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After so many millenniums,
humans on the physical plane
continue to create and undergo
 much pain and suffering.
Why is this?
Physical life cannot be seen
as separate from the astral realm.
Humans cycle
from the physical to the astral
to the physical again.
This is called reincarnation.
Why would souls continue to come back
to a physical world full of pain and suffering?
Some call it Karma,
and claim that karma allows one
to pay for past wrongs
and earn credits for good deeds,
like a credit report.
And in every incarnation,
while you try to rectify the bad credits,
you create new ones,
and at the same time
you undergo the suffering caused by
the actions of bad people,
who have nothing to do
with your credit sheet.
On and on it goes,
incarnation after incarnation,
the wheel turns,
and they keep on sending you back.
What's wrong with this picture?
Are we here to learn from past mistakes,
and how to be a good boy/girl?
If so, why then after so many millenniums
is humanity still so stuck in the muck?
Have you ever thought
about those really, really bad people,
the ones who, for example,
enjoy the misery of others,
who don't care about you,
who delight in torturing,
who kill without blinking an eye?
Who allowed them to reincarnate
fully knowing what they would do,
knowing that one's life plan is written before birth?
There are plenty of accounts
of souls, who arrived in the astral world,
after physical death,
who appeared before a council
where the mistakes of that soul's previous life
were pointed out.
That soul, overcome with guilt
wants to straighten out
what he did wrong.
The council forwards the soul to another group,
it gives the soul
a selection of new bodies
to choose from,
and they write an new script
for another physical life
to again to try to clear his credit report.
But does this help the soul?
Apparently not much,
because he keeps on mucking around,
 confused in the material world.
How could spiritually advanced guides
allow the really bad boys to come down
and create extreme suffering of other beings?
It suggests those who guide the reincarnation process,
may not really be so spiritually advanced after all.
The results show them as controllers
who want to keep human beings,
enslaved in ignorance,
in their physical as well as in their astral bodies.
The benefit is for the controllers themselves,
who live on the emotional energy of human beings.
They are parasitical beings or energy vampires,
as they are sometimes called.
These astral councils never use force.
Force is never effective
as it produces resistance.
The introduction of guilt
is a much better tool
because the subject himself
will voluntarily reincarnate again
with a new personality
written mostly by the controllers.
It is said that after death,
when one reviews his past life,
one is one's own judge.
But what does one base oneself on
when judging oneself?
Certainly not guilt!
Guilt is an absolutely useless emotion.
Read that sentence again!
One should not regret
anything that one has done in the past,
even if it is considered by others as being not good.
Moralities, religious doctrines, or even civilian laws
are are relative and differ from group to group,
from religion to religion
from society to society.
Karma is one of those laws or regulations
that others impose on you.
It polarized you in good and bad,
and the never ending struggle to be good
not understanding that good and bad are just polarities.
A human being is divine in nature.
Focus on the divine center in yourself,
and you will find
that you are here to express yourself,
fully, as a divine being,
who is neither good nor bad.
You as a divine being
do not need karma,
nor do you need to pay for bad mistakes.
Learn from the past,
understand the present, and do better in the future,
in expressing yourself.
Get rid of your karma credit report,
and start building a world
that is a reflection of your inner divine self.
You don't need an authority
who tells you that you have to pay for past karma.
You don't need an authority
who makes you feel guilty and helpless.
You don't need an authority
to solve your problems,
not in the astral or in the physical.
Stop seeing yourself
as a victim of your past actions,
of supposedly bad karma,
and bad people doing bad things to you.
Throw away karma
and what is left:
you as a shining divine being,
who enjoys itself
in endless expressions of the divine.
Try it!
And you will see
that a dark cloud,
that has been put over you,
will be lifted,
and the Sun will shine again
in all its glory.
Let me also say,
that those who stand firmly in the divine light
have guides that help them
both in the physical as in the astral world.
Those guides,
who are really spiritually advanced,
will approach you
as equals,
and stimulate the creative side of yourself.
They will not place themselves above you,
or tell you what to do.
They will not create guilt in you
or subject you to another physical life of misery.
They let you decide what you want.
It is up to you
to know what you really want
and not follow the suppressive, blaming rule of fictitious karma.