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Elongated Skulls from Ancient Races on Earth

Note: Although the term 'elongated skulls' is now widely used to refer to certain naturally occurring types of skulls, the proper term should be 'long skulls' because these skulls have never been artificially elongated in the first place.

The following information and pictures have been gathered from the World Wide Web for informational and educational purposes. I have given the original source where possible.

It is an effort to give an overview of the emerging interest of elongated skulls, but also to gather all the different aspects concerning these skulls and the existence of races of long head beings worldwide.

All comments in square brackets[] are mine.


We have been hearing for so long that whenever a longer than usual skull was found, that this was the result of artificial cranial deformation. Almost all archaeologist never want to consider that it might have been a natural feature of a human race that had different physical features. Thanks to the renewed interest of some dedicated people we now know that at one time in our history there were different races of human-like beings who had natural elongated skulls of different types and of different lengths, who had thriving communities and civilizations on all continents of this planet.

Why is is important to bring this to light?



Reconstruction from elongated skull, Mayan, by
Marcia Moore
Hun woman

 Reconstruction from elongated skull, a European Hun woman, painting by Marcel Nyffenegger   

comparison of elongated skulls with normal human skulls

These elongated skulls have been excavated for about two centuries and written about in the archaeological records of the 18th and early 19th century. Then there is an absolute silence, and these skulls disappeared largely into the basements of museums. It is quite strange why the modern archaeologists don't want to consider the existence of these long headed races, who seemed to be quite different from modern day Homo sapiens.

Modern day man is used to thinking that all people on Earth, at present and in the past, are of the Homo sapiens type, with round skulls. Would it surprise you that this not true? Aside from round skull Homo sapiens there were other human races with long skulls living all over the planet? And today there are still some of them around?

Maybe the reason why scientists don't want to talk about it lies in the evidence that the round skull people (this is modern day humans, or Homo sapiens) were very aggressive and warlike, and gradually wiped out all these long headed races who were mostly peaceful. Maybe those experts and authorities who knew about this worldwide genocide, are still feeling guilty.

There might be another reason too. Where did these long headed races come from. When you look at the extreme long size of the skull of the Paracas people in South America, one wonders: where did they come from, or how did this happen? Evolution does not explain this. Was it mutation? Or did they come from another planet? Genetic engineering? After all, other very strangely shaped skulls have been found that deviate very far from a normal human skull.

It seems that our past is very complicated, what is also showing more and more in recent genetic DNA studies about the origin of human and hominid races.

The following chapters give all the information I could find, and plenty of pictures:

A Genetic Feature

Physical Features 

the continent pages primarily contain a collection of pictures of elongated skulls:

Middle and South America

North America 




additional information:

Psychic Information