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Experiences with Bright Light Flashes

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Experiences of People:

Inside a House

Outside at Night

With Complete Silence

With Light Orb

Colored Light Flashes

Long Lasting Light

Associated with UFO Sightings



An very intense or bright light flash is a phenomenon that doesn't get much attention because it usually lasts only a fraction of a second, sometimes it lasts several seconds. A light flash, how unusual it may be, is not that spectacular to talk about. Also, other people will be quick to point out that you had a brain anomaly, a misfiring of neurons or something like that.

What we are talking about here is really a short burst of intense, bright light around oneself, sometimes lighting up the entire landscape to such a degree that it appears to be day time. The light usually does not come from one single point, and no shadows are seen. We are excluding here the light flashes from exploding electric transformers or from an exploding meteor. It is not always a bright 'white' light, it can be a red, blue or green light too. It is sometimes seen by more than one person at the same time, excluding any brain malfunction. Sometimes the light flash lights up the entire interior of a house, or only certain rooms, while other rooms stay dark. It will light up every small corner, because it seems to originate at every point in space. Sometimes the light is so bright that one cannot see anything else.

Such an anomalous bright light flash happens with the entrance of higher dimensional energy into our physical reality. Sometimes intense bright lights are associated with UFO sightings, and thus with entities from higher realms. I cannot exclude manifestations of exotic energy weapons being tested by military technology. There is also the possibility that some of the light flashes are generated from inside the earth, as the result of the release of stresses in rock layers.

The first time when I heard about a strange light lightening up everything at night was in the early 1990's. Somebody told me that an elder woman in my town had a strange experience several years earlier. She only had mentioned it to a few people. I went to see her and took down her story. What stands out here is that the light was lightening up only one room in her house and it was very intense, and pulsing too. She also saw it outside, and she associated it with a spaceship. Ruth, born in 1918, was formerly a fashion designer. She was  a nice, intelligent woman who liked a good chat. She was not interested in anything alternative, but after the encounter she wanted to more about it. Here is her account:

"It happened on the night of June 15, 1987. It was a warm night and my windows were open in the bedroom. My dog was sleeping next to the bed on the floor. Some time during that night she started growling, half barking, half growling as she was laying there. I kept saying "Oh Stella, I am so tired, please let me go to sleep, it is only a deer or a raccoon out there." But her barking and growling went on for about 20 minutes. Finally she got up and started running around through the living room, the kitchen, and the garden room. She was absolutely hysterical. She was barking but also crying. From time to time she would come is to the bed as if she wanted to say "Get up and do something". Something was really bothering here, so I got up to see what it was. I walked out of my bedroom and entered the living room. The living room was filled with such bright light that you could hardly see. It was pulsating too. I thought "What the devil is going on?" I looked outside the window to see if something, the police for example, was outside with spotlights. When I looked outside the whole yard and the patio were so bright and so intense that you could hardly see anything. You couldn't even see the street. I went to the other window and looked out to the garden. All I could see was this tremendous light. When I looked up I saw this thing, this huge light. It was lighting up everything. A few moments later it started to move in the northeast direction. As it moved away, it started to make a shape. I thought "My God, it is a ship of some kind!" How far above the trees it was I have no idea, but it looked as if it was right above them. Suddenly it took off with a tremendous speed. As it took off, five or six balls of light appeared. I don't know what they were or if they had any contact with this big ship. "The thing must have been around for a while because Stella was barking and crying by my bed for twenty minutes. After the ship left, I sat down and my dog was still so hysterical that I had to settle her down. I called the police but nobody had reported anything. Later I heard that a neighbor said that during that night his dogs kept on barking. He couldn't figure out what they were barking at. "The only aftereffect I had immediately after the encounter was that my breasts became so tender and so sore, they filled up like I was 16 years old. I also had trouble sleeping in the following two weeks. "The strange thing is that my bedroom door opens into the living room, and this door was not closed but open. However, in my bedroom it was dark, there was no light coming in from the living room or from the outside. From the moment I entered the living room through the open door I stepped into bright light which filled the living room completely, and also the yard outside. Why did the light not shine in my bedroom? That was strange."

These unnatural bright light events come and go quickly, so it is impossible to figure out what exactly was behind it. From our perspective the energy behind light spheres, or even a short flash of bright light that lightens up an entire landscape, must be very powerful. In Ruth's case there must have been also an intense infrared radiation, resulting in her swollen breasts. The famous UFO researcher John Keel had already noticed that witnesses of UFOs, especially light spheres, but also encounters with cryptic being, often display physical symptoms of intense infrared radiation, mostly swollen eyes.

There are many different kinds of experiences with unnatural very bright light flashes of short or longer duration. Some move around, appearing at different locations in short intervals. Below I have focused more on the lights that light up the environment around a witness, be it inside a house or outside. A light that does not cast shadows as it seems to come from everywhere. What follows are some interesting experiences of people. The reports are arranged by categories.

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Experiences of People

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Inside a House

Sometime around noon today EST my son and I saw a blinding flash of light in our kitchen. We were on opposite sides of the room and not looking towards each other. It was so bright, all we saw was white for about 1 second. I thought I was losing it, then my son said what was that flash of light. (Reddit)


My mother had flown the three of us, my sister, her and I out to Massachusettes to visit family as we where were all originally born there. This visit took place in the summer of either 1995 or 1996 I can't recall which one (I was about 10 years old at the time). Anyhow, I can remember this like it was yesterday, it was so vivid and real and it's been 16 years since. The setting goes like this- We were staying at my Great Aunt and Uncle's home in Holbrook, MA. George and Helen (the aunt and uncle) were in their bedroom down the hall from the living room where my mother and I were watching TV. My sister was upstairs in her guest bedroom. The living room which was a large open space connected to the kitchen area and hallway down to our families bedroom and the spiral stairs leading to upstairs were to the right of us, and behind the television there was a large rectangular window. The time had to be between 9ish to 11ish. Mom was laying on the couch and I was sitting on the floor propped up against the couch, I remember we were talking but looking at the TV and then BAM that's when it happened. From the window behind the TV this unearthly radiant blue but almost glimpse of pale white (hard to explain) flashed vigorously throughout the house. I know it wasn't minutes long but I can't say how many seconds it lasted, but what I do know is that it lasted long enough or it felt like it that I turned to look at my mom and we both looked around as this "flashing blue light" was literally radiating every part of the house in our view, and when I say this, I mean it, this is one of the strangest factors about this experience is that my mother and I both agreed that it seemed to illuminate every nook and cranny, every corner, it lit up the upstairs and it lit up the hall leading to our aunt and uncle's bedroom. I can't say it enough, it literally went around corners that a normal light wouldn't have the power to do, as it flashed into the hall it was just as bright and strong as it was coming from the window directly in front of us. So that was that. When it stopped we immediately ran to the window and it was as black as could be, we thought possibly a helicopter, but there was just nothing in sight. Nothing. So we then went to their bedroom where their door was wide open and their bed faced the door looking directly down the hall into the living room, they too were watching TV, and when asked they said they saw absolutely nothing. Now logically speaking that would be IMPOSSIBLE, as this light had a power behind it strong enough to catch your eye even if you were blind. My sister as well saw nothing. (comment on post in Your Ghost Stories)


While in Dillingham, Alaska in September 2008, my girlfriend and I were renting a house owned by a local business woman. There was nothing special about the place as far as I knew. My girlfriend and I were at a crossroads in our lives. We didn't have jobs, weren't sure how long our savings would last, we didn't know most of the people in town etc. It wasn't long before some of the stresses started wearing us down and we began fighting a lot. We hadn't been there a month when we saw our home flash bright white-blue light. The whole interior of the inside of the home! I cannot say that it began in one direction and went on to another...rather, it sort of just lit up everything at once. The windows were covered, so no possibility of headlights from passing cars. The lights in our house had been turned off except for the bathroom light. Funny thing was that my girlfriend had been in the bathroom with the door shut and she saw the bathroom light up blue too. I quickly walked to the bathroom door and asked her if she had done anything (I thought she might have electrocuted herself). She insisted I must have done something. Weird because I saw the light in the dark in our living room, and she saw it at the same time in the bathroom with the door shut and the bathroom lights on. I checked all over the house but never figured out the cause of the mystery flash but l never figured out what exactly happened that night. It's sort of bothered me ever since then. (comment on post in Your Ghost Stories)


Okay, so this happened to me a few years ago. I was maybe 22-23 years old (28 now). It was the middle of the night and I was sleeping in my bedroom at my parents' house, where I had been staying because my life was a wreck at the time. I was laying in bed but I couldn't sleep. My room was pitch black. All of a sudden, the entire room lit up so bright that I could see every single object in my room-- every trinket on the bookshelves, the light switch, just EVERYTHING. This lasted as long as a flash of lightning, so about a second or maybe less? It wasn't like the headlights of a car passing by, or anything remotely close to that. The closest thing I can describe it to is a really intense camera flash. There was no sound. I spent the rest of the night lying there paralyzed with fear, wondering what the fuck just happened. (Reddit)


This morning I was in my pantry making my son’s medicine up. There was a sudden flash, like when you take a photo but brighter and the whole room. I looked around wondering where it could have come from. The light was off, curtains closed and I was using a plastic scoop and plastic cup, so nothing for any light to reflect off of. I remember having a feeling like I was forgetting to do something. It’s been bugging me all day trying to figure out an explanation for what happened. (Reddit)


A couple of weeks ago I was standing in a windowless hallway at my parents' place. I saw a sudden flash of light, similar to a very strong external camera flash or some such. As there were no windows and no one operating a camera at the apartment, I thought that maybe my retinas or brain were misfiring. Until my BIL, who was standing 3 meters away, said "what was that??!" He had seen the same thing - a bright flash of light. Neither of us had any ideas where the flash had come from, as it was a windowless space. There were no electrical devices save from a ceiling lamp with a regular bulb. No one operating a camera. Family members in the other rooms saw nothing. (Reddit)


I was in my kitchen making breakfast and my daughter was in the family room waiting and watching tv. Our kitchen, breakfast room and family room is one long room. The family room has big windows all along the back of it, yet the kitchen where I was has no windows. All of a sudden, the brightest light I have ever seen "flashed" and seemed to fill the entire house and outdoors. It seemed like a white, blue light. It seemed to come from outside.

I asked my daughter if she saw it and she said yes. She said it was so bright that it lit up all of outside and inside so much that she couldn't see anything. I felt the same way standing in the kitchen with no windows.

I went outside and looked up but saw nothing, although, I live in an area with very big, old trees and can only see a very small portion of the sky.

After a minutes of talking about it to my daughter, I went upstairs, where my husband was getting ready in his bathroom and asked him if he saw a bright flash of light. He said he just got out of the shower and didn't see anything, but that he could have had his eyes closed washing out the shampoo.

After the experience I felt a little strange. It's hard to explain, but the best way I can put it is that I felt like my whole body, down to my cells was humming the same frequency. I have also felt very elated today.

Normally, I would have thought it was in my head, but the fact that my daughter saw it also dispels that. I have seen many kinds of flashes in my lifetime also, for instance, the halogen bulbs in the kitchen blow, transformers blow, lightning, power surges, etc. But this was so very different from any of those experiences. It was as if this light passed through the walls. (comment on post in Your Ghost Stories)

Outside at Night

I've had the exact opposite happen before. My ex girlfriend, her brother, and I were standing outside smoking a cigarette at like 3 am, so it was completely dark outside. No lights were on. Out of nowhere, for a split second, the sky lit up like a bright camera flash. Everything lit up brighter than daytime in this intense white light for the duration of a camera's flash. Her brother and I reacted immediately, but my girlfriend didn't see anything. It was wild. (Reddit)


This is not as interesting as other posts I've read here, but I was sitting outside, 10 pm, so completely dark out and suddenly saw a flash of light that filled the whole surrounding area - similar to a camera flash. There was no one in my back yard except me and no rumble of thunder or further flashes to suggest a storm. Nothing else weird happened and no other flashes of light occurred after but it was really odd and unsettling. (Reddit)


Probably a little over a year ago, me and my friend we looking for something to do one night in the small town where we live. We decided to go on a small road trip. So we bought our favorite pop and chips and had a mobile chill-snack-talk-music-drive. We drove north for probably close to an hour doing the aforementioned activities. Suddenly, there was an insanely bright white flash of light that lit up the whole landscape. The best way I can explain it is if you have ever been near a lighthouse/airport with one of those revolving lights at night time. It lit up the entire mountain side all at once. We both saw it and exclaimed: "Whoa, what the fuck?!" "Did you see that?" etc.. Instant things that came to mind were to look into the sky for a plane or something(not sure why..I guess I just wanted to see if I could see what caused the flash) then my mind went to the thought of a lighthouse, as that had startled me in the past. We jokingly came to that conclusion that it must have been aliens. Additionally, it reminded me of the mind eraser flash from Men In Black, hahah. The flash only happened once, however, so it wasn't a lighthouse and we were nowhere near an airport. From what I remember (it's been a while now) it was a clear night, so to this date, my best explanation was a shooting star of some sort. Only problem with that theory for me is that I have witnessed many shooting stars in my day and none have had this effect. (Reddit)


This happened last November, just over a year ago. Me and my friend, (Jo) are pretty avid explorers. We’ve been in a lot of gnarly places in the back-country, this trip we were planning was the same as any other. We were going to hike in on private land to a secluded very large, very high railway bridge, camp for a night and see the area for other cool stuff to explore in the future. For better understanding of what occurs you must know the geography of the area. The bridge is located over an old river bed/small stream (no shit) and surrounding the stream is very high and steep mountainside/hillsides with dense native bush and trees. The bridge however is located in a relatively flat area that cradles the side of one of these big hills. It’s important to recognize that this stream is not large, by any definition. It’s relatively short at around 3 km, is located in a deep gully and has nowhere near enough water flowing to support any fish life, let alone a boat/jet boat. Its shallow, fast flowing and has huge boulders. Couldn’t even get a truck up there, and if you did somehow you wouldn’t be driving out. Now we can actually get to the story. We hiked in around midday, it was slightly overcast, but with warm NE wind. After walking across the maintenance line for the bridge we found a cool camp location after awhile of debating on whether to setup on the south side of the stream, or the north. We settled on the north. In hindsight this was one of the best choices I've ever made in my life. After awhile of shenanigans and some beer, night fell. We then made our way to bed at around 9:30 10:30 pm. At this point in time the weather had changed, a dark, cold, gloomy southerly came in, but with absolutely no wind whatsoever. After a long time of not being able to sleep, I decided I would step outside into the blanket of silence, and net of darkness so I could take a quick piss. While pissing I was enjoying my little bubble of darkness and dead silence, when out of nowhere the brightest light (even brighter than comprehension) burst into existence from within the river bed before I could even finish my piss. When I say this was bright, I truly mean that. It completely lit up the entire south face of a 600m tall hill side to the point. I could see shrubs and foliage on the summit. At this point, my little fantasy of being alone was ruined in the worst way, and I stood in shock for the 10 seconds it was illuminating the entire area. After this period had expired I keep standing there (no longer pissing at this point) and waited. After 15 seconds of complete silence the same ordeal happened again, but this time whatever it was had traveled around 400m up the rugged and forested river bed only to illuminate even more for around the same amount of time. After it had turned off, I kept standing there in hopes it would illuminate again, and it sure did. But again it had traveled at least another 300-400m further up than where it last was, in an even quicker time frame. As soon as it lit up I darted back to the tent and grabbed my mate Jo, who I told to stand where I was, and to look in the general direction. After a few seconds of suspense and denial it would light up again, it did. Only this time it was over 2km from where I had first seen it and this time it was completely illuminating an entire scree slope of a 1000 m tall ridge line of the Mountain range we were in. After this, it never lit up again. And we haven’t been back since. I'm extremely glad we never camped on the south-side, otherwise we would’ve been completely exposed and blinded by this, and god knows what else. After reading this you may think have an explanation of what caused this, and I'm telling you, you don't. This light source moved almost 3 km in a matter of seconds, was completely stagnant, insanely bright. there was no sound of an engine, car, boat or anything, just complete silence. The clouds were too low and dense for it to be a plane, helicopter or meteorite. And it sure as hell wasn’t the front spot light of a train due to the geography of the area. This was not a man made energy source, and whatever it was, it was clearly searching for something. (Reddit)


With Complete Silence

[The eerie and complete silence is a features also experienced by a hunters or hikers in the woods, and with UFO sightings.]

This happened to me a few weeks ago and I have been trying to explain it somehow, reading, searching on it but I couldn't find a description, explanation about it, so here I want to ask you if any of you know what this could be or had the same experience. I was completely alone at home, finishing some dishes in the kitchen, the kitchen door and window were opened, it was quiet, some light noises came in from around the neighbouring area. I just put down the kitchen clothe on the counter, when very suddenly every noise from the outdoor fully disappeared, it got dead silence for a few seconds, then I heard a very high pitch electrical noise and very suddenly I saw a golden/white bright flash, it was like a light explosion. It completely blinded me for a fraction of a second. My kitchen cabinet has glass in it, and it got reflected back from it too. Basically the entire world disappeared for a slight moment, and then as suddenly it came it was gone and everything was back to normal. Except the dead silence outside didn't change like for at least an other 15 min. It was a frightening experience. Even I screamed a bit like "what the hell is this"-but before I could finish it it was totally gone, it really lasted for a fracture of a second. (Reddit)


My fiancé and I live on the edge of a large townhome/apartment community and our unit is towards the back abutting the woods. There is nothing between the neighborhood and the highway a short distance through the woods, and it’s generally very quiet. Last night around midnight we went out to smoke and were standing in a little clearing next to the woods- we do this all the time, everything was normal, we finished up and started walking back towards our house when suddenly I experienced the most brief, sudden, brightest flash of pure white/blue-ish light that encompassed my entire field of vision, illuminated everything I could see including the sky, then went back to normal. It felt like it lasted less than a millisecond, and I thought it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. I was about to say something about it just in case, because I immediately felt a sense of impending doom, when my fiancé suddenly said “Did you just see that light?” I looked at him and nodded, and he just said “Run.” We sprinted to our front door, locked it behind us, and just looked at each other, both knowing how unsettling this was. We both noticed it was EERILY silent. We live right near the highway, there’s usually road noise, or a plane or train in the distance. There was nothing. “I feel okay, do you feel okay?” My fiancé asked. Physically I felt fine, I said. I still think it’s weird that we felt the need to check on each other in that way. Like we both knew immediately that something had happened to us. “What the fuck was that?” He said. I said the same. He asked what direction I felt the light came from. I said “somehow everywhere and nowhere?” And he said “fuck, I was hoping you wouldn’t say that, that’s what I thought.” I said “if I had to choose, I’d say the sky??” And he said the same. We started brainstorming. It didn’t come from the highway, we were facing the opposite direction. Did a neighbor take a photo of us? This is likely the only logical explanation, but we both know what it feels like to experience a camera flash, this was NOT it. Was it lightening? It was a clear night. We know what lightening feels/looks like, we know it wasn’t that, it was too brief and too close to us, and it didn’t just light up the sky, it lit up EVERYTHING. Could a transformer have blown up in the distance? We’ve experienced that, too, and we’re confident this was not it. It was so so soooo brief we both said we thought it may not have happened, we almost didn’t say anything to each other and kept walking, what prompted him to say something was the utter silence and feeling of extreme impending doom, which we both felt. Could it have come from a plane or helicopter or drone? My fiancé happened to be looking up when it happened, and saw and heard nothing, just said the entire sky lit up. That’s what we agreed was the weirdest part about it- absolutely no sounds associated with it. We both said it was unlike anything we’ve ever, ever experienced. We are both very rational people. We’ve been together almost 12 years and have never thought we’d had any paranormal/extraterrestrial experiences, not even sure that we believe in any of that. But for some reason, we both agreed that this felt alien. I’m not saying this WAS aliens. I’m saying that two rational, normal, sensible people who have great confidence in the others’ sanity experienced the same thing at the exact same time and drew the exact same conclusion. I know I sound insane. I feel insane. He feels insane. We’ve never experienced anything like this. Has anyone had a similar experience? Does anyone know if maybe a comet could have hit our atmosphere last night and burned up extremely quickly? This happened at almost exactly midnight last night in New England. (Reddit)


With Light Orb

About five years ago, my husband and I were in the living room watching tv, and there was a brilliant, bright flash of blue light in our dining room. Two seconds later it happened again. I got up to look... And when I got the the dining room there was a blue orb hovering towards my ceiling. (And a tv turned on by itself.) The blue orb was still, but had massive energy. After about 30 seconds, it "shot" down into my kitchen as a beam of light, then started "undulating." It was still a blue mass of light, about 3 feet high off my floor and one foot wide, just undulating. It was that moment that I realized the magnitude of what I was seeing, and went to get my husband. When we got back it was gone. Two months later, I went upstairs to my bedroom, and the blue flash happened out in my hallway. I immediately went downstairs without looking. (I was home alone.) I have been enthralled by this experience ever since. I have also had other experiences. (comment on post in Your Ghost Stories)


Colored Light Flashes

About a year ago my husband and I were watching TV at night, and an average amount of lights were on in the room. None of them had special color bulbs and the TV was a 50” standard flat-screen. All of a sudden a giant flash of green light filled the entire room, seemingly originating right in front of us where the TV was, but not necessarily from it. It was powerful enough to where we looked at each other and exclaimed “Whoa what was that?!” It lasted just a second and I didn’t observe what was on the screen at that moment, but it was not standard TV lighting. We even found an image of plain bright green on our phone and put it up on the TV screen for comparison, and it did not remotely have the immersive effect like what we witnessed. (Reddit)

 Comments of two other users to this post:

*This. It happened to me once exactly as described, weird green flash that filled the whole room for a second.

 *Strange, I just commented on a post on a blue flashing light someone saw. I also saw the same blue flash twice, and one green flash of light.


A little background on me and the house, I live in Virginia right by the Potomac river, and I am aware that many civil war troops were near this area, as this was also the escape route for John Wilkes Booth (my friend owns the house he stopped at as soon as he crossed the river south). The area is steeped in traumatic history, and yes I have seen ghosts in my house (which is a new build only 2 years old)... But, this was completely different. I am a 37 year old woman in good physical and mental health, so please hear me out. The other night at about 11:30pm I was in my front yard trying to get my dog to go pee before I put him in his crate for the night. My 10 year old son was standing at the door 12 feet away and my 16 year old son was in his room upstairs with the door closed. I turned to my left to go back to the door and in the very instant that I turned there was this absolutely brilliant bright electric blue flash of light, like a camera flash that nearly blinded my left eye for about a second or two. It came from the left area which would be my driveway. My son being inset in the door did not see its source but witnessed the same event. I walked around the house absolutely dumb founded at what could have made such a bright flash, and then decided to go onto bed, even though I had an uneasy feeling and of course my husband would be gone this weekend on travel for his job so I really felt crappy. Fast forward to the next evening and I am telling my 16 year old what happened to me and his brother the night before, he's like "holy crap, that went through my room last night but I just figured I imagined it or I was screwed up because I just took my allergy meds". He explained to me what it was like in his room and it was identical to my experience. In his words "the room was bathed in this split second flash of bright blue light going from my bathroom/hallway area to the window on the other side of my room." This would be in the exact same direction it traveled for me too, and at the exact same time. It amazes me that he too seen this, even though he was inside the house. He reminded me that it was less than a year ago that this happened once before yet it seems to start from the ceiling and travel out and to the floor. I have seen ghost the majority of my life, and had an old psychic when I was young tell me I attract them and they will always be with me... BUT this is not like anything I've ever experience. I've also seen orbs here and civil war era ghosts but this is a new one. (Your Ghost Stories)


I just want to say I was not on drugs nor were my two friends that were with me. This happened in our late teens. This is a true story. My friends and I lived in a smaller town, the type where everyone knew each other and you could go to anyone's house for the most part, if you ever needed help. We would frequent the massive park space in the middle of town late at night to hang out, relax, talk about life. We had been doing so since we were quite young. This one particular evening it was a very clear starry sky. We were excited that we had made a decent amount of money off a small business venture we had built for ourselves and were discussing our success. We had been hanging out for a while and it was getting close to 1am. This is around the time when we would usually head home together. All of a sudden out of nowhere the entire night sky flashed red and everything as far as we could see lit up like it was the middle of the day. No loud sound just red sky, then bright as day, then blackness. As this was going on we all looked at each other simultaneously with total shock on our faces. Then as quickly as it happened the night went dark. All I could say was did you guys see that and they both agreed that they did. We hung out longer then we normally would, talking about what we saw. Our parents didn't get mad that we were a bit later then usual because we were always pretty good about it. We also told our families what happened, but nobody else saw the event. When we brought it up at school it turned out no one else had seen it either, so we just stopped talking about it unless it was amongst each other. To this day and even at one of the friend's wedding we occasionally discuss it. Never did figure that one out. Edit: To my knowledge we never lost any time or got confused. (Reddit)

Comment of another user to this post:

I had a very similar experience. Around the same time of night as well incidentally. In my experience it was a snowy night and I was coming home late from work. The snow was falling and a man at the top of my street was out shoveling his driveway. As I passed by the sky lit up blue. Everything around us was bright as day, but there was no sound and after a moment it was like it had never occurred. I asked the man if he’d seen it and he confirmed he had. Never had any clue what that was about.


This incident happened in the fall of 2017(I was 18). I was working at a fast food restaurant by the name of Fausto’s. Me and one of my other co-workers were waiting at our registers for customers to come inside when something really weird happened. We were making small talk while looking out of the glass double doors when out of no where we were blinded by an extremely bright blue flash. It only lasted about 2 or 3 seconds then was gone. A minute or so after the flash occurred a group of people walked into the restaurant. Some of them looked confused. When I noticed this I asked them if they had seen the blue flash too. Several of them said that they had. For the rest of that and still to this day I try explain away what happened, but can’t think of anything that would have caused it. It wasn’t raining, so it couldn’t have been lightning and the flash was silent so it wasn’t a cop car. Also it was way brighter than either of the two mentioned above. It was similar to looking into the sun, but it completely filled my vision. (Reddit)


Long Lasting Light

I don't know if anyone reads these stories on this forum anymore but I too have experienced seeing a bluish white light. About 5 months ago my niece passes away and I went to spend the night with my parents house. I woke up around 5 am to feed my baby. I then laid her down and then got back into bed. I tossed and turned for about 10 minutes and all of a sudden the whole bedroom lite up in a bluish white color. It lasted about 3 seconds. I thought I was seeing things but then it happened again. I panicked and ran into the living room until my mom woke up to tell her what I had seen. She then told me after her father passed away many years ago, she too has seen her bedroom light up in a bluish white light. We both know it wasn't lightning and the house is way out in the country so there's no lights or cars driving by. (comment on post in Your Ghost Stories)


This happened about 18 years ago when I was in college. I wrote it all down exactly as it happened directly afterward, and my memory continues to line up with what I wrote. I was walking home in an apartment complex some time after midnight, and like a switch being flipped on, all of a sudden it was day time. Clear, blue sky, myself and everything around me lit up like it was midday. No visible light source, no noise, no nothing, just one second it was as dark as night gets, the next second it was a beautiful summer day. A few seconds later it turned back to night as quickly as it changed to day. In the neighborhood of 10 seconds, but I wasn't counting. I was pretty stunned as it was happening so I didn't really take in a lot of details. I didn't notice shadows/directions of shadows or anything else that was odd. I was alone so I have no idea if anyone else experienced it. (Reddit)


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[The following is a rather long account of people who saw a very bright light in a valley in New Zealand, during a time of intense UFO activity in the area. It is really interesting because of their description of the unusual light, and of what happened to them physically and mentally during and after the event. It has all the characteristics of an alien involvement, and the effect of intense infrared radiation (sensitive ears, buzzing sound), maybe also microwave radiation.]

East Coast Highway 35, North of Gisborne, March 1978

Taking the long way home

In 1978, my husband and I were living in a remote township on the East Coast and had been to the city of Gisborne for the day shopping. We had dinner in Gisborne, visited friends, and left at around 10.30pm on our 2 ½ -3 hour journey home. High up in the hills between Tologa Bay and Tokomaru Bay, there was an isolated part of the highway where the farmhouses were few and far between. From this vantage point, you could look out over a series of hills and valleys. We reached this point of the highway at around 11.30 at night, just over an hour out of Gisborne.

As we reached the high point of that stretch of road and proceeded over the brow of the hill, we were absolutely shocked to suddenly see a massive area of bright, white light emanate up into the air from the paddocks on the floor of a valley less than a kilometer away from us. It was as if someone had flicked a switch as we came over the hill – darkness, then sudden bright white light. The car stalled. At first we were stunned; what on earth could be making a glow like that? The valley floor itself was obscured from our vision by a couple of small hillocks or rises. On either side of these, we could see the sides of the valley lit up so clearly, that you could virtually see every tree on the hillsides, and lit so brightly, that they looked a silvery-white colour within this light. We had never, ever seen anything like it. It was brighter than the brightest daylight – but in fact it was a totally different kind of light altogether. The light was so intense, and seemed to permeate everything so completely, that there appeared to be no shadows and yet great detail was still distinguishable. It was as if the light was shining from every direction at once and yet at the same time it was clearly originating from something. Momentarily numb with disbelief, we stared at this strange, dense light – frightening in its intensity, and awesome in its magnitude.

Having gathered our wits somewhat, we began to panic like hell and yell at each other about what it could be, but the high strangeness of the situation quickly took over with surprise and confusion rapidly turning to shock and disbelief. We had no logical explanation for this spectacle and were so over-awed that we lowered our voices and began to speak in whispers. I was scared by the fact that we were in a very vulnerable position in the middle of nowhere with no phone to use if we needed help. I started panicking in case the car wouldn’t start again, and I said to my husband that we were definitely not going any further along the road towards that light until whatever it was went away, or until we knew what it was. I was even prepared to drive back to Gisborne. We looked back along the road hoping that some late-night traffic would be coming along, but none did. We were both very afraid and didn’t know what to do. My husband tried to reassure me (and himself) by saying that the light was probably caused by possum shooters with a spotlight! I think his rational mind was frantically searching for a familiar explanation or ‘box’ to slot the experience into so that he could deal with the sight before him. Well having lived in the country most of my life, I’d never seen a hunter’s spotlight that powerful, that it could light a whole valley brighter than daylight in every direction, and shine a couple of hundred feet up into the air as well!

Into the light?

While we were sitting there looking and whispering – a relatively short space of time – I began to notice that my arms and legs were starting to feel numb and tingly – like when you get ‘pins and needles’. My body suddenly felt very tired and ‘heavy’. The whole atmosphere began to change and feel very strange – quiet, distant, vague and otherworldly. Within seconds, I became aware of a deep buzzing sound, and at the same time I felt slightly dizzy and faint. As the buzzing rapidly increased, I began to try to tell my husband, wondering if he felt the same, but I found myself unable to move my limbs and I cannot remember ever finishing what I was trying to say.

My next recollection was of us both sitting very still in the car. There was no light to be seen – everything was in darkness. I felt drained. We both just sat staring out the front window of the car – I don’t know how long for. Eventually I must have collected my thoughts somewhat, because I can clearly recall taking out my handkerchief and wiping the inside of the windscreen (why I don’t know), but my husband seemed to be still and listless. I recall saying to him, “The light’s gone.” He didn’t move or reply so I said, “Shall we go now?” He mumbled, “Okay”. He started the car up, and we set off on the remainder of the journey. We must have had no energy or inclination to talk, because I remember traveling in silence.

Reality sets in

The next day we both felt extraordinarily tired, and attributed it to the fact that we had had a late night. I also experienced painfully sensitive hearing for several days and everyday noises caused considerable pain and reverberation in my eardrums. Any unexpected sounds frightened me causing my heart to race, my armpits to prickle in a cold sweat and my mouth to go quite dry (symptoms similar to Post Traumatic Stress), and I suffered several nosebleeds over a period of days. I felt startled all the time like a frightened rabbit but apart from feeling tired, my husband did not seem to suffer these effects. Early the next morning, I recalled the bright light in the valley and tried to talk to my husband about what he thought it could have been. He was apprehensive and did not want to discuss it at all, putting the incident in the ‘too-hard-basket’.

This attitude actually left me feeling very alone in my need for an explanation. For a long time after the incident, I replayed the drive from Gisborne and the strange event over and over in my mind. I could recall the spot where we were panicking one minute with the light in front of us, and then the light had gone and we were calmly driving away. There was clearly ‘something’ missing, the only indication being the somewhat incongruous and disjointed flow of events. To make matters worse, I had experienced something very similar on a rural road near Hastings in 1975.

The more I thought about all this, the more apprehensive I became. I stopped going out fishing at night for quite some time. Car lights shining on the windows of our house at night would send me running for cover, peering fearfully through a chink in the curtains to see what it was, even though my rational mind was telling me that it was only local farmers on their way to the pub after a hard days work!

There are a number of factors about this experience that stand out as being incongruous:

  1. We had several boxes of groceries in the car with us. I can recall our brief conversation in the car, and wiping the inside of the windscreen, yet I cannot remember ever putting the groceries away!
  2. I have never been able to remember many details of the journey home from that spot, or our arrival at home, other than our brief conversation in the car and the fact that we drove away calmly and in silence.
  3. I had no memory of the ‘light’ actually either going out, or leaving the area if it was in fact a landed UFO (craft).
  4. I have no memory of any other traffic – unusual for a main rural highway.
  5. The conversation that I recall – “The light’s gone”, “Shall we go now?”, “Okay,” seems very brief and understated for 2 people who have just witnessed such an unusual and frightening spectacle, and following this, we traveled the rest of the way home in silence! There was no discussion, no peering down the valley as we passed, no scanning of the sky. This was in stark contrast to the pandemonium that broke loose in the car when we first saw the light and the car stalled on the side of the road. Even the frightened whispering to follow, was in stark contrast to a calm and peaceful journey home.
  6. I could recall hearing the strange, deep buzzing sound, and from this time on, I became very jittery if I heard a sound that even vaguely resembled it.
  7. I could also recall having felt dizzy and faint, with tingling, immovable limbs just prior to losing memory/consciousness – not a normal occurrence on your way home from shopping!

I thought about this incident frequently for years and, along with other incidents, it had a huge impact on my life. Searching for a possible, rational explanation became important to me.

More lights UFOCUS NZ has other reports from people living in the Gisborne/East Coast at the time, who experienced similar sightings of whole areas of land lit up by intense bright light, such as the two described below: January 1978, two Waimata Valley families watched a bright object that gave out a beam of light that lit up an entire valley during a UFO sighting that lasted over an hour from 9.30 pm. The UFO repeated the manoeuvre several times. The witnesses had never seen light like it in their lives. April 1978, a teacher described how she had got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Looking out her living room windows, she saw what she thought was the most beautiful moonlight she had ever seen, shining down along the entire line of hills behind the house; very bright, white light, illuminating and defining every tree and rocky outcrop clearly. There was some ‘movement’ or swirling of the light, which she thought was caused by wisps of cloud passing. She woke her husband to see this amazing moonlit sight, but he told her there was no moon that night. She returned to the living room, noticing that all was now very dark and there was no moon. She could think of no explanation for what she had witnessed. (Ufocuz NZ)