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Singing Bowls, a Guide to Healing through Sound

10. Working with Chakras

Be in tune with the Infinite, hear the soundless voice of the soul and enjoy the sweet music of the eternal Self.
Bhagavad Gita


During singing bowl sessions it is not unusual for people to experience whirling sensations in various places on their body. These areas will be found to correspond to the chakra energy centers of the subtle body. Singing bowls are excellent tools for restructuring the energy field of the body and improving the processing of energy by the chakras. The importance of the chakras in general health is becoming more widely known. Following is a brief explanation of what chakras are.
The Sankrit word chakra means wheel. Chakras are seen as energy wheels, or vortexes, turning around clock-wise or counter-clockwise. Seven major energy centers are located along the spine and in the head. Many smaller, less powerful centers are distributed over the entire body. Like a transfer station, each chakra draws upon the cosmic reservoir of unlimited life energy. It transforms, shapes and distributes this energy on the level for which it is responsible. It directs the transformed life energy to flow through the proper nadis (the energy channels, or meridian system) and controls the functions of the bodily organs and tissues. The heart chakra, for example, vivifies and controls the heart and blood circulation, and the lungs the breathing process. If by physical, psychological, or spiritual reasons the heart chakra is over or under active, ailments or diseases will affect the corresponding organs or functions. This will also affect the psychological state of the person, corresponding to that particular chakra. Therefore it is important to keep the chakras in good shape.
Stagnant Chi, of Ki, is the result of a blocked or under active chakra. Most people have blockages in the lower three, Root, Sex and Power. The three basic issues are ego, sex, and power. Placing a bowl directly on the body in these areas can be helpful in creating inner harmony, opening the flow of energy through the chakra. The Heart chakra is easy to work with, and beneficial for all. The upper three, Throat, Inner Eye, and Crown can be worked with by placing bowls around the head, or by holding a bowl directly over the area. In general bowls with higher tones are good for the upper chakras, and those with deep sounds help the lower chakras to open.

Table 2: Correspondences of the Chakras

Chakra Function Body part or organ Color Elements
Root survival


excretion organs, bones, nails, hair red earth
Sex sexuality, pleasure sexual organs, pelvis orange water
Navel relationships,


stomach. lover, gall, digestion yellow fire
Heart love, compassion heart, lings green air
Throat communication, expression mouth, throat, trachea blue ether
Brow ideas, intuition eyes, ears, nose indigo cosmic consciousness
Crown spirituality, liberation brain violet divine consciousness

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