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Missing Time: Has It Ever Happened To You?

or more correctly: Missing Memory of Time Passage and Spatial Displacement

This article is also available in PDF version (also contains the additional accounts).

Because of the large volume of accounts of first-hand experiences I have found, this page only contains a couple of accounts for each section. I have made a separate page with additional accounts I have gathered to show you that this phenomenon is more widespread than one would imagine. It is also quite worrisome that this happens to so many people.


My Own Experience

Clarification of Terms

Different Kinds of Time and Space Displacement

Who or What is behind it?

People's Experiences

1. Missing Memory of Time Passage Only

Inside the House and Unchanged Position

Loss of Time when Standing

Outside of Time

While Walking

In the Woods

2. Missing Memory of Time Passage and Spatial Displacement

Inside a Building and Displaced Inside or Outside

Two People Together

While Walking

While Driving a Car

3. Other Features

One or More Days Missing

Strange Scenery

Objects Missing

In Trance

Initiated by a Sound

With Night Sky Lighting Up

With Sighting of UFO/Aliens

With Bigfoot

Missing Memory of Time Passage and Spatial Displacement

My Own Experience

This article started by remembering a strange experience I had when I was in my twenties. It was so unusual that I still don't know what exactly happened. Even now, after four decades, I still remember it well. Only recently I have come up with a possible explanation. Originally I thought that I was the only one who had such an experience. Looking around the internet in the past years I discovered that many other people had similar experiences. It is a strange phenomenon that warrants further investigation.

I called my experience The Night That Didn't Exist:

It had been an ordinary day, somewhere in my twenties, so that must be in the 1980s. In the evening I went to bed at 10 o'clock, as usual, to get up at 6.00 am, as usual, to go to work. At 10 o'clock it was already completely dark outside. I laid down in bed, closed my eyes and dozed off for ten seconds. I opened my eyes again and noticed that there was a light shining through the window. “Strange”, I thought, “What might that be?” I turned towards the window and noticed that it was light outside, that is, light from the sun. I was puzzled. I looked at the clock next to my bed, and noticed that it was 6.00 in the morning. Now I was really flabbergasted because I had only dozed off for about ten seconds. I hadn't slept at all. I didn't know what to think about it because I get my breakfast and catch the bus to work. Actually, I didn't know what to think about for many, many years, until recently.

I have to explain this a little further.

When you wake up in the morning, you know you have slept because you have a feeling, especially a bodily feeling of having slept in the first place. Your body feels different because it feels refreshed, or you still feel sleepy when you wake up. You can also feel approximately how long you have slept. You have a sense of a passage of time, even if you can't judge it right, or if you have memory problems. I normally can remember some of my dreams, but those were absent too.

When I woke up, after a few seconds, there was absolutely no sense of having slept. My body did not feel different. I closed my eyes and a moment later I opened them, and there was no time passage in between. My body was still in the exact same position. Normally, when one sleeps, the body moves around a lot during the night. There was no sense of passage of time, none. No dreams either. That is all I can tell about it, because there was nothing in between those two point in time. All I can compare it to is a filmstrip out of which a series of frames have been cut out, and the two ends taped together.

It only happened once to me. It was a one time occurrence.


Clarification of Terms

The title of this article, Missing Memory of Time Passage and Spatial Displacement, might be a little cumbersome, but it describes accurately the phenomenon I will be talking about. People who have had strange experiences involving time and space often do not understand what has happened. The discontinuity of their experience in the ordinary, every-day world is puzzling and sometimes disconcerting. They choose simple terms in an effort to label the unusual experience. The most known example of this is the so-called 'missing time' in UFO and alien abduction scenarios. This term is a misnomer because time was not missing; it went along as usual. What was missing was their memory between two points of time. The right term for this experience is 'Missing Memory'. Unfortunately, the term 'missing time' stuck and has been used ever since. Alien abduction cases are a little different because the abductees generally do have the sense of the passage of time. Although they have no memory of what happened after seeing a UFO or aliens, they do feel that something has happened. Also, a lot of abductees do remember one or more parts of the abduction.

However it is important to use the right terms, or at least terms that describe as close as possible an event that we don't fully comprehend.

I am using the term Missing Memory of Time to describe an event between two points of time, of which the person does not have any memory at all. For example, it is 2 o'clock and suddenly it is 4 o'clock and the person realizes that he cannot remember anything that happened in the last two hours. His memory of the passage of time is absent too. We are talking here about truly anomalous events.

It is important to understand that time is not separate from space. Time and space are linked together. In science, they call it the time-space continuum. That is one of the reasons why time travel is not possible. You cannot alter time without altering space too.

Missing Memory of Spatial Displacement is an experience in which a person suddenly finds himself in a different location, without having any memory how he got there. This can be an instantaneous event, or a passage of time occurred for which there is no memory.

What is also important is that these experiences are all about the total loss of memory, actually an anomalous loss of memory between two distinct points in time in an otherwise normal situation with normal, healthy people.


Different Kinds of Time and Space Displacement

When I started to search for other people's experiences similar to mine, I found that there were indeed others who had almost identical experiences. Then I started to find other experiences with a variety of time and/or space skips.

There are different kinds of loss of memory experiences, or different circumstances in which people report an anomalous displacement not only in time but also in their spatial location, without any memory of what happened. Most people are very concerned afterwards. Usually they don't talk about it, or only to a close friend or family member, out of fear of ridicule or being called crazy.

Let's have a look at the different kinds of time/space displacements. I have grouped them in a couple of categories, but some of them overlap. These are of course my own categories in an effort to get an overview of the phenomenon.

1. Missing Memory of Time Passage Only

The person experiences loss of passage of time but still finds himself in the same position in space. The person immediately knows that there is a time discrepancy, but it can also happen that the person did not notice this until he checked a clock and sees that it is much later than it should be.

Usually a time displacement only happens to one person, but I found a several cases where it happened to two people at once, and even one case where an entire group of people was involved.

As I mentioned before my own experience turned out not to be unique. A person lies down on his bed in the evening, blinks, and it is morning. There is no sense of the passing of time, and no memory of anything that happened between the two points of time. There is also no change in the position of the body. That by itself is already anomalous, because the body changes its position many times during sleep. Staying in the same position for 6 or 8 hours would also result in bodily aches and pains, which are absent.

Even more intriguing are the cases in which a person is standing. Time passed unnoticed and the person is still standing in the exact same position. Again, this would be impossible when hours went by. This would create pains and aches in the body. This experience can happen when the person is in the middle of ordinary chores, like washing the dishes.


2. Missing Memory of Time Passage and Spatial Displacement

In these cases, there is not only a loss of memory of the passage of time, but the person suddenly finds himself at a different location. This can be just a feet away, but also many miles away in a totally different area. The person has no idea how he ended up there. Remember we are talking only about normal, healthy people.

In most of these cases, only one person is involved. When two people experience a time and or space displacement, it not only adds validity to the experience, but it also gives rise to more concern. This usually happens driving a car.

The time-lapse with space displacement is in general a couple of hours. There are many reports of people (also children) who went missing for several days and were later found in good health, but they did not remember anything of the missing time period. David Paulides researched a lot of these cases in his Missing 411 books.


3. Instantaneous Spatial Displacement

There are also instances in which people are driving a car, and they arrive much earlier to their destination than physically possible. They can find themselves suddenly close to their destination without any memory of having passed familiar landmarks that they should have noticed. One could write it of as a loss of memory, but the trip took, for example, only 20 minutes while it should have taken four hours. Somehow they were teleported from one location to another. There is no memory of how this happened.


4. The Circumstances

Not Immediately Noticed: Sometimes the person did not notice that something unusual happened for which they have no memory. This means that the daily activities went on smoothly as usual, but that at a certain time point their activity stopped and at the second point in time, they resumed as if there had been nothing in between these two points in time. Only when he looks at a clock, he notices that many hours are unaccounted for.

While Walking: A person is walking down the street and finds himself suddenly at another location at a later time. Usually the change is abrupt, but sometimes he experiences strange perceptions of his environment

While Driving or Biking: The same can happen while driving a car or riding a bike. How is it possible for a driving or biking person to find themselves somewhere else without memory and still having control over the vehicle?

There are basically three scenarios while a person is walking, driving or biking. He finds himself suddenly much further down the road; he finds himself suddenly at a totally different location in the same town/city; he finds himself many miles back on the same road. In the first two instances he usually finds that he has traversed that distance in an impossible short time.

Guidance: It is rare, but in some cases there is a clear spiritual guidance of some sort to help the person when he becomes aware of his new situation and is freaked out. It seems that the intelligence responsible for the event is concerned and does not want the person to have any accident or to be too distressed.

Cloths: in some cases, when people 'wake up' from their memory lapse, they find themselves without cloths, partially clothed, or even naked. In the 411 Missing cases it is a regular feature that the missing person's clothing (when they found the person) had been messed with, and often the shoes are found nearby or not at all.

Missing Items: some people when 'waking up' from their memory lapse do not have the object they had in hand anymore, and they cannot find it anymore. It disappeared completely.

Missing from the space they never left: There are cases in which the person, during the short period of his memory loss, is actually missing from the place where he should have been, as other people had come by that place and he was not there. The person himself is convinced that he stayed at that one location. Usually these short periods last up to a couple of hours.

Trance: in some instances, people have lost memory while walking, biking or driving, and when they became aware again they are still engaged into this activity. It is quite something to have a loss of consciousness while driving, safely and in traffic, and to be still driving when coming out of it.

Other: I found two or three experiences in which there we first a bright flash of light; and one experience in which there was a violent spin of air around the car.


Who or What is Behind It?

The phenomena of missing time, or not remembering what happened, can be divided into two sections: somnambulism and outside intervention.



Somnambulism, or sleepwalking is a strange state of consciousness, in which the body is deep asleep, but the person is still conscious. No two somnambulists are the same, and they display different degrees of this deep sleep. A somnambulist can sit up in bed, talk, walk around, converse with other people, even to the point that other people can't distinguish his sleepwalking state from a waking state. When he wakes up, he doesn't remember a thing of what happened while he was in that state, and he is bewildered why he is suddenly in another place. Although in a sleep state, he is still conscious enough to do work: knitting, doing the dishes, writing letters, walking into town, and even driving a car. Most somnambulists have their eyes closed, but they can still perfectly see the world around them. From a pure physical point of view this is impossible, but from an esoteric point of view, the person has separated his conscious from the physical body into the astral body, and he is now perceiving the world through this astral body, while still maintaining a link with the physical body which it is still controlling.

Somnambulism is similar to certain trance states. When a person is in the somnambulistic state he can also establish a direct mental link with another person, and read his mind and thoughts. He even can predict his own personal future in regards to his health in the nearby future. It all depends how deep the state of somnambulism is. We are touching here at levels of consciousness that have been little explored.

Catalepsy is considered a special state of somnambulism. Catalepsy is a nervous condition characterized by muscular rigidity and fixity of posture regardless of external stimuli, as well as decreased sensitivity to pain. In missing time cases, we find some people who were is a fixed bodily position for a short or long time.

Somnambulism is caused by a neurological or brain disorder, but it is still unclear what the mechanism is. It also seems to run in families, so there may be a genetic underlying link to it. This is the physical component, but there is also an energetic component. Karl von Reichenbach (1788-1896) found that the somnambulistic state arises when the nervous system is overcharged with an energy he called Od (his term for what we now would call, prana, life energy, aether, etc.).

Somnambulism happens naturally and artificially. Natural somnambulism happens when a person is already asleep, and then falls in the deeper somnambulistic sleep. It can be produced artificially by another person. Karl von Reichenbach showed that a sensitive person can be brought easily into the somnambulistic state by magnetic passes, or by pointing the tip of a crystal, or the north pole of magnet to the person. You can find more about these sensitive people in my articles of The Odic Energy of Life, and Somnambulism and Cramps.

Somnambulism can happen at any time, not only when one is asleep in bed. A sensitive person can fall into the somnambulistic state in the daytime, under any circumstance; while eating, waking, working... The transition from waking state to somnambulistic state happens very quickly, almost instantaneously. When he wakes up, he doesn't remember anything of what happened during this episode.

We find all this with the missing time phenomenon. People wake up in the same bodily position, even many hours later, a situation that resembles catalepsy. After a period of missing time, they find themselves in another bodily position in the same place, or in another room. When walking, biking or driving, they find themselves in another location without remembering how they got there. Even when they were missing for many hours and even days, without remembering anything. Somnambulism can last that long. I would even put some, if not many, of the famous 411 cases into the somnambulistic explanation. Sleepwalking happens especially with young children, as it happens in the 411 cases. In some of the 411 cases children and adults have traveled a long distance in cold weather and in the snow, even barefoot. Missing shoes and socks is not unusual in those cases. In somnambulism we see that the bodily senses are absent to such a degree that a somnambulist does not feel pain or cold. Reichenbach had a case in which a somnambulistic woman was walking barefoot in the snow.

The 411 cases can be easily explained with natural somnambulism. In other cases the circumstances point more to the external intervention by other-dimensional beings.


External Induction By Other-Dimensional Beings

Somnambulism, taken as a natural phenomenon, explains a lot of the missing time cases. However there are some cases that point to an external stimulus by intelligent beings, because of time and space anomalies. These are cases in which the person arrives at his destination in a time span much shorter than possible, sometimes almost instantaneously. This infers that there are some beings on this planet, most likely other-dimensional, who have control over space-time. It looks like these beings can induce the somnambulistic state in sensitive people (who are already susceptible to sleepwalking). They can then manipulate that person to do something or to walk around, go somewhere, or take that person out of its space-time and transport him to another location in a short time frame. You could call it teleportation, I call it Instantaneous Spatial Displacement.

The missing time phenomena is well-known with the so-called alien abductions. I consider the aliens not to be extraterrestrials but terrestrial other-dimensional beings. If you want to know more about them, you can read my articles about these beings (for example The Intrusion of Dimensional Beings). These aliens always show up in the lives of psychic people. Some somnambulists can also display features that can be seen as psychic, such as mental communication and clairvoyance. It is known that the aliens always communicate mentally. When a sensitive person is in the somnambulistic state, he will carry out actions given to him mentally by the one who put him into that state.

An external influence is also highly likely in cases where more than one person at the same time experiences missing time.

Why these beings would want to temporary take over a sensitive person by putting him into a somnambulistic state and make him go or drive to a certain location or move him across space-time, is not quite clear. Throughout history they have meddled with the lives of humans, and are considered to be mischievous. Maybe it is their nefarious way of having fun.

In the cases where the Missing Memory of Time Passage and Spatial Displacement was of short duration, the person usually continues his day as usual, although a little puzzled. However, in a few cases, especially when he is walking, the person reports an initial feeling of muffling of sounds, an eerie silence, and a distortion of distance. A short feeling of dizziness and orientation can also happen immediately afterwards, although in most cases this is totally absent. In a few cases the time loss was initiated by a bright light flash. This strongly point to an external force being applied to the person to initiate the somnambulistic state.

Memory loss is typical after a UFO and/or alien beings have been spotted. Memory loss can be total, but sometimes the abductee does remember parts of the abduction. It is also not unusual for an abductee to 'wake up' after the event in a different location. There is plenty of literature out there about alien abduction, so I don't have to go into this topic. I consider many of the abductions not to be physical abductions at all, but mental manipulations after the person have been put into the somnambulistic state. As the aliens have the ability to manipulate space-time, they can also 'abduct' a person, that is, transfer him to another location. Going into a trance when seeing a UFO or having contact with aliens, and when waking up finding himself at another location is well-known in the UFO community.

Contact with those alien other-dimensional beings also runs in families, as we see with somnambulism.

When entities are involved, a single event often leads to other strange events. With space and time displacements we sometimes find other kinds of interference. These are not always investigated. It might be interesting to see if people who experience a time/space displacement also have other unusual things happening in their lives.

John A. Keel (1930-2009), the UFO researcher, in his Why Ufos (1978), gives us a story relayed to him about a man who had a classical time and space displacement. Keel attributed these anomalies to intervention of 'ultraterrestrials' a term he used to indicate an intelligence or beings who are residing here on Earth, but not in the physical dimension. He did not speculate to what exactly they are but did draw parallels to historical entities said to be living in a parallel dimension. They like to enter our dimension and play havoc with the lives of humans. When Keel investigated cases, he also looked for other phenomena in that person's life.

In the 1960s and 70s John Keel was already familiar with the anomalous displacements in space in UFO cases: “I have now received well over 100 reports in which witnesses have lost from five minutes to several hours immediately after sighting an unidentified flying object. In nearly every case, these people were riding in vehicles at the time.”

Keel mentioned here that the sudden displacement in space of objects is called apport, a term often associated with poltergeist phenomena. An object is dematerialized at one spot and materializes at another. However, the dimensional entities are able to also transport through space human beings, even when driving a car. The problem is that those people don't remember anything of the event, only that it happened.


People's Experiences

In the old days researchers would go out and interview people, and write a report of the mysterious event. This was almost always written from the point of view of the researcher, who often left out crucial details because they didn't fit his own belief system. Now, in the age of the internet, or the World Wide Web, people can write their own account of their experiences on websites, blogs, bulletin boards. These are more interesting as we hear it from the experiencer himself. I have looked around and gathered some examples that illustrate the phenomenon of Missing Memory of Time Passage and Spatial Displacement. It might take you some time to read them all, as some descriptions are lengthy, but they give you a good view on what is happening to people. Maybe it will remind you of your own experience.


1. Missing Memory of Time Passage Only

Inside the House and Unchanged Position

Most of the following experiences took place inside a house, or another building.

The following was just like my own experience. Even more interesting is that the person normally has problems falling asleep. I also had problems falling asleep. This Reddit page had several one line replies of other people who have had the same experience, usually in their teens, and even two or more times.

It was normal everyday summer night around 9:30 where a decided I would go to sleep but when I lay down I blinked and it was suddenly morning. Usually I can't fall asleep at all because insomnia. Please explain. (Reddit)

The following post gives a little more description, but also mentions his step-brother had it happen to him too:

I can only vaguely recall the other times since it’s happened to me when I was way, way younger. It’s probably occurred about 2-4 times in total. It happened again this morning however. The thing is, I have always remembered the few instances where I would lay down at night, blink once, and skip straight to the morning without any memory whatsoever or sleeping, falling asleep or waking up. I always acknowledge it the moment I wake up and be slightly freaked about it. After discussing it with some people I found that my step-brother claimed to have had it happen to him too. To this day I still wonder what on earth really happened. (Reddit)

Another post:

So, it was just a normal, random night, and I was in my bed, trying to fall asleep. I couldn't sleep for some reason, which happens every once in a while, so it wasn't out of the ordinary. I had an alarm clock next to my bed, and I don't recall the exact time, but it was somewhere around 11:00 pm. I was looking up at the nearly pitch black night sky through my window, and a few seconds later, I blinked. BLINKED. And when I open my eyes, it's complete daylight outside. I look at my clock, and it's 7:30 am. This moment completely baffled me at the time, and still sort of does. I mean, I had to have fallen asleep, right? I was lurking around the subreddit and remembered this exact moment, so I had to post about it. I've never heard of this happening before. (Which I guess makes sense because I don't think I've researched it before either...) But if anyone has had a similar experience, I would love to know, thanks! (Reddit)

Replies to this post of people who had the same thing happening to them:

*This exact thing has happened to me about 13 years ago and I still clearly remember it. It happened in almost the exact fashion as your story. I was awake in the bed sitting up, blinked, and it was morning. Haven't been able to find a lot of information as to what it could have been.

*This same thing happened to me about 10 or 11 years ago, I was only 11 at the time. It was midnight I was hanging off my bed in a very unusual manner, so I would be able to see my alarm clock. I blinked and it was 9:30 am. Very strange because my alarm never went off and my parents didn't try to wake me for school even though I was two hours late. And I was still half off the bed, and I roll in my sleep. My mom told me I just must have been very tired but it feels like more than that, and trust me I've been much more tired than that before and after but this was a one time event.

*Happened once to me at about 7 years old. I was staying overnight at my grandparents' place, a common occurrence. I went to sleep at like 9:30, and woke up what felt like a second later the next morning at around 6am.

*I had it happen only once, when I was a little yaosio. I know it happened between kindergarten and 3rd grade, but don't know my exact age. I laid down to sleep, closed my eyes, and when I opened them it was morning. I wish I could fall asleep like that, even at the time I wished it would happen more often since I've always had trouble falling asleep.

*I've posted about this having happened to me a while ago. It was damned eerie, as I was sitting upright in bed when it happened, and I was still sitting upright afterwards. I can't imagine the cramps in my back if I sat like that, unsupported, for 8 or so hours. Also, my position didn't change an inch; it was literally blink and it was morning.

This person mentions that “my position didn't change”. I had the same experience. The same happened to this person:

I made this account to investigate dimensional jumping and ended up here. My story isn't nearly that interesting but I figured I'd throw it in. It's a short one, the title basically explains the whole thing.

A few years ago I had a normal day. Nothing out of the ordinary happened that I can remember. It was night, and I was getting ready to go to bed. I turned off the lights and got under the blanket. I remember not even being tired. I was prepared to do my regular nightly routine of attempting to clear/relax my mind enough over the course of 30-45 minutes in order to fall asleep. So I was laying on my back just staring at the ceiling for a few seconds and I blinked.

And the whole room was light. Day way shining through the window.

I was laying the exact same way. I wasn't sleepy like I had just woken up. It literally felt like I just skipped 8 hours in a split-second.

And that's the whole story. I tried to tell my roommate what happened, but she was just confused lol. It was really freaky. I guess I could've just immediately passed out? But I felt like my conscious mind was completely uninterrupted in that short second.

I wouldn't mind it happening again. I've never felt more alert in the morning.


Comments on this post shows there are always more people with the same experience:

* OH MY GOD the exact same thing happened to me when I was a kid, I remember it so vividly. I must’ve been like 7 or 8, and i went to bed, blinked and it was instantly day. I ran to tell my parents because I was so confused, and they told me I must’ve just been really tired but it was the strangest feeling ever, it felt like i hadn’t even moved because I was facing the room with my back against the wall, and the window was in my view, so I literally saw it go from pitch black to sunny in a split-second.

* This happened to me when I was about 6. I was staying at my nan's house with my mum and dad, sleeping at the foot of their bed on the floor. I shut my eyes for literally one second and when I opened them again it was quite late in the morning, I had actually overslept and everyone was already up and getting ready to go. I must have been out for hours and hours but for me it was only literally a second. I never knew anyone else had experienced this too!

There are a lot of experiences inside one's house that are quite uneventful. The following is just one example:

I've heard missing time refers to in alien abductions... I certainly don't think mine was that (for one thing it happened in my bedroom at 10am one morning in a busy town, and with several other people in the house at the time!) but it certainly surprised the hell out of me. Mostly because, in the process of looking up and down from a notepad I was reading, I somehow lost over an hour... now this was a single sheet of paper, which would take - literally - seconds to read. I was wide awake, sitting up in bed. I didn't misread the clock. But about 75 minutes just went *poof* in a matter of say, thirty seconds or so... (Project Paranormal website)

The following shows that the time skip can also happen at an office:

Hello. In approximately 1991 or 1992, I worked at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska (Alaska’s north slope, located in the arctic region and actually far north above the North Pole). Another co-worker and I worked in an office, doing accounting. I was processing invoices and sitting at my desk, as was she. All of the sudden I experienced this super white bright light (like a camera flash only it was so bright, it made everything not visible anymore. The next thing I know, I ‘woke up’ (my head was laying on the desk). I felt like I had been drugged and there was that silence, like you were writing about. I looked at the clock, and 3 hours had passed and I was still working on the same invoice! A couple of weeks later, my co-worker asked me “have you ever been sitting at your desk, then you feel like a bright flash went off, then the next thing you know, a few hours have gone by and you can’t recall what happened?” I have also experienced other unusual phenomenon in Alaska (UFO related). Do you think the missing time episode was caused by government workers or aliens? I still think about this often as well. Thanks for letting me share. Take care. (The Paranormalist)

Some people have more than one experience:

Twice it happened to me (years ago) that I closed my eyes at bedtime and one moment later it was already morning and time to get up. I had no knowledge of having slept and no knowledge that any time had passed, it felt as if I had just closed my eyes for a few seconds. I probably did sleep and I just didn't realize, however it felt weird. I felt robbed of those pleasant few minutes that mark the transition from wakefulness to sleep. (Reddit, reply to post)

Loss of Time when Standing

In the following case, the person had the phenomenon happening to him, not lying on bed, but when he was standing up. He also made a point that his standing position hadn't changed at all:

Most of the stories I’ve heard talk about being somewhere else or being in a different position but this story always bugged me. I was about 6 or 7 living in Wentzville, Missouri. I am a notorious insomniac, even as a child. It takes me at least an hour to fall asleep unless I’m exhausted. With all that in mind it was 8 o’clock, give or take a few minutes. I couldn’t sleep, I was a rowdy child who wasn’t tired, I wasn’t on any medication. Bored with not sleeping I looked out the window before stepping back and standing and stretching. I blinked and all of a sudden it was day. 14 hours had passed and it was 10:25. I have no history of sleep walking. My brother does, but he gets it from my step father of whom I am unrelated. When I moved away and sat on my bed I had left imprints in the carpet from standing there, yet my legs weren’t tired. So I didn’t skip through time even if it was possible. I was physically there and standing for 14 hours. It’s fine if it sounds unbelievable, I understand. I just wanted some suggestions on something that’s bugged me for the last ten, soon to be eleven years of my life. I’m open to all suggestions. I didn’t know where else to post this. (Reddit)

A reply to this post from a reader who had a similar loss of time when standing up staring at a picture:

No way, this happened to me as a kid, can’t believe I forgot about it until now. I was about 8 and I had just woken up. I walked down the hallway and for some reason decided to peer at a picture that had been hanging in our hallway for years. There was nothing particular about this picture, but I was so perplexed for some reason. I hear my mom tell my family that dinner is ready. No way, dinner can’t possibly be ready, I just woke up. I step back and I see imprints of my footsteps in the carpet. This is just crazy to me because I vividly remember it being morning when I woke up.

Another reply to this post:

I had a similar experience. I was a kid, I remember being wide awake (scared of the dark so it took ages to fall asleep) I blinked and the next minute all the lights were on and my aunt was up mid way getting ready for work. I couldn’t explain it then or now years later. Most people said I just fell asleep and forgot but I know I blinked and time had jumped hours ahead to morning. So bizarre!

The following person first imagined “some weird hieroglyphs” just before the time switch. He also had another experience with a certain loss of time when standing outside:

I have two very vivid memories from when I was 7 or 8, both have to do with me skipping from night to day/ day to night.

The first: It’s night. I remember my mom telling me to brush my teeth before I went to bed. She was waiting by the bathroom until she saw me brush my teeth. She was always strict on brushing teeth at night. I remember running to my bed instead and pressing my face against a pillow, and imagining some weird hieroglyphs or some shit and got scared by them. I take my head off the pillow and next thing I know it’s morning. My mom is standing by the bathroom yelling at me to brush my teeth and get ready for the DAY. I was at a loss for words and I never told anyone.

The other story is pretty similar but it’s the other way around. I remember driving home from a long day at a county fair. It was sunset, and I was looking out the window and admiring the sky. Then like a time-lapse video the sun sets and the moon rises all in about 3 seconds. I looked around the car and no one reacted to the dramatic change. I asked if anyone saw that, and they replied “Saw what?” I couldn’t get myself to say it because obviously I thought I was going crazy. (Reddit)

In the following the person lost two hours while awake, but interestingly a flash of light initiated it:

Three months ago I woke up Brown 2:30 AM turn went to the kitchen to get a drink and as I turned the corner to the kitchen, a bright flash of light hit me then all of a sudden I felt confused and proceeded to get a drink and went back to my room. As I lay down, I looked at my phone and noticed it was 4:05 AM in the morning. I sat there trying to figure out what just happened and how two hours was just lost. I still feel lost for was happened that morning.” Phantoms and Monsters

Illuminated by a light:

So I had something really weird happen to me as a teenager. The memory of this night hasn’t faded a bit in all these years. One night, about 10pm, in 1974, my friend and I were standing alone on a suburban street talking sports after we had thrown the ball around for a couple hours Suddenly we were awash in a white light everything seemed to be illuminated with the light. The last thing I remember was looking down at my friend on the ground And he says The last thing he remembers is looking up at me surrounded by the light. Approx. 3 hours later we were running on the street to my house. We ran up the stairs and burst into my mom’s room. I woke up my Mom with a shake on the shoulder and told her what we could remember happening on the street and about the great lapse in time. She was upset and accused us of taking drugs, but we didn’t. That night we both agreed it was better if we never mentioned the incident again because the response would be much of the same. We never have. (Skeletons In My Closet)

As you will see later there is another story of two people in an office who also had lost time initiated by a light flash.


Outside of Time?

The following experiences seem to imply that the person had been outside of time, if such a thing is possible.

After two hours the same song was still playing, as if he had been outside of time:

Okay so, has anyone had like a time glitch I am leaving Ca on a flight, we get in the air I put my headphones on play work by fifth harmony I felt like I just blinked, opened my eyes flight attendant gets on the mic says thank you for flying united, checked my watch, yup two hours gone and my headphones are still playing the same song when I "blinked" I have got over 600 songs on this playlist no way it picked it again my battery is still the same. I am confused, I didn't even get my pretzels, and no it wasn't on repeat. (Reddit)

The following is a rather long story, but I have included it here because it the woman had physical issues that would have caused her discomfort and pain in the 6 hours unaccounted for, if she was indeed inside her house. Maybe an explanation might be found in being taken out of her physical reality, outside of our time/space continuum.

TL;DR I lost time. No drugs, alcohol, signs of carbon monoxide poisoning, or previous episodes of lost time apply and I wasn't lying down or even sitting when it happened.

What happened:

This will be quite long as I'm including answers to the questions I think might be asked so please bear with me. Three years ago, I was living in a house with my adult daughter, my cat, and her 2 cats. I went to bed early one night and woke up around 5am unable to get back to sleep so I had a shower and started doing housework. After a few hours, my whole house was spotless and I felt great.

I made myself a pancake for breakfast and sat down to eat just as my daughter woke up and started rushing around getting ready for work. She had a 9am-3:00pm shift that day and had woken up late. At 8:45, she asked me to call her a taxi while she finished getting ready. At 8:50, I was putting my breakfast dishes in the sink as the taxi pulled into my driveway. My daughter asked me to feed her cats because she hadn't had time and then she rushed out. I put fresh food and water down for my cat and headed to the laundry room in the basement to feed her cats. (They had to be fed separately because my cat is a pig and will eat all the food.)

I filled her cats' bowls, put them on the floor. One began to eat right away and the other begged for a morning cuddle. I picked him up and cuddled him for a couple minutes, then put him down to eat and headed back upstairs with the intention of grabbing a nap for a couple of hours. I wanted to be awake before noon because that's when the cats all got their daily Temptations treats.

To get to my bedroom on the 2nd floor, I have to pass by the kitchen. As I passed, I noticed the clock on the microwave. It said 2:53. I assumed it had been unplugged at some point and was showing the wrong time. I was going to reset it but I checked every clock in the house and my phone and they were all the same.

Even if I got lost in thought while cuddling the cat, it should have been no later than 9:05am. I sat down stunned and tried to make sense of it but I couldn't because if I lost track of time doing something I don't remember, there should have been evidence of it and there wasn't. My house looked exactly as I'd left it when I headed to the basement and other than the confusion and growing concern, I didn't feel any differently either. At about 3:20 pm, my daughter returned home from work and told me all about her day. Then I told her about mine. "You left. I fed the cats. Then it was 2:53 pm and I don't remember doing anything else while you were gone."

What I know for sure:

  • The house faces east and the sun was still shining brightly in the living room window when I headed down to the basement, so I know I didn't lose those hours before heading down the stairs.

  • No incoming or outgoing calls were showing on my phone that day, other than to call the taxi.

  • The browser history on my computer showed no activity for the day.

  • I was wearing the same clothes when I came upstairs as I had on when I went downstairs and there was nothing about them or on them that would indicate what I might have done or where I was for so long.

  • None of the neighbours I asked said they saw me that day.

  • I have old spinal injuries that cause extreme pain if I don't move and stretch out my back at least every half hour, and my back wasn't sore at all, so I know I didn't stay in one position for 6 hours.

  • I have low blood sugar. It drops dangerously low and makes me feel violent if I don't have at least a piece of fruit between meals and I felt fine even though there was no evidence that I'd eaten anything after breakfast.

  • I have to pee frequently enough that I get up twice in the night to use the bathroom. If I don't, my full bladder puts pressure on the injured discs in my back and causes pain. I should have needed to empty my bladder at least twice in that 6 hours and my bladder still didn't feel full.

  • There's no bathroom in my basement and being a woman, there should have been evidence if I'd emptied my bladder anywhere else in the house. No evidence was found and the house still smelled fresh and clean. I even checked the litter boxes and the drains in a desperate attempt to find some clue that would indicate what I'd done during the missing hours.

  • My arms weren't aching and sore when I put the cat down after cuddles, so I know I didn't hold him for 6 hours, even if he would have let me, which I doubt.

  • I had no injuries or soreness that would indicate I'd fallen unconscious on the basement floor or on my way up the stairs.

  • As a smoker, going 6 hours without a cigarette makes the muscles in my jaw tense. There were no cigarettes missing from my pack, no tension in my jaw, and the ashtray was still clean.

  • My bed was still made with no sign that I'd been in it or on it since I cleaned my room that morning.

  • I hadn't been on any prescription medications for at least 3 years prior to that day. The only over-the-counter medications I take are anti-inflammatories when my back gets sore and Tums for acid indigestion and I hadn't taken either for days. Nor have either ever had a strange effect on me before or since.

  • I've been smoking marijuana on and off since 1979 for stress but always from a trusted supplier and I hadn't had any for at least a week prior. There was nothing in my life causing me stress at the time.

  • I had a non-epileptic seizure disorder since early childhood but hadn't had a seizure for several years by then, nor any since. My seizures were caused by stress and poor nutrition, neither of which were a factor that day or in the weeks leading up to it.

  • I typically only drink alcohol at New Years so it had been months since I had any. I don't take any hard drugs like LSD, PCP, cocaine, meth amphetamines; nothing.

  • I have mental health issues (BPD, OCD, and PTSD), none of which cause hallucinations or lost time that I know of and all of which were under control for at least 2 years by then thanks to intensive therapy.

  • I've never had a hallucination and I've never experienced unexplainable lost time before or since.

  • Other than confusion, which is reasonable given the circumstances, I suffered no other symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning in the days leading up to that day or since and I had a carbon monoxide detector in my home that registered nothing.

I've run through every sane and insane possibility in my head repeatedly since it happened and still can't figure it out. It's like I bounced forward in time somewhere between putting the cat down at the bottom of the stairs and reaching the top of the stairs. I'm not saying I believe that happened but short of being possessed by some entity that not only made sure I ate, peed, and stretched out my back but also carefully removed all evidence of my activities, I honestly don't know what to make of this.

I do plan to consult a psychiatrist about it as soon as my health insurance is renewed (hopefully this week) because it keeps creeping back to the forefront of my memory and I can't seem to get past it but I'd appreciate any feedback I can get before then.

For anyone wondering, I do like to write but only poetry and I have no interest in being published. If you've made it this far, thank you for reading. (Reddit)


While Walking

Usually when 'missing time' is reported when walking there is also a spatial displacement, that is, one finds oneself suddenly at another location. (see chapter 2). However it can also happen that one did not experience any break in his walk, nor in time, nor in space. The walk seemed to have been normal, but much more time elapsed than can be accounted for. In the following account it is also noteworthy that the person's absence was not questioned by those around him. That is not unusual in these cases.

Back a long time ago, I was out walking the dog. At the time, I was terrified of the dark, so I’d jog/run the entire way. Walking, it was a 10 minute route. It usually took me 7 when running. I was out walking my dog about 10 minutes. Didn’t sit down to rest anywhere. Was walking the entire way. I watch my dog while he walks, no suspicious “jumps” as if I had drifted off.

I left at 7:00. I was walking the dog for 10 minutes. There’s no way I could have fallen asleep mid walk, I was walking the dog the whole time. I got back at 9:00. I had never walked my dog for that long before. No one questioned my absence. (Reddit)


In the Woods

Time skips can happen anywhere, so why not in the woods? That reminds me that David Paulides also wrote a book about Missing 411 cases involving hunters. In the following case, the lights, although small, might well be related to a UFO, a probe or aliens.

Fort McCoy Wildlife Management Area, 1993. I’ve kept this story to myself for years now and only feel safe in telling this to you. I had gone to the woods to go hunting by myself that morning and after parking my truck, I then walked into the woods to where I had my tree stand placed. I got up into my stand about 45 minutes before sun up. I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face that morning as there was no moon that night. I had only been in my stand about 15 minutes when out in front of me I suddenly saw three white lights flickering from one side to another, the lights appeared to be very small. I thought to myself what the heck is this? I remember watching the lights for what I remember to be about a couple of minutes and then the next thing I knew the sun was up, and I was wondering what the heck happened? Shortly after this experience in the woods I started having dreams at night where I felt something was trying to take me out of my body. Four years after this experience, I moved to another home and shortly thereafter my son got me a puppy for my birthday. When the dog was about six months old we let him stay out one night and when the next morning came, and we went outside with him, he would stop and look up into the sky. I don’t know what happened out there in the woods that morning but something did and I’ve not been the same since. My health has gone down hill ever since. (The Black Vault)


2. Missing Memory of Time Passage and Spatial Displacement


Inside a Building and Displaced Inside or Outside

The following experience is by a child that found herself suddenly outside at another location many hours later. Although the person telling her story does not mention any UFO experiences in her life, children who clearly have alien/UFO experiences often find themselves suddenly outside or, more often, waking up outside of their home.

I posted here recently about my experiences and earlier today, I remembered about something that happened when I was 7 years old. I spoke to my parents and brothers about it and they have all confirmed this did happen, and it wasn’t just my imagination.

Before I start typing, just want to say that it’s way past midnight and I’ve been working pretty late. So I’m typing in a very tired state. So apologies for any spelling or grammar mistakes. I just want to get this off my chest right now.

On with the story.

When I was 7 years old, I liked to hide in one of our wardrobes and wait for my mum to find me. This often took about 10 minutes (5 minutes of which she spent chilling and the other 5 pretending to look for me) it’s a game we played every day.

One afternoon, we decided to play and I went into the wardrobe as usual. I closed my eyes for a few seconds in an attempt to be very quiet and still. Don’t ask me why, my childhood brain thought that was a good way to keep calm. I think it had something to do with meditation techniques my mum taught me. Anyway, so there I am, with my eyes closed for a few seconds. When I open them, I found myself on a playground. This playground is a good 2 miles away from my house. I know this because we would often take this walking route to get to my cousins. I say playground but it was more of a large football ground that had no grass. It was sort of abandoned and not looked after because the summer heat killed the grass pretty quickly to something. I can’t remember that part. But I do know that it was a large playing ground that kids still played football or other outdoor sports on.

It was a hot sunny day and young me just somehow managed to appear there out of nowhere. At first, I looked around, and I was freaking confused. Till fear set in and I just started screaming. There wasn’t anyone around so my screams didn’t get any attention. After a few minutes, I had calmed down enough to work out where I was. It took me a while to figure out which way my house was. I was confused, terrified and just framing out. Once I realised which way I had to go, I just ran and I ran, till I got home. There were about 10 people at my house. My mum is sobbing and the women from our neighbourhood are all trying to console my mum. I just go to my mum and cry my heart out. Everyone is confused and worried. Once everyone settles down, I explain where I found myself and how I didn’t know how I got there. It turns out I was gone for hours. My mum said she looked everywhere for me for the first hour and started checking the neighbours houses. Once she realised I was nowhere to be seen, she called my elder brothers and dad to go looking. Most of the family went out looking for me in all directions and had no luck finding me. Till I came home.

When I asked my mum about this, she cried again today. Having lost my sister at a young age (she died at 2 or so I think) it was a scary situation for her no doubt. She said she remembers it sometimes and it still feels like only yesterday that she nearly lost another daughter.

I had blocked this memory out for years and never spoke about it. No one ever mentioned it either. Till a few years ago when I remembered it and only decided to ask my family about it today.

Now, I don’t know where I was for those hours or how I ended up on the playground. Glitch? Or something else?

My memory of this event is pretty clear now. What was a few seconds for me, ended up being hours for my family. (Reddit)

It gets really strange when a security guard is sitting at his desk, and the next moment he is on a far away road, 5-6 hours later. It seems that he was in a guided trance when he left and drove to a certain location. It also seems that he had been undressed. Typical for Missing 411 cases. The drive to another location, after which he undid his gear, and probably was taken by an intelligence who undressed him, is also typical for UFO abductions.

I'm an armed security guard in San Antonio. I was working the late shift downtown. 11:00 o'clock, I was doing my paper work, returning to the news station I was guarding. I wrote down 2300 and that's the last thing I remember except coming to, walking down a highway at 4 in the morning. A lady and her son stopped and picked me up. I had no idea where I was, and they drove me to a convenience store. I called my son, and he came and picked me up. It took him about an hour to get there. I had like 5 hours of missing time. When I got home, I went to sleep for like a day and a half. And when I came to, I had bruises all over my legs and all my arms. My uniform was perfectly clean, so I didn't fall down or anything. I had no idea how I got way out there. It was just weird. It took me a week to find my pickup truck. I had to call the sheriff's office to get them to track it down and it was parked on the side of the highway, just perfectly. Not a scratch on it. I didn't wreck it or anything and it never happened again. But it was like 5 or 6 hours of missing time and some bruises. (Clyde Lewis asks him what does he think happened) I have no idea. All I remember is filling out that paper work at the end of my shift and I ended up way out past (sounds like Wallersville?). (Clyde asks if he's ever had seizures) No. (Clyde asks if it scares him) No. It doesn't really scare me. I just wonder how I got out there, you know, it's just crazy. I never had any... I've never seen any strange things in the sky either. I've been listening to the station now for about two years, since I've been doing this. When I found my truck, my weapon, gun-belt, everything was in the truck. I never take it off until I get home. My wallet, everything else, was all in the truck. Nothing was on me. And my shirt was untucked. My boots were untied. It's just crazy. I was just wandering down the highway. And my head felt totally weird for like a week. (Clyde asks if he slipped on ice and hit his head). San Antonio, there's no ice in the summertime. (Ground Zero Radio With Clyde Lewis - February 23, 2015 )

Two People Together

I just wonder if the intelligence that took them thought it was the couple's sleeping room, and thus put them together in bed, as it assumed that is what they would have done later on in the night.

I had an interesting situation occur when I was 11th grade. My boyfriend, now my husband, flew in from out of state (we dated long distance) and were upstairs in my bedroom eating some candy around 8:30 PM. Well my parents were very big about not ever closing the door to my room if we were both in there. My husband and I are true believers in Jesus Christ, and we made a commitment to each other that we would wait for marriage to do certain things. Reason I say this is because the next thing I knew was I woke up in my underwear and bra under the covers with my boyfriend at the time, and he was just in his boxers! The lights were out and the door to my room was completely closed and it was now like 1 AM. I woke up my boyfriend, and we were totally freaked out about what had just happened. To this day we still talk about what happened that night and how we don’t remember any thing from roughly 8:30 PM to 1 AM. (The Paranormalist)

The next one is interesting because both people's cloths were removed when they came by, just like the previous account. The removal of cloths is also sometimes that shows up again and again with the Missing 411 people!

8 years ago, I was living in a 2 bedroom apartment by myself with 2 cats. I had a girlfriend (who I will name Elsa for this story) who lived 45 minutes away, on her college campus. Most weekends, she would drive into town and stay at my place until she had class again on Monday.

We did regular things, as we didn't get to see much of each other. We liked to spend time alone together, watching movies, playing games, or the like. Please keep in mind that neither of us were drug or alcohol users, as I have a good job I can't risk losing, and she just simply never cared for intoxicants. Nor were either of us on any medication.

So here's the scene. It's Saturday night, 11pm. Elsa and I are sitting on the couch, watching a movie (I can't remember which). We are dressed, sober, and alert, as we slept in that morning and had plenty of sleep. We are chatting, laughing, talking. The TV is illuminating our immediate area, and I kept the light on in the kitchen to provide some ambient light for the living room as well. My cats are asleep in their favorite chair, all is well. Everybody is safe and comfortable.

Suddenly, without any kind of warning or inkling, the 'Jump', as I have come to call it, happened.

You know when you're watching dialogue in a movie, and they're using two cameras to film? When they switch from camera to camera, to capture the one speaking, it is seamless? With no clipping, interruption, fading, or transition effects? It was that sudden.

We were having a good time together in the living room when in an instant I found myself sitting on the foot of my bed, clothes removed, in the dark. For about one half of a second, a million thoughts entered my mind. Had something fallen off the wall and hit my head? Did I have a seizure? Was I dreaming the whole time? Where is Elsa?

Then the scary part.

I turn to my right, and Elsa is also sitting on the foot of the bed next to me, clothes removed. Her eyes are the size of golf balls, and she's trembling. I realize I am as well.

I try to speak and ask her if something happened, but I'm so frightened. I only stutter. After looking around the room and realizing we are alive, she managed to ask me what happened. I didn't want to answer, in case it was just me, and I didn't want to come off as nuts. I just looked at her.

After a pause, she started asking me again if I had turned off the lights, or removed our clothes, or if I knew what was going on.

I didn't. Neither of us had experienced grogginess or confusion before the event. Furthermore, we didn't experience any sensations other than fear and confusion after it. No aches or pains, no bumps bruises or cuts.

I reach for my phone to call my mom and see if a doctor would be appropriate. I notice that it is not 11pm anymore. Now it's 3am. In that sudden instant, that instantaneous change of scene, 4 hours had passed. Everything in the house had been turned off, and we had been stripped.

We went to the ER, as my mom's fear was a gas leak. No signs of toxins or injury were found on either of us. Elsa made an appt for a cat scan, which also came back as expected.

I explored possibilities like a gas leak, poisoned consumer goods like our soda or fast food, neurological malfunctions, and more. But the one thing that always bothered me was the fact that Elsa and I lost, and acquired the time at the exact same instants, 4 hours apart. Neither of us witnessed anything that the other didn't. And there were no lingering effects.

For weeks, I kept bringing it up with her, just hoping one of us would remember something. I browsed forums from all types of sites searching for answers. Every time I brought it up, Elsa would get scared at the memory, and beg me to just let it go. I couldn't.

I'm no writer, so I'm sure I left some things out that would have been helpful in understanding the magnitude and surrealism of this event and how it affected Elsa and I. Please, if you've read this much and you have a question, clarification, or even a theory, I've been waiting 8 years to hear it.

Somebody, tell me what happened to me.


In the reply section he also said their cloths were in a heap by the couch they were sitting on, instead of by the bed where he usually put them.


It can happen anywhere. This couple were staying in a hotel. They were actually planning to get to the blackjack table as soon as possible.

This happened a few years ago; My fiancé and I were in Atlantic City, and we had gone to the pool bar for some drinks. Now, I guess it's possible the bartender COULD have put something in our drinks but 1) Why? 2) It was a bartender we had gone to and chatted with on several other occasions and were fine and 3) We could see him making the drinks right in front of us.

Anyway, afterwards we had taken our drinks from the bar to the blackjack table and had played for a couple hours, sipping at these same drinks the entire time (which were on the table in front of us), since hours had passed we were not drunk or even tipsy.

Well I started to get chilly, and my fiancé hungry, so we decided to get some pizza and bring it back to the room, so we could eat and I could change clothes. We had sat on a bench at the foot of our bed and chatted as we ate, we both had a lot of energy since we were doing well and we were excited (plus we were both used to staying up until 4 am because of our jobs.) This was around 10 PM.

Next thing I know, I'm on my back in the bed and three hours had passed. My fiancé was passed out next to me. I shook him awake and asked him what the hell happened, and he jolted out of bed just as confused as I was. Neither of us had any idea how that had happened: We didn't remember any point where we decided to lay down or anything like that (we wouldn't have; we were rushing to eat fast, so we could get back to the table). One moment we were having a conversation and eating, the next we were waking up at 1 AM.

Until this day we are convinced that we were abducted or something. (Reddit)

One moment inside the pool, the next moment outside of the pool:

I was in the Philippines night swimming with friends. My friend and I decided to occupy the smaller empty pool further down, away from the others talking and having a laugh with each other inside the pool. That was the last thing i remember. This lasted at most 10-15 minutes we suddenly found ourselves both standing by the side of the pool, clothes dry and less intoxicated wondering how we got there. Still confused about where we just came from and why we are both standing by the poolside we decided to go back to our friends. To our surprise the hut was empty and it seemed that they were hiding from us but why take the food and stereo. Finally, found them all inside the van and some were asleep. I asked why they were all here as we only just arrived there. Why is everyone here? My cousin replied and said that they looked all around the resort three times but couldn't find us, but the resort was small and we were at the next pool down, so I couldn't understand this. They said we had gone for 3 and a half hours!! My friend and i just looked in awe at each other trying to convince them that at most we had gone for 15 minutes. (The Paranormal Network)


While Walking

You don't need to be sitting or standing still to experience a loss of memory in time, or finding yourself at another location. The same happens when moving: walking, biking or driving a car.

Walking in the woods and finding oneself suddenly at another location:

I went to visit a friend who was a student at OU in Athens, OH. We go out hiking by the old mental hospital and set off into the woods. We're hiking the path when suddenly it changes (gets narrower, the light changes) and I get this really strange feeling. We all stop and look at each other, worried we've somehow been turned around. We decide to backtrack but the trail doesn't look the same. We stay on it, and before long there's a clearing. We step out into the clearing and we are on the other side of the RIVER AND THE HIGHWAY! We at no time during our little hike came anywhere near the river OR the highway. That was awesome. And freaky. Now I wonder if I returned to the right dimension... Things changed greatly for me not too long after that incident.

Edit: here's a map. Started at A: The Ridges, ended at Sells Park, on the complete opposite side of town. Here's also a link with pics of The Ridges Maybe they might not should put mentally ill people in spots where the veil is so very thin. Just sayin'.


A more dramatic displacement to the opposite side of the town:

I have been having a lot of strange realizations about my past. Some things I can’t explain. By far, one of the most disturbing was my experience with missing time. It happened 3 years ago. I lived in a small city in Vermont. I grew up in the area, and know my way around very well, I was 28 at the time the incident occurred. I was alone, walking home at approximately 1am. I remember after walking for about 20 minutes I had arrived on my street but I was still about 20 minutes from home… so yea about half-way through my walk home…. and then nothing happened….. It’s like I blinked and I was completely lost. I very much had no idea where I was. I knew I was walking north on my last memory but then I didn’t know if the direction I was walking was still north… was I north of my home? Had I gotten turned around and was now south? I didn’t have any idea. Terrified is to say it plainly. I saw a house with no lights on in a field at the end of a very long driveway with a car in it. I ran to the house and knocked frantically on the door for fifteen minutes at least before someone came and yelled at me… I tried to explain to them I was walking and had gotten lost and asked for directions back to town, and they told me the proper direction to travel back to the small city I lived in. I ran back to the road and proceeded to travel back south for about 10 minutes before a car approached from behind me. I was still quite scared and I don’t mind to admit I was crying and I walked into the middle of the road and attempted to flag them down to gain assistance, the car changed lanes and proceeded to travel south not even slowing down… I must have looked completely insane. I walked for another fifteen minutes before a state trooper arrived; I assume called by the people whose house I knocked on about a half mile behind me. He ran my name and birthday gave me a breathalyzer (which can up clean), tried to calm me down and gave me a ride SEVEN MILES SOUTH back to my home. It was 4 am when I walked through my door. Somehow I lost 2 hours and traveled about 8 miles without any memory of how it happened and in what seemed like an instant. I don’t know why I am posting this story on the internet… but people should know this time travel/abduction/interdimensional travel experiences are very real. Idk what happened. Idk how it happened. But it did happen. Please if I can get any feedback about this I would very much appreciate it. (The Paranormalist)

The following adds an extra dimension to the missing time event, as the person was led to a crying child and a non-existing house. I have read several stories of people seeing houses or buildings that, later on, turn out to not have been there.

3-Hills in mid Alberta, Canada, was a very small seminary school town back in the 1950's. The old 'Henry -Jay ' (our car) up on blocks and 60 below zero temperatures more likely then not. Even some of the sidewalks had boilers under them. This wasn't a place where a small child would last very long outside. It was very flat there, just 3 Hills in the distance, train tracts and vast ice fields lay beyond our little sheep shed style apartments that the students stayed in. There were 3 instances where I had missing time in the two years we were there (1955-56) this was just another one of them until I saw a small black and white photo of our little apartment and the field beyond it just a few years ago. (04) 1955 - I was walking home from kindergarten, alone. There was a small field with a beaten path just in back of our apartments and this ended at the far end of the apartments. Our apartment faced backwards, away from town so as I walked home the back of our apartments were visible not the front. There were just ice fields for as far as you could see on three sides with the smaller field at the back. There was a three story older grey house out that way, a little before the field, but this was not the house I saw. I heard crying and in the middle of the little field behind the back of our apartment and standing in the center on the path was a small child. I looked up and saw a one story house at the end of the path, so I figured that must be where he was from. I went over, took his little hand and walked him down the path to the house. I walked up the steps and rang the door bell. (hadn't ever seen a door bell before) A tall blond man opened the door, he was dressed in loose, seeming light clothing which was strange as it was the 50s and very cold. Not anything I had seen before. He seemed very kind and I asked if the child belonged here as I had found him crying in the field. He said yes and thanked me and I turned to go home. I had never left sight of the back window of our little apartment the whole time, but as I rounded the corner and went up to our door it was dark outside. As I went inside my Mother starting screaming at me. I told her I found a small boy and took him home, but she would not stop. I have no clue why she had a fly swatter, but she started hitting me with it, getting my hair caught etc. Of course, I was screening too as I couldn't figure out how she could be so mean to do this to me, just because I saved a baby. My Dad came out and slapped her to get her to stop and I heard noting more about it. Of course, I remembered that beating the rest of my life. It never made sense to me and I of course didn't even think about it being dark when I came in the door. That is until 2004 when I was going though some old photos. Someone had taken a picture of the train tracks cutting thought the ice fields. There was no house there. Never was, at least in the mid 1950s' And it's much more understandable, not that it didn't suck that my mother was freaked out, not because I had been a few minutes late in cold daylight, but because I had been 5 hours late and the sun was down. It was very cold. (Paranormal Studies and Inquiries Canada)

Strange silence, disorientation in the woods, and waking up in another neighborhood:

I just want to share an interesting experience that I had as a child. On a Saturday when I was 10 (or thereabout), I had just finished doing my homework for the weekend and wanted to go outside and see if my friends wanted to play in the woods on the hill that backed onto our houses. It was a particularly sunny day outside and very temperate. I said goodbye to my parents and walked outside and 4 doors down to where my two friends lived. Their mom opened the door and when I asked her if my friends were home, she told me that they were already out in the forest with a third friend of ours who lived on the street and suggested I go find them. As a kid I was very familiar with the layout of the forest because my friends and I would play games there everyday. As I started climbing I heard voices coming from the top of the hill, and assuming that they were the voices of my friends ran up the hill to greet them. The weird part is when I got to the top of the hill, everything was silent. I couldn't hear the voices of my friends, the birds stopped chirping and this strange feeling of confusion and fear grabbed a hold of me. My head started spinning and I could hardly stand up, but I was afraid, so I lurched off deeper into the forest thinking I could lose whatever made me so frightened. But I hadn't taken 10 steps before I realized that the forest looked completely different than I remembered and I had no idea where I was. Panicked, I stumbled off in a random direction. I remember tripping and falling (and crying), and then nothing. Some time later I woke up shaking on the lawn of a house. I thought it was my house since it had red bricks (and I was in shock), but then I realized that it wasn't, and I was lying in a neighborhood I had never been to before. I ran up to the house and the young couple that opened the door were treated to the sight of an inconsolable 10-year old with a dripping nose. They were concerned (obviously) and they invited me in to meet their daughter (who was just small). They gave me some juice and cookies and offered their phone, so I could call my dad. My dad comes by about 20 minutes later, thanks the couple for looking after me and brings me out to the car. He was absolutely furious with me. Turns out that I had been missing for about 6 hours and it was late in evening at this point (almost night). The place where I turned up was miles away from where I lived and my dad thought that I had gotten into a strangers car and been taken. Turns out my friends returned to the house about an hour after I left to find them and maintained that they had never seen me or heard me (though I was calling out to them as I climbed the hill) even though they had been playing in the spot that I knew they would be. To this day I have never been able to remember what happened. (Cassiopaea forum)

While Driving a Car

There are many accounts of people who had lapses in memory when driving a car. They 'wake up' while driving on another stretch of the road, further ahead or even back on the same road. Sometimes many hours passed, sometimes only minutes.

I have read many stories of skipping towns or cities, and arriving way sooner than possible. Here is just one example:

I had a similar experience but opposite effect. Buddy of mine and me were driving home to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, middle of the night. There's a few key stops along the way. Apple valley, Barstow, Baker. My buddy and I had just finished going through apple valley, and we were going to stop in Barstow to piss, grab some drinks, and stretch. It should have been 20 minutes or so to get to Barstow... We're driving, talking, waiting to get to Barstow. We see a "distances to" sign. The next stop was Baker... Wait, what? Baker! Where did Barstow go? We had just left Apple Valley, we had no idea. There are multiple exits in Barstow, we definitely would have noticed at least one of them! But no, just black in the night and then Baker was our next chance to stop. We made the trip back to Vegas a solid 45 minutes faster than we should have. Those 45 minutes match up perfectly with the travel time of the leg we have no memory of...

I can still go to my friend years later and just say, "where was Barstow" and we both laugh and simultaneously wonder wtf happened. So we lost time and a physical destination. (Reddit, reply to post)

From one driveway into another:

I had a somewhat similar experience when U was 17, I had been playing pool with a friend of mine one Saturday, we left the pool hall about 9 and I dropped him off about 9:15. After talking for a few minutes I got in the car to leave.... OK, this is where it gets a little weird, I looked at the clock on my dash... 9:22.. I backed out of his driveway put my car into drive and was immediately pulling into my driveway 8 miles away at 12:34. I have no memory of what happened in those three hrs... and have no clue how to explain it. (Above Top Secret)

Opposite his destination:

My college is 5 miles away from my residence, everyday I ride my bike to the college and come back via the same route which is 2 miles straight then right, after descending down a bridge and then left, after 3 miles and my college arrives at the left side of the road. So basically I have to take two turns only one right, and one left. And the roads are very wide and the area is also not confusing. Two days ago I had my Nutrition Practical (yes Nursing college) so my group decided to reach college at sharp 6:00 am in the morning to prepare for practical. In the morning roads are fairly empty. I left my house at around 5:20 am and I vividly remember descending down the bridge and taking a left turn and I swear I saw a new boarding of the candidate for upcoming election just as I took the left turn. From here some crazy shit happened. I was riding my bike and was analyzing the weather and the road when suddenly I felt something wrong. The road suddenly felt unfamiliar and very damp and suddenly I had goose bumps and a wave of depression I cant express that emotion properly. Everything felt weird, my body, my mind, every thing was confused. So I applied brakes, took off my phone and turned on Google map. To my surprise I am 15 miles away from my college and the map showed that I am completely opposite to the bridge which I remember descending minutes ago. I ignored everything and said fuck it I needed to reach college. So I reached college, gave Practical and then was coming home via the same route I have been coming since years and this is when it hit me as soon as I reached the bridge, I saw the same poster of the candidate placed where I saw it on the morning from where I took the left turn in the morning. I went home to see if I took right instead of left would it take me to the place where I went accidentally in the morning. To my surprise the place was far away and opposite to that of my location. In easy words, it would take me more than 30 minutes to reach that location from the bridge. And I would never would have been able to reach college if I was to ride all the way up to that place where I mysteriously went and then come to college. (Reddit)

Suddenly being in the opposite direction, and three hours later:

1968-1969 my mother and I were traveling from my grandmothers home to our home. Belleuve Wash to Burien Wash. We both knew my grandmother’s area very well as we had live at her location. My mother took a left turn to go to four corners. It was dusk to dark. It was quiet in the car. The next thing we knew was we were driving very slowly. We were in the opposite direction and were at the lake park. There is no way to go the wrong way. It was now very dark and I believe around three hours had passed. I asked my mother why are we here, we did recognize the location. She said she did not know how we got at this location. Later years, we talked about this, and she stated she never knew how we got there and what had happened. We both knew our directions very well. One moment we were at one location and the next we were at another location. Don’t know what happened. We are both sane and not sure what took place. I wonder if after all of these years if someone experienced the same thing in the same area. (, reply to an article)

Once in a while people find themselves back on the same road, and they have to drive that same stretch of road over again. Interestingly, in this example there was a violent spin of air around their car:

When I was a child (somewhere in the very early 70’s), I was travelling in a very quiet and familiar road with my nanny and my mom. My mom was driving. To the left was the only building in the area, and we drove past it. The skies were blue and no other cars were around. Suddenly it felt like we were caught in a whirlpool of air and the car started to violently spin around, and the car controls were not responding. The next thing we knew, the car was mostly outside the paved road, so my mom started the car after checking we were OK, and kept driving. To our shock we discovered that we were 3 kilometers behind as we passed again that same agricultural building to the left and we had missed 15 minutes! The three of us experienced this phenomenon. This happened in Yucatan, Mexico, and no there are not such things as tornadoes there! (, reply to an article)

Or on some side road:

We live about 5 minutes from the cinema- we live next to a highway, which you drive down for about 1km, then you turn a corner onto another main road and follow it in a straight line until you hit the shopping center. There’s absolutely no way to get lost, no reason to turn off, and we’d made this trip so many times.
Anyway, this particular night we were heading to see a movie, it would’ve been about 7 pm. My husband was driving. We’d turned off the highway onto the main road and were deep in conversation, when suddenly we found ourselves down a side road. It was strange, it was like we’d both ‘woken up’ at the same time- we’d stopped talking, couldn’t even remember the conversation we’d been having, and we were both wondering why/how we’d ended up turned off somewhere way before our destination.

We couldn’t have lost more than a couple of minutes but it’s played on my mind over and over since it happened. (The Paranormalist)

To some people it happens more than once. In his third experience, a friend came by and hadn't found them where they should have been. Were they taken out of our reality? :

My wife, children and I were traveling back home from an appointment. We stopped and filled up our car with gas. Upon entering the interstate my wife asked when she thought we would be home. I looked at the clock and seeing that it was 1pm I told her it would be around 3 to 3:30 when we arrived. At that point I reset the gas mileage on my car and also reset the cars timer and mileage counter to zero. The kids fell asleep almost immediately as they hate driving the interstates. My wife started in to reading her book as I hit the road. about 15 minutes in to the trip is where it gets odd. That was the last point in the trip I remember until entering our city. It was as if I woke up from a dream. However, it was no dream. I looked at the clock and it was now 1:30 pm. We had just somehow travelled 156 miles in 30 minutes. I drive fast but I don't have a supersonic jet. I questioned my wife who was finished with the book she had just read and she said that she thought everything was normal but could not explain how it only took 30 minutes to get home. I then checked the timers and mileage and both were in agreement, 156 miles and the timer now at like 34 minutes.

The next afternoon we were traveling to a game at our university which is 70 miles from home. Game time was at 7 pm and we were leaving home at 6. I jumped on the interstate and as we arrived in the city at the university my wife asked if we had time to stop before kickoff and use a restroom. I looked at the clock and we had only been gone 15 minutes from home yet were now in a city 70 miles away?

How can this be explained? It wasn't clock issues in the car as the time when leaving the car were all in agreement. It was in fact 6:15 or so when we pulled into the gas station per their clocks? I am just baffled with this. The only other time I had anything else close to this was many years ago around 1990 my girlfriend and I were parked waiting on someone. We sat at the end of the long dirt driveway for what seemed only a few minutes looking at the stars and talking. The next thing we realized it was 4 am and neither of us had a recollection of anything but stopping the car and looking at the stars for a moment. Strange part of that story is that our friend the next day came to our home and said he had came by yet...we weren't their waiting or at our home? (Unexplained Mysteries)


3. Other Features

One or More Days Missing

Long periods of missing time become Missing 411 cases, in which the police is notified and a search conducted. As I mentioned before David Paulides wrote extensively them. These cases are told from the researcher's point of view. Here are a couple of cases told by the missing persons themselves.

It gets really strange when a whole day is missing and unaccounted for. This happened to two brothers when going to school. It is strange enough that they don't remember an entire day, but it is even stranger that the surrounding people did not act concerned. This is something we also see in the classic UFO abductions, in which the people around the abductee are often 'influenced' to act as if nothing abnormal happened.

Here’s an event that happened to my brother and I almost 30 years ago. We were in high school at the time, 1984. We went to school as usual and were given absentee slips to be filled out by our parents. We were both marked absent the day before.??? My brother and I shared homeroom(we’re twins) and we wondered why we were marked absent. We looked at each other and tried to think if we had gone somewhere that day with the family, but we both drew a blank. We thought it was a mistake. Later we shared a lunch period and sat at a table with a close friend. He also asked us where we were. Okay, now that was weird. If we weren’t in school, where were we? I tried to think about the day previous but drew a blank. I couldn’t remember going anywhere but I also couldn’t remember any specifics about the school-day either. We shared a gym class and asked the instructor if we were in class the day before. He said No. Another friend said he didn’t see us that day, either. We were completely confused. The thing is, we had our dad drop us off at school in the morning, and then we’d walk home. It was only about a mile. We asked our dad if he dropped us off at school, and he said he did. Our mother called the school and wanted to know why we were marked absent. She talked to the principal, and he said not to worry about it and to just forget it. I still kind of wonder about that phone conversation.

Two years earlier I had cut a first class to avoid not turning in an English composition which I hadn’t done. My brother went along and our story was that I had walked to school and was almost there when I remembered I had forgotten my composition paper, so I went home to get it. Just to lose enough time to miss one class, not the whole day. We got home and the school had already called asking where we were. So had we not shown up for school I think the school would have called the house and somebody would have answered that we were in school. Maybe they called and maybe they didn’t. But then I wonder if my family was also somehow influenced.

So either we thought we went to school but didn’t, and our dad thought he drove us to school, or we went to school, got dropped off by our dad but just never went in and spent the day doing something we couldn’t remember. Or we did go to school but nobody could remember seeing us, and we couldn’t remember doing anything in school either.

One last thing. Around this time, our friends and my brother and I noticed that a strange car would follow us around when we’d go to each others houses. We’d see the car pull up at the end on the street and then it would drive off after we got out. We would joke that it was the CIA. Why would they keep tabs on us? Who knows. But we were dungeons and dragons players at the time (nerds) and there was some hysteria then over it being involved with devil worship. It was the Reagan years. Maybe the feds were caught up with the craziness?

Just a very strange thing to have happened. It has never happened again and I have no nightmares about abductions. (a reply to a post on The Paranormalist)

There are many reports of people (also children) who went missing for several days and were later found in good health, but they did not remember anything of the missing time period. David Paulides researched a lot of these cases in his Missing 411 books. These cases are usually described by researchers, journalists and the like. Here is a case described by the person herself. It is not only strange that she did not notice the time skip (of four days) at all, but how can a person not experience hunger, thirst or fatigue after four days, unless she was taken out of our normal passage of time.

I am still bothered by a missing time experience that occurred in mid-December 2001. I was then in my early forties, married with three teenaged children, and living in south Florida. The evening in question, I stepped outside around 7 PM to smoke a cigarette. We lived in a gated community, with a park across the street from our house. I walked over and sat at a picnic table.

When I went back to my front door, I had to knock because my keys had inexplicably disappeared. My husband and oldest daughter greeted me with a barrage of questions about where I had been. I WAS GONE FOR FOUR DAYS AND MY DISAPPEARANCE HAD BEEN REPORTED TO THE POLICE!!! My cigarette pack and lighter, and my house keys were found sitting on a picnic table across the street from my home. I had no other belongings with me; my purse with all my ID, credit cards, etc., was in my bedroom.

I have no memory of anything of that four days. For me, it seemed as if I had stepped out the door and then returned fifteen minutes later. I would really like to know where I was!

Source: The Paranormalist

Strange Scenery

When missing memory goes together with strange scenery, one wonders if this was part of mind manipulation in an effort to hide something else. Or do the responsible intelligences project a holographic scenery for our entertainment, or just to confuse us?

A bizarre scene at a golf course:

My friend and I went golfing. This was after college, between 2005 and 2007. We were golfing in the town of (?), Massachusetts. We were on the second hole. We had an older gentleman who wanted to join us to make a team of three. My friend wanted to do something different. He popped up the golf ball, straight up in the air. The strange thing was, it hit something in midair, making a clanging sound. It dropped to the ground. The guy that was with us, picked up his clubs and marched straight out of there. Meanwhile, after the ball dropped to the ground, my friend and I both remembered two individuals, well-dressed, came out of nowhere, out of the woods, walked across the golf course, picked up the ball, and continued into the woods at the opposite side from where they had entered the course, they just kept going. We don't really remember what happened for the rest of that day. Suddenly it is the end of the day, and we are in the parking lot. It could have taken that long for us to have played golf for the rest of the day. All of a sudden we were in the parking lot, and then we went home. (YouTube)

Objects Missing

In the following account we have an abrupt change of time and space, with both people waking up with different cloths. It is also important that the cake mix box she was holding, when the memory blank began, was never found again. As if the intervening intelligence decided to keep it as a souvenir, or maybe it was thrown away into the trashcan of the flying saucer? :)

Howdy, Reddit! My husband stumbled onto this sub and thought it would be a great place to share our story. I'm using a throwaway because we don't know what people close to us would think. This is the first time we've talked about this with anyone other than each other. I've read through some of the stories here, and I think hope ours fits here too.

I'd like to preface this by saying that neither my husband nor I do any sort of drugs, suffer from mental illness, or abuse alcohol. We drink occasion, but had not been drinking this night. It happened about 8 months ago. We lived in a small apartment with our two young children and our dog while we saved up for a down payment on a home.

It was a typical Monday night around 7:00 pm. We had just cleaned up after dinner, my husband was surfing the web, and I was relaxing on the couch. I was reading the back of a cake mix trying to decide if I had time to bake it, let it cool, frost it, and eat it before I needed to be in bed. My husband was watching a video on the internet, he said something funny about it, we both laughed...

Then BAM! I woke up, face-down in bed. My clock read 8:00 exactly. My alarm hadn't been turned on. I was very confused and could smell the strong scent of coconut. I sat up and looked at my husband who was also just waking up. He looked at me with a really confused look, and we both jumped out of bed and ran to our kids' room. They were in bed asleep. We went into the living room and the second our dog saw us, she started whimpering and sort of army-crawling toward us. It was such unusual behavior for her. I had never seen her act that way before, and have never since.

Nothing looked out of order in our apartment aside from one small detail. The cake mix I had been looking at that night was gone. I searched everywhere for that cake mix and never found it. Another odd detail from that day is that we were all dressed in our pajamas when we woke up except my youngest. He was in the jeans and t-shirt he had been wearing the night before. Neither my husband nor I would have ever put him to bed like that. Neither of us have any memory of getting into our pajamas or anything else after laughing at the comment he made on the video.

We (already late for work) both called in sick that day. We spent the day talking about it and trying to make sense of it. At some point that day, he asked me if I had smelled coconut when I woke up. We never found the source of the smell.

To this day, I can't look at a cake mix or smell coconut without feeling a little anxious and sick. (Reddit)

How can you loose a gun that you are carrying? 10 hours is also a long time:

Back in 1979, One morning I was walking in the desert near my house in Arizona, I was carrying a 22 rifle just in case I saw some jack rabbits or snakes,, I had walked about a mile when all at once everything got super bright and I felt dizzy, like I was going to pass out, I heard a noise like a high pitch whistle and everything got real bright and it looked like the ground was wavy and I felt dizzy, that was about 7 am and I awoke on my couch around 5:30 pm that afternoon and don’t remember where the time went and I didn’t have my rifle and I never found it. I would like to know where over 10 hours went to, I have no memory of the time in between 7 am and 5:30 pm. (Unsolved Mysteries, a reply to an article)

In Trance

I think that when the memory lapse starts, the person is put into a deep trance state. His consciousness is suspended, and the bodily functions are taken over. Only when the person 'comes by', is he conscious again. Sometimes he doesn't realize that something has happened, sometimes he becomes aware simply because he is somewhere else, or looks at a clock. The reason why I think all those people with 'missing time' are put into a trance. That would explain why so many people are in the process of walking, driving their bike, or driving their car when they 'wake up'. We have a few cases where another person saw them as being in such a trance, just before or just after the event.

I lived and worked in Germany for a couple of years. A friend and myself took turns in driving to work. The journey took 40 mins. We usually left at approx. 06.30 as we’d go to the canteen for breakfast before starting work at 07.45. On this particular morning, it was my friends turn to drive – mid conversation I felt, not tired exactly just sort of drained. I remember resting my head on the back of the car seat and staring out the windscreen to the right – there was an enormous unusually shaped building/construction with many lights flickering and dancing around it … forgot to mention this was Winter and it was dark in the early morning. The next thing I remember is opening my eyes, thinking I’d fallen asleep. I felt so relaxed and comfortable. It was then I noticed I didn’t recognize any of the landmarks. I said my friends name … no answer, repeated, no answer. Her head was also back against the car seat back, her eyes half closed, driving. Her face had no expression and if it hadn’t been for the fact that we were moving I’d have thought she was asleep. I spoke her name again more loudly and she ‘came to’ asking what had happened. She had no memory, like myself how we got there. We drove on and found a road that led us to our workplace pretty quickly and arrived at 07.35. We both felt a little strange all morning like being submerged underwater. (Unsolved Mysteries, reply to an article)

Here we have again a driver who went into a trance state and when he came by he found himself on the wrong road. Also of interest is the events that happened to the rest of his family at home, strongly suggesting interference by alien beings:

A few days ago I experienced some weird stuff while driving home from work. I picked up my girlfriend around 6:30pm, made small talk before finally pulling out and heading home. The drive home is very simple, I do the same thing every time. Stay in the left lane and drive straight, literally that's it. No turns, no merging, nothing...just a straight drive home.

I've made this drive countless times, and I have NEVER made a turn by mistake, and even so, how often does that really happen? I've MISSED turns, but like I said this is a straight drive. Well that night, it seems like we ended up on a wrong road somehow. My girlfriend was watching, and she said I made no turns and I did stay in the left lane the whole drive. I also can't tell you what we spoke about, what type of music was playing, anything. For some reason, I remember a feeling of not being able to speak, sort of zoned out or like when you have sleep paralysis and you're awake but you can't move. I don't know why but I remember this feeling. I also sort of recall a feeling of my eyes being closed. I don't remember anything else on that drive, except for snapping out of it and realizing we were on the wrong road. It's scary to think about, because I honestly have no idea how I was able to drive under such a condition.

When I put our address into our GPS, we were way off. Eventually, we got home and I explained what happened to the rest of our family. The messed up part of this, and probably the part that freaks me out the most, is that my daughter said she saw a 'plane' in our yard going up and down up and down (she's young). My family also said there was a shrieking sound outside the window. She was terrified, I've never seen her like that before, and she wouldn't even leave the room she was in because she thought something was out there.

I don't really know what to make of it, it's never happened to me before. I can tell you about my drive last week to and from work, but I can't remember the other day for some reason. It just seems odd that I would end up in a complete different area without making any turns or even switching lanes. (Reddit)

In the following account, we have a child that just stood up while eating and walked into the woods, suggesting that he was in a trance state:

You know when I was I would say about ten years old I went to a summer camp with the church that my family and I used to attend. One afternoon I remember eating a slice of pizza, surrounded by a group of kids and the next thing I know I found myself walking around in the woods 100's of yards away, hours went by. I know because it was around noon when I was eating the slice of pizza and know it is around eight o'clock at night. I felt confused and disoriented and my clothes was dirty. I always wonder what happened to me that day. Everyone was looking for me and when we asked the group of kids that were with me when I was eating the slice of pizza. They all said that I just got up and walked away. Nothing remotely close to this has ever happened to me before or after this incident. I basically don't remember what happened for about eight hours! (Beyond Creepy, reply to a video)

Trance is well-known in mediumship. The medium thinks that a spirit takes over the body in order to speak, or to initiate automatic writing etc. Most of the time, the medium does not remember anything while he was in trance. here is an example of a woman, Sandy Ingham, who became famous for drawing portraits of deceased people, looking stunning similar to photographs taken while they were still alive. Her trance state started while watching television, not remembering what she was watching or doing.

It started to happen that I couldn’t remember what had happened in my favorite soap. I would say to my husband, what just happened there. And he would look at me sideways and said, you just watched it. And this went on, must have been two or three weeks, until one day, it was happening every night at the same time. The program by the way is Coronation Street. What had happened was that I dropped into this trance state and my hands would be picking up things, backs of envelopes, receipts etc.., any bit of paper that I dealt with in my mailing. I would pickup a pencil and on these bits of paper there would be an eye drawn or an ear or a nose and mouth etc., different little bit of a face would be drawn on papers. I never knew that because they have been putting them in the recycling pile. Weeks went by. One day I had to leave the room in the middle of the program. I got up and I was walking around the sofa at the end of which was a coffee table and I must have put down what was in my hands. Again totally unknowing. As I was walking around it, I saw movement in the corner of my eye from the coffee table. So my eye shot down to see what had moved and there staring up at me this perfect set of human eye. So real. It shocked me. And I cannot draw. I still cannot draw personally. (from YouTube video)


Initiated by a Sound

In some experiences of memory loss of time, with or without displacement people hear a clear, distinct sound.

This man went from warm to bitterly cold. Interestingly, he first heard a high-pitched sound.

A curious phenomenon, spoke of by many – “the missing time” experience. Have spoke to some who claim to had this happen. And any reader of paranormal literature or viewer of a number of documentaries and TV shows will know – it often is associated with alien abduction. While I don’t believe I was abducted (my rectum feels just fine). The surreal-ness of the awareness of the passage of time is an incredibly strange sensation. When did this happen? You may ask – less than 20 mins ago of the initial time of posting. As a researcher and investigator of the unexplained, my task right now is to cover the bases and go over the details, try and find the crack as they say The story and experience is such, I came home from work got in about 3.35pm-3.40pm. Sylvia my partner in crime was just about to get ready to leave for work which she did at 3.47pm and I recall this because I read her the time from the computer screen, when she asked. Sylvia then leaves the place. I pick up a few bits from the sofa, answer a text from my sister and ready to get on with some design work. Head into the bedroom to get changed out uniform into civvies. I recall moving a few bits on the floor and standing up changing my shirt and trousers to jeans. I hear a high pitch sound – similar to an old-fashioned kettle with a whistle but higher, a persistent sound. I know recall as I am writing moving to turn around to look at the bedroom door. I am not tired, far from it. Next thing I remember is, I am shivering, bitterly cold, teeth are chattering and I know I'm lying down on the bed, it is dark. Feels like I am coming out of sleep as I'm moving my arm around trying to find the blanket, like you do in the morning or when the blanket has been tugged away – my alertness kicks in. I realize I am lying on top of the bed, diagonally feet to bottom left. Head to top right. I jump up from the bed and see outside the window it really is dark, so my instinct is directing me to know the time my phone reads 18.57! It has been over 2 hours! I come in the living room, got to kitchen put kettle on and attempt to get warm by putting fire on. Then I came to post this well that was just plain surreal – got home from work, Sylvia was just leaving. This was about 3:45. I remember going into bedroom, a strange sound, like a high pitch whine next thing I know its 7pm. I’ve got some disorientation going on. I assume I fell asleep, but wasn’t tired and don’t recall going to sleep. I have no recollection of the passage of time, for the 2 hours – I wasn’t tired and no intention of going to sleep. The transition of time was virtually instantaneous. Being in bedroom getting changed to waking up freezing cold. The sound is puzzling it was a single note of high pitch. I have no history of tinnitus albeit sometimes I can hear a similar sound generated occasionally by TVs. I must put forward the surreal sensation after wards was very well surreal. (The Paranormal Network)

Again a loud sound outside the building and loss of time:

Let me preface this by saying it is not my story, but is my roommate's who doesn't really do Reddit.

About a month ago my roommate came home from staying at her partner's house and told our other roommate and I about how she and her partner were both woken up by a very loud sound outside of the building. My roommate is typically a heavy sleeper because things at our apartment are usually loud due to shitty neighbors, ongoing construction, and just generally living on a very busy street on college campus, so for something to wake her up is has to be LOUD.

When they woke up, they looked out of the windows and didn't see anything unusual, so they got back in bed and checked the time, it was 3am. They both sat there for, what she told me, was about 5 minutes, just enough time to look through notifications on their phones, when she looked at the time again it was 6 am. They lost three hours. She swears they didn't fall back asleep during the three-hour gap, didn't lose track of time scrolling on their phones, or anything that could be deducted to them simply not noticing the time going by.

My roommate doesn't use Reddit, isn't familiar with glitch-in-the-matrix type stories, and genuinely doesn't make things up.

Three hours of time disappeared. (Reddit)

There was a small comment on this post with a similar experience involving a sound:

My wife said a similar thing happened to her while alone in the house. A strange high-pitched sound and then found half the day gone and it was evening.


With Night Sky Lighting Up

[I only found one example of this, but it is nevertheless important, because it shows a connection with the two phenomena. The whole night sky suddenly becoming bright as day, is another of these weird phenomena, or experiences people have; and happens more than is reported.].

I'd like to explain an event that happened to my friend and myself while at night fishing in Wisconsin. Late in the spring of 1992 friend and I decided to go night fishing on a backwater lake of the Wisconsin river in Grant Colorado, Wisconsin. We arrived before sundown, so we collected firewood in the daylight. The bigger the fire, the better the light to see our rod tips, so we always like to have a good blaze going. In the summer we didn't even need the fire for heat. We didn't light it until around 9:30 p.m., as we sat on the bank and the fire started to burn down. I decided I'll stoke it up because the light was fading from my fishing rod in front of me. It's now about 11:30 pm. Fire stoked, I sit and continue fishing with my buddy. About five minutes pass by as we sit on the bank and I'm liking the orange glow from the fire on my fishing pole. I can see it fairly well. In an instant night turned into daylight everywhere, that I could see for as far as I could see. That's freaking bizarre. Everywhere that I could see for as far as I can see bright daylight. It was unbelievable. I turned to my buddy and told him “Hey, in all seriousness, it has been good knowing you and having you as friend. I'm just saying, because a nuke is the only explanation I'd come up with and we just haven't felt the shock wave. Yet good knowing you bud.” It lasted what seemed 90 seconds without any source just daytime. After the light went out we returned to nightfall. I decided to turn the radio on in the truck to see if there was any news on a nuclear attack I noticed the fire was nearly out, but it couldn't be. I just stoked it ten minutes ago. I looked at the clock in the truck. It is nearly three a.m. We had lost over three hours of time. We both had the exact same thing happen. I'll never understand it. I'm still totally confused on this one. I would truly be interested in hearing about anyone else having experience like this. (Youtube)


With Sighting of UFO/Aliens

As I have mentioned before, the UFO/Alien phenomenon is rife with so-called 'missing time', which is actually 'missing memory' due to the aliens wiping the memory of the abductee after the abduction event. It is quite possible that all Missing Memory of Time Passage and Spatial Displacement experiences are the result of intervention of alien entities of various kinds. There is plenty of literature available about this type of missing memory. I am giving here only a few typical examples.

Bright lights followed by memory lose and being suddenly at a party:

I attended Framingham State University (in Framingham, Massachusetts) from 200 to 2004. While I was there I made some friends. We were coming back to have a party on Cape Cod, in the town of Sandwich. In that area of Cape Cod is a military base. It was called Otis Air Force Base, now it is Joint Base Cape Cod. While I was trying to locate the party...I was stone sober, nothing on board, nothing weird happening. I was on my way to the party, I was pretty late. I was expecting to get there around 6 o'clock in the evening. I am looking for the place, driving around in circles. Finally I am on the wrong road and I am heading towards the Air Force base. So I turn around and started heading back into the other direction when I remembered two very bright lights, orb shaped in the sky, which seemed to be part of one craft. They come up to my driver's side window, floating above the tree line. Really enormous lights, about the size of a truck, and they were separated by the width of a truck. They shine on me, and then I don't remember anything else. All of a sudden I come to. I am at the party, in the living room, sitting there, bewildered. My vehicle is outside. This is hours and hours later, the party is over. It in 1 o'clock in the morning. I am just in this living room. My vehicle, I was told, was cold. Apparently it had been there for a long time. Suddenly, the core, surviving party members come out from the other room. They see me sitting there on the couch and they say: "Woow, how did you get here? Where have you been? You are incredibly late." I had no explanation. I was tired and hostile in general, and looking to go to sleep. (YouTube)

The typical appearance of Gray beings inside a house, and a memory lapse in the middle of screaming:

It took in 1950 or 1951, in North Bend, Oregon. We lived in one of the four houses of a complex. It used to military dependent housing. It was abandoned and boarded up. My mother and stepdad took the boarding of the windows and doors, and we squatted. The newspapers and the police came out, and we said we were moving. Within 24 hours every unit in this complex was occupied by people like ourselves. While we were living in this building, one night I recalled vividly, although here were other nights. I am lying in bed. My brother Gary is lying on the other bed, we are sharing the same room. He is seven years older than me. I was about five years old. He was about twelve. In the adjoining room were two sisters. One was 8 years old, the other 3.

I am lying there asleep, total darkness, when I am feeling there is something going on, and the temperature is dropping, it is getting cold. I look up, I see these small beings, people, things, whatever they are. All I can remember about them was that they were all dressed the same, almost like coveralls. They had almond shaped eyes. They were short. I was very short, but they were taller than me. There were at least five of them in the room. They were standing all around me. I am looking at them, and I am terrified. I start screaming. My stepdad comes in. He turns the light on, and everything is gone. There is nobody there. It was odd, as my brother was sleeping through all this. My stepdad told me to shut up, there is nobody there. Go to sleep. He leaves and says don't call me again.

As soon as he leaves, and closes the door, they are back. They are trying to poke me with some kind of mechanical device that looked like a fishing pole with a hook on it, trying to poke me and do something to me. I hide under my blankets, but I could see through the blankets. I get really scared. I grabbed all the courage I could, and shot out of the bed. My brother is lying only feet away from me, and all my screaming and yelling doesn't wake him up at all. My stepfather is not hearing it either, nobody is hearing me. I run out of my room and into my sisters room. I am looking at them, and they are standing there up their beds with their eyes, like huge saucer eyes looking at me. I turn around in the doorway, and there are all these beings. At the time I did not know about aliens. Their lips are not moving, but they are trying to communicate. They are coming towards us. All three of us are screaming.

The next memory that all of us have: the sun is coming up. We were screaming at 9 o'clock at night, and the next memory we have is 7 o'clock in the morning. We are standing in our front room. We are looking at three of these beings in front of us. They are smiling at us in some weird way. They are giving me this loving hand gesture, or whatever it meant. We are still scared. I was a little angry. Just, as the sun is shining in through the curtains and the window behind it, they vanished. We looked at each other.

What happened between 9' o'clock at night and 7 o'clock in the morning? That is a period of 10 hours of having no memory. What is really odd, is we all went back to our rooms, and went back to bed. We never discussed it with the parents, my brother and even my sisters, until I decided to write about it in 2003.

From that night on, my ESP, the abilities I had, increased. I would wake, and I had nose bleeds, every morning for years. When I would wake up I always had the feeling there was somebody there and saying goodbye. (YouTube)


With Bigfoot

It is rare that some can remember afterwards what happened during the period of 'lost time'. Here we have an account related to Bigfoot or Sasquatch. That might sound strange at first, but after all lost time is often associated with 'aliens', and Bigfoot is also associated with those aliens. They are all part of the same phenomenon. In this account of 'lost time', we find the classic features if being watched, electrified air, a feeling of being unnerved (sometimes fear), the feeling of being followed, weird sounds, and no sounds at all in the forest.

My last encounter was back in September 2016. I went on a solo hike on the Mann Road Trailhead just south of the small town of Startup, Washington next to the Skykomish river. It was an overcast day, and arriving at the trail head there were no other vehicles or signs or other hikers. When I started down the main trail, I felt pretty uneasy and had that sense that something wasn't right. I felt that 'they' were around [a reference to Bigfoot]. It is a hard sensation to explain, but it is like the air is electrified and all your senses become heightened. Some people may call this sensation one of pressure. That's what I call it. Even though I felt this way, I wanted to press on and spend some quality time in nature alone. I had stopped in an area that had recently been clear-cut, and I listened for several minutes. I definitely felt like I was being watched and even though I was unnerved by this. I just did not want to turn around and go back. I continued to mentally project that I was a friend of the sasquatch people and I just wanted to spend time in nature and open my heart to whoever or whatever was observing me. I wanted to be an open book, and that although I consider myself a friend of the sasquatch, I did not want to intrude upon them. I always feel that this is vital to be transparent and never try to hide anything from them, like an agenda to capture them on film or to gain evidence of their existence. In my opinion they already know your intent and plans, so it's always best to be humble and transparent when venturing into the forest and lands. After sitting for a while projecting who I was, being transparent, I got up and continued on down the trail. After about a half mile of walking the trail, I turned to the south and I started going uphill. The further I went up the hill the more the air seemed electric or charged. I did not feel scared but it did seem very odd and I was pretty weirded out over it. The sensation was growing, until suddenly in an instant I realized that it was gone. At the same moment everything seemed very different. The trail had changed instantly. One moment I was walking up the hill and the next moment the trail was level again and everything was different. That's when I realized that I was walking back the way I had just come. I was next to the clear cut again walking back towards the trail head. I felt so discombobulated and confused as to what had happened. How did I get to this point. Why was I walking back the way I just come. I traversed at least several hundred yards from the last place. I remember going up the hill. I just didn't make any it just didn't make any sense. I stopped sat down on a stump and tried to process what the hell was going on. The feeling of electricity in the air was gone but I still felt very very unnerved. After several minutes, I stood back up and started walking the trail again towards the hill where I'd just been. I felt fine physically, so I was hoping there wasn't something wrong with my brain. As I started coming close to the part of the trail where it started going uphill again, I started having that what I can only just call flashbacks to what had just happened to me. I started remembering I was walking up this hill and I just passed a small creek. Feeling this crazy sensation of electricity in the air, and then all of a sudden a large male sasquatch stepped out onto the trail about 50 feet in front of me from the right side of the trail. It looked similar to the Patterson-Gimlin Film. Although it did not have any breasts, it was huge. Even from that distance I could tell it was so massive and I felt so incredibly small even though I'm six foot two and two forty. It walked onto the trail and turned to its left looking at me. It stopped and spoke into my mind: "You do not see me.", and I went into some kind of a trance. I turned around and walked back. All this came flooding back to me. I realized that I would be in danger if I continued up the trail where the encounter happened. I don't know how I knew that, I just did. At that point I felt pretty terrified. I started back down towards the trail heading at a quick pace. I still felt like I was being watched and followed the entire time and my hair was standing on end. I had gotten to a point on the trail where it turned towards the parking area and I heard a noise coming from the thick patch of tall brush. It sounded like the chopping of teeth like if you chomped your teeth together really fast. I couldn't see anything. I had not heard any movement in the bushes at all. That totally freaked me out. I also smelt a very strong stench like skunk mixed with rotten food. This sound happened right next to me and I took everything I had to keep myself from running. After that I cried out saying: "Okay, I'm leaving. I'm leaving. Sorry  I interrupted you guys." It felt like something was going down in those woods and I happened to walk into it, interrupting something. I believe he escorted me out all the way to the parking area even though I saw and heard nothing else. Oh yeah, there also were no forest sounds of birds or critters at all. It was totally silent the whole time, but this is a normal occurrence in our area and you tend to get used to the silence of the forest here, or maybe it's just me. (from a YouTube video, starting at 20:48)