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Humanoid Beings with Horns

Throughout the ages people have encountered strange beings who had horns on their head. It is something you wouldn't expect to see, as in our world only animals have horns. At least, that is what most people think. There are a few number of people in the world who have grown horns on their head. These cases are well known, and it is obvious that it is an anomalous phenomenon, as these horns are often misshaped. Below are three examples of a people who grew a horn.

person with horn  person with horn  person with horn

How is it possible that this happens at all? This can only happen if there is a DNA-code in those people DNA that was activated to grow that horn. How did this DNA-code got into human DNA? The answer can only be that there was some genetic tinkering in the distant past by technologically advanced humans, or even aliens. We now know that the Reptilians, some of which live underground, always have been into genetic engineering, and have messed with the human DNA. The following skull is said to have been discovered in France between 1920 and 1940, but its current whereabouts are unknown. Surnateum, The Museum of Supernatural History, however, claims to have analyzed the skull. Their analysis demonstrated that the horns were genuinely part of the skull. The analysis concluded: "An in-depth examination and X-rays leave no room for doubt: the skull is NOT a forgery."

skull with horns

From Pursuit, 6:69-70, July 1973 Mysteries of the Unexplained, p. 39 1992:

Several human skulls with horns protruding from them were discovered in a burial mound at Sayre, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, in the 1880's. With the exception of the bony projections located about two inches above the eyebrows, the men whom these skeletons belonged to were anatomically normal, though at seven feet tall they were giants. It was estimated that the bodies had been buried around A.D. 1200. The find was made by a reputable group of antiquarians, including the Pennsylvania state historian and dignitary of the Presbyterian Church (Dr. G.P. Donehoo) and two professors, A.B. Skinner, of the American Investigating Museum, and W.K.Morehead, of Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts. After the discovery which was made in the town of Sayre, the remains were sent to the American Investigating Museum in Philadelphia, where Skinner was based. The Museum later claimed that the remains had been stolen, and they were never recovered. It was not the first time that gigantic horned skulls have been unearthed in North America. During the 19th century, similar skulls were discovered near Wellsville, New York and in a mining village close to El Paso, Texas. The interesting thing about it is that the skeletons were large, the horns are well formed, and there was more than one in the same burial mound.

This brings to mind the figure, commonly called the god Cernunnos, on the Gundestup cauldron. The Gundestrup cauldron is a richly decorated silver vessel, thought to date between 200 BC and 300 AD. It was found in 1891 in a peat bog near the hamlet of Gundestrup in the Aars parish of Himmerland, Denmark. One of the interior plates of the cauldron shows an antlered male figure seated in a central position. In his right hand, the figure is holding an open torc (a large rigid neck ring in metal), and with his left hand, he grips a horned serpent by the head. Nothing is known about Cernunnos. Only recent sources gave him a status as god.

Gundestrup figure with horn

These skulls are proof that physical beings, maybe human or humanoid, existed at least in the past. However, sightings of other beings with horns, might point to another origin. These sightings are rare, and the beings are not humans, but are very different, although they have the general humanoid form. I recently read an account on a website (unfortunately I didn't save it) of a person who was walking in the woods and felt he was followed. When he turned around he saw a not so nice looking humanoid creature with deer-like antlers on his head. The being gave him the mental impression that it was going to attack him. The person got up his courage and was prepared to defend himself, upon which the creature turned around and ran away.

Throughout history people have seen many kinds of strange humanoid creatures. Many of them display aggressive tendencies, feel dangerous or have trickster kind mentalities. Where do these come from, as they clearly are not living on this physical Earth. They are only chance encounters. I have been suspecting that there is indeed a kind of intermediate world between the physical and astral or spiritual world where these creatures reside. Once in a while they slip into our physical dimension through the so-called energy vortexes of the earth, or similar portals.

Inca Spiritual Messenger, Willaru Huayta gave a lecture about life on Venus in another dimension, in Peru, September, 1997. In it he also mentioned the following that hints on the same idea of another more subtle physical dimension on earth where creatures live:

"The gray men [he is talking about the Greys] don't come from other planets. They come from the planet Earth. There is the Fourth Dimension light side and the Fourth Dimension dark side. In the dark side are living those gray people. Humanity believes that they come from other planets. Also in our planet, living in the dark side are other kinds of monsters, and big animals also. Dimension by dimension there is life, different forms of life. Only in the Third Dimension and the Fourth Dimension can we live with a physical body."

The following are a couple of encounters people had with strange creatures which had horns. This is to give you an idea that they really exist.

Source: GCBRO Weird Stories Location: Johnson City, Tennessee, Washington County - June 18, 1997 - 1:00 am EST

"All of a sudden we heard the brush in the hollow below us rattling and you could tell that whatever was making these sounds was rather large. Luckily I had with me a Ruger 10-22 rifle and approx. 150 rounds of ammo clipped and stacked and ready to go. I could barely make something out coming towards us. I did have the rifle equipped with the night vision scope and I could make out an outline of what appeared to be a man. Upon further inspection I found it was not. There were two large walnut trees about 25 ft in front of us and whatever came from the woods was using these trees for cover! But as it stepped out for what I took as a charge I opened fire. Within 2.5 seconds I emptied my 1st 25 round clip into the "creature" and was starting on my next. After all was said and done and round #151 was entering the target I suggested that we start a retreat to the house, about 65 ft behind us. No more ammo in the 22 so I went for my 380 auto that I had as a spare on my leg. The thing that was freaking me out the most was that after all that shooting, 95% of which I KNOW hit it, the creature was weaving back and forth between the trees. No screams no apparent pain no anything.

The creature was 7-8 foot tall approximately 450-500lbs. Covered with thick black fur. It did in fact resemble the "ever so popular Bigfoot image" that each and every one of us are quite familiar with, except for the fact that it was slimmer in shape. Almost skinny. And it did in fact have a neck. Also protruding on either sides of it's head, (i.e. location of the ears) were long tapered "horns" also black in color. On the top of the head also resided a "horn" pointing straight up. All horns were approximately 5-6 in in length and were the same dark color as the creature.

We finally made it to the house and after a sleepless night we got up the next morning to see if we could find anything. All we saw were a lot of spent shell casings, between the two walnut trees there were only about 7 or 8 bullet holes in both of them meaning I HAD struck my target numerous times, and the ground looked like it had been "danced upon". Upon that, this concludes my TRUE story of how, one night, I did indeed dance with the devil.

Upon later inspection we were shocked to discover that each trap had been sprung and ALL the bait had been extracted. Having seen this we returned home to double check the traps to make sure they were set correctly and that they operated properly. I was looking for my pre-teenage cousin to be my "Ginny Pig". But after careful consideration I found a stick that was almost as good. The traps were then placed at different locations around the previous activities and we received the same, disappointing , results. No further traps were set. But a hike up the eastern most ridge revealed a quite large "system of tunnels" made up of brush and various sizes of tree limbs, vines and leaves. These catacombs were obviously NOT made by man as revealed by their construction. They were approx. 2 1/2 ft. tall by 4 ft wide and was made up into 3 passageways intertwining into a main "chamber" in the center. When we discovered these I was convinced we had found the lair of the beast. We all got that same "Were being watched in the woods feeling" and decided to rather quickly, return home. "


Source: Phantoms and Monsters website:

"I have seen this creature very close to Jasper, Arkansas. I have lived in the Arkansas Ozarks for over 20 years. I never knew what it was until recently doing research. And I do believe I know where they are. I first had visual sight of one was off HWY 65 on HWY 256, heading towards Welcome Home. When I saw it I couldn't believe my eyes, I had never seen anything like it, what shocked me the most and what was most memorable was the horns coming out of it's forehead, very much cat like, but it was it's face with it's horns that really shocked me. I drove as if in shock from a car crash not believing what I saw, until I started doing research on the subject. For over 10 years, in a remote region close to Mountain View, Arkansas, you can hear the howl every single night, usually after midnight. I never knew it was until I did the research, it is very elk like, almost like a horn, but definitely a howl. If anyone is brave enough I can show you where exactly to go to hear this, and where I made visual contact."


Source: Phillip L Rife's book, America's Nightmare Monsters:

"An ungodly looking creature created havoc among the local god-fearing Amish community. Witnesses described the creature as following: The size of a good heifer, gray in color with a white mane. It had tiger like fangs and curved horns like a Billy goat. It ran upright on long legs, and had long grizzly claws. In one incident, the creature sent a team of horses and two brothers flying when it approached their hay wagon. The following day, a man was cutting weeds on his farm about five miles from the previous incident when he heard a fierce roar and turned to see a monster with three horns and a tail charging in his direction. He raised his scythe to defend himself, only to have the implement ripped from his hands. At that point, the man wisely decided to turn both cheeks to the monster and escaped as fast as he could run. A day later a woman was feeding poultry on a farm midway between the two earlier incidents when she heard a commotion and turned to see the creature in the act of snatching a goose in each of its hands. She bravely ran toward the thing, waving her apron. The woman managed to recover one of her geese when the creature threw it at her, knocking her to the ground in the process. The interloper then escaped with the remaining bird in hand. "


Source: Phantoms and Monsters website: Location: Near Norway, Iowa - mid-December 2002 - night

"The witness was on his way home late one night after work. He almost always walked the train tracks because they were a straight shot towards the house. These train tracks ran past a cemetery which was alleged to be old settler cemetery. It’s already dark and has been so for a few hours. There was no moon that night. As he walks near the cemetery, he starts hearing muffled footsteps behind him but doesn’t think much of it. Plenty of other guys walk home this way as well. So he keeps going and the footsteps get louder and louder. About midway past the cemetery he’s gets nervous and the steps are getting closer so he turns to look behind him. According to the witness he saw a “goatman” or “the devil himself”. He describes this 'thing' as a man who basically had goat hooves and horns along the lines of the mythical 'Pan'. And this thing was heading straight for him. Reportedly all the snow around this creature was instantly melting as it walked through. The witness runs screaming like a banshee. He hears the clopping of the beast's footsteps behind him speed up to catch him as he’s running. Finally he gets past the graveyard and sees the thing stop right at the edge of the cemetery. He continues running, stops to look back and the beast just vanishes. One of his older co-workers confided with the witness that there was a tale about a 'goatman' many years ago. It was supposedly a Polish immigrant who disappeared one night but returned as the creature several years later. There had been UFO and strange being reports around the same time the man had vanished. "