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Life Field Transformer

Impressions from Elena Soldatkina

The following emails are from Elena Soldatkina, an artist from Connecticut, who is in touch with the unseen energies in nature and the cosmos. These are her impressions of the Life Field Transformer.

November 14, 2012
Morning Dirk :)

I checked out the LFT on Your site :)

He-he :) Do You know that what You make, this LFT is actually a mini version of a Collider? :)
Well not exact thing but there is same point.
What scientists do with H. Collider, they bump particles into each other trying to create mini bing-bang explosions in order to find that mysterious boson particle, or God particle as they call it.
what Your LFT does is sort of the same bumping effect but on a far smaller scale. (natural I would say)

if You would see the energy fields with Your eyes, here is what happens:

opposite currents of energy flow towards each other, collide and as a result of that collision they form mini bing-bangs that cause to annulate positive and negative charge, but create third force - which is living energy... it is neither negative or positive, - it's whole... this is the force that Jesus used to heal people, this is the force that holy grail produces, you know, the healing waters that bring dead to life :)...or you may call it holy spirit...holy, because it is whole, not split into polarities like - and + but whole.

what this third force does to the body is, as it is no positive nor negative, it has no barriers when comes in contact with human cells of the body, so it goes straight to central nuclei of the cell ( where the Zero-point energy is hidden) contacts it and sort of animates it, gives it a torque... and because of this torque Your natural Zero-point force starts to pump energy from the Unified field of all creation into the cell and it's membrane and animate, rejuvenate the whole body.
That's why the swaying effect of the body in the center of big LFT... if you could see it, it looks like waves collide and they produce sort of living foam, this foam like in Jacuzzi multiplies and moves the body.

Now, left swift LFT produce the energy pool inside the ring.
but right swift LFT has sort of opposite effect, it acts like vacuum cleaner, it purifies the outer but compresses the dirt in the center, so I would not recommend standing inside of a right sift coil :)

this is what Masters do inside their bodies, the body has also negative and positive current, they direct it towards each other and produce "plasma" or holy spirit energy.. and transform the body.

So, good work Dirk! :)

...and about nausea effect... if too much of this "prana" or whatever you might call it force is added to the body, the body gets a sudden shift in frequency... it is like every cell in the body gets on a swing carousel , or for example if You start a vortex of wind n the room... if room is empty and clean, it will produce a brightening effect... but if it is garbage in the room it starts to fly around...
so imagine how much garbage people have in their cells and suddenly it starts to fly around, bumping the walls, no wonder You will feel nauseous... but it only means cleaning effect :)

P.S. Why you can not measure or register the old aura state of the body while in the middle of a LFT, it is because the normal auric field is radiation of energy... it can be strong or weak, but what it is... imagine if you have a fountain force, water flowing from the center to every direction... this would be the whole energy, Zero point energy or holy spirit... now, add a resistance to that fountain, for example cover it with fabric sphere... the fabric shield creates resistance, - this force of a fountain that is left after adding resistance of a fabric is what is called aura...depending on how pure the human body is (physical, mental, and so on) the aura is strong if resistance is less.
so what LFT does it sort of annihilates resistance, it dissolves it in this bing-bang collision, so that the wholy spirit, pure energy, prana can flow... now the dowser would not measure pure Zero-point energy, because it has no polarities to measure it by, it is whole.... so body is sort of enveloped in that whole force but you can measure it's potential radiating effect on the surroundings around it.
P.S. Zero-point energy, or holy spirit, or prana has the quality of quantum tunneling, meaning as it is not polarised it has free access to the nuclei where Zer0-point energy of unified field is stored.

November 14, 2012
Dear Dirk,
Thank You so much for offering me a LFT, I am very honored at Your kind generosity.

the thing is, I can see things and effects of them without touching them. so what I described to You is what i have seen after looking into workings of Your LFT.

P.S. one more thing... with H. Collider, they create bing-bang explosions... where Your LFT creates beautiful natural waves... it looks like if You would watch the ocean, and one wave sort of runs into another wave it creates foam... so is here the living foam force is created, and it is not sharp like hadron collider, but gentle as ocean waves surging...