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Cosmic Paintings  

painting by the Hungarian shaman Joska Soos

Light-sound beings, as Joska Soos saw them, are of an order of Demiurges, that is, spiritual beings who create the universe in its many aspects, from very little things to immense galaxies. On this page are beings associated with cosmic things.


Cosmic Womb,1988 

  This is one of Joska Soos' masterpieces, from 1988. I leave it to you to meditate on it.

     This is an enlargement of the bottom left corner



Light Sound Beings from Another Galaxy, painting by Joska Soos 

   These are light-sound beings from another galaxy. By way of speaking, they came out of their galaxy (the half circle on top) to show themselves to Joska Soos. They are male, female, or androgynous in nature.

Light-being of a Galactic Universe, 1993

Light Being of a Galactic Universe, 1993

Of the Emerald Universe, 1992

Of the Emerald Universe, 1992

unknown title

Entity of the Primordial Sound, 1991
Light Friend of Seven Stars, 1990

Light Friend of Seven Stars, 1990 


Black Hole Entity, painting by Joska Soos

Black Hole Entity, 1991
Multi-Galactic being, painting by Joska Soos

Multi-Galactic Being, 1990
Of Dark Cosmic Regions

Of Dark Cosmic Regions

Galactic Ambassadors 2003

The Jupiterian, 2003

The Jupiterian, 2003

I Am From Another Illuminating Star, 2003

Primordial Mist, 2003

Light Being near Pluto, 1990

Light Being near Pluto, 1990 


Light Being of Cosmic Night, drawing by Joska Soos

Light Being of the Cosmic Night, 1990

From a Sound-Galaxy, painting by Joska Soos

"d'Une Galaxie-sonore" (From a Sound-Galaxy)

     This is a little drawing on a piece of cardboard Joska Soos gave me in 1991. Even an entire galaxy can be seen on a sound level. The black lines are in reality intense white light. As everything in the universe is alive, a galaxy is also a living being.

A Far Away Galaxy, painting by Joska Soos

A Far Away Galaxy, 1992


Star Entities:

Dark Stellar Entity, painting by Joska Soos

Dark Stellar Entity, 1991
I Am of Seven Stars, painting by Joska Soos

I Am of Seven Stars, 1991
Light Being of the Ninth Constellation, panting by Joska Soos

Light Being of the Ninth Constellation, 1991
Gemini Light Being, painting by Joska Soos

Light Being of the Ninth Constellation, 1992
Being from Betelgeuze

Being from Betelgeuse, 2001
From the Constellation Dragon

From the Constellation Dragon, 2001
From the Planet Mars

 From the Planet Mars, 2001

The Twelve Sound Signs of the Zodiac, 03.08.1976 



Mysterious Passage of an Anonymous Messenger Comet, 2003



Universe in Formation, 2003


Universe-in constuction 2003

Universe in Construction, 2003



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