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The Realms

The Holy Realm:

Its substance is the principal/spiritual fire of the holy spirit emanating from the Divine Holy Spirit (=the Unmanifested).

Here God is visible by a lighting brilliance and perceptible in its communication with each other by consciousness.

The Holy Realm cannot be comprehended.

The Universa, the Worlds, and so on, only contain His image.

In the Holy Realm is the Realm of God.

In the Holy Realm, man first is dust, then a star, a human, a spirit, an angel, a heavenly one, a glorified one, a resurrected one.

In the impenetrable Abyss, outside the two Universa, the Creator formed itself an environment. This environment is the substantial fire of the Holy Spirit, the substance of the Holy Realm.

There are 2 Universa.

There are 8 Worlds, 4 in each Universum.

The 4 Worlds are divided in:

  • The Perfect World

  • The Heavenly World

  • The Spiritual World

  • The Physical World

In each World there are 13 Places (104 in total):

  • Above are three Heavens and three Paradises

  • In the Center is the Central Origin

  • Below are the three Earths, and the three Underworlds

In each Place there are 7 (temporary) states/aspects (104 X 7 = 728 States of Being):

  • the Divine Time or Human Duration

  • 6 external directions of Duration:

    • sympathy

    • repulsion

    • progression

    • retrogression

    • misfortune

    • luck

  • (Duration is the result of the situation of the self in each place)


6 external directions of Duration

In the Physical World is the cycle of death and rebirth.

In the Spiritual World is the eternal life.

In the Heavenly World is the eternal bliss.

In the Eternal World is the Resurrection.

The Physical World consists of mineral energy-matter, and has vibrating qualities.

The Spiritual World consists of vegetative matter, and has growing qualities.

The Heavenly World consists of asterism-matter, and has transforming qualities.

The  Perfect World consists of animal-matter, and had living qualities.

Our Earth down here seems to be a combination of residues  of the Four Worlds, under the influence of the Holy Realm.

The Spiritual World is for man who is attracted by it. It has eternal life, that is, their is no death and reincarnation in this world, but there is transformation. Its substance is a vegetative principle, that is, it grows in eternal life.

In the Spiritual World, man is an individual, that is, he sees himself as he is. Man's body here is vegetative. His clothing is a part of himself. It grows forth from him according to his taste and choice.

The Heavenly World is eternal bliss. Its substance is is an asterism principle. Here man has extinguish all the bad things has has done to others. Here man lives in peace.

The Perfect World's substance and methods of actions are composed of animal individualities coming from the physical, spiritual and heavenly worlds. In this world one is not able to do evil. Here perfect communities live. Everybody will be admitted to this world, no matter how little they have accomplished. Everybody will be in the presence of God. Its nature corresponds to the belief of men. Men are clothed in correspondence of and as an expression of their wisdom.


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