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Life Field Transformer

Dowsing By Irwin Weisberg

29 September 2012: I visited my friend Irwin Weisberg. I showed Irwin the Life Field Transformer, or LFT, I had made. I held it in my hand while Irwin dowsed the auric energy field of my body. Initially he was perplexed because the dowsing reaction was totally different than anything he has ever seen. While holding the LFT, my normal auric field, whose boundary was at 3-4 feet from my body, totally disappeared. Now there was a new field, starting at the former boundary and extending away from my body. It was quite strong, and it extended as far as he was able to go backwards, through two rooms. Repeated dowsing gave the same result. We had no idea what was happening. This was totally new. Asking questions with a pendulum, Irwin found that the new field extended infinitely. It is much stronger than the normal aura field, and it seems that is has to do with the strengthening of the harmonics in the field.


5 October 2012: Irwin dowsed the new field again. The new field seem to be of equal strength in relation to distance, but of a greater intensity than the normal auric field. Pendulum dowsing again revealed that the field goes in into infinity.

When dowsing my new field outside, Irwin went up to 100 feet away, and the new field was still at full strength.

When the pendulum is held over the LFT is does not move at all. Void of any reaction.


I was curious if the LFT would have any effect on the energy emitted from a pyramid. Irwin took a pyramid plate and laid the LFT on it. To his surprise the pendulum came immediately to an absolute stop. This too he had never seen before. No matter what he put his pendulum above, it will always give a swing, because everything as a dowsable field. The same thing happened with a small magnet inside the LFT. We surmised that the LFT might shield its inside from the dowser. (at a later date we found this was a wrong conclusion).

still pendulum above pyramid energy generator plate


As I had also made LFTs from aluminum and copper, and of different width and sizes, we found that the LFT's energy is stronger with greater widths, and with larger sizes. Copper seems to give a stronger effect on the physical body than the aluminum ones. Aluminum seems to relate more to the higher bodies (emotional, mental).

I had also made möbius coils from single layer materials, but these did not show any of the results that the double layer ones had.


12 October 2012: We experimented again with the pyramid plate. When holding the pendulum above the pyramid plate, the pendulum swings clockwise, indicating the pyramid energy that is shooting of the top of the pyramids. Wit the LFT on the plate, there was absolutely no reaction. The pendulum refused to move. The Irwin moved his pendulum upwards, and at about 3 feet above the plate, the pendulum starts to swing, counter clockwise, and at a great velocity, indicating a strong energy field. We now understand that it is the same effect as with the human body. The normal auric field of the pyramid plate is cancelled, hence no reaction of the pendulum where the normal auric field used to be. At the boundary layer, about three feet away, a new field starts, extending away from the plate. Thus the LFT is not shielding anything as we thought before. It is actually canceling the original auric field and creating a new one. This time we were thinking that the LFT is causing an inversion of the auric field.

A Kirlian picture of the energy coming of a pyramid energy generator plate:

kirlian picture of pyramid energy generator plate
When an LFT is placed on the plate:

energy field when LFT is on the pyramid energy generator plate


Irwin dowsed the new field again of my body, this time outside, and went about 300 feet away, and the new auric field is still as strong as at the boundary site.


I brought a piece of orgonite with me. If you don't know what it is you can read my article about orgonite. The orgonite piece itself gave a strong clockwise swing with the pendulum. Placing a LFT over it, gave it a much faster and wider swing, indicating a much stronger energy coming from it.

LFT around orgonite cylinder
I had also brought the Big One, a LFT made of aluminum flashing, six inches inches wide and about 9 feet in circumference. I wanted to know if there was anything happening inside a LFT. Irwin had shown before that one he just holds a (small) LFT he can feel the increased energy flow in his body.

the big LFT

So, I asked him to stand inside the Big One and tell me what he felt. Right away, he felt a powerful surge of energy, so powerful that it triggered some physical problems that he was having. His blood pressure immediately went up and he started getting nauseous.

Irwin in the big LFT 1
He asked me to raise the LFT to his middle and that kind of balanced things out.

Irwin in the bif LFT 2
When raised higher, towards his head, his nausea got so bad, he had to get out of it. Once out the Big One, his symptoms disappeared in about 15 minutes. He then started pendulum dowsing to get some answers. The energy inside the LFT is nor positive, nor negative. It is just such a strong energy that flows through the body that it triggered his physical problems.

Irwin in the bif LFT 3


Both my wife and I stood in the Big One without any problems, except that when we closed our eyes, we started  swinging. Irwin explained to us that this is the Romberg test, used by doctors to find causes for equilibrium problems. Standing outside the Big One, we did not have this swing.

The next day, I did my daily meditation in the Big One, for half an hour. While meditating I did not notice anything. But when I went for my walk to town, right after my meditation, I noticed that I was flying high. I was full of energy, and almost floating above the road. But I also noticed that my inner ear problem was affected again, and I started getting slightly nauseous (a problem I had been having for many years). That lasted for the rest of the day.

I figured that when one is inside the Big One, it stimulates the bodily energy in a very strong way, similar to the raising of the kundalini. It is well know in Yoga circles, that one first has to purify one's energetic system  from any blockages before raising the kundalini, because a raised kundalini will press really hard on any blockages it encounters, resulting in physical ailments becoming very pronounced. When I explained this to Irwin, he agreed, he was also of the opinion that it is kundalini related, as he felt a surge of energy going up his spine while he was inside the Big One.

Irwin wrote down his preliminary observations in this text

Irwin also tried his Vogel Crystals on the LFT. These are the real Vogel Crystals, which had been made by Marcel Vogel himself. I don't know much about the these crystals. They seem to work on resonance.

In his left hand Irwin held the LFT, while in the right hand he held a Vogel Crystal, charging up the crystal with a special breath technique. He had three Vogel Crystals with different number of facets. Two of them got charged up to their usual charge. The third one, with six facets, got way overcharged. What it means we don't know, it is just an observation.

Just for information, the explanation that goes with the six sided Vogel Crystal (as on the website): " The six-sided has a capability to create a Merkaba or a type of relationship between to two opposing elements. It creates a type of stability between or a type of balanced relationship between the two. This can be useful in out-of-body travel for example. Or for receiving information from other thought-forms or other entities or other spatial relationships that you may have interest in learning about. These can be both with the self or external to the self in terms of your personal consciousness or expression of reality. The six-sided crystals have the ability to also to nuance or create a reflection of subtle energy or work more with that which is unseen of unfelt. It can create a refinement of a resource within oneself or potential with oneself so that which is not fully developed and be more fully realized."

Vogel crystal


17 October 2012: Irwin did some more dowsing today.

While I was holding the LFT, Irwin was dowsing the new field, starting at 3-4 feet from me. In the picture you can see the dowsing rods opening up at the boundary.

Irwin dowsing the field
He went back the entire length of the driveway, about 400 feet, and still the field is going outwards and even stronger than in the beginning.

Irwin dowsing the field 2


When walking around me, he found that the new, outwards stretching field, is composed of an infinite number of parabola, whose vertexes touches the circles of the boundary (between the former aura and the new field).

Irwin conception of the parabola 1

By extension, these parabola are all around the boundary of the former aura in all three dimensions.

Irwin conception of the parabola 2


We talked a little more about what happens to the the former, normal aura that seems to have disappeared. It is likely that it is still there, but just not dowsable, because it has somehow mirrored itself on itself, and thus cancelled out any dowsable electromagnetic fields.

I mentioned before that Patrick Flanagan used a single layer möbius coil as an antenna in his Earth Resonance Generator in the 1970's. His möbius coils were left twisted, because right twisted are unhealthy. So far I had made only left twisted LFT's. Today, I made a right twisted one, and had Irwin check it out. he immediately felt nausea coming on, and felt that it would not be good to wear. Kinesiology testing showed that it did not have any effect on the strength of the body, so it might work in a different way. We did find out that it generates a totally different field than the left twisted LFT's.


We also had our friend John coming over, and he stood in the Big One. He did not feel any strong reactions, but did feel that he was swaying back and forth "as being on the waves of an ocean". That went on for the whole time he was in it. He too was showing the signs of Romberg's positive.

John in the LFT