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The art of Alchemy

In its widest interpretation, alchemy was a grandiose philosophical system aimed at penetrating and harmonizing the mysteries of creation and of life.

John Read in Alchemy and Alchemists, 1951

Philosophical or Hermetic Alchemy  

Alchemy: A lengthy article of the philosophical and psychological foundation of alchemy.

The Secrets of Hermetic Alchemy: an easy visual guide to the spiritual practice in alchemy. The blueprint to understand the alchemical symbols.


The Art of Deception in Alchemy: Transmutations of base metal into silver or gold performed by alchemists was likely an art of deception, by special recipes to make the metal look like gold.

Alchemical Coins and Medals: A selection of interesting alchemical coins and medals, made by alchemical transmutation or as commemoration, with alchemical symbols.

Alchemical Amulets: Examples of magical amulets with alchemical connections used for healing, protection etc., and some of Rosicrucian origin.

Is Transmutation of Metals Possible?: Alchemical transmutation of metals, historically and modern, with underlying theories.