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Carol Herzer: Astrological Paintings 

Paintings that are connected to astrology, and astrological themes.







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  Moon Cycles

 Moon Cycles

Painted in 1972, using gouache, with very vivid dense colors, on watercolor paper.  9 1/4 x 13 inches.



Saturn and Virgo

Saturn and Virgo

Acrylic on canvas, 1982

The following are astrological chart paintings.

astrological chart painting This is the chart of a relationship, it is a composite chart derived from a synthesis of the two natal charts.
astrological chart painting This chart was recently done for a person born May 27, 1965, in the morning. The Sun is in a close but not exact conjunction with Jupiter, you can see they are merged. Venus is on the North Node, and just below the Sun. A big wave shows Cancer rising, it is in a grand trine with Saturn and Chiron above in Pisces, and mysterious Neptune below in Scorpio. The moon is in Aries, glowing with fire. Near the bottom of the chart is a conjunction of Uranus, Mars, and Pluto. This chart painting is acrylic on canvas, 20 x 30 inches.
astrological chart painting
December 12, 1977, at around 1 in the morning.

The nodes (snake image) are aligned with the ascendant. Jupiter in watery Cancer looms overhead, opposite to Mercury-Moon at the bottom. Next to it is a Sun-Venus-Neptune conjunction in fiery Sagittarius. Saturn's has just entered Virgo and the rings reflect the imagery found in the Astrotaro Virgo card.

astrological chart painting January 8, 1925. This is the chart of an astrologer, she was born in the early morning. The Sun, Jupiter and the Ascendant are all in Capricorn, look and you will see the Sun just rising over a rocky horizon. The Sun and Moon are opposite (full Moon), and Jupiter is strongly aligned with the Moon. Saturn is powerfully placed at the top of the chart in Scorpio, symbolized by the eagle. The heart represents Venus, the arrow is for the sign Sagittarius. Her face on the right is looking into her Moon, in the sign of Cancer (water). Pluto is her right eye; she has strong psychological understanding with deep inner vision, looking to the Moon for emotional insight. Neptune, aligned by a strong trine to Mercury, appears in the painting in her mind, giving her intuitive powers. Mercury, just below the heart image, is in Sagittarius in a conjunction to Venus, giving her a strong focus on understanding relationship issues. Her Mars in Aries flies freely in the lower part of her chart, the focus of a t-square, along with Uranus in the second house of values and material security challenging her to remain free.
astrological chart painting December 16, 1944. In this chart Saturn is placed on the Ascendant, in the sign of Cancer, surrounded by water. Uranus in Gemini is above, in a different element, air. There is a grand trine connecting Uranus with Venus and Neptune. This is shown by a large green triangle in the center of the chart. Neptune, at the base of the chart, is near Jupiter, but Jupiter is in earthy Virgo. The 0 degree Aries midheaven is visually described by two arcing streams of fire entering through the top of the chart. Mars and the Sun are in Sagittarius, near the galactic center. Nearby Mercury in earthy Capricorn opposes Saturn. The Moon, also in Capricorn, is a thin crescent on the right hand side of the chart, just below the line of the descendant. Pluto in Leo, a fire sign, in the first house of personality, is portrayed as the individual  looking at hands of fire, this is a very creative person, an artist.
astrological chart painting June 15, 1966. This is the chart of a child of the 60's. A strong star pattern is formed by the aspects between the planets with the Pluto Uranus conjunction at the focal point of the configuration. A punk with a Mowhawk and flames suggest revolution and transformation. The chart is shown at an angle, a Capricorn ascendant is marked by an old twisted tree with strong roots. An eagle at the midheaven marks Neptune in Scorpio. Moon and Venus in Taurus are well rooted and oppose it at the base of the chart. Sun and Mars are both in Gemini, but not quite in a conjunction. Saturn squares the Sun, shown by an orange line linking them.
astrological chart painting May 21, 1975. In this chart the actual landscape of the birthplace is part of the image. With the Sun near the midheaven in Taurus, this person was born in the late morning on a hot sunny day. The Sun is conjunct to the south node of the Moon, the north node is shown as a dragon on the opposite side of the chart. A salamander rides on Jupiter in Aries high up in the late morning sky. Opposite is the Moon, with Pluto, deep in the inner landscape in Libra. A sword represents Uranus in the 29th degree of Libra at the bottom (nadir) of the chart. Near the dragon of the North Node is Neptune, in Sagittarius, with a prismatic rainbow, showing its grand trine with the ascendant and Jupiter. Saturn and Venus in a conjunction make a challenging orange t-square to Moon Pluto and Jupiter. This is a brilliant, artistic, and inventive person.
astrological chart painting January 17, 1939. This is the first experimental chart I did. The planets are shown, but I had not yet gotten the idea of developing other imagery along with them. After I did this chart we found out that the birthtime was different, and I went and did a second chart with the new rising sign, Gemini instead of Taurus.
astrological chart painting January 17, 1939. The second experimental chart, a bit more expressive than the first one shown above. The grand trine (green triangle) is gone, and the Gemini rising is emphasized. Still, this was not to be the final chart, another one follows with much more development of the imagery.
astrological chart painting January 17, 1939. Born in the early afternoon, see the sun overhead. Jupiter is equally high up, in a challenging aspect to the rising sign and Venus.A powerful Pluto is at the bottom of the chart, opposing the Sun above. Mars in Scorpio has an eagle near it. Below that is Neptune, the god of the oceans, in Virgo, making a magical and creative trine to the Sun. Saturn, the ruling planet, is a little hard to control in impetuous and firey Aries, but well aspected to the midheaven and Venus.


astrological chart painting Birth-Death. Chart of one who did not come here to stay, a miscarriage in the 7th month of pregnancy. It was in May 1973, in Gemini, in the late afternoon, with Saturn, Sun and Venus all close together.