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Impressions from Helen 

May 28, 2018

Hi Dirk

We purchased one hundred and twenty acres of land in our location of NSW, Australia, to experience the quiet, spiritual and happy life.

Initially, this was not to be. The energies here were dark and oppressive, resulting from unlawful government activity, cut brake line and car theft, drug activity in the neighbourhood, and worse!

We called upon outside help from multiple people to help clear our land, yet the darkness didn't go away.

After studying what Elena Soldatkina wrote about the LFT we have twisted our LFT to act as a vacuum of incoherent energies.

We have two large “Big Ones” acting as vacuum cleaners of dark energies placed outside, one near our front gate and the other closer to our dwelling.

We also have orgone tools and other devices but in our intuitive experience we believe the LFT has changed our lives and we would not be without it.

We are still experimenting with LFTs. In our opinion, it is a device not to be ignored as we now have a stillness over our property and our lives have changed for the better.

With Thanks, Helen and family.