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Joska Soos at his Home

In 1946 Joska Soos moved to Belgium and lived for a while in Charleroi. In 1965 he went to live in Brussels. In the 1980's he moved to Merksem, a part of the city of Antwerp. My first visit to his house in Antwerp was in 1989. Over the years he sent me pictures of himself in and outside his house:

Joska Soos
Joska in his living room, on the second floor of his house.

Joska at home before a painting titled Entity From Somewhere Else, 1994
In the corner are multiple Buddhist paraphernalia.
Joska Soos

Joska in his shamanization room, on the third floor of his house.
Joska Soos

Joska in front of front of his paintings. He is wearing a special shamanic amulet.
Joska Soos with mala

This mala was hanging in his shamanization room. It is made out human bones (from deceased llamas) sculpted into large skull beads.
Joska Soos

Shamans like strawberries too!

In this picture you can see a metal creation he made of a light being. In his right hand he is holding a Buddhist ritual dagger. Around his neck is a special amulet he was given.


Power Structure of a Light Being, 1993 



A photo taken in 2001, when Joska Soos was 80 years old.

 On the wall is a painting that had such a special meaning

 to him that he never wanted to sell it.


Joska Holding his Painting, Titled  Buddha, 2001

Joska, in his front garden, holding his painting, titled Buddha, 2001



Joska holding a painting, at the back of this house. The painting is titled Light-Being from Somewhere Else, 1992