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Life Field Transformer

Möbius and Torus Relationship

The LFT, being a möbius ring is directly connected to the torus.

The reason why the Life Field Transformer, or LFT, being a möbius ring, influences and changes the aura, having a torus form, most probably lies in the fact that the möbius (single twisted, or double twisted as in the LFT) can be perfectly inscribed inside the torus.


The Möbius Inside the Torus

At the top is a torus.

Underneath is a cross section. You can see a red circle with antipode points P and Q. The red circle goes around the 'tube' one time, and also making  one full rotation around its center point 0'.

In the third figure, point P and Q trace a green line on the surface of the torus. This green line is the edge of a möbius, while the line P to Q trace out the surface of the möbius.

how the mobius fits inside a torus
Here is another view of a möbius in a torus.
It is also interesting, that although I am using static images as illustrations, the möbius as wave, can also flow around inside the torus, not a fixed form, but as an inside-out rotation. Imagine that you put your hands on the möbius, and rotate your hands towards the inside hole of the torus. That way the möbius is rotating along its its circular axis. It flows like a wave.

 Here is another view of a möbius in a torus


A möbius has one single 180° twist. The LFT has two twists, or 360°.

The reason why the LFT influences the aura, and a single twist möbius doesn't, may have to do with another characteristic of the möbius inside the torus.

If we cut the möbius out of the torus, with the red knife in the drawing, then we are tracing its surface. Tracing its surface, or cutting it out of the torus, we have to make two rounds inside the torus. In the process, we have to twist two times 180°, or 360°.

The result, as you can see in the drawing, is a möbius (yellow), and the remaining material of the torus is twice as long as the original torus.

This is only a certain way of viewing, but it is interesting that when tracing the möbius' surface one does have to make two twists.

cutting a mobius out of a torus



The LFT Inside the Torus

However, the LFT, being a möbius with two twists, equally fits inside the torus:

In geometry, the LFT is a bifilar torus knot. If you don't know what a torus is read my page of Shape of the Aura: a Torus.

A möbius fits inside a torus. The edge of the möbius is on the surface of the torus ring. When you trace the edge of the möbius, you make two rounds, creating what is called a torus knot.

I found this term only on one website:*/; it seems a very interesting website in alternative sciences. The images below are from the same website.

Interesting sentence from their website: "A torus knot is a phase-wave topology of a dual-angular-moment, or a twist on the circular cross-section of a torus surface."


The edge of a 1/2 twist Möbius loop, or a 2:1 torus knot.

2:1 torus means: 1 twist when moving 2 times around the torus ring.

a 2:1 torus

This is the same but the red and blue segments can be seen as the two metal strips used to make a LFT. After putting the two metal strips on top of each other (with insulator in between), giving them a left hand twist, and joining them together, creates one metal strip.

 a 2:1 torus