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The Kabbalistic Tree of Life

This page is the index for the Tree of Life articles

 The Kabalistic Tree of Life is an excellent diagram for the study of what man is, his relationship to the universe, and the creation process. Intellectually, it offers fertile ground for numerous explorations. One needs to experience the Tree of Life  both within oneself and in relationship to the outer world. This requires much meditation upon the Tree of Life and its contents, structure, and relationship to the many facets of life. Each Sephirah is an aspect of yourself. Bring its content from the unconscious into the conscious, by study, feeling, and experience. Ponder its place on the Tree and discover its relationship to the other Sephirah.


There are several sections to this study. Each chapter goes a little deeper into the mystery:

1. The Traditional Tree of Life: an interpretation based on traditional sources

2. The Structure of the Tree of Life : there is an underlying geometric structure that form the position of the Sephiroth on the traditional Tree of Life.

3. The Tree of Life Expanded: why I think the Tree of Life is incomplete, and is only a part of a larger symmetrical structure

4. The Tree of Life Revised : a more harmonious Tree of Life in my point of view. It is still in line with traditional explanations.

5. The Tree of Life and The Flower of Life : an exploration into the underlying energy structure of the Tree of Life and how it ties in with the Flower of Life.

The Hebrew Alphabet: a separate chapter about the Hebrew letters, also in relation to the Tree of Life.

Visions of the Tree of Life: visual portal for experiencing the Sephiroth