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Do you live
in the here and now?
you are constantly thinking
about things in the past,
about things in the future.
What you said yesterday,
what somebody told you the day before yesterday,
the good and bad that happened in your life,
what you going to do tomorrow,
what other people should be doing the day after tomorrow.
Being sad or happy
about what happened in the past,
being anxious or looking forward
to what might happen in the future.
There is nothing you do the change the past,
it is over, it is done,
you learn from it.
The future is outside your reach,
you create, plan, organize
to make future things happen.
But then,
let it all go.
Be in the here and now.
Do not hold on to the past,
do not obsess about the future.
Life is to be experienced in the present,
why fill it up
with old records playing over and over again,
or constant worries and fear about a possible future
that might or might not happen?
Learn from the past,
and plan ahead for the future,
but fill the here and now
with your clear presence.
When you are in the here and now,
just being your self,
the whole world opens up,
no regrets, no worries are present,
only you
 and the ever flowing river of life
with all its possibilities and expressions,
and out of the depths of being,
joy of life bubbles up
and dispels anything
that is in the way
of your true happiness.