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Man in the Physical World

Man is born, grows and dies in Mineral Flesh (=mineral body).

His first death leaves behind the mineral Body and as a Spirit he is now in the Vegetative Spirit (=etheric Body).

His second death leaves behind the Vegetative Spirit and as a Soul he is now in the Animal Soul (=astral body). As a Soul he cannot live an active life, unless he possesses living spirits (=humans in their physical bodies). Then he becomes a double of the other living spirit, of which he adopts the living spirit's characteristics.

His third death brings him into the Body of Spirit (=the talent, the judgment, the intellect, the ability, health, and beauty).

The fourth death brings him to the Personal Will, that will die in his fifth death.


Those who do not progress but go backwards in their life, will go, after their second death, to a place that is lower than they were in before. For them this is an Underworld.