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Tales of an Incarnating Soul

This page is about the process of incarnating, during the entire period of pregnancy, seen from both the mother's side and the incarnating soul. First you will see how Carol's experienced the conception, pregnancy and birth of her first son in May of 1975, expressing it visually in the form of a series of pastel paintings. The second part of the page is a book review of a French book by a couple who during their out-of-the-body experiences could talk freely with a soul during the process of pregnancy of its mother-to-be.

Contents in this page:

Carol's Pregnancy
Carol's paintings of her feelings, energy and contacts during her pregnancy.

The Nine Steps
 book by Meurois-Givaudan about an incarnating soul


Carol's Pregnancy

painting by Carol Herzer It was the full moon in the spring of the year before my son's birth and I made a self portrait. Perhaps that moon face is his essence energy, looking through, observing his mother to be. I had lost a baby in the 7th month of pregnancy to a miscarriage the year before and was very much wanting a child. Maybe that's why the moon face is a bit sad.
painting by Carol Herzer After reading what Meurois-Givaudan explains about the time before birth I can now see better what some of my pastels were about. This was done one year before my son's birth, and it could be him, in his full being, preparing to come to me.
painting by Carol Herzer  This pastel came aright after the preceding one. It is clearly the mother waiting, and the spirit of the son jumping into his new body to be, in the spirit form. There is an abstract figure extending from the wings on the mother, with a profile face that merges with the more defined figure.
painting by Carol Herzer The sensual world of feeling and the impulse to taking form in a body is felt in this piece. The energy of the father is present here, with a play of involvement setting up the time of conception. The pastels with the ferns were done in a woodland studio, there really were masses of beautiful ferns outside the windows.

painting by Carol Herzer An inner world fantasy image at the ocean's edge, and the play of the sexuality that led up to the conception. the father is a driving force, going into the sea, and the mother is jumping up and free floating above the waves.
painting by Carol Herzer This pastel was done immediately after the time of conception, within a week or so. The mother was not aware yet that she was pregnant, but it is obvious in the picture. You can see the face of the child to be floating above a pool, looking down into the scene below. a guardian angel is on the right, it has caught the swooning incarnating being in it's arms. the hand at the right is reaching for a star.
painting by Carol Herzer It was early September, early fall. This is a landscape from the house where we lived. An angel, or perhaps it is the mother is on the ground, and a double angel is above. The double image gives the feeling of a spirit leaving it's heavenly abode and coming back down to earth.
painting by Carol Herzer Detail of the double angel. Notice the fish tail like form of the forward figure. At that time in the pregnancy the child was in a very early stage.
painting by Carol Herzer The title of this pastel was originally "The Lords of Form" By now the mother knows she is pregnant. It is the second month, and the physical form is being determined, emerging. the mother is at the lower right, she is like a mermaid, giving over her body to the coming child, and an angel is pouring the waters of life over her.
painting by Carol Herzer Now it is December, this was painted on Christmas day. The son to be is seen as a figure in the tree, looking toward a full moon in the sky. It is the beginning of the fourth month.
painting by Carol Herzer By the fifth month the mother is feeling as if the ocean is sweeping over her, her body is not her own for the moment, but has been given over to the child. an emerging presence is felt, but not seen, to her right is a womb like encapsulation of the landscape, and the child within is now moving.
painting by Carol Herzer It is the sixth month. the image here could be either the mother or the child, it is about the feeling at the time, of being totally immersed in the inner world of the pregnancy. She dreams a lot of flowers, this is appropriate as the baby will come in May.
painting by Carol Herzer We are now about the 7th month, and the fully formed being of the child is seen touching down from the heavenly realms, the rocks under his hands are like a mountain top, or they are the cervix, the place in the womb where he will leave and enter the world.
painting by Carol Herzer Getting closer to the time of birth, around the 8th month, the baby is getting larger and there is less room for moving. He is listening with great awareness to the world outside. still in his spirit self, there are wings showing he can still fly free in the spirit realm.
painting by Carol Herzer Also in the 8th month, here the baby is getting to know his mother, and she is very focused on him, waiting and wondering who he will be.
painting by Carol Herzer  This pastel was done the day before the birth of the child. Notice the small spiral on the forehead. there is a trigger for labor that is a release of a hormone from the area of the third eye. I felt is very clearly and made this picture to show it. also see the spiral over the head, and others up in the sky, plus the spiraling form in the shells.
painting by Carol Herzer  Just before birth, the fully formed child is just waiting for the right moment to let go of the umbilical cord and flow with the waters of birth out into the world.
painting by Carol Herzer Here is the birth, and the moon face we saw before is back, as the spirit essence comes in to the body. this is the first pastel I made after the birth. I started it actually holding my baby on my lap, with the paper turned upright. I could not hold the baby and reach the top, so I turned the paper to it's present position, and continued.
painting by Carol Herzer This picture was made from a photograph taken at the birth. the woman was the midwife, but you could also look at her as the spirit guides bringing the baby to the mother. He was born around an hour before noon, and the night before had a thunderstorm.  The moon was big, and full three days later. Notice the sun and moon in the  pastel.
painting by Carol Herzer Now the baby is landed, come down to earth, and feeling his new connection to the body.
painting by Carol Herzer Outside in the garden, a portrait of the new little one. the fontanel is still opened of curse, and the image above the head shows this. but you can see by the face that this is someone, that there is a real person already present.
painting by Carol Herzer A few months later, a portrait after a special dream of the mother. the baby's head was like a magnetic pole, perhaps the fontanel was closing or closed, I don't remember. But the dream was strong. In the image is another  full face of a child, and there is a brother to come. The face really looks like he will look when he is born a little over two years later.
painting by Carol Herzer we move along, and leave the place of birth, traveling to another part of the country for a while. the spirit of the child is still getting connected, and the image could be the mother or a spirit helper. Perhaps a mother is both. On her finger is a green jade stone, one she had gotten from her grandmother and lost in the time of conception.

painting by Carol Herzer

I do not remember exactly when I made this piece. before or after the pregnancy. It is done on two sheets of paper, which you can see in the photography. I always called this piece Raphael's Guardian Angel. Maybe it's Raphael as an angel. Perhaps we are all angels, coming through the Divine into the earth life. I knew the name of my child from the very beginning, perhaps as soon as I knew I was pregnant, I just heard it. At first I knew Ra, like the Egyptian sun god. shortly after the name Raphael came through. Raphael means healed by God.




The Nine Steps, History of Birth and Rebirth,

a book by Anne and Daniel Meurois-Givaudan

Anne and Daniel Meurois-Givaudan are two remarkable people. They write in French and have published quite a few of books based on experiences that have come to them through the astral dimension and their spiritual guides. Some of their books have been translated into several languages and have become very popular. Unfortunately only one book has been translated into English, The Way of the Essenes, Christ’s Hidden Life Remembered (Destiny Books, isbn 0-89281-322-9). What makes the their books so unique is that they both have the ability to mentally leave their physical bodies and explore the astral realms, under the supervision of their spiritual guides. This is different than "channeling". In ‘Recits d’un voyageur de l’Astral’ (Reports of an Astral Traveler), one of their guides takes them to the different levels of the astral worlds, and shows them in spirit form the nature, villages, houses and people on those levels. In the ‘Way of the Essenes’ were allowed access to the Akashic records (the memory bank of the universe, guarded by spiritual entities) and thus they were able to re-live the lives of two people some two thousand years ago in ancient Palestine, going into the Essene community. They thus obtained a first hand vision of the personality and teachings of Jesus, of his life and his disciples.
In this article I want to give you an overview of their book ‘Les Neuf Marches, histoire de naitre et de renaitre’ (The Nine Steps, History of Birth and Rebirth), which gives us an account from the point of view of the soul that is in the process of going through the experience between conception and birth, that is during pregnancy. As Daniel Givaudan is now living in Canada, I hope this book will be translated into English one day, as I think this is a most unusual and informative book. It is a must for every expecting parent!
In the mean time you can read this overview. I have kept it short and informative. The book itself gives much more information from the point of view of the incarnating soul who is herself in dialogue.

The Nine Steps, history of birth and rebirth

When out of their bodies, and in the astral realm, the couple (the writers) come into contact with an entity, a human soul, in the process of incarnation. She calls herself Rebecca and looks like a young woman, as that is what she was in her previous life. Although she had been told that she had to go back to earth, she had felt a strong attraction but at the same time also fear to be born again. The writers are meeting Rebecca many times in astral world in what looks like a room, Rebecca knows that this space is constantly being created (and thus it changes from time to time) by her soul. It is like a mind bubble between two worlds. The room always reflects how she feels.

Rebecca shows the writers where her mother-to-be lives. Somewhere at the American West-coast, a young woman who has become pregnant. She explains that when a soul is incarnating again it creates itself a psychic bubble, its own little world between two worlds, as a means of a protection when taking the big step of being born again. It is the mind of the soul that creates this in-between-world for itself, and for Rebecca it has taken the shape of the interior of a house that will constantly change according to her emotions and state of being. After having lived in the astral world for some time, she began to be attracted to people in the physical world whom she had known before. It was a vague but strong feeling, drawing her ever nearer the physical plane. One day she was taken by friends through a light tunnel and saw a young couple, on earth, making love. She knew that these were going to be her parents and that she somehow already knew them from before. Apparently conception is planned by the souls of the partners some three months on beforehand, not consciously but on the soul level.
After conception, Rebecca went to visit her new parents-to-be several times, but each time she was unable to stay long. Some force always pulled her back. The soul has to get accustomed to the growing fetus. She is able to see the energies that help the fetus, her new physical body, grow. With the first heart beat, at the 21st day, she was drawn irresistibly into the belly of her new mother, but again could not stay long because of her first experience of the bodily noises of the mother’s body which were overwhelming. Her first visits to her mother are short but nevertheless there is a strong bond between them.

For the first time Rebecca and her mother meet each other on the astral plane. While the mother is a sleep, her astral body is attracted to Rebecca. No conversation follows as the mother is not really aware of the contact, but an exchange of love happens.
She tells the writers that she knows what the strengths and faults are of her new parents and how she will relate to it.
Rebecca’s own guides appear and tell her that she is going too fast in making a connection with the physical world. Going too fast will create tensions and difficulties in the acclimatization of her new life. This would speed up the energies that form the fetus and cause premature birth.
When Rebecca’s parents visit a fast food restaurant, she is very distressed as the sounds, music and the food have such a suffocating and painful atmosphere for her that she can’t stay with her parents and has to retreat in her psychic bubble on the astral plane.

When her parents are asleep (and their consciousness are dreaming on the astral level) Rebecca is trying to communicate the new name she wants to have. It all depends how open her parents are to receiving the name and thus deciding the name of their baby.
Rebecca becomes more and more conscious of imperfections in her soul that she still has to work on, and she intends to really work on herself in her new life. In the astral world she was told that she had to keep her consciousness awake as long as possible, if she wants to remember her good intentions and plans in her next life.
Rebecca now tries to make more conscious contact with her mother, but often her mother brushes it off although she definitely felt something. 

Rebecca’s mother fell from the stairs and was rushed to a hospital. Luckily it was not serious, but the shock was equally profound for Rebecca. She was throw out of her physical body (the fetus) in which she is spending more and more time.
As the weeks go by, and the fetus is developing and becoming more compact, Rebecca’s consciousness is getting the tendency to become distracted. It is losing its own individuality and it is dissolving into a wave of energy from the physical world and from her new parents. She is now addressing her new mother as ‘mama’, a sign of her now close connection with her new mother. She is often concerned about what her mother feels and thinks, and wants to give her love and comfort.
Rebecca, and the writers, are now in an astral auditorium where one of the more evolved brothers is giving a lecture in the secrets of being born again on the physical plane. The listeners are all souls who have chosen to incarnate again. He stresses that it is important that when incarnating to keep the will alive to work on oneself on the physical plane. More and more souls want to come back to both work on themselves and to heal the earth of all the bad the things that have happened.
Rebecca tells the writers that when she arrived in the hereafter, after her last death, she had no concept of reincarnation, having been a simple country girl. She gradually learned about reincarnation by the other souls who crossed her path in the astral world. Some souls are not so lucky. As they are not open to this concept or they always thought life would end at death, they are put to sleep (in the astral world) by more advanced souls and brought into a fetus again. There seem to be many of those people. 

When the writers meet Rebecca again she is in the womb of her mother. She is strongly connected with the fetus and likes the place she is in. Her new body is acting as an antenna for the physical world and she is getting glimpses of future scenes of her hew life.
She tells the writers that from in the very beginning she slips in and out the fetus by the fontanel on the top of the skull. It is an automatic process. In the beginning she had a lot of trouble adjusting to the new body and all the sounds the fetus was picking up from the mother’s body and the outside world. Slowly she got used to it. It is also common for incarnating souls to become afraid of the limitations of their future physical body, and to forget all the good intentions they had.
Rebecca has now become used to all the sounds of her mother’s body. She listens to them and can also project herself into different sensory organs and explore their energetic and colorful worlds. She, as every incarnating soul, experiences the formation of the skeleton as unpleasant, as if her being is being petrified, as if her soul is being imprisoned.
She, being in the fetus, also tries to move a lot to feel her limbs and their flexibility. But movement of the fetus can also be a protest against certain situations with which they do not agree. As a fetus cannot talk, it looks for another means of communication. The soul of the fetus is a fully aware being, both of itself and of its