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My Own Visions of Light-Sound Beings


Here are the paintings of my two experiences during which I saw light-sound beings.

Once, I was making a connection with a particular global cluster in the Milky Way, when suddenly a light-sound being of a simple but powerful nature appeared for an instant (image to the left).

I was quite surprised by it.

It seemed to be a guardian for that global cluster.

Another time (image to the right) , I saw light-sound beings during love making. There were several dancing around, all of similar shapes.

They were quite simple in form, but with a happy, playful character .

guardian love beings

Last night (05.16.2014) I was shown an ideogram made of light and sound, representing the vibration of ‘man and woman’. It was shown by the Hungarian shaman Joska Soos, who now dwells in his spirit form. I meditated on it, and have found some interesting information in it.
Here is the ideogram, I leave it up to you to meditate on it.

man=woman ideogram