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The Ego

Discussion among spiritually oriented people,
a disagreement on a subject,
and a feeling that one's personal opinion
is not accepted...
and there is comes,
the other party is being blamed
for being egoistic
for acting from their ego,
oh so bad.
There is also the concept
that one must surrender his ego
to the greater good
(whatever that is).
Or to get rid of the ego
because it is an obstacle for enlightenment
(whatever they imagine that might be).
All misconceptions!
The ego
is a conglomerate of energies
of thoughts and emotions.
Small and large programs
inherited at birth
that allows us
to express ourselves
as a human being,
plus some more programs
we created ourselves during our life
allowing us to express ourselves
as an individual.
that is the ego
separating itself from all the other egos.
The ego
is absolutely necessary
to express yourself in this world.
However it matters
how you handle your ego!
it you let your ego,
your thought and emotional energies,
run your life,
then your ego
is ever running after self satisfaction
and it will ruin your life.
If you put your ego
in service of your Self,
your divine center,
that what is truly you,
eternal and ever shining,
then your ego
is an excellent tool
to manifest the divine I
in this material world.