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Orgonite Supplies

Orgonite supplies for sale.

Are you casting your own orgonite, or planning to make some? I have some supplies available for you.

Let me know the code# of what you want, and I will calculate shipping costs and email you a PayPal invoice for the total. I also accept money orders. ONLY USA orders. No international shipping.  

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Shavings and Particles


Used Molds

Shavings and Particles

aluminum shavings for orgonite Shavings#01

Seven pounds of clean aluminum shavings: $ 35. The most common used material.
shiny magnesium shavings for orgonite Shavings#02

Six pounds of shiny magnesium shavings: $ 120. These make really beautiful orgonite.
saw magnesium shavings Shavings#03

1/2 lb of saw magnesium shavings: $ 5

two pounds in total of three bags of different sizes of magnesium shavings: $ 30
shiny bronze shavings for orgonite Shavings#05

four pounds of shiny bronze shavings: $ 60
fine bronze shavings for orgonite Shavings#06

one pound of fine bronze shavings: $ 15
titanium shavings for orgonite Shavings#07

1 1/2 lb titanium shavings: $ 15
black magnetite powder for orgonite Shavings#08

three pounds of black magnetite powder: $ 15
shiny copper particles for orgonite Shavings#09

1 1/2 lb of shiny copper particles: $ 10
very fine copper particles for orgonite  Shavings#10

four pounds of very fine copper particles: $ 40
copper powder for orgonite  Shavings#11

two pounds of copper powder: $ 30
iron powder for orgonite  Shavings#12

eight pounds of iron powder: $ 80
bronze powder for orgonite  Shavings#13

one pound of fine yellow-gold bronze powder: $ 15


50 grams silver powder Powders#01

50 grams silver powder: $50
1/2 lb tungsten powder Powders#02

1/2 lb tungsten powder: $ 40

(2 jars of 1/4 lb each)
1/2 lb antimony powder Powders#03

1/2 lb antimony powder: $ 95
These are very fine crystals that gllitter in the sun.

Used Molds

The following two molds haven been used only a couple of times. Hence the low price. They are totally clean.   
flower of life orgonite mold
flower of life orgonite mold 

Silicone mold.
Flower of Life design, approx. 10" wide, 1/2" thick.
Price: $25
Example of a FOL made with this mold:

flower of life orgonite 
flower of life orgonite


Silicone mold.
Flower of Life design, approx. 10" wide, 1/2" thick.
Price: $30
Example of a FOL made with this mold:

The following molds are free. You only have to pay shipping. All these molds have been used. The insides are clean. It is easy to keep them clean if you use acetone (it dissolves resin).   

Dome, stainless steel, 5 1/2" wide  

Three Pyramids, Cheops style, stainless steel, 6 wide at the bottom 


Three Pyramids, Nubian style, stainless steel, 6 wide at the bottom
These come with stands.  

Stainless steel stands for the pyramids.

Stainless steel cone. This is from candle making, and has a little hole in the bottom that I taped up.
5" wide and 12" tall