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The Ghosts of Pterosaurs

In the summer of 1971, at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Station in Cuba, the U. S. Marine Eskin Kuhn observed two pterosaurs flying in clear daylight, at "close range." Kuhn was a talented artist, and sketched the long-tailed featherless flying creatures. In 2010, he was interviewed by the American cryptozoologist Jonathan Whitcomb.

Eskin Kuhn drawing of his pterosaur sighting.

Eskin Kuhn drawing of his pterosaur sighting. Source: Flying Dinosaurs


Patty Carson preliminary drawing of her pterosaur sighting.

Patty Carson preliminary drawing of her pterosaur sighting. Source: Live Pterosaur

In May of 2011, another eyewitness, Patty Carson, came forward with her story of a living pterosaur at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Station. She was only about six years old, around 1965, when she and her brother saw the strange “pterodactyl,” which which looked similar to the two seen by Kuhn six years later.

pterosaur flying

Is there anything stranger than seeing a pterosaur flying overhead? yet, there are so many sightings of these extinct species that there must be some truth in it. Several researchers have collected numerous accounts of these sightings, and they usually conclude that pterosaurs are not extinct and that the sightings are of actual living creatures who have survived throughout the ages.

I am of a different opinion, but let's first go into more detail.

Pterosaurs were flying reptiles, and existed 228 to 66 million years ago. Their wings were formed by a membrane of skin, muscle, and other tissues stretching from the ankles to a dramatically lengthened fourth finger. You could compare this with the wings of a bat.

Early species had long, fully toothed jaws and long tails, while later forms had a highly reduced tail, and some lacked teeth.

In contrast to what many people believe, there were many species, and adult pterosaurs came in all sizes, from the small to the very large.

Most pterosaur skulls had elongated jaws.

Most people are familiar with two pterosaurs from books and movies. The pteranodon had wingspans over 8 meters (26 feet), and it also had a distinctive, elongated crest jutting from the rear of the head. Its beak was toothless.

The smaller pterodactyl had a wingspan of about 1 meters (3 feet). Its beak had many teeth. The female had small rounded crests, and the male large crests.





In modern times, pterosaurs have been seen by many people all over the world, on every continent, in various environments, by children and adults alike. Many have been interviewed by researchers who were convinced about the validity of the sighting. The witnesses have no reason to pull of a hoax, as most of them are reluctant to talk about it because of fear of ridicule.

As a 'strange creature' flies over, it is not always possible to give a detailed description because of the brief encounter. However, in those cases where the witnesses were able to notice the details, they did not see any feathers, but bat-like wings.

Most depictions of pterosaurs in films and on television have been of the short-tailed ones, especially the Pteranodon. However, witnesses describe mostly long-tail pterosaurs. That would count against the possibility of being influenced by the media. The media also portrays mostly large-size pterosaurs, while witnesses describe various sizes, from small to large.

So far it seems that the witnesses are reliable and have indeed seen various species of pterosaurs. They are seen not only in remote areas but also in well populated regions. Does this mean that these pterosaurs were real, flesh-and-blood living creatures that are still living amongst us?

To me, the sightings are real. The witnesses are credible. They saw real pterosaurs, sometimes in detail. However, I believe that these pterosaurs are not living our present times. They are visions of pterosaurs in past times. That might sound weird, but let me explain.

Everything in nature leaves its imprint in the subtle realms. When the circumstances are right, one can (unexpected) witness something that happened in the past. In my article of Accidentally Viewing of Past Scenes I have shown that one can suddenly view a scene from the past that looks so real as if one is really in it.

Everything is recorded in the Akashic records, and sometimes these records become visible in our physical world. The sightings of pterosaurs are sightings of akashic records of the flight of these creatures. The witnesses are seeing not real living creatures but a holographic film reel, by way of speaking, of what once transpired at the location millions of years ago.

If this is difficult to accept, consider that pterosaurs cannot live in our modern times. If they have survived they would live in colonies in order to preserve the continuation of their species. That means that where a pterosaur is spotted, there would be more than one flying around. Instead, a sighting is always a singular one for that location. They would also be flying around constantly in order to find food, every single day. Where I live I can see vultures flying around every day. We don't see that with modern day pterosaurs. Because they would have to be numerous, because of the countless sightings all over the glove, skeletons of their species would have been found by now. They would also have been shot down by hunters, or captured. Their nests would have been found. In other words, a surviving species, especially those of such a large size, would have been tracked down easily by now.

As I mentioned before, pterosaur researchers believe that they are living species that survived the ages, but the absence of physical evidence is too overwhelming for such an animal species. At the other side the sightings are credible. The only solution to this seemingly contradiction is to consider that these are sightings of past scenes.