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Change in the State of the Aura

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Dowsable and Non-Dowsable Fields

The Annihilation of Polarity and Neutral Aether Streams

Folding the Field


Dowsable and Non-Dowsable Fields

The human aura is usually described as an ovoid or torus (a torus has the shape of a doughnut). It envelops the body, and its edge extends about three feet from the body. We will call this edge the aura boundary. The aura is a collection of layers corresponding to different subtle bodies.
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Some of the people who are able to see the aura say that the aura actually extends beyond the aura boundary, but it is so faint that it is hardly or not perceptible. The aura energy beyond this boundary extends into infinity.
When one holds a Life Field Transformer, or LFT, in his hand, or just in the pocket of his shirt or pants, the state in which the normal aura was, changes.

The normal aura is dowsable by dowsing rods or pendulum. Normally there is no reaction outside the boundary, and within the boundary the aura is clearly detectable:

normal aura


When a LFT is present on the body, the dowsing results are different. It reveals what initially we thought was a new aura. The normal aura within the boundary is not dowsable anymore. Both the dowsing rods and the pendulum do not show any reaction at all. A big question that hasn't been resolved yet is "how does dowsing work?" I am surmising that the dowser is not able to connect to this other state of being that the aura is in within the boundary.
However, outside the boundary, the dowsing rods give an immediate and strong reaction, showing that there is a strong, measurable field. It grows slightly stronger with distance away from the person being dowsed, and it seems to go on infinitely. We have dowsed up to 400 feet away and the field is still there, and even stronger than at the boundary.

with lft

aura and universal field

I am calling this field the Uni Field, as I think it is a universal field, because it is present outside the entire boundary in all directions, in front, in the back, left, right, up and down.
This Uni Field was always there, but not dowsable. However by the action of the LFT it becomes dowsable. Not only that, but it has become very strong.
As far as I know, nobody has ever come up, or written about this strange effect. It is intriguing, and we need lots more experimentation to figure out what this new state of the aura is about, and what its effects are, and possible health and other applications.
It must have to do with the shape of the möbius, although the LFT, is of a double layer. A single möbius coil does not give the effects we have found with the LFT.
Thus, we have two fields: the human aura and the Uni Field. By the action of the LFT, the former dowsable aura becomes undowsable; and the former undowsable Uni Field becomes dowsable.

The Annihilation of Polarity and Neutral Aether Streams

The LFT is of the same design as what is known as a möbius resistor. The möbius resistor is used in an electronic circuit. Because the electric current flows in opposite directions around the möbius loop, the electric and magnetic fields cancel, giving the möbius resistor particular properties when used in an electronic circuit.
The LFT is used as a stand alone device, but it interacts with the energy of the aura, which is of a nature that people call aetheric, tachyon, scalar, etc. So, what is the LFT doing to this energy, which I will call aetheric? Based on the perception of Elena Soldatkina, the LFT is annihilating the polarization of the auric energies. The normal aura has both negative and positive field lines resulting from the universal aether encountering and entering the human form. Bring the LFT into the aura and its shape removes the resistance, by which positive and negative cancel each other. The aether now flows in its neutral state through the body, which would make the auric field neutral and thus not dowsable.
When the neutral energy then leaves the aura, it becomes polarized again, and thus becomes dowsable outside the aura boundary.
Elena Soldatkina says that the neutral aether is able to enter the nucleus of the cells directly and start working from the center of the cell, radiating outwards, and removing accumulated debris away from the cells or energy field, in essence cleaning the body from the inside out.
That reminded me of what Gerry Vasilatos describes in his book Secrets of the Cold War Technology about Tesla's coils. Nicola Tesla used a nitrogen supplied magnetic disrupter at his magnetic arc disrupter to eliminate the electrons from his electronic circuit. Normally electrons and the aether streams are connected. Tesla saw that electrical currents were actually streams of aether and its surrounding 'twist' of electrons. But when the electrons were forcible expelled from the spark gap, only neutral aether streams were flowing through the circuit. The pure aether streams were harmless to the body. But with directed pure aether streams into various metals and other materials inside a hard vacuum bulb, the aether streams would penetrate the materials, and radiate from the inside out, in the process evaporating them, exploding, or just making them disappear. Read the book Secrets of the Cold War Technology, it has a very good explanation of what the aether is.

Folding the Field

As energy rushes through the LFT, and because of its möbius form, it is possible that the auric field is undergoing a kind of reversal. The field gets folded over, a kind of inside-out effect, or waves or their spin are getting flipped over. This then would create a new structure of the field.


A side note: Always keep in mind, that the human aura, or torus shape (see my torus page) is not a fixed, static form. It is a continuous movement. Universal energy from all around a person, streams into this dynamic form, flows along its field lines, and exits again. The torus is a wave form, like a surface wave on water, which has its existence only by the movement of water. The human aura, or torus, has its existence only by the continuous movement of universal life energy or prana. It is the human mind that has created the shape or structure of the torus for the length of a life time. When the mind withdraws, the torus shape ceases to exist, and the physical body falls apart.
Although the torus shape of the aura has a boundary, it sits in the universal life energy field, which is unlimited, or infinite. This is also the reason why we are all connected, at all times, with everything else in the universe.