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Humanity is a collective man, of humans who are its atom-parts.

Man is a direct creation of God.

Present man originally was a race of Genies (which were called Sons of God) who received from God the breath of life, and who were ruling the Earth.

Man exists of:

  • a unique consciousness = the Will = the Individuality = the Spirit

  • a threefold conscious body = the Soul composed of:

    • the Body of Spirit = the lower mental body of the ego

    • the animal soul = the astral body

    • the vegetative spirit = the ether body

  • a threefold unconscious body = the body:

    • a fluidic body

    • flesh

    • life

The 'Body of Spirit' is the talent, the judgment, the intellect, the ability, health, and beauty.

The 'Body of Spirit' of men is formed by the souls of animals.