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Life Field Transformer

The Aether Nature of the Aura


It is hard to find a good explanation of what the human aura is. A lot of people in spiritual, esoteric or new age circles talk about the aura, but don't give any explanation of it's nature. Yes, it envelops the body; it has colors and structures, and it has different layers corresponding to the different subtle bodies like the emotional and the mental. Certain people were born with a gift of seeing this aura, and in theory everybody can develop this sight by diligent practice. But what is this energy?
The closest we get is an Eastern (like Indian and Tibetan) explanation of the different prana's. Prana is the subtle energy that underlies all of reality. In Western terms we might think of it as energies (wave/particles) with extreme high frequencies. Prana is said to be a universal energy that vivifies everything. It is the life-force in all biological beings, but also in what Western science regards as inanimate, or inert matter. Western science has never paid attention to what life energy is. But in the rest of world, everything is considered alive, even crystals, rocks, atoms, they all have the life force in them, although their associated consciousness is much more 'primitive' or rudimentary than with animals or humans.



In the West, this universal prana energy corresponds with the Aether, a concept that was accepted by scientists in the 19th and early 20th century, but then rejected. Recently some scientist have picked up the aether theories because it explains certain effects that classical science theories cannot explain.

When you mention a Tesla coil, most people think of it as high voltage transformer. Few know that Tesla developed it much further and eliminated the electrons from his circuit, and thus ended up working with pure aether energy streams. In this way he discovered many interesting properties of the aether. (Well explained in Secrets of the Cold War by Gerry Vassilatos).

radiant energy patent by tesla

Aether is considered the basic substratum of all space. Aether permeates the innermost recesses of all matter. Aether streams are neutral in charge. Nicola Tesla found that aether streams are not harmful for the human body but  in great concentration they can be devastating to metal. He discovered that these aether streams were a radiant energy, and they could transfer power over great distance without losses. He saw the aether particles as extreme small massless units which moved as speeds greater than light speed (superluminal). It is pure radiant energy. Aether permeates all matter. At the same time, aether creates matter.

aether unit

Tesla considered material particles as tightly constricted streams of aether. These material particles are actually fixed movements of aether particles in their constricted radii.
The same idea is presented by the Quantum AetherDynamics Institute in their book Secrets of the Aether, of which the picture on the right is their front page. Particles are not made out of substance but out of restricted movements of aether on a double sphere or vortex.

Origin of the Aether

A similar idea exists in the esoteric doctrines. It is said that the human body has an aetheric template, a subtle energy matrix (in vortex form), that channels the aetheric energies, making it more dense and charged, and eventually responsible for creating the physical body. With spiritual healing practices, one can directly alter this aetheric body and create physical changes in the physical body. If one can control the aether, one can control the physical.

Where does aether come from? Tesla thought that the aether streams came from outer space, more specifically by stellar processes, and in our own solar system primarily by our sun. Other scientists have proposed the idea that black holes create superluminal particles/waves that radiate out into the universe in all directions.
stellar radiation
The Earth is constantly bombarded with aether streams from outer space. When this radiant energy hits the atmosphere and the rocky substance of the earth itself, it encounters resistance. This creates a higher density of aether in the earth, and the production of electrons which flow through the earth's crust. The the aether streams leave the Earth and continues its journey through the universe. earth radiation
It is interesting that Tesla found that the Aether streams from outer space came in pulses which vary over time. This is in line with the discovery Paul LaViolette made regarding waves of cosmic energy waves coming from explosions in the core of the Milky Way galaxy.

super wave

Positive and Negative Prana/Aether

human aura

The aether builds up a higher density inside the Earth because of its resistance, and one can extend this to other bodies. The human body provides resistance to the aether streams by which the density of the aether becomes higher inside the human body. Aether is life energy, and thus the human body has a dense charge of aether in and around itself, which I surmise becomes visible as the aura for those who can see subtle energies.
Aether, which is life force, is beneficial to the human body. When Tesla was experimenting with the generation of aether pulses in his laboratory, he discovered that aether streams of specific impulses were beneficial. Bathing in these aether pulses he found a remarkable elevation in both sensation and consciousness. Aether is vitalizing. He discovered that aether is neutral, and would only ionize matter if it is focused and delivered as a short duration impulse train.


human aura

I think the torus shape of the aura is a focusing structure for the aether streams. This focusing will allow for the neutral aether to create polarized (positive and negative) subtle energies of a nature in between the neutral energy and the dense physical body. One could also say that the frequency of the polarized energies are in between the low frequencies of physical matter and the extreme high frequencies of the neutral aether. These polarized subtle energies are what Eastern philosophies call pranas. Ida and Pingala are the primary polarized pranas running along the axis of the spine, while Shushumna is the neutral prana flowing in the center channel of the spine.

ida and pingala

In this regard I find it interesting that Elena Soldatkina sees the Life Field Transformer canceling the positive and negative charges in the energy field of the body, because the Life Field Transformer, or LFT, removes the resistance that the body has towards the neutral aether streams. This results in a steady flow of neutral aether inside the body which then starts to act from inside the cells' nucleus outwards. Tesla also found that the focused Aether penetrates the atom, and works from the inside out, thereby having the ability to transform, transmute or change the atom itself.

Aether, Frequencies and ZPE

It is often said that the aura is composed of subtle energies, or of of a 'higher vibration', or is in a 'higher dimension'. But what does that mean?

In our world, frequency of electromagnetic waves is often expressed in the two dimensional way of wave length and amplitude (=transverse waves), as it is thought in schools. But electromagnetic waves also have a longitudinal component (=longitudinal waves) which is small at low frequencies, but becomes prevalent at higher frequencies. Longitudinal means that this component of the wave does not move up and down in amplitude, but solely moves along the length of direction of propagation. These longitudinal waves are also called scalar waves (this is not what mainstream science calls scalar).
At high frequencies the transverse component becomes neglectable, while the longitudinal component becomes predominant.
Frequencies above cosmic radiation at 1022 Hz are generally regarded as longitudinal or scalar waves. Many assume that the EM spectrum ends at ~1022 Hz with "cosmic" rays but this is certainly not the case. 

 Visible light waves are of a high frequency. Above it we have ultra-violet, x-ray and gamma rays. Gamma rays can go up to 2.4×1023 Hz.
When frequencies go above 1022 Hz we speak of Zero-Point Energy (ZPE). ZPE are longitudinal waves which have very high energies. The ZPE field is not detectable using conventional instruments due to the fact the electrons do not respond to frequencies above 1022 Hz. 
The existence of the ZPE spectrum has however been verified by various coherence and interference phenomena including the Casimir Effect.
Anything above 1022 Hz of frequency, we call longitudinal waves, or scalar waves (scalar waves have nothing to do with the concept of scalar in mainstream science). Various devices such as bifilar coils and the möbius resistor which cancel the electromagnetic field by their opposing currents, convert these electromagnetic energy into longitudinal or scalar waves, which apparently also propagate at superluminal velocity.
In past ages, when this understanding and terminology was not present, one talked about subtle energies, the aether, the etheric dimension, the spiritual world, prana, and so on. All these are waves, or energy packages, that have extreme high frequencies, above the 1022 Hz in the ZPE spectrum.

frequency spectrum 

Interestingly, ZPE energy can change the nature of atoms.
The nucleus of an atom is between 30 and 300 pm (trillionths of a meter), or 30 to 300.10-12 meter. This corresponds to a frequency of 1.1018 HZ. Thus frequencies of 1022 Hz and higher can penetrate atoms and can cause changes within the atom. They can change the atom, and thus matter from the inside out.