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Substances in the Three Worlds

You can this in the three main tables, but here they have slightly different terms for the Immaterial and Material Substances.

  Holy Substances Immaterial Substances Material Substances
1 The Fire of the Holy Spirit Individual Life Immeasurable Abstract Point
2 The Fire of Purity Form Combinations Substantial Atomic Distance
3 The Fire of Justice Movements of Action Angular Ether
4 The Fire of Mercy Inflowing Thoughts Cellular Doubling Germ
5 The Fire of Charity Communicative Feelings Spherical Monad
6 The Fire of Truth Powerful Belief Radiating flesh
7 The Fire of Peace Reasoning Wisdom Sensory Feeling

The Immaterial Substances are Abstract Substances, which are the Mystical Waters. They can be comprehended by wisdom.

The Material Substances are Concrete Substances, which are the Mystical Earth. They can be comprehended by feeling.