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A Perfect Collective is a human spiritual creation that lives in the Holy realm, and is sevenfold.

The seven Spirits of God always are present in front of Him, and which He sent to every place on Earth. They are collective human beings.

The seven Thunders also are collective human beings, by which God exercise his mercy.

Zion also is a human creation. She is the woman clothed with the sun (=charity), crowned with seven stars (=truths), with the moon underneath her feet (=ordinances). Zion is the whole of men whose consciousness is a voice of God. Zion is a mountain, that is, faith in God, and the Body of the Bride.

The Perfect Community is the second Adam. Zion is the second Eve.

The Heavenly Realm is humanity in Heaven.

The Kingdom of God is the people of God composed of the Body of the Lord, the Body of the Bride, and the beings who are dedicated to Him.

The Body of the Lord are the faithful who have become righteous.

The Body of the Spouse are the faithful who are not purified.