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Impressions from Anonymous01

The following emails are from Anonymous, a psychic from Texas. I sent her a couple of LFTs.

January 28, 2013

I did the cleansing ritual of the house with the family with the möbius on my wrist. Usually I get angry quick when the boys argue in the middle of a ritual, but today I was more focused on love and caught myself before getting too upset. There was a sense of calm and a collected kind of a feeling for the rest of the evening and night. By then I pinned the möbius to my hair.
Late at night my back pain came back cause I over did it, so I immediately had my husband do some energy healing with the orgonite on my back and the möbius still on my head. There was a masking relief. It is 2.30 am now and I still have it on my head. I will take it out when I fall asleep.

At the beginning of the month I had a severe attack and flare of my herniated disks. I couldn't sit, walk or even sleep. It was shooting down my legs and horrible beyond imagination. I stuck it out as long as I could without any medication, because I don't take any. And then I succumbed to Motrin for a couple of days and then stopped it and went back to energy work and chakra work and light work etc. I stayed positive during this whole ordeal and I learned to accept it and give it love and slowly. I started to walk again. Your pyramid orgonite never left my site and the möbius was next to it but not on me.
Today I felt good so I thought I was back to normal. I guess I need to take it slow even if I am good.

Thank you so much for all your light and support

Big hugs

January 29, 2013

I haven't had a chance to go on his site yet. But I want to tell you about today.
So I was working on my book and writing. I couldn't focus so I took a pill the GABA. All was good, then the boys came and started interrupting me and I went off. I remembered the möbius and I clipped it to my hair right away.
During homework and kids not listening, I had a couple of almost outburst. What happened was, I started to scream and I stopped myself and it is like there is no anger. And when I caught one of my boys playing on his I-Touch instead of finishing the homework, usually the outburst follows with a no electronic for the weekend. But the anger was minimum and I was nice and encouraging. Like I used to be before my patience ran out...hmmmm I then remembered I had it in my hair.
I am going to still go with this experiment for the rest of the week. Because this is a very stressful week for me
Will keep you post it.
Love you

February 08, 2013
[Anonymous is working on a very stressful project]

You should have seen me, under all the stress and the mood swings, with trying to finish the project and the kids and the homework, and last weekend finding out a lot of mess in the files that I have been working on. The monster came out. I immediately got my möbius, hooked it up to my hair and got my sparkly orgonite pyramid and put it on my heart chakra. I started taking deep breaths that is all I did. I can feel an immediate release and like sprinkle of lights .. The ringing in my ear stopped. The anger and frustration just dissipated. And I felt OK . Like everything is going to be OK. My mind was clear and I knew what to do and how to recover and fix the problem. I apologized to my kids for screaming and yelling and told them to be patient with mom for another week. It was like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde lol

I also discovered when the Möbius is on my head, right when I am about to pull my hair and get into a fight with my boy because of homework. That split second something makes me stop and step away, then go back and engage in a calmer way with lots of love only and the feeling that it is not important. I notice this only happens when I have the möbius on me. I love it.

Thank you so much for your support I don't know what I would have done without your creations during my trying times.
I have one more week till I send the book to the publisher and then I can breath again normally. For now the möbius and the pyramid are on me and with me. If I could strap that pyramid, I would have lol

Life is good and beautiful as long as I have people like you as my friends.
Thank you from the heart

I have to tell you about other extra things also relating to spirits when I have it on. But I want to make sure first and experiment when I am not under that much stress

March 26, 2013Hello my dear friend
I want to share something with you before i forget.
So I am sleeping and having an intense dream battling spirits and entities, i realize it is a dream, I wake myself out of the dream reach for the möbius, clip it to my head and immediately go back into the dream.. all without even opening my eyes..
Wow.. well my dream hanged and I was able to conquer and help the person that needed help in my
How cool is that
Thank you for my magical ring