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Eric Theunis

Eric Theunis is a spiritual healer who received a shamanic education by Joska Soos. His website is Eric Theunis  (The Rhythm of the Soul) . (Translation of text and reproduction of pictures with his permission)


On his website page My Shamanic Teacher Joska Soos he writes:


Joska Soos

Strange but nevertheless a realized Master towards the highest Love.

Born in Apostag in Hungary on December 20 1921.

Where he grew up, in the shamanic atmosphere under the protection of Tamas Basci, the village shaman, who also was both blacksmith and horse trader.

Died August 15, 2008 in Zoersel.

For many years Joska was an extraordinary shamanic artist/painter.

Evolution was of major importance for him.

The energy that radiated from him was like a pure diamond with brilliant light beams.

The Tibetan ritual objects as sound instruments were well represented in his practice.

Therefore it was a magnificent moment to be able to experience all this with him.

It was a real honor to have been educated by him to strengthen the practical, universal and mystical insights with shamanism in myself, and to to come into harmony with myself and my environment.

Thus I am able to come into contact with the cosmic knowledge present in myself, because "the secrets of all knowledge, and the knowledge of all secrets are in yourself".

With this, Joska, thank you, rest in peace, I will never forget you.


One of his favorite expressions:

" The wise man continues to learn until he dies, and he dies ignorant."

Click here to see Eric's drum, painted and initiated by Joska Soos.


Pictures of Eric Theunis with the late Joska Soos:

Eric Theunis with the late Joska Soos

Eric Theunis with the late Joska Soos

Eric Theunis with the late Joska Soos

Eric Theunis with the late Joska Soos