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The Dome of Light Phenomenon

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My Own Experience

The Origin of the Light Phenomenon

Experiences of People

Possible Higher-Dimensional Manifestations

Possible Tectonic Stresses

Possible Advanced Technology


My Own Experience

On a freezing cold night in January 2008, I woke up and went to the bathroom. My eyes caught a glimpse of a light flash outside. Behind our house is a large meadow, and behind this is a neighbor’s house. It was completely dark outside. I looked out the window and saw a bright light flash illuminate the entire neighbor’s property, with the house centered inside. It was an extremely bright light in the form of a large dome. I could see the house in all its details sitting inside of it. This light was not produced by human hands for several reasons. The dome had a sharp edge between light and dark. Human-produced lights lose their intensity quickly with distance and this happens gradually. The intensity of the light was equal in all directions all the way up to the edge. Also, the light was extremely bright and intense.

The light dome was suddenly there, lasted for half a second, then suddenly all was dark for about three seconds, then it reappeared again. It repeated itself five times. Light bulbs, even the most strong spot lights, when turned on, have a gradual increase in intensity, and a gradual decrease when turned off. There is no doubt in my mind that this was not human made.

In the morning, when I mentioned to my wife what I had seen, she told me that she had seen the same thing a couple of nights before. She had not told me because she did not know what it was.

Dome of Light

I do not know for certain what caused this very unusual pulsing dome of light. When I looked around on the internet to see if anybody else had ever seen this phenomenon, I did not find anybody who had seen the exact same thing. However, there are people who were suddenly bathed in very intense light, sometimes pulsing, inside their homes, or outside in a landscape setting. They, of course, would not be able to know that the light would have been in a dome shape, as they would have been inside of it. You can read about these kind of experiences in my article of Experiences with Bright Light Flashes.


The Origin of the Light Phenomenon

As far as I can figure out, there are three possible sources for this kind of light phenomenon. Both share the same characteristics of the light. The light is very intense or bright, lighting up everything as if it is daylight (when seen at night). The light is even at all places, excluding a pinpoint source such as a light bulb, or spotlight. This also implies that there are no shadows. So all objects will be visible from all sides. The light also is sharply defined at the borders of the dome. As the light emanates from every point in space, it must be the result of physics that we still have to explore. As the entire area is illuminated as once with the same brightness, there must be an even (most likely some kind of electromagnetic) field underlying the phenomenon, a field that that does not diminish with distance and has a locally sharply defined border.

As to the source of this light, I speculate that is is twofold:

  • by the entrance of higher-dimensional, or astral, entities into the physical world. Light spheres with very unusual light manifestations are quite common in the UFO phenomenon. They are not spaceships from other planets, but energy manifestations, created by higher-dimensional entities.  They usually appear first as light spheres, and then can take on any form such as a metallic-looking ship, an 'alien' being, or a other cryptic being.

  • by tectonic stresses inside the earth rock layers. Friction causes electromagnetic stresses that will release this energy in the form of the so-called earthquake lights. It seems that these earthy stress-lights can also become visible with no earthquakes, as long as there are local friction between rock layers.

  • by advanced technology: a couple of crop circles appeared after a dome of light was seen in the same field. Crop circles are probably made by an advanced and secret technology, of which the dome of light ,might have been a byproduct.

What follows are experiences of other people who have seen the unusual dome of light phenomenon. I have grouped them in these two categories, but I leave open the possibility that the nature of the phenomenon might have another source.


Experiences of People

Possible Higher-Dimensional Manifestations

UFOs over New Mexico (2008) by Preston E. Dennett, page 237. Tucumcari is in New Mexico, USA:

On March 18, 2008, a trucker was driving east on Interstate 40 outside of Tucumcari when he saw a light moving along the ridge to his left. Without warning, it veered and moved at super-high speeds, crossing the highway in front of his semi. All the electronics in his truck died as he observed a "huge dome of light about 300 feet across and 100 feet high" move over the road. Says the trucker:

Even though the object was bright, no details were visible. It didn't light up the surrounding desert as it should have.

Within seconds the object was gone. The witness never heard any noise from the object. Immediately after it disappeared, his electronics came back on and he continued on his way, puzzled enough to later report his sighting to MUFON.


The following is based on the account of one of the witnesses, Emilio Cabot, who went to a certain spot in a remote region to meditate with his friends, Marcelo, Graciela and Nancy. This took place in the region of Punta Indio, Recreo El Descanso, BS. ACE. , ARGENTINA, on February 1990. The entire report can be found at Proyecto Catent.

Emilio Cabot explains:

Emilio Cabot along with Marcelo, Graciela & Nancy were meditating in an area known for its paranormal phenomena. It was said that there was a submerged city in the Río de la Plata, and that a dome of light would appear after midnight. So they went there, and meditated. They heard footsteps behind them. They stopped their meditation and noticed what appeared to be a dome of light settling over the nearby river. As they all sat down to chat they suddenly noticed two pairs of shiny eyes in the nearby woods. They shone their flashlight at the eyes and saw two gnome-like figures about 90 cm in height. The figures appeared to have gray wrinkled faces and wore pointy hats, gray pants with a very large belt and a large shiny buckle. The moment the witnesses spotted the short figures they felt no fear and a sense of peace came over them. The two 'gnomes' appeared startled and seemed to jump head first into the brush. The witnesses were able to determine that the humanoid had human-like eyes that were very shiny.

The dome of light over the river they seen, had building inside like structures. "A very large dome of light that looked like silhouettes of buildings inside and there was a point of light that went from one end of the dome to the other, continuously. And the dome was moving to the right, as if to the south. We watched it for over an hour." The dome was about twenty or thirty kilometers inland. It appeared at the same time the beings appeared.

Emilio Cabot went three times to that spot and saw the dome of light two times.

The dome of light here is clearly associated with an other-dimensional realm. The dome of light doesn't always appear. It probably becomes visible when the energetic circumstances are favorable for a visible display. This could imply local earth stresses, or energetically charged areas (so-called 'vortexes), maybe in combination with the human mind through focusing, or meditation. The fact that the gnomes were said to be clothed in typical old Dutch attire points to an involvement of the human mind (subconscious).


A dome of light can also become visible with special meditations or ceremonies. In his book Portal to the Dreamtime (2003), John Koch describes an Australian aboriginal ceremony when one of the participants saw aside from spirits a dome of light appear. A corroboree is a generic word for a meeting of Australian Aboriginal peoples.

"One day, Wharumbidgi asked us to do a corroboree at the Dreaming site, as there was a full moon. He explained that the Dreamtime Council would be in attendance. At 6 pm we went to the Dreaming site, and prepared a fire, and placed candles around the perimeter of the circle. Lee lead us through a meditation to open our chakras. The air was totally still as we stood in silence absorbing the sacred energies of nature and the power of the moment. Suddenly a gust of wind came through accompanied by light rain, and the spirits swiftly entered the vortex and rose up and out of sight. Charles described what he was seeing, and he was visibly shaken. As well as seeing the spirits, he could see a sort of translucent dome of light appear, encompassing the area where we stood. He said it looked like a Light Crystal. Then the wind dropped just as suddenly, and we danced around the fire, chanting and beating our clapping sticks, improvising a rather crude imitation of Aboriginal ceremony. Suddenly I noticed the clouds had all cleared from the sky, as if by magic, for it had been overcast all day. The scene was illuminated in the light of the full moon..."


Possible Tectonic Stresses

In the book Weird Massachusetts (2008), by Jeff Belanger, there is a report of a light dome that appeared after a small earthquake. Nashoba Valley Ski Area is a small ski area in Westford, Massachusetts, USA:

"Strange aerial lights accompany the sounds. Following a 3.1 magnitude earthquake in Nashoba on October 15, 1985 (described as the “rumblings of a freight train”), there appeared yellow-orange, brightly glowing pockets of air in the Woodchuck Hill and Oak Ridge area on the Harvard-Boxborough border. After a 2.5 earthquake on November 23, 1980, I observed at night from the vantage point of Nagog Pond a bright welling-up of intense white light out of the top of Fort Pond Hill in Sarah Doublet Forest. This welled up like a dome of light, about 350 yards wide and about 200 yards tall at its peak. After about three seconds, the light collapsed back into the earth. Perhaps the sound in the hill is a combination of seismic activity and the local geology. The area is a three-mile island of granite in a sea of sedimentary schist and gneiss. The makeup is the same as the Moodus region in Connecticut, which also gives off strange sounds."

The above paragraph was written by Daniel V. Boudillion who saw the dome of light. On his website he mentioned another person who saw a dome of light at the same location:

"Since I have been presenting this topic as a slide show in Littleton and surrounding towns a number of people have come forward to share with me their own experiences with light phenomena in Nashoba.  For example, an elderly man on Star Hill in Littleton had light balls roll through his house one night, and an employee at Nashoba Hill Ski Area in Westford describes seeing a recent dome of light at Nagog Pond similar to the one I saw."


This account comes from the book Passport to Magonia by Jacques Vallée (1993), page 45. Vallée was a UFO researcher, but I think that in this case, the origin of the dome of light is more likely to be of terrestrial origin:

On December 30, 1966, an American nuclear physicist was driving south with his family along a Louisiana road. The weather was overcast, and it was raining. The time was 8:15 P.M. The witness, who is a professor of physics and does nuclear research, and who, as a result, is a very well-qualified witness, had reached a point north of Hayncsville when he noticed a pulsating dome of light resembling the "glow of a city." Its color went from a dim reddish light to a bright orange. At one point, its luminosity rose so much that it became brighter than the car headlights. So intense was the white illumination that the two children who were sleeping in the back woke up and, with the physicist's wife, observed what followed. The light was emitted by a source that was stationary and below the treetops—at, or close to, ground level—some distance into the forest. Concern for his family's safety made the witness drive away. But he did make a quick estimate of the amount of energy represented by the light, and it turned out to be fairly impressive source of radiation—impressive enough to make him return to the location the next day, bearing a scintillometer with him. He determined the probable position of the object, which had been about one mile (plus or minus 0.2 mile) from his car at the closest point. Then he made some inquiries in the area.

The investigations had two results. First, while walking in the forest, he noticed that for some distance around the spot where the source of light had been, animal life had simply vanished. There were no squirrels, no birds, even no insects—and as a hunter, he was quite familiar with the Louisiana fauna. Second, he gathered several reports by local people who had seen the light and claims by farmers that important loss of cattle had occurred in the same period.

Until I heard the physicist's testimony, I had never given much credence to reports of stolen cattle. Cows and horses did run away sometimes, or were stolen, and the likelihood that a farmer would try to place the blame on some supernatural agency remains very high even in the twentieth century.


Eric Veronikis reports in The Patriot-News, 2009, that several people on an elevated rock outcropping witnessed a dome of light, coming out of the ground:

Rachel Sudak and some friends recently visited the Audubon Hawk Watch near Wagoner’s Gap in Cumberland County to take in the Carlisle lights below and the stars that seemed within arm’s reach that night. The view from the popular bird spotting post the evening of June 27 was amazing, Sudak said. But what happened there about 11:45 p.m. was even more amazing, the 18-year-old Camp Hill resident said. “This huge dome light shot up from the ground. It was all green, and it looked like it was near Harrisburg,” Rachel Sudak said. “Around the top, it looked like a cylinder. Even from far away, it was blinding. We all think it’s a UFO.”

People often associate unusual lights with UFOs, but in this case it looks more like an earth generated light.

Another person who saw a similar, if not the same, very large light in the same area on the same night:

Lancaster County resident Noel Heitmann says he was shaken by a neon-green light flashing through the sky as he and his family were traveling home on the Pennsylvania Turnpike just before midnight June 27. The Heitmanns were 10 to 15 miles west of Harrisburg on their way home from a vacation that ended in the most unexpected way.

“I wasn’t scared, but I was a little freaked out,” said Heitmann, a math professor at Millersville University. “It seemed as though we were 10 to 20 miles from the source. A huge green light filled the sky.”

...The light Heitmann said he saw stretched from one end of the horizon to the other, appearing to be 5 miles wide, emanating from the ground. After a few seconds, the brilliance morphed into the shape of a silo before disappearing, Heitmann said. (PennLive Patriot News)


The following picture of an earthquake dome of light was published in Earthquake lights: a review of observations and present theories, by J.S. Derr, BSSA vol 63, no. 6, pp. 2177-87. The dome of light appeared in an area around Mt. Kimyo, on September 26th, 0325 (JST) 1966. The luminosity lasted 96 seconds. Picture was taken by T. Kuribayashi.

Earthquake dome of light at Mt. Kimyo


Possible Advanced Technology

Crop Circles

Extraterrestrials do not come here to make designs in wheat fields for some arcane reason. Crop circles are clearly the results of advanced technology, but of human origin. Who is doing this and is having this exotic technology is anybody's guess. Considering the detailed and intricate designs, often with mathematical content, the technology has been perfected over the years, or decades. The appearance of crop circles have been associated with different phenomena, such as floating spheres of light, sounds, levitation, etc., all byproducts of the technology.

In his book Crop Circles (2008), page 22, Jan Burns mentions the appearance of a dome of light over a corn field, with a possibly unfinished crop circle as a result:

One summer night in 1997 Jack Spooner was driving in the countryside in Dorset, England, when he saw something amazing. "A large dome of light, about 200 feet (67m) in diameter, was touching the corn field. There were thousands of points of light, like diamonds, all aligned and geometric. It was glistening, shimmering like a hologram." He also heard a high-pitched sound. However, when he got closer, and his headlights illuminated the area, the dome disappeared and the noise stopped.

The next morning two half rings of flattened crop appeared on the spot where Spooner had seen the dome of light. He thought that perhaps if the light from his car had not lit up the area that a more elaborate pattern might have developed.

It is interesting that the light dome disappeared when the car lights hit it.


A local newspaper, the Bucks Free Press, from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England, reported on June 17th 2021 that a man saw a large dome of light in a field prior to the appearance of a crop circle. It was not one of those intricate and nice crop circle designs you see in wheat fields. This one was more like flattened vegetation in a grass meadow:

A strange white light was spotted in a Bucks village overnight with a huge crop circle discovered by residents in a nearby field this morning. Martin Hoult, who lives in Layters Close, Chalfont St Peter, told the Bucks Free Press he was woken up at around 1 am from a bright light coming from outside.

He said: "I first thought that it was a security light or the moon. There was no sound so I thought I would investigate. I opened one of the windows in my bedroom, looked outside and I could see the light. It was pure bright white. It was a great dome of light, that’s the only way I can describe it. It was perfectly white, like an opaque bulb. The dome was about 150 feet wide and around 30 feet tall – absolutely enormous."

Mr Hoult said he continued to listen out for any sounds but did not hear any and then fell back asleep. In the morning, he went to vote and, on his way back, met a neighbour and asked her if she had seen anything.

He said: "She said she hadn’t so I told her what I saw and she said "Let’s go take a look in the field".

When the pair got to the nearby field, Mr Hoult said they saw a huge crop circle “about 150 feet wide one way and 50-60 feet the other way” in the middle of it.

He added: "All the grass is flat but the weeds are standing upright. And the tops of all the trees further down on Mumford’s Lane are burnt. It’s very strange. I can’t say it was a UFO because it wasn’t flying but it was definitely an unidentified object or light."