by the the chemists of that time. It didn't shed much light on the mystery, probably due to their limited scientific equipment of that time. At present we have extremely advanced technological equipment of all kind to analyze any substance. Unfortunately, there is not much interest at all from scientists to do this, and samples often get 'lost'. Sometimes it is not worth the expense.

I think it possible that these inorganic materials also come from spaceships cleaning out their cargo areas, tanks, reservoirs, because some of the rains were very strange, and the rains had accompanying characteristics that are exactly the same as with the live animal rains: loud noises, repeating of the strange rain in the same area, light flashes, being limited to a very small area, and happening during heavy rainfalls.

I didn't look up original news reports of these rains, but only list their characteristics, for the purpose of comparison. They are taken from Charles Fort Book of the Damned, and thus well before the military started to experiment on the population with their biological end chemical warfare agents which could account for similar kinds of 'rains' in the second half of the 20th century.


  • Yellow substance, giving off nitrogen and ammonia and an animal odor.

  • a yellow substance. But the microscope revealed numerous globules of cobalt blue, also corpuscles of a pearly color that resembled starch.

  • reddish to yellow substance, it carbonized and spread the odor of charred animal matter that it was not pollen, that in alcohol it left a residue of resinous matter.

  • Yellow powder. It had an earthy, insipid taste, and is described as "unctuous." When heated, this matter turned brown, then black, then red.

  • A combustible yellowish substance, covering, at least two inches thick, an area of 600 or 700 square feet. It was resinous and yellowish. When torn, it had the tenacity of cotton. When placed in water, it had the consistency of resin. "This resin had the color of amber, was elastic, like India rubber, and smelled like prepared oil mixed with wax."

  • Red powder.

  Colored Rains

Red rains, sometimes fluid, sometimes viscous. My own opinion: at least some of biological origin coming from those spaceships. Question is: what are they grinding up?

Often analyzed by chemists of the time as being water and a (sometimes high) percentage of animal matter. Go figure where that animal matter came from.

  • Red rain, estimated that about 10,000,000 tons of matter had fallen in England alone! Other vast quantities in Australia and Russia.

  • Red rain; red substance when burned, the odor of animal matter from it was strong and persistent.

  • Hailstones, some red, some blue, some whitish.

  • Red rain, drops of this rain left stains "such as sandy water could not leave."

  • A reddish rain fell copiously for two hours. A second red shower fell at 9 o'clock. Three days later, the red rain fell again. The next day another red rain fell. Each fall occurred in "exactly the same quarter of town."

  • Vividly red rain, blood-like.

  • A substance like blood, somewhat coagulated.

  • Thick, viscous, red matter.

  • A highly unpleasant substance, the substance was clear blood and portions of flesh scattered upon tobacco fields.

  • A reddish substance that was "thick, viscous, and putrid."

  • A rain fall "bringing down with it a red substance, which proved on examination to be a red meal mixed with fine sand."

  • a rain of a peach-red color. In this rain were flakes of a hyacinthine tint, said to be organic in nature.

  • red matter that looked like "vegetable cells".

  • red snow.

Black rains were more often than the few description below, as often only the color was mentioned and nothing else.

  • Black rain, the color of ink, and of a fetid odor and very disagreeable taste.

  • Black rain, it left a most peculiar and disagreeable smell in the air.

  • A rain so black as to be described as a "shower of ink."

  • After two showers of a black rain: two of these showers, vast quantities of a substance
    described sometimes as "pumice stone," but sometimes as "slag, "were washed upon the sea coast" near Slains (Scotland).

  • A black rain, so intense that the following day brooks were still dyed with it.

  • A black rain was accompanied by "shocks like those of an earthquake." The earthquake had occurred at the climax of intense darkness and the fall of black rain.

Gelatinous Substances

Often found to be of a gelatinous or similar texture, but rarely analyzed. Interestingly, in several cases luminous bodies were seen in the sky prior to the gelatinous falls.

  • Grayish substance: nut sized masses of a substance that is described as both resinous and gelatinous. It was odorless until burned: then it spread a very pronounced sweetish odor. It is described as like gelatin, but much firmer: but, having been in water 24 hours, it swelled out,
    and looked altogether gelatinous.

  • The ground was found covered with masses of jelly, the size of peas.

  • A storm of glutinous drops neither jelly fish nor masses of frog spawn. "Many soon developed into a wormlike chrysalis, about an inch in length." A scientist examined it and said it to be "minute worms in filmy envelopes". It repeated itself several days later.

  • "Lumps of jelly" were found on the ground. The substance was whitish, or resembled the coagulated white of an egg.

Greasy Stuff

  • Showers of a sort of matter like butter or grease, having "a very stinking smell."

  • A substance which the country people called "butter". "soft, clammy, and of a dark yellow" that cattle fed "indifferently" in fields where this substance lay. "It fell in lumps as big as the end of one's finger." It had a "strong ill scent." His Grace calls it a "stinking dew."

  • A substance that was wine yellow, transparent, soft, and smelling like rancid oil.

  • A fall of oily, reddish substance.

  • Hail in which was a substance described as 'turpentine'.

Other Inorganic Substances

  • A fall of of a mass of burning sulphur, about the size of a man's fist.

  • Large crystals of salt fell in a hail storm.

  • Saltish substance in a form like snow.

  • Substance that looked like crystallized nitre, and that tasted like sugar

  • Several falls of what looked like slag or cinders, or resembling coke, and burning, bituminous  matter", and carbonaceous matter, substances resembling coal.

  • Interesting account: "On June 15, 1857 a farmer who lived in Ottawa, Illinois reported that he heard a hissing sound in the sky and he looked up to see a shower of cinders falling to the earth. They landed on the ground in a V-shaped pattern about 50 feet from where he was standing and caused the ground to steam and the grass to catch fire. The larger cinders buried themselves into the earth and even the smallest pieces were inserted into the ground at least partially. The farmer, whose name was Bradley, noticed a small, dense and dark cloud “hanging over the garden” at the time of the fall. The weather that day had been damp and a little rainy but no thunder or lightning had been reported. "

Strange Ice Blocks

Always during heavy thunderstorms, but they cannot have formed as hailstones do.

  • Falls of large amounts of large ice masses, the size of 'man's head, pumpkin size, many inches in diameter, many pounds etc. In one instance killing thousands of sheep.

  • Singular blocks of ice, many pounds each, many feet thick! "80 pounds", "a cubic yard in size". "the size of a sheep"

  • Cases had been reported in China and Brazil in 1995 where blocks as heavy as 440 pounds crashed to Earth.

  • In 1849, a block of ice that was estimated to weigh a half a ton fell on the Balvullich farm in Ord, Scotland. It measured about 20 feet in diameter and was reported to be crystal clear, although apparently made up of many cubes and diamond-shaped hunks of ice fused together.

  • Flat pieces of ice fallen in clear weather, but thunder sounds were heard. Flat pieces of ice, an inch long, after a "profound darkness". Roughly broken fragments of a smooth sheet of ice. two inches long, one inch thick.

  • Ice pieces that resembled icicles.

  • Small hailstones that exploded.

Some interesting accounts of blue colored ice blocks in Greece (from ):

  • “Blue Ice” Mysteries : Late in November, 1981, Mrs. Androniki Maglara in Poros, Argolis, Peloponnese, heard a loud bang οn her rooftop. Upon examination, she saw a block of "blue ice" the size of a human fist. "At first," she said, "Ι thought they were pieces from my solar heater and Ι called a technician who explained that the 'blue ice' had nothing to do with the heater. Then Ι worried, and Ι called the police. Ι kept one of these things in the refrigerator. What are they?" The police, after a field investigation, didn't seem to be interested in the curious incident. A chemist friend of Mrs. Maglara performed some simple experiments, but couldn't determine the composition of the "blue ice." Also, it was certified that the rooftop had blue stains that proved to be indelible. Apparently they were caused by the blue ice chunks melting. The piece that was found by Mrs. Maglara was kept in the refrigerator and later was said to be brought to Athens for a full scientific examination, but nobody knows for sure what finally happened to it. (Source:Apogevmatini, 26 November 1981).

    On June 16, 1985, in Demiri village, near Tripolis of Arcadia, in central Peloponnese, a strange object falling with tremendous speed and emitting a whistling sound as it was coming down hit a hangar belonging to Konstantinos Nikolopoulos. The sound of the impact terrified Nikolopoulos and his friends Konstantinos Dimopoulos and Demetrios Dalamangas, who were sitting together chatting in the yard of the house. The object must have been enormous, since even after shattering οn impact, the largest piece was the size of a watermelon! The collision was so hard that a great hole was made in the hangar, and one of the thick, wooden, support beams was broken like a match. The three men approached the fallen debris and discovered that it was blue in color (like the object of Poros, four years earlier). Suddenly, a few minutes after the fall, the debris started to melt at a faster speed than that of normal water-composed ice. Its smell was undefinable, and it was not toxic οr corrosive. They touched the pieces and found that their hands were colored blue. The biggest piece of ice was put into the refrigerator.

    The next day, a Greek Air Force helicopter arrived at the scene, carrying Col. Andreas Varrenis, two other officers, and two scientists. They examined the chunk that was left, which had been carried to the police station by Mr.Nikolopoulos the day before. The first test was for radioactivity. The conclusion was that the "ice" was not radioactive. The officers took the object into the helicopter and left, carrying the "ice" to the Ministry of National Defense. On June 18th, the Minister of Defense, Antonis Drosoyannis, told reporters that the object was something unexplained and that it had to be sent for further analysis and research either to the Democritus Center for Nuclear Research οτ to the General Chemistry of the State. What finally happened remains a mystery. (Source: Apogevmatini, 18 June 1985; Ethnos, same date; Nea, same date).

[my own note: ice must have been water with a blue dye or solvent in it before it froze. Also, why does the military retrieve an ice block?]