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Life Field Transformer

Subjective Feelings

A human being is by nature sensitive to the different energies around him. It is a necessity for survival. When human beings start to live in cities, or surround themselves with artificial constructions and technology, they don't pay attention anymore to the natural energies, nor to their own innate ability to sense them. However there are still plenty of people left who still know how to sense the unseen energies, or were born with a talent that indicate with the general term 'psychic'. It is to those people that I direct myself in order to let them experience the Life Field Transformer, or LFT.
So far, all the people who I have shown the LFT have told me that it is immediately calming them. Some call it a grounding effect. (as of Oct. 18, 2012) I have been wearing a LFT for weeks now (in the daytime), and I have noticed the same effect. It also seems to make one more conscious of oneself, 'being in the present'. One person described it as "more grounded and productively focused."
Some people reported an energy sensation in one or more chakras. Others feel strong energy coming from an LFT that grows stronger the longer they play with it. Interaction with the device seems to increase the energy, or maybe one becomes more sensitive to it. One person calls it a vibrationally active construct.
The Big One, an LFT with a diameter of about three feet, is very powerful, and gives immediate reactions to very sensitive people. It seems similar to a Kundalini uprising.
The LFT also seems to have an effect on my daily meditations. I don't doze off anymore. My mind stays clear, and I have a deeper sense of calmness.