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The Best Protection You Can Get

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If you have a bothersome ghost in the house, or someone psychically attacking you, or some other paranormal problem, you want help. You can burn incense, burn candles, ask somebody to clear the house from negative energies, pray, ask your guides for help and so on. But will it work? Yes, if it is done in the right way, but how do you know? The person clearing your house might misidentify the problem; incense or candles might not be enough, and guides sometimes do not lend the help in the way you want it.
Actually you should ask yourself how you got the problem in the first place. If you can avoid creating the problem you do not have to look for a solution. Psychic problems are no different than our everyday problems. It all depends on who you are! Or, who you think you are. We create what we think. It also starts with out thinking process. Yes, there is a certain predisposition, things we have carried on from past lives that we have to work out in this life. But every moment of the day we can choose what to think, how we think about ourselves, and what happens to us. If you constantly think negatively about yourself or other people, you will become depressed, or angry, or become a bitchy person, and you will also become more vulnerable to disease. The way you think automatically influences the immune system in the first place. You will also attract people with the same negative thinking. "Like attracts like". An angry person will easily attract other angry people and get into fights, while a loving person will gravitate to more peaceful people.
The way we think also attracts invisible energies to us. If you are plagued by spiritual entities, then there must be a predisposition in you to allow those entities to bother you. There must be a open door in your psyche to let them in in the first pace. Or if you are affected by unpleasant energies (of any kind), then those energies are resonating with similar energies within yourself.
So, what is the best way to shield yourself from unwanted or unpleasant energies or events? It is very simple: change your thinking, especially about who you are. Stop thinking negatively about other people (boy, is this the most difficult!). This alone will make a major difference in your life. And start thinking positively about yourself. Remember, think bad about yourself, and you will feel bad. Think good about yourself and you will feel good. It might be difficult to convince yourself that you are fine, happy, good looking, and that everything is going well. Merely telling yourself this is like a plaster on a wooden leg. You have to believe it, you have to create it. You create it by believing and thinking positively every day, week after week, year after year. It takes time but it will manifest, and it is the only way to go, unless you want to live in misery.
A quote from Mad Bear, an native Indian medicine man, I found in the book Rolling Thunder by Doug Boyd: "The purpose of good medicine is to make it simple. There is no need to create any opposing destructive force; that only makes more negative energy and more results and more problems. If you have a sense of opposition - that is, if you feel contempt for others - you are in a perfect position to receive their contempt. The idea is not to be a receiver...."
The cornerstone of it all is that you have to realize what you are: a divine light being. (read the Hymn of the Pearl) It is what we all are, always have been and always will be. The only problem is that we have forgotten it, and now we identify with all kinds of concepts about ourselves that we have created with our mind. We think we are this and we think we are that, but these are all artificial constructs. They are not what we are. Yes, we ‘have’ a personality, given to us at birth. But this personality is like a robe we have put on, it is like a car we got to drive around in this physical world. As we forgot we are the driver, we have identified with the car. You have to remember again that you are the driver. The personality, the robe or car, is a means of expressing ourselves here on earth, but we should not identify with it. We have to feel and become aware of our true selves: the divine light beings we are. As we are part of the Divine, we can bring this Divine essence into our everyday awareness. This Divine essence has all the power the Divine has. So what better protection can you get?
Therefore, every day you should not only pay attention to your thinking, but you should also make yourself aware that you are a divine light being. This can easily be done by visualization. Imagine, or see yourself in your human form but composed solely of divine light. It is that simple but quite effective. Of course you cannot keep that image in your mind every second of the day. When your active imagination, or meditation, is over, place the image in the back of your mind, and during the day try to remember as often as you can that you are this light being. I know, by experience, that after a while one gets lazy, and starts to forget about it. We are all lazy beings. Actually it is about habits. We are all habituated and conditioned by our environment to only pay attention to mundane things. You cannot give up, you have to make an effort to become that light being you really are. Life will only get better for you, and you will protect yourself more and more against negativity.
You can also see yourself as a sphere of light. I think it was Plato who said that in essence we are all spheres of light. The sphere is the most natural and primal shape in the cosmos. The physical world, which is the ‘furthest’ away from the Divine Source, expresses itself in crystal lattices, but gravitation makes spherical planets, moons, suns. When solid matter becomes fluid, spheres appear. A drop of water, in space, takes on the shape of a perfect sphere. Only when other forces come into play, like gravitation, will the sphere be distorted. Gas bubbles also take the form of a sphere, as do soap bubbles. Light spheres have been observed all over the world, being the subject of much speculation. I know several people who have seen different kinds of light spheres that were obviously intelligent in their movements. We know very little about these light spheres but they seem to be a form of intelligent beings.
So you can imagine you true self as a light sphere. This can be a very powerful image as it ties in with a most archaic and thus most powerful form. A sphere is also a very protective form.

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Here are some images I have created and used successfully when dealing with fears or negativity.


Solum Omnium Lumen     Solum Omnium Lumen     Solum Omnium Lumen

Solum Omnium Lumen is a Latin expression based on the three letters in the Latin word Sol (=the Sun, here taken for the Spiritual Sun, source of all Light). Each letter is taken as the beginning of a word, S for Solum (sun), O for Omnium (everywhere), and L for Lumen (light). It translates as "The Sun shines everywhere". I got this from an ancient alchemical manuscript. The idea behind this phrase is that the Light, that is the Divine presence, is present everywhere, in each being, in each atom, all around and within us. It is always there whether you are aware of it or not. It is available to us anytime. It is just a question to attune yourself to it, to become aware of that Light, or the Sun that shines everywhere, in everything.
When dealing with fears, especially at night, and between the dreaming and waking state, repeating Solum Omnium Lumen has always helped me to overcome these obstacles. Of course you can use any image or phrase you want, as long as you feel a connection with it.
I have made three different images which combine Solum Omnium Lumen with a Light sphere, or as you wish, the Divine Sun or Essence within yourself. There are three different colors, as people have different tastes.
You can download these images to your computer, but they will not print out well, a result of the painting program I used.
 Another powerful phrase is Amor Vincit Omnia, the Latin expression for "Love Conquers Everything". Negative entities are afraid of love (we are talking here about unconditional love), as it implies the giving up of fear.

Amor Vincit Omnia