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Singing Bowls, a Guide to Healing through Sound


As the new millennium dawns, frontiers of consciousness are opening. Some, made possible by technology, are new. Others are old; lost arts that are being rediscovered. Healing with sound is an ancient method that is finding its way back into our lives. The Tibetan singing bowls, ancient in origin, are new to us with their intricate sounds that can be used for healing. Hidden away for centuries, they have only recently entered the Western world.
Technology can unravel part of their mystery and prove that their sounds have a profound effect on the brain, brain waves, heartbeat, blood pressure, and nervous system. Even without the supporting information of technology, singing bowls demonstrate their healing power on body, soul and spirit. People who bathe in their mysterious sounds tell how the bowls have a powerful effect: stress is reduced and a feeling of well-being is increased. Used in the right way, singing bowls bring one in contact with the inner self and the world of the sacred, where all the seeds and potentials of present and future growth are available for those who choose to enter.

copyright 2001 by Dirk Gillabel