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Impressions from David M. Rountree


The following emails are from David M. Rountree, Director, Chief Science Advisor, Scientific Paranormal Investigative Research Information and Technology; S.P.I.R.I.T.

On 11/21/2012

I was just about to e-mail you. You must be psychic. I just relieved Tracy's Migraine with the three copper units in five minutes. I placed the two larger ones over the temples, and the smaller one over the third eye. Relief was instantaneous, but I kept them there for five minutes. When I removed them, they were gone. Additionally, I applied them to an area where she had an operation and has perpetual tingling. She got relief as long as they were in place, but once removed, the tingling returned. They are doing exactly what I predicted they would do, creating a null point over the nerve receptor and canceling out pain/sensation. I will be making more of these so I can treat all 18 trigger points at once. The initial results are very promising. David


David's report on his experiments:
Click on the link for the file in pdf format. Note: the term "FM" in the document stands for Fibromyalgia.

On 12/2/2014

Hello Dirk,  As of today, I have used the LFT devices on 40 subjects, ranging from Fibromyalgia pain sufferers to to migraine sufferers, both mediums and non gifted individuals. With FM patients, I have employed them over the trigger points and found pain relief was achieved, within a range of 5-15 minutes with 38 of the 40 individuals. In the case of Migraine, the results were nearly identical by deploying three, one on each side of the temple and one over the third eye. Additionally I have made several Gold ones, and while expensive, they seem to be more efficient. I do not believe the cost is worth the improvement in performance however. No paper written yet, but felt you would be interested in the statistics. Additionally, the use of Orgonite seems to increase the effectiveness. This was apparent by the reduction of treatment time required in six cases that responded positively to the LFT treatments. So far I have only deployed the Orgonite in those six cases. Subjects were a mix of male and female, and gender seemed to have no correlation. The two cases that did not respond to treatment, one was male, the other female.