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 The Net, and its ties to the Matrix, or Control of Humanity

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The Net

The Moon

Artificial Structures on the Moon's Surface

Control System


The following is presented for your reflection.

Some of it is my opinion, some is the opinion or experiences of others.

It has become obvious that we have been living under a spell of illusions in many ways for a long time.

It is a complicated web of illusions that we are finally unraveling.

We no longer have the luxury of dismissing something because it doesn't fit the theories or the frame of reality we have been taught by those who took control of our 'education'.

Some of the new ideas, theories, experiences by different people are 'far out' when compared to the old-world-reality we grew up in.

Some people, quoted below, believe that extraterrestrials are responsible for the construction of the net, and the control of humanity. I don't always agree with that. In my opinion most aliens are not extraterrestrials, but other-dimensional spirits belonging to Earth. However there is a lot more going on here. Ruins of the Moon and Mars testify that once there were humanoid cultures thriving in this solar system, also on the fifth planet that was destroyed and is now the asteroid belt. Maybe we should look within our own solar system, instead of accepting extraterrestrials coming from somewhere in the cosmos.

What is presented in this article might be far-fetched to you, and you have to decide for yourself if it has any validity to your own world view, and your own existence in this reality matrix of Earth that are presently live in.

The Net in my tarot deck

The 15th card, The Devil, from my tarot deck of The Prism Tarot.

One night, in my early twenties, I woke up on the astral plane and found myself flying over an earthy landscape. As I climbed higher, at a certain height, I bumped into a net that stretched from horizon to horizon, as far as I could see, in all directions. The net kept me from going higher, I just could not get past it. Then I woke up. It always puzzled me what that net was about. I vaguely understood that it was keeping souls from leaving this Earth. At that time I was also creating a Major Arcana Tarot deck, and I incorporated that net into the card of the Devil. Somehow I felt that the net had to do with keeping souls locked in to the material aspect of the planet, implemented by some dark force, that I equated with the Devil of the Tarot deck. Our intuition sometimes comes up with information that we don't always understand at the time, which will become clear later on.

Twenty years, with the expansion of the Internet, I started to come across accounts from other people who had encountered this net too. Some of them had found that it was an artificial boundary, composed of interweaving energy lines or waves that had been set up around planet Earth to imprison human souls.

The interpretations vary, but this net can be viewed by people whose psychic senses are active. I got an email from an artist, called Eugenia Loli, who made a painting of what she saw:

The net as seen by artist Eugenia Loli

Eugenia explains:

Energy field around Earth. I saw this during a lucid dream a few years ago. Later, I found out that others had seen the same thing in either lucid dreams, or via psychedelics. A few weeks ago, I asked someone who can channel aliens to ask about it. The aliens explained that this field is artificial, and it exists in a higher dimensional realm. It was placed to quarantine & protect humans, in order to evolve without external meddling from other higher dimensional beings. Maybe that was the time when the "gods" stopped speaking to humans in ancient times (the book Bicameral Mind, by Yale psychologist & researcher Julian Jaynes, explains that strange phenomenon). Today, to get such access to aliens, I believe that one has to take a good dose of psychedelics, escape the Waiting Room and the Energy Field at high velocity (basically, before the system in place is able to "catch" them), get sort-of-abducted by other aliens, altered to bypass the system, and when returned, they auto-magically have the ability to channel (or have lucid dreams, so they can communicate via them).  


Other people say that this net had been constructed by an extraterrestrial race, the Reptilians, who built it many thousands of years ago. The Reptilian races are predators, or rather parasitical, as they are no longer able to generate enough life force to sustain their own biological bodies, or sustain their souls in the astral realms. So, they need to absorb the life energy of other living beings, and on planet Earth, this is humans.


The net is part of the artificial manipulation of the many layers of Earth's subtle energy system, usually called the matrix, a reference to the movie the Matrix, as this energy matrix is also tied in with the manifestation of consciousness on this planet, and thus is of primary importance to humans. Earth has many levels in her matrix. The matrix is comprised of many levels of geometric lines of energy, encompassing the planet. Each level is a three-dimensional network of energy vibration. These levels are also called earth-grids, and the Platonic solids are well known earth-grids that encircle the planet. Dowsers are very familiar with the grids. There are many other grids as well. Every energy grid is directly related to an aspect of reality that manifests itself on the energetic and the physical plane. All living being on this planet are not only the result of these energy grids, but their consciousness is also a direct result of what kind of energy grids are present on the planet.

  Earth's matrix system

These energy grids can be manipulated, both by humans themselves or by other beings like extraterrestrial races, for good or for bad. World leaders have always manipulated certain energy grids in a negative way in order to have control of the population, in the distant past and in the present.

According to certain sources, the Reptilian races came to Earth many thousands of years ago, and manipulated the energy grids to create an impenetrable barrier for human souls, thus keeping them imprisoned on the planet, forcing them to reincarnate again and again on this planet.

At the same time they manipulate the Earth matrix system too, thus influencing the mind of humans to instigate the generation of lower emotions, resulting in the release of low vibratory life energy that the Reptilians harvest for their sustenance. Unfortunately this keeps humans on a lower level than they are supposed to be, and keeps them in an endless cycle of ignorance, confusion, violence and suffering.

For most people, all this seems far-fetched, but for those who have had spiritual experiences and whose awareness is open to other realities, it provides a lot of answers to a lot of problems that humanity is having.

The first thing one has to understand is that all the energy grids lie at the basis of our physical reality. Physicality is not what you have been taught in school. Physical matter is not solid. Physical molecules and atoms are actually wave-packages of energy as it explained in quantum physics. Physicality is just another energy-state. Energy waves can be manipulated easily if you understand the nature of the waves and know how to interact with them. Change them and physicality will change. All energy levels of the matrix are also interconnected. Change on one level will bring change on other levels too. Change on one of the levels will also bring change in the consciousness of the beings living on that planet. Hence the possibility of control and manipulation of life on the planet. Once you have advanced technology you can manipulate the matrix levels of an entire planet, and everything that lives on it, on an automatic basis. In regard to humanity, a negative control and domination has been going on for many thousands of years. Most of it happens in what we call the subconscious. The subconscious is the part of our mind that we usually don't pay attention to, but it contains the driving forces in our daily lives. Only in very recent times have humans begun waking up to and becoming conscious of what is going on. This is because there are other forces in the universe that have brought change to the entire matrix of the planet Earth, creating a heightened awareness. The Reptilian races can not hide anymore in their clandestine activity, nor can their human collaborators who have been leading their population into poverty and wars during all that time. Thus we find ourselves now in a big confrontation, and it is necessary to understand what is really going on the backstage of the earthy arena.

The Moon

There has been a lot going on our solar system in the distant past, and I cannot go into all this. In relation to the manipulation of Earth's matrix, one needs to know that the Moon plays a key role. The Moon is not natural to Earth. In regards to physical laws relating to planets and moons, our Moon is way too big in relation to the size of planet Earth. It is also way to close, its slow rotation resulting in always facing the same side to Earth is also highly unnatural. Large artificial structures have been photographed on its surface, showing it once was inhabited. Its inhabitants probably lived in large enclosed domes. Or maybe it once had an atmosphere. Psychics and remote viewers have seen large underground structures inside the Moon.

In other words, the Moon once had been brought to Earth from somewhere else. According to Alloya in her article Moon Matrix, the moon came from elsewhere in the galaxy:

"The Moon is not a natural planetoid as many have guessed; it was placed there by the Draco, a negatively orientated race of Reptilian consciousness. The Moon was originally a mother ship to the Pleiadian collective a group of higher evolved star beings who originally came from the system of the Pleiades. These higher evolved star beings resided not upon a planet but within the many stars which make up this system. They were responsible for seeding much of genetic life within our galaxy, including the original inhabitants of Earth. The Moon was a hyper dimensional ship whose sole purpose was to travel the galaxy through the various dimensions looking for newly forming planets which could house life. Once a planet was discovered it was monitored by those Pleiadians who were experts in this regard. The planets were seeded with life form blueprints which then developed into varying life forms depending on the kind of planet being seeded. Held within the ship were laboratories and genetic storage facilities containing genetic information needed for the seeding."

At one point in time the Reptilians conquered the Moon planetoid and they have been using it ever since for their own purposes.

The Reptilians brought the Moon to our planet, not that long ago, that is, about twelve thousand years ago. There are still legends that talk about the period when our Moon was not in the sky. In those times the Earth had two little moons that have since disappeared. Ancient Greek authors, Aristotle and Plutarch, and Roman Authors, Apollonius Rhodius and Ovid, told of a people called the Proselenes in Arcadia who said their ancestors had been there “before there was a moon in the heavens”. “Proselene” means “before Selene” – the Greek goddess of the Moon, and a name often used for the Moon itself. Roman writer, Censorinus, also wrote of a time aeons ago when there was no Moon. Dr. Hans Schindler Bellamy includes the same theme in his work, Moons, Myths and Men. He tells of the “Mozces”, a native tribe in Colombia that say they “remember a time before the present Moon became the companion of the Earth”.

The gravitational disturbance by the presence of the incoming Moon brought about enormous catastrophic cataclysms on Earth which wiped out the then existing, and already corrupt, Atlantean civilization. The Moon by the immense size also affected the emotional body of humans, causing instability and bringing a foreign energy into human emotions. That is why we use the word 'lunatics'.

Artificial Structures on the Moon's Surface

The surface of the moon contains artificial structures such as buildings and towers, photographed by NASA but blurred out (pictures are from the Clementine spacecraft):

Moon towers

In his book Penetration, Ingo Swan, the famous remote viewer, once looked at the Moon for his mysterious contact person Mr. Axelrod, and he found that the Moon is everything but a dead place:

Back at work, Axel gave me Moon coordinates, each set representing specific locations on the Moon’s surface. At some of the locations there seemed to be nothing to see except Moonscapes. But at others locations? - well, there were confusions, and I perceived a lot that I could not understand at all. I made a lot of sketches, identifying them as this or that, or looking like something else.

Without comments, Axelrod quickly took possession of each sketch, and I was never to see them again.

I found towers, machinery, lights of different colors, strange -looking “buildings.” I found bridges whose function I couldn’t figure out. One of them just arched out - and never landed anywhere. There were a lot of domes of various sizes, round things, things like small saucers with windows. These were stored next to crater sides, sometimes in caves, sometimes in what looked like airfield hangars. I had problems estimating sizes. But some of the “things” were very large. I found long tube-like things, machinery-tractor-like things going up and down hills, straight roads extending some miles, obelisks which had no apparent function.

There were large platforms on domes, large cross-like structures. Holes being dug into crater walls and floors obviously having to do with some kind of mining or earth-moving operations. There were “nets” over craters, “houses” in which someone obviously lived, except that I couldn’t see who - save in one case. In THAT case, I saw some kind of people busy at work on something I could not figure out. The place was dark. The “air" was filled with a fine dust, and there was some kind of illumination - like a dark lime-green fog or mist.

The thing about them was that they either were human or looked exactly like us - but they were all males, as I could well see since they were all naked. I had absolutely no idea why. They seemed to be digging into a hillside or a cliff. As I described,

“They must have some way of creating a good environment, warm and with air in it. But why would they be going around naked?”

No answer was forthcoming to this self-question.

But being there in my psychic state, as I felt I was, some of those guys started talking excitedly and gesticulating. Two of them pointed in my “direction.” Immediately I felt like “running away” and hiding, which I guess I psychically did, since I “lost” sight of this particular imaging.

“I think they have spotted me, Axel. They were pointing at me I think. How could they do that... unless..., they have some kind of high psychic perceptions, too?”

Axel said in a calm, low voice, so low I hardly heard it at first.

“Please quickly come away from that place.”

My eyes were wide as understanding drained in,

“You already know they are psychic, don’t you?”

Axel raised his eyebrows and gave a deep sigh. And, at that point, he abruptly closed his folders,

“I think we had better end our work here.”

I was quite surprised. But I had not fallen off the psychic truck just yesterday.

“You think, you already KNOW, that they have some kind of, uh, telepathy - that they can trace where this psychic probe is coming from? Is that it?”

So someone is really up there engaged in certain activities. But some of them seem to come down too, that is, here on Earth. Ingo Swan had an 'encounter' with an extraterrestrial in a supermarket:

The supermarket had huge tables loaded with artichokes. At one of the artichoke tables was standing a ravishing woman.

She was notable not so much for her excessive female physical endowments, but by the fact that they were barely covered.

She was dressed in the briefest of halters of pink with big yellow polka dots. Beneath that were short-shorts so short they barely existed. Far beneath that she wore a pair of platform high-heels about eight inches high. She had volumes of gorgeous black hair, and her eyes were covered by purple sunglasses. She was absolutely awesome.

I thought: "Good Heavens!!!”

She was rummaging through the artichokes, and I wanted some, too. So I worked my way covertly and nonchalantly into her proximity so I could closer appreciate her near-naked breasts.

To make this look natural, with my eyes barely on them, I fumbled some selected artichokes into a bag.

And then! For absolutely no reason at all I experienced an electrifying wave of goosebumps throughout my whole body.

The hair on my arms practically stood at attention, and the hair on my neck definitely did.
Without rhyme or reason or forethinking or anything at all I suddenly ’’knew” she was an alien, an extraterrestrial.

My throat went dry. My hand’s started shaking. And so I decided to back off and start examining the oranges and grapefruits for the fruit aspic Conrad and I were going to try to achieve.

Two of Ingo Swan's friends seem to be more knowledgeable about this issue, as they told him: "There are a lot of THEM, you know, and many are bio-androids."; "They're dangerous, you know, and they realize that Earth psychics are their only enemies. Be careful. Ingo, be careful." When Axelrod contacted him again, he said: "I feel obliged to tell you that she is very dangerous. If you ever see her again, especially if she approaches you, make every effort to put distance between you and her. But act natural, always do it naturally."

Later on, Axel took him to remote lake where they witnesses a dimensional event, the materialization of a triangular structure that was sucking water out of the lake. This was done by those on the Moon to fill up their water supply, by advanced technology.

Here is another remote viewing session, by psychic Ellie Crystal, showing that aside from some mining activities, someone up there is closely monitoring humans on Earth:

“Sunday night, my friend Ron and I did a remote view to the dark side of the moon and something interesting happened. Ron works with computer technologies so his mind viewed what he was seeing as if a GPS system. Laughing we called it our version of Google Moon wherein he was able to see what was going on by creating a consciousness GPS and zooming in on activities on the far side. This might be a helpful suggestion for those who can't remote view.

What did we see ... Lots of activities that reflect the study and archiving of humans on the planet. I have always seen a very tall rocket-shaped building with a communication device above its domed top. The entire structure appears to be made of some sort of glass that allows for viewing within and from the outside. Long ago I named it "The Library". Some sort of teleportation device allows for the coming and going of all sorts of interesting characters all of who arrive in groups or 2 or 3, appear to be there to gain knowledge, then leave. I have never seen aggressive activities, that energy not part of what is going on there.

Ron immediately saw something reflecting off the surface that was not natural -> followed by rudimentary mining, which came as no surprise to us. I have always seen the moon as a satellite placed there in the beginning for light and observation. If you remote view the multiverse, or parallel grid programs, you will see more than one moon."

I showed you the blurred out NASA pictures of the towers on the Moon in the above. Ellie Crystal also mentions a tower:

"When I remote view to the moon I have always seen a crystal tower among other ancient alien artifacts used for different purpose - communication, transportation, monitoring, and a 'way station'."

She provides us with painting:

Crystal Tower on the surface of the Moon

Control System

It is said that Moon once was inhabited by technologically advanced beings who had constructed deep within the Moon a crystal based device with which they could manipulate subtle energy systems like the energy matrix levels of planets, for the well-being of the life forms on those planets. The Reptilians took over the Moon, placing it in orbit around Earth and have been using the crystal device for the manipulation of the energy systems of Earth for their own parasitical purposes.

Several people have talked about the energetic manipulation done by the Reptilians and coming from the Moon, and each has their own take on it. However the underlying concept remains the same. This Moon technology is responsible for not only the establishment of the energetic net that keeps humans souls on Earth, but also for the constant mind-manipulation of humanity in general.

Barbara Marciniak in her channeled book Earth, Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library, says:

“... the Moon is a very powerful electromagnetic computer ... The energy from the Moon has been beaming electromagnetic frequencies onto the Earth for aeons now to maintain the two-stranded DNA [it is said to have been twelve-stranded before the genetic hijack, as I mentioned earlier].

The Moon is a satellite that was constructed ... [and] anchored outside Earth’s atmosphere for aeons as a mediating and monitoring device, a super computer or eye in the sky ...

... Earth must be owned by those who dwell there; however it is not. You have outside gods, creator energies, who prevent you, as a species, from having free reign with your kundalini [potential to awaken to the true self].

The influence of the Moon, as a main satellite computer, affects all of the Earth ... The Moon’s programs have for aeons been of great limitation toward human beings ... There are repetitive cycles that the Moon creates, to which you respond.”

Alloya explains in her article Moon Matrix that the Moon is sending out  sine waves or scalar waves from technology which is housed deep within the planetoid itself, directly affecting our consciousness. These waves are designed for interference, giving us a much distorted idea of reality. She decided to remote view what is down there inside the Moon:

“I decided to remote view the Moon and see what I discovered. I did not spend much time on the surface of the Moon as I was being called to move deep within the hollowed out interior. There were many levels, under about 3 miles of rock I hit upon a metal barrier which I passed through to discover miles of tunnels leading to many areas of an underground base. The base itself had many levels, with many races of beings operating within it. Deep in what seemed like the center was a huge room. In the center of the room was a huge crystalline device, it was over 50 feet tall. It looked like a complex crystalline structure which was connected to many hundreds of what looked like crystalline containers. I felt sick when I saw these containers as it reminded me of a strange meditation I had had some several years before.

I had been flying as soul through the cosmos, I was aware I was not a planetary being with form and solidity but a star consciousness in light body. I passed through a portal into a black pyramid. This journey seemed familiar as if I had done it several times before. As I moved into the pyramid I was shocked to discover I was not alone. In the pyramid were Reptilian beings, four of them. They were huge wearing dark cloaks; they held some sort of devices in their hands. From the devices came four beams of electromagnetic energy which held me firm, I was trapped. Try as I might I could not get myself free. This reminded me of the device the Ghostbusters used in the film of the same title. The Reptilians used these beams to move me against my will into what looked like a crystalline coffin. Once inside with the lid shut I was encased. My consciousness began to change I moved into a hypnotic state, I fell under their spell. I knew that I was imprisoned there and I was being used. I saw how the Reptilians used my creative god source energy to create illusionary worlds upon the planet, realities which were purposefully limiting and negative. Through these artificially created realities humans would be ultimately controlled. I knew I had come via the Pleiadian system and that I was a star goddess and now I was trapped being used by the Reptilians for evil purposes.

Many years passed after having this experience, and I almost forgot about it until I had a kinesiology session with a lady who I recognized as Pleiadian. She worked on me and told me that I was trapped somewhere, she could see me in a crystal coffin. She did what she called bone knocking on me. Through muscle testing she found where in my body I needed to be worked on and then she knocked on my bones with her knuckles, it should have been painful. She worked directly on my head in the area of the third eye, (the place of the imprinted crescent moon). She was in tears as she did not want to hurt me and it was distressing for her to do this to me. I however could not feel anything I felt like I was so deep inside myself like I was miles away from my body deep inside a rock. I felt hypnotized like I could not regain consciousness and somehow I was controlled. As I found myself ( during remote viewing ) once more inside the Moon I was horrified to see I was not the only one who had been trapped, there were many hundreds of containers all with light beings within them, all connected to this huge crystalline machine in the center of the room. Were these Pleiadians too? Were these beings a Pleiadian system busting team sent here to infiltrate this prison reality to free mankind, had they too been trapped here and used as I had been? How was I to free them?”

Alloya in Navigators of the Abzu part two, comments on the net or grid:

“I have not only seen this archonic grid but I have also passed through it many times on various dimensional journeys and astral travels that I have been on. It appears to me as a shattered piece of glass, reflecting a distorted illusionary matrix, which if you get caught up in it can be extremely disorientating. It is only a narrow band of energy but it is powerful enough to wipe the memory clean, causing lost memory of dimensional journeys. I talk a lot about this barrier in my soul readings; it was set around the planet trapping souls in an artificial incarnation cycle. I have watched how souls came to the earth with full aware and sentient consciousness with the full instructions of their missions fresh in their minds, only to pass through this barrier and forget most if not all of the memory of their true identity. This barrier not only traps souls in false matrix and incarnation cycle, it also perverts and distorts access to the true soul records.”

The grid is made up of etheric, vibratory, distorted mind concepts, as we pass through the barrier these are automatically inserted and we wake up in an incarnation often with no memory of who we really are... I noticed that when I was above this grid, if you like, I was fully aware of who I was on the higher levels, however the moment I passed through the barrier I would for only a brief moment lose consciousness, when I regained consciousness a second later and was inside the matrix or grid, I no longer could feel the truth of who I am on the higher levels, and negative and self-defeating thoughts would once more come into my mind. Because I made this journey over and over I got very familiar with this passing through the grid until I was able to bring back with me more of an awareness of my multidimensional identity, which was much grander than my imprisoned ego which this barrier seemed to be able to slam me back into in a second. Over time the holes in the grid became larger and I found not only was I able to retrieve more of my own personal information but I brought back important information for others too.

We are only now beginning to discover the extent to which humanity has been mind manipulated, dominated, controlled and abused by alien entities. If humans want to be free once again, and climb out of the spiritual regression it has been in for so long, they will have to quickly learn more about this issue and what they can do about it.


About one week after uploading this article I stumbled upon an interview with Sarah Adams by Miles Johnston. At 36 minutes into the video she starts talking about the reasons why aliens 'recycle' human souls, that is, for harvesting their life energy, by making them reincarnate again on Earth. Then she talks about an astral experience she had with that technology on the Moon. Here is the transcript of that experience:

“I think the Moon is what traps the souls. I believe when death happens, they are drawn to the Moon, and then they are recycled [she means reincarnated]. I did an astral travel once. I decided to go all the way to Saturn, because I know some things from Saturn a long time ago. I was going after some objects... I went past the Moon and suddenly this beam hit me, and it sucked me into this small pyramid. There were thousands of these small pyramids on the dark side of the Moon. Initially it was trying to reprogram me and send me back to earth. I don't know, maybe it thought I was dead and it needed to reprogram me. So it started to suck me into this small pyramid, and I remember, what it did, it was transforming me into a kind of rainbow, I had to get out of there...”

Go listen to the entire interview, very interesting:

Bases at the Barge 2015 Part One Sarah with Max YT