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is that not what we all want?
Then, why are so many people unhappy?
Are you happy?
What makes you happy?
A new car,
a more expensive one than the one of the neighbor?
A big house,
fully furnished?
A big screen TV,
the latest cell phone
with all the gadgets?
Approval of other people?
All these things can make you happy,
yes, but temporarily.
When the satisfaction is over,
you need another gadget,
another approval
to bet more happiness.
It never ends,
the continuous running after happiness.
Wanting ever more,
never enough, especially of money.
Take a distance from it all,
and look at yourself.
You buy a gadget
because you are not happy.
Aside from a necessity,
you buy all those things,
because you want to buy happiness.
But this is not real happiness.
It is a fleeting superficial moment.
And then it is gone,
and you have to buy more of it.
It is a self limited point of view:
the world is there to make me happy.
A one direction flow of energy:
only towards yourself.
If everybody does that,
that is a lot of tugging of energy
towards all those desperate beings
who want happiness only for themselves.
That makes the world
a place full of unhappy beings.
Do you see the point?
True and enduring happiness
comes from making other people happy.
This is the key!
When you make another person happy,
does that make you happy?
It is a feeling that lasts.
And, the other person is going to be motivated
to return that wonderful gesture,
and make you happy too.
When you only take
you lose.
When you give
you receive.
It's that simple.
Start giving!
One more thing:
happiness is in the here and now,
you create it in yourself,
by being happy with what you have.
When you look for happiness outside yourself,
in all those gadgets
in the approval,
happiness will always be in the future,
and you will never be happy in the present.
Look within yourself,
in the here and now,
it is right there: