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Healing at the Bosnian Pyramids 

I have written about the Bosnian pyramids before. See my article of The Bosnian Pyramids: The New Archeology.

Main stream archaeologists have discounted them as just natural formations, and refuse to investigate.

Actually that is a good thing, because now it is in the hand of a group of open-minded people of all sorts who have not only proven by now that these pyramids are man-made, but that they are part of a much larger complex of structures.

One of them is the extensive underground tunnel labyrinth that they are still clearing of debris. Over the past decade of work in those tunnels they have found several interesting features and phenomena.

People who spent some time inside the tunnels reported feeling revitalized when leaving the tunnels. Measurements of negative ion count inside the tunnels revealed that at some locations it is very high.

Normally, negative ions are created in nature as air molecules break apart due to sunlight, radiation, and moving air and water. Negative ions clear the air, and the body, of pollutants and microbes.

When inhaled and absorbed by our blood stream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.

 The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun

Inside the tunnels three large ceramic stones have been found, sitting in small chambers. The are called K-1, K-2 and K-3 monoliths. They are man-made, and they are kind of an enigma. Measurements have shown that all of these monoliths are located above the underground water streams, so we may assume that they were placed there to magnify the underground energy that flows through the area. This might explain that these chambers, containing the monoliths, have become known for their strong healing power. Especially the K-2 place is now used as regular meditation and healing place. The K-2 ceramic monolith in this chamber weights 8 tons! Measurements show that 22 meters under the exact location where Megalith K-2 is found, there is a junction of two water flows. Measurements taken show that an object made out of silicon has been detected on the inside. Does this tie in with the fact that Megalith K-2 releases an electromagnetic energy field with the frequency of 28 kHz and an ultrasound in the range of 28-33 kHz.


Why this frequency? Several researches measures a continuous 28 kHz electromagnetic frequency at the top of the Pyramid of the Sun. In an article Electromagnetic mechanism of the ultrasound on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (Visoćica Hill), Hrvoje Zujić explains that 28 kHz is the VLF-atmospheric. VLF atmospherics are electromagnetic impulses that are emitted during thunderstorms generated by lightning discharges. Comparing the results found at the top of the pyramid with the characteristics of lighting discharges, we see important differences:

"1. Natural VLF-atmospherics around 28kHz are of average duration shorter than 500 microseconds. At the top of The Bosnian Pyramid of The Sun, the EM signal of 28 kHz is almost CONTINUOUS.

2. Registered EM signal of 28kHz at the top of The Bosnian Pyramid of The Sun has MUCH BIGGER MAGNITUDE than the VLF-atmospherics’s signal registered in the nature.

3. Shape of the natural VLF-atmospherics’s signal of 28kHz is a deformed sine wave, quasi-sine waveform. The shape of the registered EM signal around 28kHz at the top of The Bosnian Pyramid of The Sun is almost PERFECT SINUSOIDAL WAVEFORM."

The Bosnian Pyramid of The Sun acts as a giant antenna that collects, amplifies and rectifies the natural VLF atmospherics.

Could it be that this frequency has strong healing capacities? There are ultrasound devices on the market that are being used to speed up the healing of bone fractures and wound healing.

Hrvoje Zujić also explains that the high quartz content of the local rock transduces the electromagnetic frequency into a 28 kHz audio frequency that propagates, and has been registered, in the underground chambers and tunnels. 28kHz audio frequency is an ultrasound, that is, it is above the upper limit of human hearing which is 20kHz.

Could it be that the the silicon object inside the ceramic K-2 megalith amplifies the 28kHz electromagnetic signal, and thus imbues those who are present with a strong healing frequency?


Because the people engaged in the excavations of the tunnels and pyramids are so open-minded, they started paying attention to subtle energies and spiritual experiences inside the tunnels. Now they even have established Bosnian Pyramid Healing center that organizes week-long stays at the site for those who are interested in meditation and healing. Every day a trip is planned to visit different sites, with an hour long stay in the meditation/healing chamber. Isn't that great?

It is obvious that one the purpose of these ancient constructions, was to provide a healthy environment, and some constructions were built specifically to provide healing.

The K-2 megalith chamber

The K-2 megalith chamber has now been converted to a meditation/healing room.

 Picture is from the Bosnian Pyramid Healing website


Janez Pelko, a Slovenia researcher who studied the effects on the human aura of a short stay in Ravne tunnel labyrinth, demonstrated that the human aura increases and reconstitutes itself significantly in almost 80% of cases among people after a one-hour stay inside the tunnel labyrinth. Janez Pelko’s research is mainly inspired by the work of Prof. Konstantin G. Korotkov, a renown Russian scientist who invented the Gas Discharge Visualization technique (GDV), which represents a breakthrough beyond Kirlian photography, allowing direct, real-time viewing of human energy fields. He also found that not only the aura increases a lot, but the chakras of the people were also beneficially affected. Most affected were the throat and the root chakra. The immune system of the body also improved. Janez Pelko said that these were the most radical changes in the aura he has ever seen. (YouTube video)


There is short video about a young woman, called Asja, who went inside the tunnels with a sore throat, swollen neck and headache. She meditated for 45 minutes inside, and when she came out her sore throat and headache were gone, and so was the swelling in her neck. (link) No need to have expensive health insurance, go to the doctor or swallow chemicals. The ancients knew how to keep healthy, and to heal, with the subtle but powerful energies of the Earth.

By the way I had myself the exact same healing as the woman When I was on top of Silbury Hill in Southern England. (see my post Healing at Silbury Hill)

What are these earth energies that can restore one's health quick and efficiently? The ancient knew all about it, but we are stuck with a retarded health care system that usually doesn't work anyway. Shouldn't we start exploring these ancient system of healing?

YouTube channel BosnianPyramids has an interesting video about stone tools they have found which had a quartz infusion. These tools were hand made and shaped to be held in one's hand, with a cut quartz stone inlaid in the stone tool. They don't know what they were used for. In my opinion they were used for healing, as quartz crystals have been and are still used by healers who work with the subtle energies of quartz and the human body. While certain chemical medicines have their use in healing, most healing actually takes place in restoring the balance in the subtle or etheric energy body that underlies the physical body.

From the YouTube video: the stone tool shaped to be held between fingers, with an oval cut quartz stone inlay at the tip.

Stone tools with quartz inlay