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The Universe is divided into the Holy Realm, and the Material Realm and Immaterial Realm (the latter two are displayed in the next two pages).

Each realm is divided into seven kinds of Beings and their corresponding seven means of Action and seven Substances they are made of.


The Holy Realm

Beings Means of Action Substances
The Heavenly Realm Body of Conscience The Fire of the Holy Spirit
The Heavenly Family Body of Love The Fire of Purity
The Heavenly Union Body of Benefaction The Fire of Justice
The Heavenly (prophetic) Representation Body of Prayer The Fire of Mercy
The Blessed Choirs Body of Praise The Fire of Charity
The Blessed Servants (the Old Ones) Body of Worship The Fire of Truth
The Blissful Ones Body of Union The Fire of Peace


An Explanation of the Seven Beings:

The Heavenly Realm

The Heavenly Ones are beings that are part of a Heavenly Family.

For example, pairs that fit together well; families that are well united; houses with a good harmony.

The basis for this is a property that has been earned honestly, and the gifts of the substantial Holy Spirit, derived from God.

On Earth, there are not that many Heavenly Ones because the circumstances here are hostile to them. Therefore they stay in the heavenly realm most of the time.

The Family Realm

Is a communion in which the members are living in a communal way. They share all useful and necessary things with each other.

Its members are unified by similarity, or by agreement, by having the same taste or pleasure, or because they like to make things communal.

It is the natural predisposition of each being that places him in a Heavenly Family, and that makes him one with the other members.

The Families form themselves in a crystalline way, according to mutual harmony and love.

They are very rare on Earth.

The Blessed Union Realm

These beings are from a very high order.

They act in the name of God. They do good things by active charity to other beings.

On Earth they are found in:

  • Family groups and unions that serve God, and which spread blessings around themselves.

  • The pious societies.

  • An incarnation of one of those beings that causes an awakening that sweeps along large numbers of people who have the same aspirations.

The (prophetic) Representation Realm

The Representatives represent the thoughts of God. They manifest these thoughts in high heavenly realms, and they conclude from them all the logical consequences.

They are the results, the visible representation of significant things of which God has decided to manifest and to show to humanity.

The utmost happiness of a Representative is to represent and to announce the elevated thoughts of God in ever growing groups and endlessly multiplying.

For example: the Sabbat, the day of rest, the holy Mountain, the holy earth, the holy Stars, holy Jerusalem, the Throne of God.

A representative can be found in sincere and truthful human cults, in which each one is thinking the good that they announce.

The Blessed Choirs Realm

The Choirs sing the divine psalms, and they always work harmoniously.

The heavens vibrate in unison with it.

Their music could symbolically have a scale of 36 tones per octave, of which each tone has its own meaning. Each song composed of tones, has a meaning in words, and the reverse is true too.

The Choirs raise communal love.

On Earth: the institutions in which one sacrifices oneself for others.

The Blessed Servants Realm

The Servants are completely free, and they have an absolute trust in the Divine Power. They live completely in the Divine faith.

They transmit Gods vibrations of His emanations to his creatures as if they were a sound substance.

For example: Adam, Enoch, Noah, Sem, Melchisedek, Aaron.

The Blissful Ones Realm

The Blissful Ones are purified personal beings, who cannot be defined.

For example: Seth, Enoch, Sem, Abraham, David, Eliah, the apostle Johannes, Mary Mother of Jesus.

The place where they exist is unlimited, and comprises all universes, and the independent places where the Eternal God was, is and always will be in eternity.

God has given them a perfect past, that is, by creating them anew, God has made them in such a way as if they always have had an eternal glorious past, as if they always have lived in perfection.