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The Pitfall of Emotions

The following is a loose translation and condensation of a chapter from the book Par L'Esprit du Soleil (By the Spirit of the Sun) by Anne and Daniel Meurois-Givaudan. The book contains messages of different topics given by the historical Jesus to the couple while they were in Damascus, Syria. Jesus would appear in their room and talk about different subjects. As Meurois-Givaudan explains, it not important to figure out if Jesus is again physically present or not. It is the message that counts.
Love, What does this word mean? Even with the power from the heart, humanity in general does not know what love is. Mankind knows the impulse that has the name love, it knows a feeling that resembles it and that is the result of emotions. Emotions are like brakes when trying to reach your destination.
The seat of emotional reality is situated in that sensitive area between stomach and navel. You call this center the solar plexus, manipura chakra or astral chakra. With most people this has been developed so strongly, that we easily can say that it is their most important driving force.
What I want to convey to you is that mankind is still primarily living and expressing itself by the energy of emotions.
Emotion, as you need to look at it in this context, emanates from the lower personality. It is a heliocentric, egocentric power that enforces itself to anyone as an instinct. It implies an instinctive, very animal energy. Emotion is a primal force that has its place in relation to procreation and self-protection. It is a necessary phase for the lower personality to develop a coherent form.
Unfortunately, man rarely transcends the lower personality as he sinks away all to often in the swamp of emotions.
Maybe you will say that there are beautiful emotions that elevate the human soul. But those energies come from feelings welling up by themselves from a direct connection with the Spirit of Love. Understand that emotions are different. Emotions are difficult to control, they have a limited consciousness, and they often show their weakness as power, their injustice as justice. True feelings are born from a union with the All and seldom sprout forth in the hearts of man. Emotions are like storm troops showing another ideal than the one they actually carry.
What does it mean when man is talking about "to love"? It is an emotion to give with the secret wish and a strong need to receive a reward. He wants to receive something that will confirm his believe in life. Emotional love is like a trade.
On the path to my Father it is important to recognize this and understand the sphere of emotions and the egocentric impulses, in order to remove those heavy obstacles.
You look like divers who have a lack of oxygen but who do nothing to solve a difficult situation. You lose yourself in an ocean of emotions which, despite the suffocation, is so attractive that you are afraid to lose a part of yourself when you reach for the surface. It is necessary to go to the surface in order to discard all the false pretenses.
As you donít have to wage war against your ever present physical hunger, also donít attack your emotional hunger. Look at it in a peaceful way. The reason why emotions are present in each of you is because the eternal power has allowed them to exist in you. If true love is your goal, look at emotions as beacons, as elements of the landscape from which your soul learns.
When everything in yourself looks like raging waters and earthquakes, sit still and look at how it moves and progresses. You will always find fear and anxieties that are based on nothing, but that nevertheless will launch subtle defense mechanisms. Learn to look at emotions with joy, that is with a power full of confidence, open and calm. The flower that will be born from the emotional body is called sensitiveness. It is starting to emerge in a form that does not exist in any other place of the Milky Way. This flower is so special that it has to be treated with a thousand precautions, in order to become constructive. The ability to feel can emanate an immense creative force and can make compassion rise up, but it can also become the tool with which the soul will poison itself.
The gift my Father gave to this wave of life is mostly in the specific character of the ego, the inescapable fruit of free will. Your problems are mostly and for all the stones with which you construct your being. To recognize this is the antidote to the venom of emotions.
I am telling you: look at the obstacles like you would look at a caravan passing by in the distance. By doing this you will learn to love the life that has been given you, as you now are not identifying yourself anymore with that which is experiencing difficulties in your inner center. That which you think is you, is only a screen on which your ego-focused soul projects its illusions. Know that controlling emotions is controlling illusions.
Bring it out: "I love! I love this love that gives us a thousand opportunities to work on ourselves. I love this life because I am no longer the stream of impulses moving by in myself, because I have never been that stream. I love life because the pain of my soul is not a punishment but a sign that I was on the wrong track."
Take my hand I am extending to you. Not to take you out of the abyss for which you are afraid so often, but to give you back your own hand and to fill your heart with joy.