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The Immaterial Universe

This is what is commonly called the spiritual world, between the physical world and the divine realm.

The classification is similar to the Material Universe.


Immaterial Beings

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Mathematic Laws Spirit-Body Hidden Power Abstract Spirit Angel of Abstraction Individual Living Being
Archangel of Science
2 Physical Laws Physical Spirit-Body Physical Power Form Spirit Angel of Form Social Living Being Archangel of Art
3 Organic Laws Organic Body Organic Power Action Spirit Angel of Action Industrious Living Being Archangel of Creation
4 Intellectual Laws Intellectual Body Intellectual Power Thought Spirit Angel of Thought School Living Being Archangel of Word
5 Moral Laws Moral Body Moral Power Feeling Spirit Angel of Feeling Defense Living Being Archangel of Love
6 Pious (religious) Laws Pious (religious)  Body Pious (religious) Power Faith Spirit Angel of Faith Servant Living Being Archangel of Truth
7 Social Laws Social Body Social Power Wisdom Spirit Angel of Wisdom Prophetic Living Being Archangel of Conscience



Their Active Substances

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Beings-Function Beings-Quantity Beings-Moment Beings-Fact Beings-State Beings-Competence Beings-Science
2 Measure Mass Inertia Crystallisation Reincarnation Becoming Aware Art
3 Work Movement-Quantity Vibration Combustion (oxidation) Nutrition Perception Professions
4 Logic Vital Intensity Transmission Growth Preservation Memory Teaching
5 Morality Temporary Duration Displacement Propagation Strive Instinct Honesty
6 Authority Degree of Perfection Transformation Susceptibility for Perfection Adaption Discernment Sincerity
7 Superiority Freedom Power Vivification Selection Spiritual Sensory Organ Virtue



Their Passive Substances

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Abstract Being Beings-Form Beings-Action Thought Feeling Beings-Faith Mathematical Wisdom
2 Passive Being Composition Resistance Deduction Goodness Beings-Knowledge Physical Wisdom
3 Equilibrium Being Resultant Direction Analysis Causality Beings-Power Organic Wisdom
4 Unconscious Being Harmonious Agreement Property Proposition Progression Imagination Intellectual Wisdom
5 Conscious Being Mutuality Quality Synthesis Happiness Intuition Moral Wisdom
6 Active Being Belonging Together Peculiarity Method Affliction Inspiration Theological Wisdom
7 Free Being Cohesion Richness Ability Intellect Ecstasy Governmental Wisdom




(these are explanation of the seven column division; the above columns are characteristics of the terms used below)

Laws Realm
Body Realm
Power Realm
Spirit Realm
Angel Realm
Living Being (Cherubim) Realm
Archangel Realm


1. Laws Realm

Is the collective creation composed of all the disposals that make things permanent.

The Law is a being that has duration and function.

A thing is able to exist, perceive and manifest itself if it has a corresponding law as cause.

Elementary Laws: these are properties of, for example, gold.

Composed Laws: those of families, communities, nations and so on.


2. Body Realm

Is the creation of continuing collective beings, of which the members are unconscious of their unity with others.

Under the influence of spiritual bodies, the collective beings form and crystallize themselves by the law of affinity or by selection.

For example, unions, solidarity groups, mutual relationships, harmonious social cooperations, the joining of forces, connections.

The individual members of the spiritual bodies do not realize that they are swept along by the will of the whole. This is often apparent in the rashness of ordinary people in big religious changes, national wars, revolutions, panic, in needs.


3. Power Realm

Is a creation composed of powerful collective beings; without them nothing can be realized or finished.

The Powers control, by their energy streams, all physical happenings which repeat themselves in an established order.

The symbol of the Powers is the luminous clouds in the sky, far away glowing nebula in space.

They are benevolent beings. They're not disobedient (to God) Powers yet.

By its humility, the Power leaves the credits of its work to his servants, while it enjoys itself in the shadow.


4. Spirit Realm

Is the creation composed of living communities, which are dependent on stronger beings and ruling of weaker beings.

The Spirits do not have material bones or flesh.

They occupy the individual they are working with, and make him to their dwelling place, be it for good, be it for evil.

Spirits unify themselves in community to rule over weaker beings.

The Spirits find and mingle each other by their hypnotic power by which they are mutually attracted, independent of distance. Distance is irrelevant, what is important is their more or less similar characteristics.

The environment that attract the Spirits is virtue or vice, by which they act as parasites on humans.

When a human body becomes disorderly, then the Spirits readily introduce disease, and they hinder natural healing.

The benevolent spirits are difficult to see; they remain in the background.

The evil spirits are easy to see, because they like to show themselves. They profit from every disease, each abnormal condition, each bad thought, to penetrate man in order to posses his spirit and living body.


5. Angel Realm

Is the creation composed of mutual, immaterial, and individual influences.

The Angels cannot exist without each other; they continuously influence each other.

There are three kinds of Angels determined by their mutual connection and by their connection with matter: their feelings and warmth; their way of action and electricity; their thoughts and light.

They often have the task to influence other beings by their thoughts, actions and feelings.

The higher Angels are in connections with other beings by, for example, their faith, their wisdom and so on.

The lower Angels are in connections with other beings by the outer form they take, for example, languages, arts, abstract sciences.

The flesh of Angels are, for example, the families, unions, species, professions, and so on.


6. Living Beings (Cherubims) Realm

Is the creation composed of collective beings who exert forces under the leading from one of their individualities.

They are expression of what has to do solely with faith: intuition, inspiration, dedication, imagination, power of being, knowing of being, faith of being.

When a cult forms itself, it often forms itself a Living Being too, according to the role of belief in the cult.

The wild, ravaging Living Being is often there where the powers of darkness are working, for examples in groups of which the members are held together by a criminal oath, or by a common criminal act.

In enthusiastic groups where the passive individual is swept along by the speaker, a temporal Living Being is formed which can become so powerful that it can perform miracles.



7. Archangel Realm

Is the creation composed of collective beings, unified into one, as if it would be one individual.

The Archangel is the sum of individual beings, and the expression of an individual will.

The Archangel knows, it does not have to learn.

The environment in which it lives is the wisdom (the knowledge of God and His actions).

One can speak of the presence of an Archangel only if there is agreement.

The Archangel does not have limitations, it continues to grow, by the joining of those who are similar.

His body is composed by those that are similar to what it is.

Love is its life, hate is its death.


Additional Explanation of Terms

Spirit: a human can also be a Spirit if he behaves as a parasite, and lives of the life force of another being.

Angel: on Earth there are people who have evolved to such a degree, and who influence other people to such a degree, that they can be considered as Angels, be it for good, or for worse.

Archangel: extremely strong people who can break anything by their will, applied with wisdom, and who sweep along their fellows. They are the image of an archangel, composed of different identical people. The people he sweeps along are his spiritual flesh.