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Miraculously Avoided Accidents

Everybody knows about guardian angels or spirit guides. At least, they are supposed to be beings in the spirit realm that watch over us, but most of the time they are on their coffee break when we need them. We, clumsy humans, cause plenty of mishaps and accidents and nobody is there to avoid them. But once in a (very rare) while people get into a very dangerous situation and something unexplainable happens, at least by physical laws. How it was possible that something so miraculous did happen can only be explained by an intervention by other beings who are able to manipulate or override the physical laws of our world in order to save the lives of the people involved. Or could it be that we ourselves have that power somewhere deep in ourselves, and that we can activate it in extreme circumstances?

The following are a couple of experiences from people who were in such situations.

What do you do when you turn a corner and there is a car in front of you:

My friend was driving in the country in England near near his home one evening returning from work.
As he was approaching the only sharp bend in the one lane road, stupidly he didn't slow down as the road was always empty at that time of day. The road only provided access to a few properties, his included.
As he came round the bend, he found his car only inches from another car. He told me he saw was his car about to hit hers at quite a fast speed. The last memory he had, was of seeing the woman who was driving the other car brace herself for impact and he instinctively did the same closing his eyes too waiting for the crash.
He realised some seconds later that nothing had happened, he opened his eyes and he had passed the bend in the road. The woman and her car was nowhere to be found - presumably she had kept driving around the corner.
He said he pulled over because he was shaking so badly. He has no idea how his car missed hers. He said it was just completely impossible, there was no way 2 cars could pass on that bend, both sides of the road had too many trees right up to the road, there just wasn't the space for it.
(former Above Top Secret website)

Another poster on the same website commented with a similar story:

I had a very similar experience, multiple witnesses ( around 30 ) .
I was driving my MX5 as part of a convoy and I too took a bend to quickly. Next thing, a Merc SL was heading straight for me. The freaky thing is, there is no way that 2 cars could safely pass each other on that bend, because it is barely wider than 1 car. I braced for impact, closed my eyes, but it never came and to this day neither myself or the people watching from behind, know how I survived.

Flying into the back of another car, or not:

I was in the Navy a few years back and on my way to another base for training. It is about five in the morning and I cannot recall if I was still pregnant with my daughter or if I just given birth to her a few months prior. So as Iím driving, itís very dark, but you know when the light just starts to come in and itís so beautiful. The roads were very clear and empty. I got a phone call on Bluetooth and when the Convo was done, I looked down for just a split second literally and when I looked back up there was a huge back-up that appeared out of nowhere literally out of nowhere. I had just looked down and there was no traffic, there was no other cars there was nothing up ahead I kid you not. Everything was clear, smooth sailing.

Next thing I knew I was flying into the back of another car which would have surely caused a horrible accident for many many cars up ahead of me. It was too late to stop so I closed my eyes and my heart stopped with fear, I donít know what happened after that. I ended up in the right shoulder lane not crashed into anything, not even the concrete barrier but I ended up perfectly situated behind a car.

After reading that how did I end up safely put, no harm, no damage, no nothing, no worried honking concerned citizens. It was straight silence like nobody even saw it AT ALL!!!!!!

I can assure you it was something no one could miss no matter how hard they tried. Itís like I flew into a portal to a new reality or something lmfao like nobody budged or ANYTHING! (Reddit)

Another poster commented on this post with his own experience:

I had a very similar incident. I believe I posted it before.

I came on to a short on-ramp too fast into all lanes full of traffic. I made it onto the first lane, but the momentum was carrying me straight into a white car beside me. As I was less than an inch from hitting it, I closed my eyes.

No crunch. No screech. No death or drama. I open my eyes and Iím idling on the left shoulder. No honking. No sirens. Just me.

I looked around, got a clearing, and got back in traffic to go home. But I know thereís no way I avoided that crash. It was happening. Then it didnít.

How do you drive through brush without a scratch:

Hard to explain these incidents, but because it's happened to me I cannot deny that they do happen.
Perhaps the atoms of our body somehow replicate and separate during a trauma resulting in death or injury and slip into a parallel reality.
I've had a number of paranormal experiences of many different kinds, but pertinent to this discussion, one stands out: When I was a teenager and just learning how to ride a motorcycle, I had difficulties remembering how to brake and accelerate when under pressure. I was riding a dirt-bike and found myself quickly approaching two trees that were very close together, with lots of little branches full of leaves intermingling between them. I was maybe 20 feet from the trees and I didn't have time to steer away - I knew I was going to go right through the mess of branches. I actually accelerated, braced myself for the accident, and squeezed my eyes shut as I went through the trees to protect my eyes. I knew I was going to be badly scratched up and probably bleeding, but I figured it wasn't going to be deadly...
But I came out on the other side and it was like a plane rising up out of the clouds into the clear blue - like crossing a boundary into another world (dimension?). Instantly I knew something very odd - inexplicable actually - had happened. I hadn't been scratched at all. It was as though some unseen power had parted the branches just as I went through, though my eyes were closed so I didn't "see" this happen. I was in shorts and a tank top, but I had not a single scratch on me. I went back and examined the branches and there is NO way I could have gone through them without being injured - yet I had gone directly between the two trees, and the branches weren't damaged or snapped or anything, nor was I. (former Above Top Secret website)

Help from a recently deceases nurse. This is not an accident that was avoided, but the prevention of even more serious injury :

When I was 15, my dad and I were leaving a racetrack near San Diego. It was late (10 pm or so) and we had been racing all weekend (Jr. Drag Racing) so we were both exhausted. My dad was driving our motor home with our big toy hauler trailer behind it. I always sat up front as co-pilot while he drove. I was extra tired that night, so I decided to lay down on one of the couches behind the front seats and sleep the rest of the way back home to Palm Desert. We were driving on a long, straight two-lane road (one lane each direction) near Hemet and my dad could only see one car in front of him about a quarter mile out. It had been in front of us for a few miles. I dozed off for just a few minutes and woke up to an abrupt stop (not so much slamming on the breaks but enough to know it wasn't a stoplight sort of stop). There was beeping (whenever the motor home was in Park, it beeped kind of like a seat belt alarm-thing in a normal car) so I was confused as to why we were suddenly parked. Then I heard the screaming. A woman's screaming, in complete misery, terror and pain, coming from right outside. My dad stood up, told me to call the police, that there was an accident and to not leave the motor home. He ran out of the door and I stood up and stared at the scene on the road in front of us. Two small sedans were crumpled just 20 ft in front of us, obviously a head-on collision with the two cars going in different directions. Both were smoking, there was debris everywhere. I watched as my dad ran to one of the cars and yelled, asking if everyone was okay. The woman screaming was in that car, she was the passenger. Her door was caved in and barely hanging onto the car frame. My dad tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge. He grabbed it by its frame and pushed down in what I can only describe as super human strength, when you see a mom lift an object off of her kid that she would never normally be able to lift. Just pure, supernatural adrenaline strength. The door snapped off its hinges and my dad tossed it away. He was trying to talk to the screaming girl, asked if she knew where she was, if she was okay. The driver was answering, in shock but awake. I was wondering why my dad wasn't grabbing them and taking them out of the car to safety. He stood at the car for a while and then finally moved to the other car. There was just one male driver and he apparently was responding but still, my dad didn't try to help him out. He ran back to the motor home and asked if I had called 911 and I hadn't so he started calling. At this point, we had probably been stopped for no longer than 10 minutes and cars had begun to come up and stop behind us. We were so long with the trailer that there was no way we could turn around or even get past the accident so we just waited for the emergency personnel to show up. Fast forward to the ambulance arriving, cops, fire engines, etc. They had gotten the girls out of the car (they were both 16 years old) and had to use the jaws of life to get the man out (the car had crushed his lower body inside and both of his legs were crushed). About an hour had gone by and my dad had given a few statements to police and everyone since we were the only witnesses. The fire captain came over to both of us and started talking to us about everything and asked my dad why he didn't take the people out of the cars. My dad said, "I was about to because I thought the cars were going to catch fire any second. But the medic woman told me not to move them, that their necks had to be stable so I just told them to stay as still as possible and that help was on the way." I was confused and tried to interrupt and ask who he was talking about when the fire captain said, "Medic? What medic? Someone from my team?" and my dad responds, "No, the medic that was with me. She was right there with me a second after it happened and told me not to move anyone." The fire captain asked where she went, where she came from and my dad got more and more confused and said he didn't really know, he must have lost track of time and that she had to have been from one of the crews. I finally interrupted, "Dad, no one was with you, I was watching you the entire time. What are you talking about?" and we went back and forth a bit and finally he said, "She was there. She was wearing like a, medic jumpsuit. Like a flight jumpsuit." The captain's face dropped and he stared at my dad who looked just as confused and walked back to his crew.
He came back a few moments later and asked, "Was she wearing anything with Mercy Air insignia?" And my dad, knowing there was never a helicopter that landed, was confused as he said yes. The captain took a breath and said, "A Mercy Air helicopter crashed a few hours ago over the Cajon Pass, about an hour away from here. Three people died. A female nurse died.Ē We both stood silent and wide eyed. None of us bothered to try to explain it but we all came to the same conclusion. All three people involved in the accident survived. My dad still swears to this day that a woman was there helping him through the first terrifying moments of that crash, keeping him calm and instructing the people in the car to stay still and remain calm. I still remember every second of him helping, alone, in the middle of the dark road. I still get the chills whenever I tell this story and wholeheartedly believe that she was there helping everyone in that moment. If you want to do some research, the flight was the 2006 Mercy Air Bell 412 crash, the night of December 10th, 2006. The road of the accident was Sanderson Ave. near Hemet, CA. (
Phantom and Monsters)

In the following account it is voices that saved the person's life:

When I was 5 or 6 my family used to compete in group dance competitions and one day when we went to go attend one it was outside and near a big intersection. Once the competition was over my sister who was in it had sandals on because her feet hurt from dancing, was walking through the middle of the street had dropped one of her sandals and right when I got on the sidewalk I heard my parents voices that told me to go get her shoe so I did and walked right in the middle of the really busy intersection and when I did that right where I was standing before a speeding car lost control swerved and hit a pole on the sidewalk. (Reddit)