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Impressions from David Lowrance

The following emails are from David Lowrance. David is an energy sensitive person, who works with energy emanations from specific lengths of rods, tubes and wires, and incorporate these in energy devices based on resonance and magnetism. His experiments and understandings can be found on his extensive website  .
I had sent him two copper and two aluminum LFTs to check them out using his sensitive gifts, without giving him any further information.
GL means Golden Light, which is a specific length that ties in with emotional healing.
Here is what I recorded, as I first examined the pieces.
Dirk Gillabel Mobius Strips 12 - 20 - 12

Dirk, you have created mobius coils! With ~ 20mm wide strips of copper and aluminum.

1 - Large Aluminum Mobius Coil - 293 mm wavelength vibration - insulated with a white paper
Overlap distance is tunned to 43 mm very near a 1/8 fractal, setting up a 7x type of energy matrix.
This is a very intense one to hold in the fingers, and has node points along it that feel very intense and pure.
After holding it only a few minutes my fingers are vibrated to the core. Hard to believe with so light a material, but true.

2 - Small Aluminum Mobius coil - does not appear to have any insulation - gripping it snugly it also vibrates up with a mellower energy, not as electric feeling.
Vibrates up around 220 mm. It also has an overlap tunning area approx 22 mm wide.
This looks to be a 10 x ratio harmonic system, and generates an outflow or expansive growth type of energy. [A mild phi ratio form].

3 - Two each copper mobius coils - a central insulation between them of some type of plastic, dielectric.
The overlap tunning is different on each - the larger one makes me feel happy - 70.48 mm vibration.
The smaller one is denser and vibrates at 60.66 mm

These are vibrationally active constructs! Very nice. Very strong over time.

It indicates to me that the person who assembled these can feel the energy and even tune it in using distance overlapping methods to peak the vibrations.
Or they are using fractal ratio measurements to engineer them!

Is that correct?

I am now placing a small rose quartz crystal sphere inside the large aluminum mobius strip and it vibrates up really nicely!
I am setting here filled with energy at the moment, and thinking, "Dirk, thank you for sharing this" it is wonderful stuff.

*** Wavelengths were measured with a stainless steel digital caliper.

A similar energy can be created with wire, using the same connection technique, but it is not so nice to feel as these are.
A two wire or twin lead wire is used, and after wrapping a coil, it is crossed over on the ends, so opposite colors join.
It is called a mobius coil.

You can place quartz crystals inside these and the quartz will vibrate up also.
You can even setup specific wavelengths to match the quartz vibrations, by cutting your strips to resonant lengths found in the matrix document for quartz crystals.

Multiples of 1.175 cm will vibrate up quartz.

Resonant Fractals

Also and most important, a harmony relationship can be set up by making one of your strips pi / 2 longer then the other strip.
Recommend trying that one.
Also a GL wavelength with this strong a radiance might open a portal into the upper 4th density. Using a wavelength of 385.56184 mm.
Did I miss anything?
Oh yes, these type of coils can not be shut off, so to get away from the energy they produce requires distance,
or placing them inside an aluminum enclosure, or taking them apart at the point of crossing where they join.
I am setting them on the top shelf over my desk to see if that is far enough to disconnect from them now.
They will also cancel out EM, and lower the background noise floor.

Dave L
12.21.2012 (his response (in blue) to some of my questions

It looks like a mobius but but actually it is a double twist torus topologically speaking. The strip goes around twice, making two 180 turns. A single twist mobius has one surface; the double twist has two. All of the devices you got have the double twist, and the seemingly two layers with separation material in between.  We have tried a single twist mobius, and that gave no results.

This is fascinating! Thank you for that explanation.

 It is an interesting take that the length of the loop will give a different energy quality. I was thinking about that when I was going through your site. Also intriguing is that the overlap seems to be important to set up fractal length, if it is measured right in relation to the length of the coil. I did not think it was important, it was just a necessity in order to make the coil out of two strips by joining them together. But as it sometimes goes, inspiration make the hands do the correct thing.  Up to now I haven't paid attention to the size of the coils. They work regardless of the size, although now I see that they can be made more active, or harmonious by paying attention to the length of the strips and the overlap.

What I am also interested in, is how you would feel when you meditate with it, or what it does to your energy system. From your writings I see that you are well familiar with this.

All of them hit me at the head personally, but the energy moves through any part of the body I touch them on. The more I connect with them the more intense they are, and when I remove my focus the energy dies back down.     
If I keep playing with them the energy gets almost too intense for me personally, so I have not yet mastered that level of intensity, at this point.

While reflecting on your info, why do you think that with a length of the GL it would create a portal? What does the Golden Light actually refer to?

When I first did this stuff I made my coils very large, and when I used stainless steel tubes in a large pitcher of water I opened a portal into the upper 4th density. What we might call heaven. For parts of three days I had a conversation with a girl living there in "Heaven" if you will, and she was able to feel and see in our world through me also. I was very much absorbed with this communication and into it, but my wife finally said I better stop it and come back here, as I was appearing crazy to others. I did not want to close the portal, because it felt so nice, however I did.  The device with the water was a SS tube and the water height in the pitcher was set to 3x GL. The tube cut to 5x GL. A chakra 1/2 way between heart and throat opened in my body, and once it opened I could connect with this other world. It is right here and all around us but a few feet over our heads. I recorded the wavelength I had used to open this portal as the GL, because when it first opened all I could see was intense golden light until my pineal sense adjusted to the brightness. The GL tends to heal people emotionally, and is a normal place to go right after one dies, I believe. By recording this wavelength I was attempting to allow others to prove to themselves, there is an after life, and it is real. In science we call this another "density." I found that wavelength from an experiment with magnetism, seemingly by accident. To make a long story short I have been recording all the densities on this planet ever since. 

Resonant Fractals

Graphing them on a chart, in case others start to run into them also, and can relate. Working with these vibrational devices on your own, you may have this happen at some point, quite by accident. I don't want anyone to feel they are crazy if it happens to them also. It is not likely anyone around you will believe what you are seeing, but there are others who can relate and will be opened to listening, because they also have had such experiences. Dave L


Is that you in the photos with Irwin, you are holding the large one around him?
When I first scanned the units you sent me, I saw you as much younger with your thin build and darker full bushy hair! LOL! I believe I recognized you from your energy radiance in that photo, a bit older now in the physical.
This is so great, that you have documented, and I am enjoying going through it and seeing what you determined from experiment with the fields produced. Especially the field turning outwards from the aura!
I have often gotten the "disorientation " effect of the inner ear sending information that does not agree with the eyes, and then you tend to loose balance. This can be overcome with time working around warped fields, where the eyes do not agree with the ears or the pineal as to motion. I believe it is because you are bending the Aetheric fabric with high vibration rates and warping the field fabric with motional waves.
As to the field produced, the bending of the inside to the outside is a major effect noted in Joe Cells when you stick them into a car. You route the energy on the inside tube of the cell to the outer skin of the car, and then you route the energy on the outside of the cell to the inside crank of the engine, drawing it in there by tapping a positive voltage on the crank as it spins up on a layer of oil insulating it from the body. This creates a field that keeps the Joe Cell fully charged up all the time as long as the engine crank remains insulated. What I call the "crossover", of the energy from inside to outside, then it creates a "vibrational warp bubble" on the car, and inertial responses are lowered as the car moves through space. It is one of the patterns identified to create an acceleration of vibration using the diamagnetic metals, or water. Aluminum, Bismuth, Copper, Hydrogen. All active diamagnetic elements that will cause this kind of effect.
Dave L