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Inanimate Objects

The esoteric teachings have always held that everything is alive. Not just humans, animals and plants, but also crystal and matter itself. What science calls inanimate matter also has a 'rudimentary' form of life and consciousness.
My friend Irwin experimented with a pyramid plate. When a Life Field Transformer, or LFT, was put on it, his pendulum refused to move; it was hanging dead still. Irwin had never seen this. Anything he puts his pendulum above will give a dowsing reaction. But not in this case. In the beginning we could not figure out why. Later on we discovered that when the pendulum was moved upwards for about three feet, it started to spin again, and indicating a stronger energy than what is usual for that pyramid plate.

pyramid plate 

What is happening to the human aura when a LFT is held close to the body, is also happening to the pyramid plate. The normal pyramid energy that leaves the top of the pyramids is not dowsable anymore. Instead Outside the boundary, at three feet, there is now another, stronger field that becomes dowsable, the field that I call the Uni Field because it goes on into infinity.
The same was done by putting a small magnet in a LFT, with the same reactions by the pendulum.


piece of orgonite 

When I was with my friend Irwin, who dowses, I had brought a piece of orgonithe with me. If you don't know what it is you can read my article about orgonite. The orgonithe piece itself gave a strong clockwise swing with the pendulum. Placing a LFT over it, gave it a much faster and wider swing, indicating a much stronger energy coming from it.

It seems that the same is happening to the orgone field surrounding the orgonithe: the original orgone field around the orgonithe piece becomes undowsable, while outside the boundary field, there is a much stronger field extending in all directions. My own dowsing gives an opposite rotation in this stronger field than in the orgone field before the LFT is put on.
I think the combination of the two might have great potential. I would love to hear from the people in the orgonite field what their experiences are.