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Explanation of Some Terms

The environment: in which a human exists, is a whole of beings which allow him to receive and give impressions. It is also that which one chooses, what makes one happy, and the places one seeks for his activity.

Matter: is the energy, the plant, the asterism, the animal, each in their germ.

A center: is the meeting place of two lines.

An edge: is the meeting place of two surfaces.

The expanse: is an enormous large stream of power connections, as with a magnet.  The expanse was created to condensate matter in space and to keep this in connections with each other. Gravity is due to this expanse.

The universal degree: is the environment in which nature is homogenous.

A doubling of a being is another similar being, or another complementary being, that lives from its life like a hidden parasite, which lives in doubling.

Faith is an immaterial substance which becomes powerful in God.

Adam and Eve are the peoples of the first times, which had a genie-composition and a genie leader.

Gravity: does not exist in matter. That which causes gravity is a force in which matter is submerged. This force is like a field of force lines of powerful magnets. These force lines are a kind of active substance, and they are themselves their own fulcrum in their environment.

Science, the basis of the material and the immaterial is the union of the Realm of Numbers and the Realm of Laws.