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The Material Universe

This is what we call the physical world; the different beings in this world are sevenfold, in the seven columns, from simple to more complicated, according to their growing consciousness.

Each column has a similar progression, in seven steps.

As you can see, the kind of conscious beings are more numerous than than what they taught you in school. At the start of the progression, you have to see them more as consciousness than individual beings (individual as we see understand it in this world).

An explanation follows below the tables.


Material Beings

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Number Linear atom Mass-Energy Mushroom Miasm Multicellulars Elemental Genie
2 Cluster Molecule Inertial-Energy Moss Nebula Worms Bodily Genie
3 Trumpet-form Mineral Compound Physical Energy Herb Comet Snails Power Genie
4 Symmetrical groups Organic Compound Vegetative Energy Bush System Insects Spirit Genie
5 Equal groups Mineral Star Astral Energy Tree Asterism Egg laying beings Angel Genie
6 Species Living Mineral Animal Energy Vegetative Animal Constellation Mammals Cherubim Genie
7 Wholesome Spiritual Mineral
Genie-Energy Collective Plant Material Heaven
(All of the Stars)
(animal collectivity)
Archangel Genie (collective genie)



their Material Means of Actions

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Unity Live Material Flesh Quantitative Body Symmetrical Spirit Positive Soul Beauty Calculating
2 Equivalent Life Mineral Flesh Reactive Body Substantial Spirit Atomic Soul Health Comparing
3 Fire Life Fluidic Flesh Active Body Ponderable Spirit Resistive Soul Agility Balancing
4 Organic Life Organic Flesh Decomposing Body Vegetative Spirit Sexual Soul Intellect Choice
5 Astral Life Moveable Flesh Assimilating Body Independent Spirit Characteristic Soul Judgment Prudence
6 Organic Life Animal Flesh Subjugating Body Transforming Spirit Animal Soul Talent Will
7 Genie Life Collective Flesh Ruling Body Restoring Spirit Soul of the Being Body of the Spirit Personality



their Passive Substances

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Point Abstraction Space Center Substance Dark Cold Fluidum Germ Spirit Monadic Essence Blood Principle Touching Pain Feeling
2 Line Abstraction Distance Substance Color related Fluidum Inner Bark Spirit Dust Essence Skin Principle Smell and Taste Feeling
3 Angle Abstraction Ether Substance Surface Tension Fluidum Flower Cloud Essence Limbs Principle Vibration Hearing Feeling
4 Cell Abstraction Vital Fluidum Substance Capillary Endosmosis Fluidum Leave Satellite Essence Nerves Principle Perception Vision Feeling
5 Sphere Abstraction Substance of Displacement Warmth spreading Fluidum Root Planet Essence Glands Principle Enjoyment Appetite Feeling
6 Particle Abstraction Protoplasma Substance Electro-magnetic Fluidum Marrow Suns Essence Intestines Principle Premonition Fear Feeling
7 Figure Abstraction Individuality Substance Mysterious Lighting Fluidum Bud Stars Essence Organs Principle Double Vision  Feeling



(these are explanation of the seven column division; the above columns are characteristics of the terms used below)



The Qualitative Activities

1. Number. Cause. The number gives the key to causes, and its domain encompasses all creations.

2. Mineral. Equilibrium. The special property of the mineral is its equilibrium of its composing parts without any special direction in one way or another.

3. Energy. Matter in movement.

4. Plant. Direction. The first manifestation of matter in movement is the plant which is gifted with direction, but it has no power to leave the bottom from which it came.

5. Asterism. Reciprocity. They move, but on condition that one of them serves as the axis for the movement of the others. They cannot move independently.

6. Animal. Independence. The individual independence in a characteristic form. It can move according to its will, but it cannot change the form of its envelope.

7. Genie. Freedom. Most of the beings which are invisible from the elemental beings to the archangels. They are characterized by the complete freedom of every being. They can even change their form if they want to.


Applied to People

2. Mineral. A greedy person can symbolically be seen as a mineral. A person who does not like anybody is an infernal stone.

3. Energy. A leader is the energy body of the flesh body of his group. (like our fluidic energy body controls our flesh body.

4. Plant. The human collective plants are the clubs, religious groups, families and so on,  which grow and are imbued by one and the same spirit.

5. Asterism. There are collective persons who have the qualities of an asterism, because they superior as a star in comparison with their fellows. For example, a king and his entourage.

6. Animal. Spiritual animals who form communities, families, large collectives, nations, and so on.

7. Genie. Genies are formed when several identical oriented people unify themselves and are born in one human person. By this they become even more powerful. They are the great kings, the great leaders, who dominate several identical oriented people who are embodied in them.


Characteristics of the Realms

1. Number Realm

Is the abstract creation which is present at places, distances and contacts.


2. Mineral Realm

Is the etheric dust of the undetermined Spaces.

Our earth is only a corpse. When she will have lost all warmth and energy, she will return to space dust. She was pulled from it by a living asterism.

A mineral is a substantial composition of regular lines in a geometric form.

Its mass is a large number of lines collected into a geometric form.

A (linear) mineral atom is distance having become substantial. It is an elastic line or lines in two directions.

A (surface) mineral molecule is composed of mineral atoms. Surface parts unify the lines with points and corners.

A (volume) mineral cluster is composed of mineral molecules, with edges, faces and vertices (corner points).

On this earth, the mineral is passive.

In the heavens, they are composed of living atoms with heavenly properties.

In the spirit world, they are composed of other creations.

In the perfect world, the animal is the mineral atom.


3. Energy Realm

Is the creation of forces in equilibrium which built the elements of our physical world. (the force is the working of a substance on another substance)

The energy uses the fluidum, the mineral and the number, to manifest itself, and to work on other substances.

Fluidum in equilibrium is everywhere where there is surfaces and ether. (the ether is like a spherical mass formed out of energy in equilibrium)

When an energy works on a fluidum, then this creates a chemical reaction, a displacement, a vibration, and so on.  Its complementary part initiates action in the ether.


4. Plant Realm

Is the creation that is composed of living collective beings, imbued with one living spirit, which has been distributed evenly over all individual parts of the collective.

The plant often is animated with an individual life too.

The plant uses vital fluida (=the etheric substance) to transform minerals and to group them around cellular germs.

The plant has a spirit, a body, flesh, and form.

The plant has sensory organs to feel, think, and act passively.

By the story of plants one can gather information of what is going on in the spirit world.


5. Asterism Realm

Is the creation in which everything is mutual between the beings residing here.

The asterisms forms the (substances of) the stars, the sun, the planets, the moons, the nebula, the mineral stars, space dust, and they hold these at proper distances.

The bring together the mineral parts of the space-ether, and from these they make the matter of heavenly bodies. The asterisms take them out of the ether-space to form the skeleton, the corpse or residue of matter.

Asterism have a soul, spirit, body, flesh, and a life of their own. They have a character, a sex, a power of resistance, a fate, a direction of action that they themselves cannot choose because they are present in streams that carry them along.

Asterism are mortal.

They work by repulsion and attraction, by warmth and light, by electricity and magnetism, by gravity; and by means of vibration and changes caused in the ethers.

They also work outside themselves at immeasurable distances by their clarity and a mysterious subtle energy.

Germs of asterisms unify themselves and form a bigger asterism which grows and feeds itself with ether-dust and miasms of Space. Subsequently they divide themselves in groups of ripe germs.

The animal-, vegetative-, energy- and genie-asterisms live in an independent way, and feeds themselves of the decomposed parts of dead asterisms, which they absorb and transform for their own use.

Humans can never live on stars of a living asterism.


6. Animal Realm

Is the creation composed of the collective beings who have slave-members who are all placed un the absolute will of an individuality.

An animal is a collective being who has a will in a body-of-spirit, a responsible soul, a logical spirit, a fluidic body, a collective flesh, an individual character.

 An animal is only susceptible for perfection into one direction, that is, of his own kind.

It can move itself by its own will, and this is not dependent on other animals.

propagation happens by reincarnation, partition and sex.

It perfects its form by adaptation.

Their germs are the matter of the perfect world. There they remain hidden, that is, latent, until they can develop themselves on earth in suitable conditions.

After its death, the animal can be attached as a part to the body-of-spirit of man. man has, especially for him, a reserved animal form. Man can receive in himself a number of lower dead animals, which form his unconscious body, and of which, in his embryonic state, he has subsequently taken on the forms.


7. Genie Realm

Is the creation formed by the whole of lower beings, mutually independent, under the impulse of a will that leads them.

The duty of a genie is the waking up and ruling over lower beings who are more or less independent, by making them, by way of speaking, as his spiritual flesh. The genie has a powerful personality.

For example, charities, families, centers for refugees.

They multiply by unifying the spiritual flesh of two genies. Other genie germs join them by sympathy, develop themselves, and becomes genies themselves.

Although invisible for his lower beings, the genie is material in the physical world.

An ordinary genie can never become human.

In ancient times, there were visible genies on earth, who had a particular form. They disappeared in a deluge.

The genie Adam (one with Eve) was a human genie, who ruled over Earth and all the genie on it. He fell by a spiritual death into the animal realm, by which he came under the influence of evil spirits of pre-adamic deceased beings.


Additional Explanation of Terms

(not from the book, just to give you an idea of how to understand these terms based on their common definition)

Inner Bark: is between the outer bark and the soft wood of the stem of a plant. (transports plant sap with nutrients)

Asterism (in modern optical science): the appearance of a radiating crown by the reflection of light on some crystal surfaces, or after passage through thin crystal plates. [Wikipedia: An asterism is an optical phenomenon displayed by some rubies, sapphires, and other gems (i.e. star garnet, star diopside, star spinel, etc.) of an enhanced reflective area in the shape of a "star" on the surface of a cabochon cut from the stone]

Endosmosis: the diffusion of two fluids by a porous wall, from the outside to the inside.

Miasm: from the Greek meaning defilement. In French it is used to indicate a damp emanation from decomposing bodies of plants, and which contains germs of illness, and which can be contagious. Figuratively, it is the clouds of hate, egotism and so on, which imbue humans, or which certain people radiate.