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Life Field Transformer

The Structure of the Life Field Transformer


Difference Between a Möbius and the LFT

A normal möbius makes a 180° twist, resulting in a surface with only one side and only one boundary component. The möbius strip has the mathematical property of being non-orientable.

a normal mobius ring

The Life Field Transformer, or LFT, looks like a single twist möbius, but when you follow the metal strip it makes two rounds and two 180° twists. Because it makes a 360° total twist, the LFT has two surfaces (a single twist möbius only has one).

the LFT

Having two surfaces (front and back of the strip), you can go around on both sides of the single strip for two rounds and end up at the starting point.

The double rotation becomes more easily to see when you separate the layers a little bit:

double rotation in the LFT


The Möbius Resistor

Wikipedia has a page on the möbius resistor or capacitor, patented by James J. Brown in 1951.

the mobius resistor

In an electronic circuit it is important not to have unwanted side-effects. A resistor is a component to resist the flow of electricity. But they also have inductance and capacitance that can become a real problem in high frequency applications.

A steady current through a resistor creates a steady magnetic field. But when the current changes in the circuit, this magnetic field changes to and this  opposes the change in current (self inductance). This is called inductance. The varying field in this circuit may also induce an e.m.f. in a neighboring circuit (mutual inductance). Capacitance is the ability of a body to store an electrical charge.

It is important that the connection points of the electrodes (= and-)are precisely one opposite the other (see drawing). This way the currents or pulses flow through the resistive ribbons in opposite directions, so that their electromagnetic fields cancel each other. The result is that the möbius resistor becomes non-inductive.

If you want to know more about the applications of the möbius resistor in electronic circuits, read APPLICATION OF THE MÖBIUS STRIP IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING.


Various devices such as the möbius resistor  bifilar coils, which cancel the electromagnetic field by their opposing currents, convert this electromagnetic energy into longitudinal or scalar waves

Although the Life Field Transformer is a stand alone device, by analogy, I think it cancels the positive and negative charged fields in the human aura, making them neutral. More about that in my page of The Aether Nature of the Aura.


Bifilar Torus Knot

In geometry, the LFT is a bifilar torus knot. If you don't know what a torus is read my page of Shape of the Aura: a Torus.

A möbius fits inside a torus (see Möbius and Torus Relationship). The edge of the möbius is on the surface of the torus ring. When you trace the edge of the möbius, you make two rounds, creating what is called a torus knot.

I found this term only on one website:*/; it seems a very interesting website in alternative sciences. The images below are from the same website.

Interesting sentence from their website: "A torus knot is a phase-wave topology of a dual-angular-moment, or a twist on the circular cross-section of a torus surface."

The edge of a 1/2 twist Möbius loop, or a 2:1 torus knot.

2:1 torus means: 1 twist when moving 2 times around the torus ring

double loop mobius, or torus knot

This is the same but the red and blue segments can be seen as the two metal strips used to make a LFT. After putting the two metal strips on top of each other (with insulator in between), giving them a left hand twist, and joining them together, creates one metal strip.

the torus knot


The interesting thin about torus knots is that there can be more rotations around the toroid, and more helical twists through the toroid hole, as in the following pictures".

torus with many torus knots   torus with many torus knots 

  torus with many torus knots torus knot

what is similar to what is reported to be the structure of the human aura.

Spin Angular Momentum

There might be an analogy in how the LFT works on the aura and its twisted shape as an angular momentum movement. I do not know if this is so, but it is worth to give it some reflection. Does the LFT increase the spin angular momentum of the subtle energies in the aura?

The single twist möbius can be likened to the spin angular momentum of 1/2. When you make one orbit and arrive back at your starting point, you have turned 180° around. In quantum physics this would equal to a spin angular momentum of 1/2.

spin 1/2 in a normal mobius ring

With the Life Field Transformer, or LFT, you have to make two orbits to arrive at the starting point. By that time, you have turned 180° twice, or 360°. In quantum physics this would equal to a spin angular momentum of 1.

spiin 1 in an LFT


Spin angular momentum is an intrinsic characteristic of elementary particles. When the wave form of a particle spins around itself, and it turns 180° before it arrives at its beginning point, it is said to have 1/2 spin. Particles with 1/2 spin are an electron, a positron and the quarks that make up protons, neutrons and neutrinos.

When a particle has to turn 360° before it arrives back at its starting point, it is said to have 1 spin. These particles are called bosons. However they not so particle-like, they are rather force carriers. the photon is the force carrier for the electromagnetic force. The W and Z bosons carry the weak force, and gluons carry the strong force.